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Captain Cardbeard Cutthroat
Created by Voodoo
Captain Cardboard's Curious Cut-out.

Pyro isn't the only one who wants to be a pirate, everyone does!

Achievment Item!!!
Kill a Fully Equipped Captain Cardboard Pirate and Recieve a Pirate Hat for your Current Class!

Secondary Achievement!!!
Zoltic's Handlebar Huzzah!
Created by Voodoo
Soup always needs a good straining, sometimes visions of the future do to.

***Now Paintable!!!

****Now Hoovy tooo!
Team Colors, Lod's...
vamPYRO - Already in game.
Acepted from second my account....
Grim Tweeter
Created by NeoDement
Birds migrate because they know Death is coming.

Available to download as a mod/reskin here:
The Wizard's Whiskers
Long, grey and handsome.

Forgotten King's Scale Armor
Created by GetGrenade
It was an old tradition to bury ancient celtic kings with their armor fully equipped, so they would be prepared for dangers of afterlife.

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Reaper's own Cowl
Created by Corvalho
A hood and skull covering the Soldier's face.

- 3 lods
- Paintable

[OLD] Phyroh's Curse
New version!:

The ancient headdress once owned by the ancient Phyroh, Tutankflammen.
Whoever possesses the Phyroh's treasure... ..Imbues their weapon with an ancient power*.
Hitman's Hairdo
Created by Corvalho
Hitman's hair for the sniper

- Flexed
- Team Color
- Paintable

Item name by X marks It
Lab Practicum
Created by NeoDement
A new labcoat for the Medic. The bald head and goggles are a seperate item.

Part of the 'Professor Bald' cosmetic set.

Available for download as a mod/reskin here:
The Hypodermic Dilemma
Created by Zoey
LOD 0 - 3746 polys
LOD 1 - 1196 polys
LOD 2 - 781 polys

These aren't shown in the images above as I had problems compiling them.

Styling syringe guns like the old original one makes them look a million times better, don't ya' agree?...
Vigor and Vitality (Paint)
Created by Unreal
Just another team colored paint set, with a different Red/Blu. I have added a comparison image between this paint and "Team Spirit" (As some people got confused by them).

[Please Note: I didn't extract these colors off of or base them from anything. And...
Smokey Sombrero
Created by Ertz™
They say a true caballero always enjoys a smoke, so the only logical thing to do is strap your extra smokes to your hat right ?

Mod download
The Eternal Slumber
Created by Kar-re
One day heavy was visiting his dead father's grave and he was so well-hearted of his father that he built a gun out of his coffin, so his father could slumber forever.
From night of the living dead update :
The Mouthbreather
Created by Constructor
But how do I sandvich?

Thanks to Munchy for SFM promos....
Templar's Spirit
Created by GetGrenade
Awaking the centuries.

Eyes glow in the dark....
Forgotten King's Restless Head
Created by GetGrenade

Face flexes, eyes glows in the dark.

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The Coco Bongo
Created by Evil_Knevil
Hey pachuco!

-All class
-5 styles
-Lod0, 1 & 2

-Texture by NassimO (
-Model by Evil_Knevil (
-SFM plane model by Ruskeydoo (
Komainu Mask
Created by Psyke
Why not take the lead role at your local Nogaku Theatre?

Failing that, Why not enjoy scaring your friends with these awesome Oni Masks?

Misc/Hat compatable!
Comes with Lods/Team colours!

Model by Ronin
Concept/Texture by...
The Mathematician's Mop
Created by Colteh
Paintable Hair for Medic!

1 lod, facial flexes (only for certain anims)

Modelling: Stumpypenguin
Textures/LODs/flexes: Colteh
SFM pics: Bloodfart...
The Second Amendment
Created by Svdl
The first amendment (to your face) being a rocket or two (to the face).

This is a shotgun for the secondary slot....
The Philosopher's Facial Hair
Created by Colteh
Paintable beard for medic!

2 lods, fully flexed!

Model: StumpyPenguin

Texture/Flexes/Lods: Colteh

SFM pics: Bloodfart...