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Kawaii Axe!
Created by E.
It's an axe. And it's kawaii.


so much kawaii 10/10

oh lord jesus it's a fire kawaii axe

1010/ will twerk for it
-ur mom

ugh, whatever mom

ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) enjoy your internet...
Oscar - The Shark Slayer
Created by bitterskunk
This replaces Coach with Oscar from the Shark Tale game. I originally did this as a test to see if it would work as a model replacement, it turned out better than expected so I am deciding to release this on the workshop. I got the model from here:
Tool Concert
Created by CXIV
I know the pieces fit...

This mod replaces the posters and the concert music of the Dark Carnival campaign. This addon features shortened versions (for size's sake) of the following rockers:

1. Sober
2. Stinkfist
3. Hooker with a P***s
4. Sweat...
Tool Shirt Ellis
Created by CXIV
This Addon replaces Ellis's boring old yellow shirt with a rocking Tool one. This black shirt comes with the name of the band in heavy metal font on the front, and the album art of their 1993 album Undertow on the back. A must have for any fans of the band...
'Merican M16A2
Created by Pale Face 'n Skin
Created by Tя!cky ツ
I Pitty the Fool who messes with, My Van! - B.A. Baracus
AK47 Thomas Jefferson Zombie Killer
Created by Thomas Jefferson
HEY LISTEN! This is a joke mod. Calm down.

Thomas Jefferson's, personal, zombie killing rifle. AK-47.
-Declaration of Independence Engraving
-Betsy Ross Flag Sticker
-Star Engraving
-Burned In Face
-Signed By Thomas Jefferson Himself

HyperMetal ...
All-American baseball bat [SR4]
Created by MARK2580
EN: Baseball bat from game Saints Row IV (skin). Replace baseball bat.
RU: Бейсбольная бита из игры Saints Row IV (скин). Заменяет бейсбольную биту....
Baseball Bat (TimeSplitters: Future Perfect)
Created by bitterskunk
From one of my favourite FPS's, this mod replaces the Baseball Bat with the one from TimeSplitters: Future Perfect. I ripped the model myself, so you won't be able to find it anywhere. This mod also includes the sounds made when swinging the bat in Future ...
Beverage Cooler & Fountain Drink Machine Retex
Created by miztaegg
Beverage Cooler & Fountain Drink Machine Retexure, in higher resoultion 1024px....
Bill Chompski
Created by Mother


Bioshock Infinite Banjo
Created by Xenecrite
Bioshock Infinite Banjo remplacement Electric Guitar
Models and Textures:Irrational Games,2K Games
Imported Source Smd:zurf3r
Smd and Qc:Splinks
Bioshock Infinite Witch Music
Created by Keithy
Replaces the music when the Witch is alerted with music from Bioshock. Check out the video for said music (1:12 - 1:45).


Irrational Games - Bioshock Infinte Soundtrack

Me - Tweaking and editing song for time restraint...
BONK Red Bat + Sounds
Created by Tя!cky ツ
Go Ahead and BONK their Brains Out ツ

UPDATED: includes sounds from TF2 Metal Bat-Cricket strikes with Scout Boink-Bonk hits ツ
ALSO there is a Blu Version check Collection below!
Captain America Flashlight
Created by plexy
You need help? Turn da flash on!...
Choujigen Game Neptune: The Animation Credit Song
Well this is a MOD that replace the Credit Song with the song "Neptune☆Sagashite"
(Baka Valve censure a bit of the name because they are Bakas)

If you need help or about Mod Request
Use this Link Plz: [url=http://steamcommunity.com/shared...
Choujigen Game Neptunia Menu MOD
Choujigen Game Neptunia Menu ^-^
This MOD replace the old boring default menu to a new Choujigen Game Neptunia based menu ^-^

If you need help or about Mod Request
Use this Link Plz: [url=http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?...
Cola Bottles - budweiser
Created by TOG | K1CHWA
replaces generic cola with budweiser beer
please dont redistribute my custom textures/normals....be original and make something on your own
[url={LINK REMOVED}...
Colt M1911A1 - Pistol
Created by JonnyBoy0719
* Information *
A simple port from CSS to L4D2. Was fun but I was mostly lazy due I was sick.

