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Call Of Duty Zombies: Raygun v2
Created by Deathlike Silence
I decided to do an improved version of the previously released raygun pack. After releasing the initial version, people complained about various bugs, such as the projectile being off-target.

Well, I am pleased to say that those bugs have been eliminat...
Created by Ahava

I've only uploaded it into the Workshop for my TTT Server....
Cyrax Playermodel
Created by Vipes
A playermodel of Cyrax from Mortal Kombat

Viewmodel Arms

You may NOT sell/profit from this content on your sever! It is neither mine, nor yours to sell. The model and textures belong to Warner Bros[]...
FH Rave
Created by [FH][C]Luke
Check out my latest Android apps:

This map was made for Fortex Hotel, in the use of the rave events. A base room was created by Lee then the rest was created by Luke.

This map features a l...
Final Fantasy XIII - Lightning Farron Casual
Created by Busy calibratin`
This was a mesh-mod from Xnalara I found sometime ago, very quick port, few face flexes, may add more in the future.

Fully poseable and shit, physics on jacket, you can pose her hair and other things with Joint Tool.

Terminator Machines
Created by GenesysRaven
Type of addon:Ragdolls
All Credit goes here
Credit goes to Joazz...
Hit Numbers
Adds damage indicators whenever you hurt something.
This is a serverside (or singleplayer) addon. The server must have this addon installed in order to work in multiplayer.

Console Commands:

Created by EP45
Made by Xystus234 , Fixed by me.
not MADE by me...
Minecraft Skin Changer
Created by Foohy
Remember that one game called Minecraft nobody has heard of? Pixeltail does. Now with the latest innovation in web panel technology, you're able to bring your very own Minecraft skin into Garry's Mod! Just enter your Minecraft username, and your playermode...
Monkey Bomb SWEP
Created by pillow
A small grenade based on the Monkey Bomb seen in Call of Duty Zombies.
Please note this does not actually attract Zombie NPCs. It's merely for looks....
Nyan Gun
Created by Rubat
The Nyan Gun, the weapon of mass destruction and annoyance, updated!

Now it plays the WHOLE song and you can shoot nyan cat bombs!

To shoot Nyan Cat Bombs press RELOAD key.

Do NOT reupload any modifications of this gun.

The map on...
Position Indicator
Created by EP45
Position Indicator
좌표 표시기

- I got idea from a minecraft plugin called 'visualability'.

Features ::
- Shows your current position(X, Y, Z)
- If you type /start in chatbox, it will alert everyone's position ever...
Sektor Playermodel
Created by Vipes
A Playermodel of Sektor from Mortal Kombat

Viewmodel Arms

You may NOT sell/profit from this content on your sever! It is neither mine, nor yours to sell. The model and textures belong to Warner Bro[]...
Supersizeroom V2
Created by Lifeless
You're a rat inside a huge room.. build and explore!

Super size room is a map I created over 5 years ago. It featured on, and was quite popular on, Toybox and on the Workshop for GMod 13 Beta. So now that GMod 13 has been ful...
Terminator Playermodels
Created by [ЯB] Reidmaster
Terminator Playermodels

Credits: TalosAT for converting S-Low's models into playermodels....
The Borealis
Created by Randy
well here it is! the borealis! the non-hl2-beta one! with a proper arctic setting!

the map's content is all packed with the addon so you don't need anything for it to work.
the map name is gm_hyperborea, since gm_borealis is taken.
the ship's horn can...
The Terminator: Arnold Schwarzenegger Playermodel
Created by Voikanaa
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger from The Terminator
  • Player Model


Models and textures: Terminator game devs (Dont know studio name)
Porting, rigging and co...
TTT Minecraft Mythic map FINAL UPDATE
Created by Vincent-Rogue

I added a teleporter in T room along with 2 T traps, the last texture fix, a ladder fix, and overall a smooth-out for the rest of the map. Also a bit more weapons.

This is a Trouble In Terrorist Town map made by myself. It's a new...
[TTT/2] M4 SLAM (Tripmine + Remote C4)
Created by Zaratusa
NOTICE: This Addon only works for the "Trouble in Terrorist Town" and "Trouble in Terrorist Town 2" - Gamemodes. This weapon will not show up in sandbox mode. It's already included by default under "Half-Life 2" Category.

The M...
Created by qrian
The second version of a TTT map I've been working on. Enjoy! Includes a traitor trap.

A info about the map I made, as requested: It's a map for the Trouble in Terrorist Town gamemode, and made to look like an interesting sci-fi structure. It is made of ...
Created by AFE_Foreman you'd like to support my work, please donate using this button!

Minecraft Realms
Created by MonarchMonk
Author: Portalwreck (Trollgineer and Mr.Ofdensen).
Content Required: Team Fortress 2
TFMaps Link:
FPSBanana Link:

Minecraft Realms is a large open map that take...
[TTT] Orbital Friendship Beam
Created by SgtConti
- Notes -

Modified merge between OFC and OBC.
Added custom MLP: FiM sounds.
Original OFC:
Original OBC: [url]
TTT Ray Gun
Created by Haven King
This is a traitor weapon for the gamemode TTT. It fires a pulse of energy and has infinite ammo, high fire rate, a small cone but low damage. Secondary attack plays a loud squeak instead of the default sound.

Model and textures from http://css.gamebanan...
Call Of Duty Zombies: Raygun Mark II Swep
Created by Deathlike Silence
Update: Shot errors should now be fixed.

After many requests and a lot of waiting, the Raygun Mark II has arrived in Garry's Mod!

Like my original raygun swep, this badass weapon is a port from black ops 2, so the model and animations are the SAME as...
Ion Cannon +TTT support
Created by Seris
Highly Explosive and Highly Effective
Once installed it will be in the weapons tab under "Seris"
Left click to fire a single plasma ball, or right click to warp in up to 10 at once!

want to check out my awesome TTT server? join it here!:
Created by Grocel
A map with a long train rail system, NPC nodes for ground, striders and birds, HDR lighting and with a wire interface to control the rail switches and the color room. This workshop file contains a NAV file too.

There is no train in the map and I will NO...
Werefox's Burn Dem' DUBSTEP GUN!
Created by Cenn
Based off of skrillex's burn dem song, Enjoy!

Right Click Shoots some extra Bass
R is Explosive Bass...
Trouble in Terrorist Town ULX Commands
Created by Bender180
This addon requires that you have ULX and ULIB installed on your client/server. You can get them here[]

This addon is a joint effort from Bender180 and [url=http://steamc...
Created by Fy-e
SprayMon allows players to see authors of sprays.

Don't just press "subscribe", it won't work. This addon is for servers. See instructions at the bottom.

"spraymon" console command will show you sprays of all players on server.

Change "spraymon_no...
Lucario Player Model and NPC
Created by superhooks12
Fully functional Lucario Player Model and NPC.

Thanks to Mariokart64n for porting the model into Source. Also thanks to Idie970 for teaching me how to upload to the workshop. Thanks to Ellistron for updating the ragdoll and texture coloring.

GMod Tower: Player Model Pack
Created by MacDGuy

This is a pack of all the player models that were used in GMod Tower.

Yes, they are compatible with Sandbox.

Most player models have coloring support unique to their original model...
The Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) Playermodel with Damage Bodygroups
Created by OtisCampbell
I saw Genisys not long ago and decided to make a Terminator player model.

---WHAT'S NEW---

- Gargoyles improved (more accurate to real ones)
- Various texture fixes (no more awkward fleshy rectangles)
- Metal and sunglasses now reflective
- Gargoy...
Created by Zion Fox
Almost identical to ttt_clue, however this map adds various sound effects. From eery music being played from a jukebox in the attic, rain and thunder happening outside, to various radios and gramophones playing music in different rooms, and even a recordin...
TTT Raygun - Based on Call Of Duty Zombies
Created by BUGUITA
Weapon made by ErrolLiamP [Thanks, You are The Best]. I only upload the upgrade to TTT.

Questions add to Steam, and other addons: buguiitahd o |ЯG| býßυɢυιιTa™ and ErrolLiamp
Gun Stats for TTT and DarkRP
Created by boxama
See the statistics of any weapon you look at!

Shown Statistics
Clip information (current clip/maximum)
Accuracy *
Recoil *
Fire mode
Fire rate
* Information is given a rank instead of raw data - see screenshots

Console Vari
TTT Weapon Collection Addon
Created by hanz98
This is an Addon for the original TTT Weapon Collection Addon!

You need to install this addon the orignal addon first!

This Addon is a addon for TTT Weapon Collection which change the Silence AWP and create a new Silence AWP with lower damage ...
TTT Weapon Collection
Created by Fuzzik

This content is for TTT servers only (listen and dedicated). None of these weapons will show up in sandbox.

TTT doesn't take advantage of all available CS:S guns by default, so this addon tak...
Mex's Dubstep Guns- Bullseye
Created by Shavoyin
Hey! This is my very first addon. I hope you enjoy it. I will upload more songs later.

Request any song you would like (for obvious reason it needs to be dubstep[or any song with a cool "drop"]), I will make one if it gets requested a lot.

Created by Skyrossm
Created for Serious GMod by Skyrossm
Created by V-Rico.315.黑.ulow


I only uploaded it into Workshop, so it will be easier to download for everyone.
I agree to remove this item from Workshop if original author or Valve decides.

Skeleton Playermodel
Created by Sam
Complete skeleton model and player model from Half-Life 2: Episode 2. Features hands and feet, works as a ragdoll too. Hold C and click on the player model icon to use. Also seen in Elevator: Source.

NOTE: This player model was uploaded before the s
TTT-FUN Weapons
Created by GreenBlack
Add this addon to join the TTT-FUN Servers faster...
TTT DeathFaker
Created by jayjayjay1
TTT DeathFaker Addon - The Traitor can buy a death faker in the Traitor shop - but beware! The Detective can easily identify a fake body with the visualizer

Big Update! Scoreboard now updates and configuration of the killed person, weapon used to kill a...
TTT Maps (Server Content)
Created by Zee
All Maps in This Pack:
Mex's Dubstep Guns- Flight
Created by Shavoyin
This is my second addon. I hope you enjoy it. I will upload more songs later.

Request any song you would like (for obvious reason it needs to be dubstep[or any song with a cool "drop"]), I will make one if it gets requested a lot.

Este es...
Mex's Dubstep Guns-Centipede
Created by Shavoyin
This is my third addon. I hope you enjoy it. I will upload more songs later.

Request any song you would like (for obvious reason it needs to be dubstep[or any song with a cool "drop"]), I will make one if it gets requested a lot.

►This song ...
TTT Randomat
Created by Hagen
This Addon only works for the "Trouble in Terrorist Town"- Gamemode. This weapon will not show up in sandbox mode.

The Randomat is an Item for the Detective which will, after it was used, do something random.
I will try t...
[TTT] ttt_pacman_v1
Created by Fatisko
- - - - - - - - - - - Welcome to PacMan! - - - - - - - - - - -

● 4 Traitor Traps!
~ Release Blinky - [Red Ghost]
~ Release Pinky - [Pink Ghost]
~ Release Inky - [Blue Ghost]
~ Release Clyde - [Orange Ghost]
~> Open the Traitordoor and jump in to t...
Created by [ULX] Megiddo
The official latest release version of ULX admin mod (the same you'd get from our website). Please see our website at for information and discussion. Only servers need to use this, not your individual joining players.

Created by [ULX] Megiddo
The official ULib. Please see our website at for information and discussion.

Please do not comment here -- use our forums (you can even login using Steam!) or join our Discord --
TTT Homerun Bat
Created by Hagen
This Addon only works for the "Trouble in Terrorist Town"-Gamemode. This weapon will not show up in sandbox mode.

Its a HomeRun Bat, you guess what it does. If you hit a Player ist loses 1 Ammo and he will fly away instant...
TTT Detective Randomgun
Created by spartancs014
A gun with random fire modes every shot for detectives.

Fire modes:
- normal 50 damage bullet
- barrel
- explosive microwave
- burning dart ( aka Flare Gun )
- kinetic push ( Newton Push )
- health for target
- change your HP...
Holy Hand Greande + TTT
Created by Hds46
Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch(Worms).
Made for Sandbox/TTT.

Worms: Armageddon style explosion effect.
Custom sounds and models.
Nice icons.
Big damage and radius.
Sandbox/Trouble in Terrorist Town(Traitor) support.

Death Machine for TTT
Jay a weapon that looks pretty nice is for TTT :)

__--==| Credits |==--__
Importing (for TTT): Tanki Flo
Model/Sound: Raven:

Ty guy that I can use this models :D...
Dubstep Gun for TTT
Created by Wokki
A dubstep gun for Trouble in Terrorist Town

Uses effects and model from the SR4 Dubstep gun addon...
Remote Sticky Bomb [TTT]
Created by Marcuz
The Remote Sticky Bomb
General information
The Remote Sticky Bomb is a traitor weapon for TTT that allows you to plant a C4 on a target player, doing so requires a lot of stealth as the traitor can be seen holding a C4 in his or her hand....
TTT Poison Station
This creates a Traitor "Health" Station similar to the Detectives Health Station, however when used, will drain life from the person using it down to 5 hp as long as the player keeps attempting to use it.

== Configuration ==
Created by Racist Cop
its older than the steam workshop.

TTT - Headcrab Launcher
Created by JuicyGiblets
Launch 3 headcrab canisters, theres no damage on impact.
TTT M1A0 Cat Gun
Created by DarkIce
-Added to Traitor/Detective Shop
-Increased Damage

TTT Prop Exploder
Created by Hagen
This Addon only works for the "Trouble in Terrorist Town"-Gamemode. This weapon will not show up in sandbox mode.

After you buy it, you can choose a valid prop that you want and
left click it. Then you can press right cl...
TTT Identification Bomb + Defuser V2.0 [ID Bomb]
Created by ZeroImpact0
A pretty neat traitor + detective item for Trouble in Terrorist Town
-New Icons!

-Added visual...
TTT - Grapple Hook
Created by KappaDev
This is a simple grappling hook that may be added to your server. You will probably need your own icon, everything can be edited via the shared.lua file.
This does NOT belong to me (I didnt make it) this is just a simple re-upload since I have not seen a ...
Created by supreme being
Simple shop system for Garry’s mod.

The only possible problem is conflict with your another installed modification. Don't write different nonsense in comments about it.

GitHub Source[]...
Zombies Perk Bottles (TTT/Sandbox)
Created by Hoff
If you have any questions/comments/concerns, feel free to ask or join my steam group:

These are a series of perk bottles from Black Ops Zombies! You can get them in sandbox and ttt.

Current bottles:...
MapVote - Fretta-like Map Voting
Created by Lucien
MapVote is a Fretta-like map voting system for Garry's Mod 13, with a few added features. It was originally created by Willox and released in the facepunch thread here.[]

I have received permission...
TTT Dead Ringer
Created by Hagen
This Addon only works for the "Trouble in Terrorist Town"-Gamemode. This weapon will not show up in sandbox mode.


Its the Dead Ringer from TF2, fixed, and now working with SpecDM (newest version of it, please look out fo...
[TTT] Melon Launcher
Created by Andre | Daywalker
This addon adds a melon launcher to the traitorshop in TTT.
You can shoot an exploding melon with it to kill innocents in a cooler way :)
It also has some small sound effects and a working ammunition-bar....
TTT Trigger Finger Chip
Created by Psychotrickser
A super cool advanced traitor weapon to trick your enemies

Attach this device to the back of your victim's head, run off to a secure location and press the button to fire the victim's weapon. Watch as the players blame the victim!
Has 8 charges.

Created by Nyrb
TTT weapon that spawns 5 manhacks. Throw or attach and in 30 seconds 5 manhacks will spawn.

Does not need to be armed and can only be disarmed by hitting with the crowbar
[TTT] Bulk Cannon for Detectives and Traitors
Created by tehbasshunter
Bulk Cannon shotgun that can be purchased by Detectives and Traitors.

This was previously on the workshop. It however was removed and as I can't find the makers profile I am unable to properly credit the original maker.

As I do not fully understand L...
Created by SoloHeisbeer
It's the Melon Splasher, now as traitor weapon

it's an RPG that shoots melons

Primary fire: One shot, 2 seconds delay between shots
Ammo: 10 melons
Secondary fire: Nothing (For now)

Link to sandbox version:
Created by V
Welcome to ttt_minecraft_manor. This is my first TTT map and I have been working on it for a while now. I feel that it is time to release it to the public for critism and feedback.

Current version a11

Important Notice: Due to me somehow muckin...
Created by KleinMeister
3 floors
4 sectors
1 wide area
go ahead and hunt them down

created with:
- Minecraft
- SourceCraft
- Hammer
- Pakrat

minecraft textures are part of SourceCraft

If you get texture problems, download SourceCraft and shift the included t...
Created by DerInder
++presented by: ++


This is my first TTT map.

It was a vary hard way to get it in the workshop..

But never mind, this map is based on the Counter-Strike m...
Created by Udane
The map is slightly more favored to sniper players and c4, but has something for everyone.

Featured are radomized weapon/ammo spawns in each chest that you have to activate to get, along with some other items around. There are also some very minor easte...
TTT Rocket Launcher
Created by BocciardoLight
RPG for T Shop

Left-Click: Shot Rocket

Right-Click: Say something...

Created by BocciardoLight...
Created by Cro Beska
A club featuring disco lights, bass drops, fog, drug busts, a haunted stall, and more.

*Edit 12/3/20 A majority of the songs included were user requested at the time of upload. They will not be modified, no matter how poorly they've aged.

VIP cod...
Enhanced PlayerModel Selector
Created by LibertyForce
It's the playermodel selector from Sandbox... but better! And available everywhere!

Like your playermodel? Want to easily use it in all gamemodes? Annoyed that nowadays even maps overwrite it and block the spawnmenu? Then stop reading, you're in the rig...
Iron Man [Playermodel/NPC]
Created by Dusty
Iron Man's Mark 7 armor, used as his primary suit in The Avengers. The Iron Patriot's armor, as seen in Iron Man 3.

What's in it:

- Two NPCs for each set of armor, good and bad. Sorry, they just use the standard rebel and combine base - no flying, la...
Playermodel - Kermit the Frog
I decided to do some quick playermodels tonight. I hope you like it!...
Created by Aaron
Restriction system for ULX. (Requires ULX and ULib),5269.0.html

Please read the wiki for additional help:

Please feel free to comment on my profile and add me if y...
[TTT] Star Wars - The Force
Created by LeBroomer
This is an addon for the mode "Trouble in Terrorists Town". Pls don't report errors or leave negative comments if you tried it in another mode.

Double Jump!
Created by Willox
Some Information
This lets players double jump. The addon is made properly and even predicted ~oooo~. You'll get errors if you don't have Team Fortress 2 installed (it's free, come on.)

The multijump_default_jumps co...
TTT Defibrillator Detective/Traitor
Created by DarkIce
I reuploaded this defibrillator:
All credits are going to Willox.

This is only for Trouble in Terrorist Town and it wont work in sandbox.

However this defibrillator can be bought by tra...
TTT - Jetpack
Created by Lykrast
This device can be bought by both traitors and detectives for 1 credit. Simply hold your jump button while holding it in your hand and watch yourself fly upward !
Just be careful, as getting up is easy, but going down or changing direction mid air is a re...
[Gamemode: TTT] Traitor Harpoon
Created by RustyPrimeLUX


This Addon adds a throwable harpoon to the traitor shop in Trouble in Terrorist Town.

Please report any...
TTT Portable Tester
Created by Arlo
A TTT Portable Tester I made. As a Detective you can buy this and use it on another player to confirm they are Innocent or if they are A Traitor. Both you and the player must hold still while testing them. You must not look away from them or let go of the ...
TTT Addon: Weapons Jammer
Created by Sheev Palpatimo
This little addon adds a new Item for Traitors in Trouble in Terrorist Town!
The Weapons Jammer allows a Traitor to jam anybody's currently selected weapon by walking up to them and simply pressing the Use-Key. (defaulted to 'E')
This disables the...
TTT Sprint
Created by Fresh Garry
This is a sprint Addon for TTT with stamina.
If it is installed you are allowed to sprint while pressing FORWARD (Default: W) and your Sprint key (by default USE Default: E or Shift key) until you have no stamina anymore. It regenerates if you are not spr...
TTT - Influenza Pistol(Dart)(Still working but discontinued)
Created by SithLee
NOTE: This weapon is still working but is now discontinued.

Shoot you traget and infect them for 10 seconds.
Slowing your targets speed until they die of exhaustion.

Traitors / Limited Stock

Please do not reupload with out premission....
TTT TeamChanger
Created by Blumpkin The Bloody
This is a Traitor weapon that when used on a dead body, will change their team to Traitor, the idea being that a Traitor can kill an Innocent, then use this item on the body to trick the other players

It has one use, so use it wisely!

Many many...
TTT The H.U.G.E-9001 (T WEAPON)
Created by Jenssons
The idea is to make People second think when they see some one holding a huge

but when the T fires the Huge-9001 people will know its that weapon


our patreon page
Jenssons TTT BeeNade
Created by Jenssons

This a T weapon and when it goes off it will spawn bees

beecount (default 6) // how many bees will spawn

beerandom (default 0) // make this 1 to make the beecount random
beerandommin (default 6) // minimum number of ...
Trouble in Terrorist Town Bots -REVISED-
Created by large man
I don't plan on implementing support for TTT2 in the near future, nor do I plan on implementing extra role support.


Do you like this mod? Buy me a coffee![
Created by Cipher
A map inspired by the Classic DOOM. This map uses the original textures from Doom.


This addon comes with 2 maps; ttt_doom_generv2 AND gm_doom_gener. gm_doom_gener has been edited to work better in Sandbox mode,
vFire - Dynamic Fire for Garry's Mod
Created by vioxtar
vFire adds a realistic, firey experience to Garry's Mod.

Default fire is replaced by one that looks and behaves like the real thing - it grows, spreads, attaches to surfaces, animates, and burns everything (it can) to a crisp.
vFire Flamethrower
Created by vioxtar
In case vFire alone isn't enough for your aspiring inner arsonist, it comes packed with a complete flamethrower SWEP designed to unleash true firey havoc.

Requires vFire:

Want to creat...
Defibrillator for TTT
Created by Minty.tiff
Zap zap people back to the living.

Recode of the well-known defibrillator.

This is a D and T weapon.

Differences to the original
- Makes noise
- Succes-rate
- Doesn't show a T as alive when they get defibbed

Created by danielsoda

stardew valley / pixel textures / traitor traps / secrets

Don't forget to rate up if you liked the map!

I hope it will works. Let me know it ! HAVE FUN!!!!!...
[TTT] Nuketown Light Edition
Created by AuriRex
⎡┄┄┄┄I M P O R T A N T ! ! !┄┄┄┄⎤
⎢ ┄ REQUIRES: Counter-Strike: Source ⎥
⎣┄┄┄┄I M P O R T A N T ! ! !┄┄┄┄⎦

Map name: "ttt_nuketown_d_light"

➡ Original map is dm_nuketown by ThaOmegaCheeseb
[TTT] Demonic Possession
Created by LeBroomer
If you have ideas on how to improve the item or run into technical issues, feel free to post here to let me know about it. I will try to improve and fix it to the best of my abilities.

This is an addon for the gamemodes "Trouble in Terrorists Town". P...
I'm back! Hi guys, I am back with another map! I started work on some more ttt ftl maps but it felt wrong to put more out before I released the classic ftl ship, the Kestrel! Even though this is 1.0 for the workshop, this is the 7th build of the map tha...
TTT Dance 'til you're dead
Created by Mangonaut
  • Shot someone then he dances til he a dead person
  • Only 1 shot (to blow, this opportunity comes once in a life time)

Addons I used:

[TTT] Thomas the Fun Engine
Created by Macha_theCat
Made for gameplay with friends - not the original author

Changed hitbox to better reflect train model
Goes up to 8000 units before disappearing
Does 10 damage on contact only
Everyone inside takes damage over time (fast)

Created by λ_Lambda_λ
Simple Prop Damage - Ultimate Destruction
Created by xyzzy
Simple Prop Damage - Ultimate Destruction
Simple Prop Damage (SPD) is an addon that adds a new feature to all regular props:
You can now damage any prop in Garrysmod!

Frustrated by the fact that weapons don't damage or destroy most pro...
vFire Gas Can
Created by ashibot
This addon requires vFire

This is a remake of the classic Gas Can addon, now working with vFire. There are some small bugs but for most purposes, this works as you would imagine. If you f...
Fire Extinguisher
Created by Rubat
Extinguish fire! A classic fire extinguisher, just like in Half-Life 2: Beta. And it pushes physics objects too!

It uses custom ammo, which can be replenished by jumping into water or picking up another fire extinguisher....
[SM] Waluigi Playermodel
Created by Hansoms


Welcome to Waluigi's World!
Now uploaded as a singular playermodel of the famous purple brother!
Used on the The Ministry TTT and requested by ThatWelshGuy

- Waluigi Player...
TTT - Dragon Elites
Created by Brannium
[Modified version of this workshop:]

Unlike the original version these Dual Elites also spawn randomly on your map.

This weapon doesn't replace your default Dual Elites, it is ...
Created by Kepter
Made to resemble the real yogtowers as much as possible.

WARNING: This map is very small. It's probably unplayable with more than about 10 players, though there is enough spawns to support up to around 30....
[ttt] Rotationgun
Created by λ_Lambda_λ
This weapon is available at the Traitor and Detective shop.

it rotates your target every shot by 20° and does 10 dmg...
[TTT] Freeze Gun
Created by hendrikbl
Tired of the hot Flare Gun? Try it's cool brother, the Freeze Gun!

This weapon freezes it's target so that it can't move, turn around, shoot or basicly do anything.
It doesn't deal any damage.

ttt_freezegun_traitor (def. 1)...
TTT Bomb Station
Created by BocciardoLight
When innocents use this health station, it will beep before exploding.

Traitors will simply deplete the fake charge.

Left-Click: Place Bomb Station...
[TTT/SB] Fortnite Building Tool
Created by LeBroomer

If you have ideas on how to improve the item or run ...
Created by Pigel
[Edit: Many people ask me to do other parts of the Fortnite map, so here an update: I won't do another map in near future because of missing time and motivation. Maybe I will soon fix some bugs on this map, but that's all I've planned.]

This is my rem...
Super Discombobulator (TTT)
Created by Ikkou@:)
Works exactly like a normal discombobulator, but on a much much bigger scale.

Throw it and watch people fly.

(Warning: No Cape included.)...
[TTT2/TTT/SB] Supersheep
Created by LeBroomer
If you don't like that item, please let me know why. I will try to improve the addon as good as I can.

This is an addon for the gamemodes "Trouble in Terrorists Town" and "Sandbox". Please do not try to use it in any other gamemode and report errors or...
[TTT] Explosive Corpse
Created by Andre | Daywalker
This addon adds an explosive corpse to the traitor shop.
It will explode when pressing 'E' near the corpse.
When you bought it, you can drop it using the left mousebutton....
TTT - Minifier
Created by Lykrast
WARNING : it's buggy for reasons I don't know, it will requires multiple clics to (de)activate and will print scripts errors in the user's console. Other than that it works fine.

A real tool to annoy those pesky innocents, for 1 credit any traitor can a...
TTT - Door Locker
Created by Exho
Ever felt like locking a door and murdering the Innocents inside? Well now you can!

**** Info:
Billy Mays here, er.. This is a project I've been working on to add a change in gameplay and something cool to do on maps. You can Left Click a door (provide...
Jenssons Hwapoon!!!! (TTT/sandbox)
Created by Jenssons

this is like the Harpoon ttt weapon mod but i remade it to stick to walls and be less buggy

where the sound effects and the reason this mod was made from:

join me on discord if you...
RedMatter Bomb (T Weapon)
Created by Jenssons
I hear this is great for Copper

join me on discord if you want updates on mods or be apart of our awesome community!

our patreon page

if you would like to...
TTT Weeping Angel SWEP
Created by DatLycan
Spawns a Weeping Angel that follows the target you shot.

Credit for this addon goes to for creating:
TTT Randomat 2.0
Created by Dem
As Seen in the Yogscast TTT Videos!

This is an edit of the Randomat. All credit for coding the original weapon goes to the original creator Hagen.
Join [url=
[TTT] The Constructor
Created by Hansoms
*Imagine This*
You're face to face with the Traitor in a long corridor, One escape, behind you, BUT WAIT!
If you turn around, He'll just kill you! You need this win or your mum will NEVER approve of you so its time!
You pull out the constructor, Flood ...
[Wilbur TTT] Detective Guitar
Created by Morte
Created by N8
A Trouble In Terrorist Town map based off the Kestrel from the popular rogue-like FTL: Faster Than Light.

♦Supports up to 16 players
♦Traitor tester in shield room
♦Med room
♦Traitor teleporter
♦Traitor room at the front of the ship
TTT - Prop Disguiser
Created by Exho
-Insert witty Prop Hunt joke here -

*** Info:
My rendition of the old Disguise SWEP of the same basic function, this time converted for TTT. The SWEP was old and lacked the ability for props to have health so I took it upon myself to fix it u...
TTT Controllable Manhack
Created by Dem
I did not make the original SWEP, I just edited it to be compatible with TTT

Can be bought by Detectives, Traitors and Survivalists (assuming Town of Terror is installed)

Pokemon: Chase and Elaine Playermodel
Created by ✯Heaventy✯
Before I begin, I wish you all a Happy New Year 2019 to the entire Garry's Mod and Steam community in general.
To begin this year, I'm publishing today my first Playermodels from 2019. This is Chase and Elaine from Pokémon L...
Joy and Gladion Player model and NPC Sun
Created by Mewtwo
A gladion player model and a nurse joy player model from you know what . ISSSUES Gladion shoe laces dont move when he walks. Nurse joy Has a bit of an issue with the back hair . Both nurse joy and gladion when you look at the back of them you cant see ther...
SSB4 Lucario Playable and NPC
Created by Dafini
A Playable Lucario model, as well as an NPC variant, from Super Smash Bros WiiU/3DS.
Includes Jiggleboned dreds and tail.

Used the original SSB4 Lucario Model by Lucian, just rigged and added to spawn lists by Me

If you like this addon, thank the or...
Greninja Playermodel
Created by Zlatko
Greninja Playermodel. Model made by Mister Prawn.

I will not be making the SSB4U Greninja, so please don't ask....
Created by Dooglz
A trouble in terrorist town map based on the game show "The crystal Maze"

# 4 zones: Aztec, Futuristic, Medieval and Industrial.
# Teleport rooms for the traitors
# A chance to win a luxury caravan holiday in Skegness, Lincolnshire (N...
Created by V-Rico.315.黑.ulow
A very nice underground map for TTT

- There are a couple of dangerous things to be aware about, especially the moving train
- Traitor's traps
- Lots of rooms
- Much fun


I only upload
Created by Pufulet
My very own minecraft map for trouble in terrorist town!

The map was originally created using World Painter, then worked on in creative mode in minecraft, ported over as a vmf and a lot of work to fix it up.

There is a traitor tester which needs to b...
B4 is out!
Now with rain, downloading this: addon is highly recommended because it's ment to be played with this one.

A Minecraft themed Troub...
Created by Zaratusa
A medium sized map based around an large passenger aircraft for Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT).

A large passenger aircraft is seized Mid-Pacific by a highly trained, heavily armed terrorist cell. Unfortunately for them, intense training and large weapo...
Avengers RandoMat Event
Created by Jenssons
This was requested by Ben of the Yogscast :D

this requires randomat 2 :D

Randomat event which gives everyone a different avengers weapon and prints hero name on screen unless there are...
TTT Chicken
Created by BocciardoLight
An aggressive chicken, annoy it too much and it explodes

Hold primary fire to throw chickens.

Max Health = 60
Explode Damage = 40
Explode Radius = 140
Default Attack = 15 (Increasing depending on anger level)

CREATED BY Phoenixf129
Edited b...
TTT Randomgun
Created by Xopez
A gun with random fire modes every shot for detectives and traitors.

Fire modes:
- normal 50 damage bullet
- barrel
- explosive microwave
- burning dart ( aka Flare Gun )
- kinetic push ( Newton Push )
- health for target
- change your HP with yo...
Created by Dimerson

I have cut off some features from the original for the balance sake.

Allow Detectives to buy this item:
ttt_bt_detective ...
[UNDERTALE] Gaster Blaster (READ DESC.)
Created by Mr. Motilek

Model by Evangelos
Undertale By Toby Fox

Model have physics

It's ported to Garry's Mod For users who wanted this on Garry's Mod.

Source FilmMaker Model -
sans - Playermodel Undertale
Created by Ghost
sorry, just came out from Grillby's. did i miss somethin'?

- Playermodel
- Playercolor Support
- Bodygroups for Eyes & Bad Time-Eye
- He is small!

He currently does not have viewmodel arms as they ended up either too big or ...
Dragon Breath Shotgun
Created by vioxtar
A dragon's breath shotgun on steroids, that fires a deadly burst of firey buckshot rounds.

Requires vFire:

Primary fire will likely kill any target. Secondary fire will l
TTT Traitorfier
Created by DatLycan
Turn those pesky innocents into Traitors!

What it can do:

With this item (Traitor use only!) you can turn anybody into a Traitor, but with a twist, first you need the blood of a Traitor (a dead buddy or your own), if you use it...
Created by Monte
A retro-styled PC-game map.

- several traitor traps
- gravity changes
- 2 seperate worlds
- a nice and atmospheric scenery ;)

the access to the 2nd world is locked until you do some specific actions.... see it as a little secret ;)

Created by CubicTuxedo
Originally made by Bennyis from an idea from DukeXRion, this is a foggy map for TTT taking place in a foggy forest, with some slenderman popups for maximum spooks!

Weapons are spawned randomly and there is one traitor trap for use.

Disclaimer: The...
Created by Von_Funk
Have you ever wondered what game boy graphics would look like in 3D?
Probably not, but here you go anyway.

-radical retro graphics.
-3 brutal traitor traps.
-bangin' 64 player spawns.
-dank random weapon spawns....
Created by 76561198089736951
Yes. it's Island (MC Treasuretown) by me (Hero_Charmander from MC). anyway map is fully....
TTT Borealis
Created by Wirelex.exe
Everyone is the Borealis Worker in this map, now who's the beta traitor.
It's a old stitched together wc-mappack vmfs from the leak, took me awhile to remove the map-leaks n stuff.

Also this is also a experimental map too.

Gλm³rאumb³r¹ - F...
Created by Die_Schwabbelhaut
Initial release v1 21/2/15
TTT map based on Pokémon Gold. Also has enterable buildings and an underground cave

v2 25/2/15
Fixed problems with tree sprites appearing in front of signposts.
Added more spawns for weapons, players, ammo.
Fixed teleporte...
Pokemon Lavender Town
Created by Left4Cake
Please download the TTT version instead, even if you don't plan on playing TTT with it.

A recration of Lavender Town from red and blue. Has indoor and outdoor area, and some of the surronding routes....
Created by bats

It's dead!

Thanks for all (some) of the feedback and stuff but I don't see myself updating this map anytime soon unless it becomes absolutely unplayable.

-Koop 4/23/15

A TTT version of dm_runoff (originally by Valve)

The doors t...
Advanced Bone Tool
Created by Thirteen___
A tool to edit angles, scaling and the location of props bones.
You can use this on any prop in gmod*.

Also availible on GitHub:

*Some props will not allow for rotation or translation due to them bei...
Created by JC
* Model and Textures designed by Dimps
* Revised by Anfrien (WinterMyth)
* Acrias for the Collision Model
Goku (Player Model)
Created by JC

Note: I do not recommend to use this version for Posing. I would suggest to use the Ragdoll version that includes all of his transformations.

* Model and Textures
Created by Ben
I did not make this map. I can't really provide any help or trouble shooting either. I recomend going to the Original post here and sorting through comments to find some answers....
TTT Weapon Turret
Created by TTT Weapon Turret
This is a Weapon Turret for Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT).

