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Dawn Of The Tyrant
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Dec 7, 2014 @ 1:27am
Sep 18, 2015 @ 6:24pm
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Dreams of darkness haunt you. Waking moments bring only blood, fire and death. A light shines where none shone before. In the depths of the Void it moves and outshines the very stars themselves. He who was once destroyed. Rhïarrh. The Fire in Heaven. The Tyrant-God.

Now from the ashes of a conflict that has raged for millennia, He threatens to rise once again. In His wake, a black tide surges forth to wash away the eddying red waters of endless war. It is foretold that His return shall herald the end of all things. Now the war for existence itself is to be waged in your time.

The power to alter the course of fate lies in your hands. Now rise to the challenge and fight. Before the raging fire consumes us all.

About the game

Dawn Of The Tyrant is a gothic-fantasy styled social RPG that places both the fate of an entire planet and the unfolding storyline of the game firmly into the hands of players. The game will be released as a series of chapters, and through participation in World Quests, the entire community of players will be able to guide and shape the storyline as it progresses from one chapter to the next.

Soon we will be releasing Chapter Zero as an Early Access build here on Steam. We invite you, the player, to join us on a journey to discover a game where the storyline is curated and crowdsourced by the collective actions of all players. A game where every victory brings domination and survival a fraction closer, while the consequences of failure are unimaginable.

Dawn Of The Tyrant is the debut title from the US/Australian team at Six Times Nothing and is currently in production for PC, Mac & Linux.

World Quests... and how they work

It takes ten thousand warriors to change the course of fate, but only one to tip the scales.

The key feature of the game is something that we refer to as World Quests – these are big, overarching global objectives that many players within a faction must contribute to before they are unlocked. Once unlocked they can cause momentous events that can completely alter the course of the game story. In each chapter, player factions will also discover that World Quests offer them a choice. There is always more than one path to follow and the decisions they make could have massive implications in the future of the game.

There are a vast range of things that World Quests can unlock. These range from smaller goals like getting access to ancient and powerful technology and new esources which allow that faction to access improved items and abilities; to larger world-changing events that open up new regions, changing the dominant faction in a region – or even cause the loss an entire region to the rising demonic tide. They can also open up the next stage of World Quests, which will advance the game story to the next chapter and allow players to continue to affect the story as it unfolds. It’s not just the story either – this also means that battlegrounds and other parts of the game world will continue to evolve from one chapter to the next, depending on who holds sway.

World Quests require a points threshold to be reached before they are completed or unlocked. Many of the things that players can do in the game can gain (or lose) points towards a particular World Quest. Kills, quest completion and Battleground victories to mention a few – all have the potential to affect the World Quests that are currently in play – but the effects can be both positive and negative too. This means that every victory will bring your faction’s domination and survival a little bit closer, while the consequences of failure are real and meaningful. When you die or fail a quest, it actually matters.

There is also an Honour system where the community can reward the actions of those who perform great feats to advance the cause of their faction. This means that the greatest of players will rise to heroic status upon the commendation of their fellow warriors.

So… is it single player or multiplayer?

Dawn Of The Tyrant is generally speaking, a single player experience, but every player’s game is socially connected to everyone else’s. The World Quests you follow and the decisions you make have the power to affect the future storyline of the game for all – and vice versa.

We do also plan to introduce Warbands as a future feature – these will be 4 vs. 4 and 8 vs. 8 PVP Battlegrounds that allow bands of players to go head to head over key World Quest objectives.

Playable Races

The game initially has two playable races – these are the Lánaraï and the Kheïtanni – both the remnants of an ancient and immeasuably powerful star-faring race known as the Aëdr. They are similar in appearance to angels and fallen angels respectively.

Coming to the game in a future chapter will be two further playable races – the Rhïan and the Vaïar who were both created artificially as slave-races by the Lánaraï. The Rhïan are human in appearance – obsessed with death and the afterlife, they are utterly devoted to their god, Rhïarrh. The Vaïar are similar to dryads or faeries, only they have sinister cannibalistic traits – in their culture the circle of life is respected above all else: what is dead shall live again.

