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Going postal! (Alpha 28)
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Nov 6, 2014 @ 3:52pm
Dec 25, 2014 @ 11:17am
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Going postal! (Alpha 28)

Love letters a'plenty! Your prisoners are old-schoolers and want to stay in touch with the outside world. You must of course supply them with a postal service!

See the picture, grant and object descriptions for clues on how to set up your very own postal service in your prison.

NOTE Will not properly work in Sandbox mode because of limitations of the mod system. :(

1.23 Updated to alpha 28 which altered a lot of data and variables.
1.22 Replaces the Mail Desk with Mail Truck Stop, this gives you control over where the Mail Truck unloads its cargo
1.10 Fixed the 24-hour delivery timer for maps of different sizes

- new prisoner needs: Send mail / Receive mail
- new vehicle: Mail Truck, delivers mail bags every day based on number of staff and prisoners
- new room: Mail Office, for managing the mail flow, warning for contraband a'plenty
- new objects:
- - Mail Box, Prisoners that like to send mail go here
- - Sorting Desk, incoming mail bags are sorted here
- - Mail Cart, carries sorted mail to their destinations and outgoing mail back again
- - Floor markers, for marking the destinations of carts
- - - prisoner, delivers mail to cells
- - - staff, delivers and collects mail from offices
- - - empty, empty carts are returned here and loaded again
- - Mail Truck Stop, mail trucks will stop by each one, also brings the overall intelligence necessary for the postal service to flow
- new grants: 4 new for setting up a postal service and for delivering one or more letters, try getting the 'Going Postal!'

Beginners tips:
- Build Mail boxes where Prisoners can frequent them on their free time
- Build as many Loading Mail Markers in your Mail Office as you have Mail Carts
- Build a Prisoner Mail Marker in every cell block of 10 to 50 prisoners
- Build Staff Mail Markers near your offices
- One or two Sorting Desks are enough for a medium prison
- Wait to build the Mail Truck Stop until all the other items are built and build it in the morning so you can deliver in daytime

While this mod has been extensively tested and is fully functional even throughout saves, it's a complex piece of machinery pushing the mod-system to it's boundaries, so some bugs are likely to be sneaking around. Help me improve it further by reporting errors.

Known bugs:
- The Exports area cannot be marked as Staff only, or the mail bags will not be exported (a bug in the game engine)
- The mail truck will take no notice of gates or other hindrances.
- You should not delete any mail-related objects while mail is flowing around the prison. Once things are entirely settled for the day, it should be fine.
- The value of the prison will be messed up greatly and can even move into negative. This is caused by a workaround I had to do to get things working.

Planned features:
x Make tooltips to help tell the status of items going around the prison.
- Give penalty fees for undelivered mail.
- Help with improving graphics is appreciated.
- Make the mail truck heed to gates.
- Electric sorting machine that is faster than the manual one.
- your ideas

Ideas that could not be done with current modding system, hoping for improvements:
- Administrators have to process and archive incoming mail (I wanted to let them do something other than twiddle their thumbs)
- Mailmen instead of regular workmen

The title is a tribute to Terry Pratchett, for all those utterly hilarious moments.
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@Puman - are you going to update this mod at some point?
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what exactly is wrong with this in sandbox?
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judging by the title i assumed this would give workers the ability to go berserk... its not :(
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Man Introversion really robbed this mod.
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200000000 dazzliquidiabs wow
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i want to download this but it should be updated so it works with the added mail ofice
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well that sucked, as soon as my first lot of mail went i went into - 20000000000
Owlie Jun 1, 2015 @ 6:47pm 
nice mod, to bad it's not incompatible anymore