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Wormhole Ventures
Nov 15, 2014 @ 9:36am
Jun 10, 2016 @ 6:30pm
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Wormhole Ventures has been Greenlit
Wormhole Ventures - 1.3.0 - Playable Windows, Mac, and Linux build released
Release date: Early Access Upon Greenlit, Early Access expected 3 - 6 months
Wormhole Ventures
In the recent years the humans of the Sol system have discovered the way to open wormholes to travel through. It takes tremendous power to open these wormholes. They cannot be maintained for long. As the large constructor ships travel through the vast voids of space to new locations they convert themselves into Anchor Stations. These anchor stations are sometimes referred to as core stations by people who regularly traverse wormholes as they are typically the central hub of activity for a region. These anchor stations provide a point that a wormhole from the Sol system may link up to.

Once per year the wormhole is reopened for trade, resupply, and a healthy influx of colonists.

You are a leading representative for your corporation and have been granted a charter to travel to a newly opened anchor station. The possibilities for elevating the financial, and political status of your corporation are incalculable. Hopefully, you have what it takes... You most likely are not the only corporation given such a charter.

What is this game?
Describing this game has been a challenge. The original concept came from deciding to merge some ideas from a prototype boardgame with some of the game play ideas that come from the classic game M.U.L.E. It quickly morphed into something quite a bit beyond that. At this point the game has a boardgame feel, while not actually having turns. The screen comes alive with ships flying about and doing things. This game has some inspiration from other strategy games, other boardgames, tycoon games, and even 4x games to some degree.

  • 11 Unique AI Corporations to play against
  • 10 Technology tree branches to research with 5 levels each
  • 11 Colony types
  • Food, Water, Energy, Ore, Crystal, and Synthetics for resource types
  • Population, Research, and Credits also are active
  • 10 unique ship sets
  • Male/Female support with some appearance customizations
  • Adjustable random map sizes and settings
  • Positive and negative events
  • Trade Screen

We added many languages support though some of the screens are currently only in English. The team consists of only English speakers so we have used Google Translate to try to provide other languages. We are very well aware of the fact that the translations may not be the best. If you have corrections for the translations and wish to assist us with that feel free to contact us.

Future if Greenlit
  • Add multiplayer fairly quickly. We wanted to use Steam's resources for multiplayer.
  • Add Single Player Scenarios which leads to:
  • In game tutorial
  • Single Player Campaign
  • Possibly Scenario and Campaign editor for public with possible Steam Workshop tie in
  • Improvements to visuals, sounds, and gameplay

We hope that you will vote for this game on greenlight. We welcome discussions on the game as well.

Simply Unzip and double click on the WormholeVentures file in the folder.

Windows: Mac OSX: Linux:
NOTE: We have not done a test run of the Linux build, if you have problems with it please let us know.

Some Graphics/Art Sources:
We actually used the Indie Graphics Bundle on Steam to make the ship sets. Our graphics are modified but, we used that as a base. Our current player avatars are built using tweaked versions of the assets from that package as well. This is a graphic set on steam that is available to other developers and it does have some good material for anyone wanting to make space based indie games.

Thoughts in closing
- It has been difficult to describe what this game is. It has a heritage from many different places. Ultimately, there is no game that we have been able to find that plays as it does. Our demo is single player, but when you try it out we want you to consider the possibilities of what it could be like as multiplayer. We need to be greenlit before we gain access to the resources that let us set it up with steam multiplayer invites, and game hosting. We know it could use a tutorial because, it does play a lot different from any other game. We will provide some extra videos above to help with this. If this is greenlit we will work towards a single player story based campaign that the beginning parts of will function as an in game tutorial.

Development Team
Full Time
Programming, Design, Music, Art - Deva Winblood
Art, Testing, Design Input - Nathan Clegg (Deva's son)

Part Time
Art - Bryan Butler
Testing - Debra Winblood, Sarah Vicory, Ben Price, Talon Winblood, Mike Kurchak, Gydion Winblood, Jessie Winblood, and others from the 2012 kickstarter days
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Nov 15, 2014 @ 7:42pm
Languages - Google Translate - OH MY GOD that is so wrong!!!
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dwinblood  [author] Mar 28, 2017 @ 1:11pm 
This project has been stalled as I've been at a point that needed my full uninterrupted attention to power past, and every time I planned it for a weekend or something like that I was interrupted by my day to day job or family. I have taken the next 3 days as vacation days so that I can power past that point that has been slowing things down. If all goes as I hope that should open the floodgates and we will hopefully be able to actually at least release something to early access at some point in the next few months. We keep tweaking some graphics and such too. It may take awhile, but it is our plan to not release ANYTHING that isn't at least fun to play even in early access... :trolol: If that takes longer than we thought, I apologize. We didn't quit our day jobs to do this. I am on call 24/7 with my day job. Thus, why I ended up taking vacation just to make sure I could power past this current barrier. Thank you for your patience and support.
dwinblood  [author] Jan 22, 2016 @ 2:36pm 
It plays quite a bit different from Galactic Civilizations. It is kind of a unique game and it is hard to compare it to anything in particular. It was inspired by a lot of things. Hopefully, I'll have another build for people to try out at some point. The older single player build is linked on the page for Mac, Windows, and Linux. It'll give you an idea, but it doesn't have a tutorial so some people do not know what they are supposed to be doing or how to play it. This is one of the things I hope to address on the new build. And yes Multiplayer will be an important part, though it will also have single player story/campaign that will also act as a tutorial.:steamhappy:
age2empires2020 Jan 17, 2016 @ 2:16pm 
This game looks like it has potential. I have never seen a hex based space game. Hope it turns out fantastic! An its multiplayer! Its looks similar to galactic civilizations 3. A game I really like! Hope its as good or better. Best of luck!
FutureWaveGames  [author] Jan 4, 2016 @ 4:34am 
Thank you. Good news too. I pushed past some barriers with setting up multiplayer so there is forward momentum on this project again. :steamhappy:
ren_arrais Nov 23, 2015 @ 3:09pm 
Lindo! Beautiful! YES!
dwinblood  [author] Aug 24, 2015 @ 11:06am 
@Lance - I may need that so I don't have to bug Ben everytime I need a new build for a Mac. Life has slowed down some development, but it is still creeping along. Had it been greenlit we would be working hard on it. Now I'm just working towards something I can get people excited about on Greenlight so perhaps we can get it greenlit. The team also has their individual projects they are working on on the side. I'll let you know when I'm close to needing a Mac to do a build.
LanceA63 Aug 23, 2015 @ 4:17pm 
I have a spare Mac available if you need it for Mac development of this title. ;)
dwinblood  [author] Jun 15, 2015 @ 2:42pm 
Haha... thanks for your support. We have NOT stopped working on this. We just have gotten a bit more ambitious on our next release and we will give a more concerted PUSH to announce new things when we release the next build.

I've been working on an internal map editor system that we'll use to make tutorials, campaigns, etc and eventually may open to the public though we'll see depending on HOW friendly that part is.

We are also working on doing Multiplayer at the outset this time around, and I'll make the single player AI after that. I've already proven I can make the AIs work, but we see this game as being a lot of fun in multiplayer so that is our next goal.
secknv Jun 13, 2015 @ 2:12pm 
Found this in your profile after random clicking people's friend lists and loved the concept --> this has to be my destiny! LET ME GIVE YOU MONEY!!!
dwinblood  [author] Dec 16, 2014 @ 6:14pm 
@sansano - Es de esperar que debería recordarnos M.U.L.E. como que era donde una buena parte de la inspiración para este juego viene. :cybereye: