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Team Fortress 2

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Combustable Cowl
Created by Vipes
The burning you feel? It is shame.

Part of the Voodoo Child set.

Download the mod here:
Fresh pair of stranglers
Created by QLen
Obtained by accidentally drinking BONK!

Watch out, they come when you least expect it!

Many thanks to King of the hill for making jigglebones and a sfm render

All files from the Mutated Heavy Collection :
Forgotten King's Scale Armor
Created by GetGrenade
It was an old tradition to bury ancient celtic kings with their armor fully equipped, so they would be prepared for dangers of afterlife.

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Thrilling Tracksuit
Created by GetGrenade
Get ready for a RIDE....
Dance of Delight v1.6
Created by [Symmetry]
Update #2
Smoothed out the Spy, Soldier and Scout dances, also added an alternate taunt for the Demoman ( a Scottish Highlander sword dance).

Update #1
We refined every taunt as promised and made some small changes in the moves. They were ex
Armor Suit
Created by GetGrenade
Created by Sparkwire
In this dog-eat-dog world, sometimes you gotta prove your bite is a lot worse than your bark.

Modeling - Sparkwire
Texturing - Void
Concepts - Retrocitrus / Sparkwire...
The Garden Bristles
Created by Psyke
I'm sexy and i gnome it.

Part of the "King of the Gnomes" Halloween Set !

Misc/Hat Compatable
Facial Fexed!

Concept By Square
Textures By Psyke
Model By Gerre & Evil...
The Slasher
Created by Gadget
The Slasher

o Sniper/Scout/Soldier/Demoman Melee
o 3 LODs
o 2 Styles (Normal and Bloody)

It's a reference to your most famous horror movie series. Feel free to suggest a better name.

Check out the other items from the collection... http://steamc...
Children ushanka
Created by chelovek(MAPAT)
Children ushanka

784 polygons...
(Unusual Effect) Green Orbiting Fire
Created by Raty_
Actually, the burning effect is available on the unusuals hats. It can be red/orange or green. The green is call scorching flames.

But the effect Orbiting Fire is just red/orange, so here i submit a green orbiting fire effect.

Advice : zoom the pictu...
The Granite Chin
Created by Rain↯
The Longterm effects of heavy-weight boxing can include Cauliflower ear, Broken noses, and something we like to call "Pug-Face"

- Zwappa: Concepting
- Rain: Model/Textures/Promo Materials
- Psyke: Textures
- Donhonk: Flexing

**Both "The Co...
mr Snuggles (v2)
Created by Bapaul
A long trip to the Russian mountains breaks a man, his heart turns cold. Luckily you are wearing a snuggly (although dead) wolf to keep you warm.

Model/Normals by Bapaul
Texture by Rain*
Overall design stuff by Frying Dutchman...
L.A.S.E.R. Pan
Created by Gadget
L.A.S.E.R. Pan

After spacelab scientists invented traveling at the speed of light they got hungry so they also invented cooking at the speed of light. This pan is going to roast your steak in just about 10^-42 seconds.

o All-class melee weapon
o Sel...
The Castro Cap
Created by Ertz™
"Be an icon of a historical conflcit between 2 super powers with this nifty ol' cap!"

Cap for heavy

Comes with ...

- 2 lods
- normal map
- team colours


Concept: Mr. Gibbly
Model/Texture/Promos: Ertz

Part of the Communist Com...
The Defensive Engie Pack
Created by Jal
The concept is to have a building that generates shield similar to the one around the sentries when you are using Wrangler. There should be a special effect applied to the generator ring similar to the rotating light ring above the center control point in ...
Death Racer's Veil
Created by GetGrenade
No mercy for pedestrians.

Face flexed, Paintable....
Wool Vest
Created by GetGrenade
Even if you are a cold-blooded person, you shouldn't suffer from cold.

Paintable, 2 LoD's

Available to download as a mod/reskin here:
Caretaker's Coat
Created by Colteh
Excuse me sir, please wait as I bash the manager's brain's out.[/img][/url]

Created by Svdl
The only one you can ever trust is your hat, in this case an old wartime comforter cap.