Weapon - Colt M1911A1
Model - QUAD
Textures - Kimono
Sounds - Vunsunta
Animations - Arby26
Re-compiling & Porting - JonnyBoy0719...
Cowboy Ellis
Created by Pajama
Cowboy outfit for Ellis...
Date A Live II Opening-Intro and Background

Okey everyone, here I am to create anime mods and to enhance the experience of playing L4D2. I'm not going to answer mod questions or trading requests, but I try to be a kind person with everyone. If you want me to make a new mo
Dueling Banjos for Swamp Fever
Created by RobCoxxy
The survivors have crashed in redneck country, so what better way is there to introduce them to the swamps?

Burt Reynolds not included....
Duke Nukem as Coach
Created by Tя!cky ツ
Hail to the King Baby...

My retexture of Duke Nukem as Coach, made jeans Blue, different Belt Buckle, Gloves Atomic other small texture fixes to Dukes Head, Boots, Shirt and Bullets. Changed the FPS Arms to Francis due to Dukes FPS Arms causes his shou...
Ellis' Two Best Friends Play shirt
Created by TVC15
AMERICA! Hype up your Left 4 Dead 2 with this mod for Ellis!
Get the real T-Shirts here[sharkrobot.com]!
Also, be sure to check out Two Best Friends Play[/url...
Elvis Impersonator Nick
Created by Tя!cky ツ
According to a popular joke, Elvis himself entered an Elvis look-alike contest at a local restaurant shortly before his death, and came in 3rd place.

- Reskin of Jimmy Gibbs Nick, as an Elvis Impersonator.
- Jumpsuit based on 73' American Eagle worn d...
Fairy Tail, Concert Mod
Created by Why so serious?
Replaces the "Midnight Riders" concert with songs from the: "Fairy Tail"

1: FUNKIST - Snow fairy (OP1)
2: Daisy X Daisy - BELIEVE
3: FUNKIST - ft. (OP3)
4: Idoling!!! - S.O.W. Sense of Wonder (OP2)

Copyright owner: ⓒ PONYCANYON, Inc....
Fairy Tail, Escape Music
Created by Why so serious?
"This addon replaces the escape music" (OST Fairy Tail)

L4D2: Yasuharu Takanashi - Fairy Tail Main Theme - Tenrou Island Version
L4D1: Yasuharu Takanashi - Fairy Tail Main Theme

Copyright owner: ⓒ PONYCANYON, Inc....
Fairy tail tank music
Created by Kona-Danpen
Replaces the two Tank themes with Fairy Tail BMG
The two songs are
"Natsu's Theme"
"Fairy Tail theme"
Made for a friend.
Thanks for all the subs....
Fallout 3 Billboards Replacer
Created by Astra
This mod replaces 8 of the L4d2 Billboards with ones from Fallout 3. All textures are high quality.

Billboards it adds:
Galaxy News Radio
Lamplight Caverns
Vault Secure
Rebuilding Americas Future Today
Driving Paradise
The Adventures of Captain Co...
Fallout: Skill magazines
Created by Kaizen
This mod replaces the magazines on the racks with various skills books/magazines from all of the Fallout games.

There should be something here for fans of old Fallout and new and a special easter egg for Fallout veterans.

For more info on my workshop...
Created by Splinks
It may not be July 4th, but who says that should stop you from showing your colors.

~ If you subscribe to this addon you will only get the American Flag. To get any other flag you need to go to the link at the bottom of this description box...
Free Candy Van
Created by Lucy Fur
Free candy van made by Lucy Fur
I'm surprised that there is no "Free candy van" mods yet hmmhmmm here's my version :3
It's poorly done...
George Carlin Moon
Created by Jack
You know, I think he's up there now, smiling down at us......
Goofy Yell
Created by The Nozz
Replaces all L4D2 Survivors' "death from falling" yell effect with the classic Disney sound we all know and love....
Hanako Witch
Created by Skullboron
Reskins the Witch to resemble everyone's (least) favorite bacon babe, Hanako Ikezawa, from Katawa Shoujo. Includes music (compiled by The9thCircle, taken from Katawa Shoujo's soundtrack), and voice files as well (compiled by Kim-Kim, taken from the Yandere...
Harlem Shake Horde Sound Mod
Created by Duke
Replaces the sound when a hord is incoming with Harlem Shake music. Enjoy, and if you like it, please rate it!

