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Collection of the best coop maps for easy integration into your server and/or preload as client.
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Created by Chief-C
You must clear an underground bunker currently serving as the insurgent's headquarters....
Created by Tribly
This is the coop version of dry canal. I haven't really played coop so suggestions and feedback would help a lot thanks!

It only supports checkpoint right now, I'll be adding hunt later. There are 11 objectives 3 are caches. The setting is in a gover...
Created by Chief-C
This is was first attempt at Insurgency map's named dusty anguish for good reason....
Created by Chief-C
This checkpoint coop map has seven control points. It's a modified night version of the Dusty Anguish map....
Created by CommodusPvP
UPDATE: The .bsp-file will now be named embassy_coop.bsp only, from now on.

If you're getting the messed up loadout-bug, then that's because the theater settings isn't loaded correctly due to the .txt-file being packed into the .bsp-file. Loading the m...
Created by Mike Hawk
Custom maps have no images when the vote screen comes up. This vpk will add images for the round end voting screen for custom coop maps.

For PVP custom maps use PVP version here:

Included m...
Created by **Smile**Sun**
Night Coop version 0.6a ins_abdallah_new_coop. Vary Hard gameplay....
Created by Chief-C
This is a seven control point, checkpoint, coop map....
Created by Chief-C
You've been captured by Insurgents...escape your prison....
Kandagal COOP
Created by LATTEH
Coop Version of Kandagal

To open the map type in the console:
map workshop\320627351\kandagal_coop_b5...
Created by Chief-C
Insurgents have taken over a nuclear missile silo. Your team must secure the site to prevent a disaster.
Nightfall Coop v1.2
Created by Chief-C
This is a modified night version of the Jack Hammer Coop map....
prophet_coop (BUGGED, DO NOT PLAY!)
Created by KingGambit
IMPORTANT NOTE: Unfortunately, this map has a bug I was never able to fix that crashes the server. Sorry. :(

I'm only leaving this item up for people to personally run around in I guess.

Description: Excavated temple built for a prophet.
Station (workshop version)
Created by jakuza
Here is the final version of my entry for the 2014 Insurgency mapping contest. It took a couple months, but I learned a lot and I think the final result was worth it.

To play, subscribe, and in-game open the console and type "map workshop\317112080\stati...
Created by Chief-C
We've discovered an extension tunnel network being used to support insurgent activities. Take your team and secure all buildings and tunnels....
Baghdad Crossing Final Workshop Version - (bridge_coop_ws)
Created by Mike Hawk
Modeled after Bridge from AA and SOF2 (not sure which was first). My original intent was to recreate the map however somebody beat me to it , plus it was not a very good layout for Insurgency . Especially Coop. So I made the mission center on moving throug...
Badel Coop Checkpoint (badel_coop)
Created by Mike Hawk
TELL (checkpoint coop)
Created by cincinnati
This is a preliminary version of coop ripped directly from the push version of the map submitted for the contest. It was initially used to simply test the path through the map, and as such, there are no weapon cache objectives. You might also encounter so...
Created by **Smile**Sun**
Shrine - This is map port (conversion) from Neotokyo.
Supported modes:

The map used models and textures from:

Skybox landscape.
Particle for Volkano.
New Water....
Created by R-C-MAN<<AD>>
I releazed that people still like to play this version, so I made some small fixed and updated.


- to work with workshop
- improved lighing
- better optimized
- looks better

Please give a thumbs up and favorite if you like this map, i...
Created by Chief-C
Take your squad and clear an insurgent stronghold. You'll be facing intense close quarters combat, so work as a team and watch your squad mate's back. We're getting reports that the insurgents have access to breaching charges, so be prepared for anything...
Created by BroQ
"Geronimo! Geronimo! We got him."


"One of our two stealth BlackHawks went down somewhere North of the compound and is now swarming with rebel insurgents. As the standby backup team, you must fight your way to Osama's compou...
Prospect COOP
Created by Jack Hammer
**************Update 14-2-2016**************

** Fixed last capturepoint for Checkpoint

Prospect is my second map I made with Hammer for Insurgency.
I tried to achi...
Winter Rescue
Created by DELTA 1
A NATO helecopter has gone missing in a snow storm. The search area been pinned to the mountains east of Kabul. Your team is being sent into the village of Parun to check for any possible sign of the chopper or crew. The weather has made satalite uplinks i...
Panama Canal
Created by Jack Hammer
Original idea/map is from Bad Company 2. The Source engine has his limitations, so I had to keep that in mind for creating this map.

Bad Company 2 Sound Pack:

COOP modes:
- Checkpoin...
Created by Daimyo
cs_workout port from CSGO

Gamemodes: Checkpoint, Conquer, Outpost, Hunt

  • Rehauled nav spawns and optimized them to minimize bots getting stuck
  • Removed lots of clipping area to allow players/bots to access more areas of the map includin
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