Setting and story

The game takes place thousands of years after a galaxy-spanning civil war led by Rhïarrh, also known as the Tyrant-God, decimated the Aëdr and left the divided factions of the loyalist Lánaraï and the separatist Kheïtanni stranded on a remote world, then designated as Vónekh VII. The war ended in a great cataclysm that left the planet teetering on the boundary of real space and an alternate spirit realm known as the Void. The Kheïtanni, betrayed by their own kind were cast down onto the then lifeless planet and left horribly disfigured – their wings burned and broken. The Tyrant-God vanished from the physical realm and was presumed destroyed.

For millennia, both factions have struggled to gain the upper hand, neither succeeding. Unknown to most, the Tyrant-God was not destroyed but left trapped in the Void, perpetually circling the world and ever seeking a way in. The Void and material universe by their nature should be in balance, each the perfect reflection of the other, but Rhïarrh's presence in the Void means that the balance has been broken. His hate and anger grow to such an extent that they begin to manifest as reflections in the physical realm as natural forces seek to reach equilibrium. Demonic storms erupt across the planet, bringing untold tides of Void-spawned horrors. These are the vanguard of Rhïarrh's triumphant and impending entrance to the material universe and show that His return can only bring one thing: The end of all life.
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:3 Dec 27, 2014 @ 2:32pm 
To me, depressing games are the ones that have you fight some boss or something, for example, and the boss turns out to be a family member that the main character was close to or whatever. Or those games where the main character dies in the end and those games that try their hardest to make you feel bad for someone and fail miserably to the point it becomes annoying.
To sum this all up, if this game is to make someone cry then I am not interested.
Six Times Nothing  [author] Dec 25, 2014 @ 7:03pm 
Thanks! And you're right, we definitely need to move this into Greenlight – we're just getting decent video put together first, but that's not far off now.

Out of interest, what do you exactly mean by depressing? While the setting is quite dark and gritty, the game and story will definitely have both positive and negative parts. I think both are required to create a meaningful story and player experience. Also, the socially driven story means that part of that decision will also rest in the hands of the player community.
:3 Dec 25, 2014 @ 3:23pm 
Looks great. It's been a while since I said that... about something in the concepts section.
Move this to Greenlight and get actual votes on it. It is interesting but I'm not buying it if it's depressing though.
Paffie Dec 16, 2014 @ 7:09am 
Very cool artwork, congrats!
Satori Sineater Dec 14, 2014 @ 8:20pm 
Not vague at all, thank you for the info! And of course, I'm quite interested. :3 I really look forward to the open beta. And good luck with the Kickstarter! I can try to pitch in, but I'm a very poor individual. So I wouldn't take my word for it unless it happens.
Six Times Nothing  [author] Dec 14, 2014 @ 8:01pm 
It's also worth mentioning that we are considering Kickstarter as a funding option – so it's also very likely that the number of chapters included in that initial set will be set at a base number for our funding target, with additional chapters being added as part of stretch goals.

Sorry if that's a little vague at the moment – but we'll share more definitive information on cost as the project progresses.
Six Times Nothing  [author] Dec 14, 2014 @ 8:01pm 
Firstly, we're happy to answer any questions at all – we're just glad to know that people are interested in the game!

At this stage, we honestly don't have a final answer about costs, but we can share a bit of an indication of what we're planning. It will most likely be a single payment for an initial set of at least several chapters, at a reasonable 'indie'-ish price point. Currently we are not planning on a 'pay per chapter' system or a subscription fee. The set of chapters will be like an 'age' or 'era' in the game – so that means that we may charge for latter eras as they eventuate, but that's getting a little bit ahead of ourselves for now. :)
Satori Sineater Dec 13, 2014 @ 9:52pm 
Sounds good! I really look forward to it. And what will the price range of the game be? If it's not FTP. Sorry about the questions, I'm just really interested in this. It's a concept I haven't seen at work before.
Six Times Nothing  [author] Dec 13, 2014 @ 9:44pm 
Hi! We will be launching Chapter Zero – our open beta – very soon via Steam Early Access. We're currently very hard at work getting ready for that launch. At this point, mid-January feels like a realistic time frame, but we will continue to share updates on this page.
Satori Sineater Dec 13, 2014 @ 3:47pm 
Any time frame in when we might get to try this? This looks groovy.