I do not own the music, only made this mod for fun....
Heineken - Pills
Created by Tя!cky ツ
Refreshes the parts wot other beers cannot reach

When you deploy there's no bottle cap on. But you see a bottle cap when you carry them or about to pick them up. This mod also has a Bottle Open "Deploy' sound file.

i'm so fresh you can suck my nuts (jockey music)
Created by Smiegel78
plays 'i'm so fresh you can suck my nuts' when jockey attacks you...
Johnny Bravo Tank!
Created by RoastinGhost
This mod replaces the tank with Johnny Bravo. It's my first attempt at modeling, and it includes a modified version of the Johnny Bravo soundpack which has been around since L4D1. The show's theme song replaces that Elvis song. I wasn't able to find the na...
Kaboom! Pipebomb
Created by flaaaaff
I never seen anyone done this yet so I'm just going to do it. This is a soundfile for the pipebomb having Billy Mays letting you know that the tough stains are gone.

"Kaboom! And the tough stains are gone!" -Billy Mays

Your comments mean a lot to me,...
Kirby Super Star Ultra - "Green Greens" Tank Music
Created by TVC15
Replaces the standard Tank music with the iconic "Green Greens" theme from the Kirby series (specifically the Super Star Ultra version)....
Kommanda's All-American Francis
Created by YaBoiTyrone
Police Brutality? Jail Time? Zombies? North Korea? Nothing's gonna stop this all-american hero.

Gives Francis a look that any patriot would be proud of. Francis now dons a darker vest with an American flag+eagle logo at the back, a dark-gray undershirt, a...
Love Live! Cutie Panther Witch Music
Created by PyonPyoko Soramaru
Change Witch Music to BiBi - Cutie Panther...
Magnum - s&w 29 revolver (gold)
Created by TOG | K1CHWA
S&W 29 revolver in gold.(replaces magnum/deagle)
works best on higher shader settings
the real deal from the real authors.
a list of ALL that made this possible -
arby26 - Model/UV/Rigging/Animation/Compiling/Fire Sound1/Texture Edit
K1CHWA - ...
Metro City Blue
Created by Eleanor
Metro style blue Police livery for the stock police cruiser. Pretty fun to design. Replces both the black and white and the white police cars.

I might update this one to include more variety (so the black and white variant appears with a black hood, tru...
Michael Jackson Hunter
Created by SerSeri
Hee Hee

Sound Pack for Hunter...
Molotov - jack daniels
Created by TOG | K1CHWA
a molotov skin i made a few years ago but never released....jack daniels
i was never happy with the other edits i saw...so i made my own.
*does not include particle effects
please dont redistribute my custom textures/normals....be original...
Move B*tch - Charger Sound Mod
Created by MetalHunterR
Replace the sound of the charger with Ludacris - Move Bitch...
Neptunia 8 pack
Created by [HTT✰] Ayase Eli
My 8 pack ported from L4Dmaps.

Ellis- Neptune
Nick- Blanc
Rochelle- Noire
Coach- Vert
Zoey- Nepgear
Bill- Uni
Francis- Ram
Louis- Rom

------For custom names please download from here:
Neptunia Sisters Desktop Screen
Created by Ram (WhiteSister)
This addon will replace the normal desktop screen on monitors in the game with a picture of the 4 CPU Candidates of Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2.

Note: Only one of my 6 desktop screen addons can be in use at...
Canadian rock band formed in 1995 in Hanna, Alberta Canada.

Replaces music in Dark Carnival - some posters - logos and billboards.

Song 1: Rockstar
Tank 1: Next Contestant
Song 2: Burn it to the Ground
Tank 2: This Means War
Final rush at en...
Old Spice charger sounds
Created by Zafod

Someone finally made a Terry model a real thing! Check it out here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1253352085...
Osama Bin Laden
Created by Splinks
Redneck Trash Shotgun - Pump
Created by Thomas Jefferson
HEY LISTEN! This is a joke mod. Calm down.

NOTE: Both the pump shotgun and the chrome shotgun share texture files for the shells so they will always conflict. This may be why your textures dont show up.

This guy had the right idea:
Rick Astley (Defibrilator)
Created by Anfrien
Replaces the defib sounds...
Shrek Tank
Created by MonsterGir
He'll make jelly from your eyes.

Comes with Shrek voice clips and All Star tank music.

If the music doesn't work then another mod is conflicting with this one. Disable the other mod(s) to fix it.

Credit goes to GormlessTosser for making ...
PSG Music Pack - Core
Created by White Spirit
This soundpack replaces some of the common music with soundtracks from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt (PSG for short) anime.

What was replaced so far:

- Attack music: all special infected
- Player death music
- Campaign ending theme
- safe roo...
Slender Man V1
Created by Splinks
I'm gone within the moon, but when you see the shadows I'm all but far.

~~~~~~~~~ UPDATE~~~~~~~~~
I now have a 2nd version of this mod with an updated model and even tenticles :3

Feel free to switch over to V2 or stick with this version. :)...
Smoker Music smoke weed everyday
Created by MakaveliTheDon
plays the song smoke weed everyday when the smoker chatches you.
comment and rate :)...
Smoking Bill Restored
Created by Tя!cky ツ
It's the same mod as "Reefer Madness Bill", I've just removed the Bill Head retexture portion. Which does default to Bill Smoking his White Cig with red ashes falling.

Surprise Mother****er - Pipebomb Explosion sound(Louder)
Created by Rashed UAE5

Original author: Th3 ZuRd0

Minor bug:
It also works when the oxygen and Propane tanks explode. (MunkeyThrust thanks for reporting)...
Taokaka - Hunter Replacement
Created by Lazy Hana
Replaces the Hunter with Taokaka from BlazBlue.
May have fixed Consistency Errors.

NPR (model)
Me (making the mod)...
The Incapacitating/Incredible Hulk
Resurrected by BloodShank

Original Creator : Archanor and BloodShank
You're The Best Around
Created by Tashimi
Death Music : Joe Esposito - You're the best around...
Yuno Pipe Bomb
Created by Paul Heyman
Request by [FR/EN/JAP] Xeno9?...
[Safe Room OST] - The Angry Video Game Nerd: Adventures - "Stage Clear!"
Created by UW Styles
"He's gonna' take you back to the past.. to play the shitty games that suck ass."

This fits perfectly, I barely had to trim the time, it was the exact times as the default, who knew!
Have fun, more Nerd on the way!...
[Tank OST] - The Angry Video Game Nerd: Adventures - "Boss Battle"
Created by UW Styles
"He's gonna' take you back to the past, to play the shitty games that suck ass.."

Welp, this is a first. Really, I decided to make this, as it sounds as it would fit the tank... 8-BIT STYLE!!

I'm going to be making some more soon, ...
[Witch OST] - The Angry Video Game Nerd: Adventures - "Boo! Haunted House"
Created by UW Styles
"He's gonna' take you back to the past, to play the shitty games that suck ass.."

Another one for the hell of it, It's not really good, but let's see what you guys think. I cut to the best part of the song where it kicks in.

Expect to...
Yodeling Spitter Bacteria Music
replaces the default sounds with this mod. It might work....
XBOne Fireworks Box
Created by \/\/iz
Fireworks box is now the XBox One
Either your a fan or not a fan
The box will go up in flames

Look for the Halo 5 Fireworks Box...
Uni Swimsuit (Hyperdimension Neptunia)
Created by [HTT✰] Ayase Eli
Well its Summer so i may as well start on a swimsuit pack, enjoy the first one.

Works on Multi
Replaces Bill
No Faceposing or Jigglebones

Alternate link:
U.S.M.C Kabar
Created by Xenecrite
U.S.M.C Kabar remplacement Machete
Models and Textures: IppE,Havok101
Css Knife Animations:Valve
U.N. Owen was Hunting [Touhou]
Created by vegetable
This addon replaces the Hunters music with Flandre's theme, by request.

Music source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BL_nQT3BcI8...
Two Best Friends Play Saferoom Music
Created by TVC15
Replaces the saferoom music "themonsterswithout" with the version of Green Greens from Kirby's Epic Yarn, also known as the theme song to the Canadian Let's Play series "Two Best Friends Play".
Check ...
Two Best Friends Play Left 4 Dead 2 (Tank Soundpack)
Created by TVC15
The hypest mod on the Steam Workshop!
This replaces most of the Tank's voice clips with clips from Two Best Friends Play, the most American Let's Play series ever (despite being Canadian)!
Be sure to check out Two Be...
TV Screen - planet terror : cops vs zombies
Created by TOG | K1CHWA 2nd
planet terror - zombie attack at police station.
an animated, glowing tv mod I put together.
1060 frames of self-illum animation.
U.S. Postal Service truck
Created by aaWee
This is a reskin for the delivery truck. It makes the delivery truck to look like a real U.S. Postal Service truck....
Created by freakofeat
(changes survivor adrenaline sounds and witch sounds)...
Power Rangers Tank Music
Created by SerSeri
Go Go Power Rangers!...
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