This is accessible via the Traitor menu....
Created by rafuet
Author and credits
Map originally created by digitalstimulus. You can view this map in GameBanana by clicking here[]


This map is designed to work
Created by Mr EA King <YT>
Duncan from the Yogscasts Tekkit Series Castle. Not an exact replica but pretty accurate some changes to make it a more interesting TTT, Murder and Prop hunt map. Map is set up for all modes. Please Share, Comment and Enjoy!...
Created by Cuba Pete

Hello vault dwellers! We at Vault-Tec hope you are enjoying your stay here, and wish you the very best. We have finished constructing a new vault for you all to occupy...
Jenssons (Sandbox\TTT) Mimic Spawner (T Weapon)
Created by Jenssons
This is a T weapon that will replace props on the map with mimics (they dont move if you are looking at them)


our patreon page

if you wanna see what am wo...
Jenssons TTT Golden Gun (D Weapon)
Created by Jenssons
you need the "Town Of Terror addon" for this addon

With the golden gun

if you shoot a Traitor he dies on one shot

if you shoot a innocent you die

if you shoot a Jester you both die (not ending the round)

if you shoot a phoenix you will get s...
TTT Malfunction Pistol
Created by Jack5500

The weapon has three shots and can be bought from the traitor menu and looks like a normal pistol anyone could find, but shoots with the sound of a silenced pistol. Who ever gets shot is forced to fire his ma...
The Zombie Vault - TTT
Created by Logan
Traitor weapon for TTT - Created for Ben of The Yogscast.

Throw down and activate to unleash zombie hell! Can only be moved while inactive.

Available ConVars:

ttt_zombie_vault_max_zombies - default 30 - Maximum number of zombies spawned in at any ...
TTT Black Mesa East 2019
Created by ficool2

Overhaul of the ttt_Black_Mesa_East_v1 map, by Haaselh0ff


- Massive graphical improvement
- 64 spawn points and weapons/ammunition scattered across the map
- Scientist playermodels from Black Mesa: Source (I ha...
TTT Donconnon
Created by faaafv
TTT weapon...
Paper Mario : Rogueport
Created by iRo
This is Rogueport from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door!
We have added NPC, Warp and other functions.
This is a map for the TTT gamemode. But you can use it for PH, good luck!
An update is planned to add more props and add Traitor functions.
All tex...
TTT Chickenator (T Weapon)
Created by Jenssons
All love goes to for the chicken ai i made this after a recording session.

join me on discord if you want updates on mods or be apart of our awesome communi...
Created by Wibbles
Created by Endus322
Fan Made map for The Yogscast

I kept screenshots to a minimum to encourage exploration, but there is definitely more than just what's shown
This is the first map I have made in Hammer so expect possible bugs

-Around 8 players
-Traitor Traps/Doors
[TTT] PoonGun5000 [T Weapon]
Created by Fate
Please feel free to report any bugs, issues or improvements to me in the comments below

What is it?
Always missing your poon shots on pesky sharks or just want an OP Gun? Well my friend you're in luck with the PoonGun5000! Shoots 10 har...
Temple of Doncon
Created by Duncan
My first map!...
TTT_Yoglabs Beta
Created by GamingMad101
Hey There!
I found this map the other day set as private on my workshop, and I haven't worked on it in about a year, so I thought I might as-well release it to you guys.

If you want to make edits, use the materials etc. feel free to, however, I DO NOT ...
[TTT] Advanced Magneto Stick
Created by LeBroomer
If you have ideas on how to improve the item or run into technical issues, feel free to post here to let me know about it. I will try to improve and fix it to the best of my abilities.

This is an addon for the gamemodes "Trouble in Terrorists Town". P...
[TTT/2|Sandbox] Dragon Elites
Created by Zaratusa
This weapon doesn't replace your default Dual Elites, it is a weapon buyable once per Traitor and Detective. It deals 10% more damage than the Dual Elites ...
TTT Barnacle
Created by Dimerson
I ripped it from here
and he just reuploaded it from a pack that he randomly found... nice


Obvoiusly this adds the item "Barnacle".
Barnacles can be...
TTT Throwable Manhacks
Created by BocciardoLight
Throwable Manhacks like the ones from Half Life

CREATED BY Phoenixf129
Edited by BocciardoLight

Tags: TTT, Traitor, Shop, Items, Manhacks, throwable, drone...
[TTT] Iron Man Suit
Created by Darth Vader
This addon adds Iron Mans Weaponised Super Suit to the detectives buy menu (as used by the Yogscast and Hat Films). It also balances the suit so it is not too overpowered for traitors to beat. This is based on the SWEP by Darky.

Original Addon:
Created by Fresh Garry
TTT Act is an addon wich adds the possibility to eg. dance or wave to ttt.

You can use it by binding a key to ttt_act ( "bind [your key] ttt_act " ). Than a pie menu shows up and you can select an act and watch yourself acting in third person.

Zero Punctuation | Player Model
Created by B-Bud
For fans of Zero Punctuation.

Four hat bodygroups; Yahtzee's hat, hatless, pants on head, and hair of the MASTER RACE.
A wide* (*moderately-sized) range of facial expressions, including a Zombie skin.
Option for gender.
Big buff...
Lykrast's TTT Weapon Collection
Created by Lykrast
Requires CS:Source.

This single pack will contain all my TTT weapons. For now, it merely contains the ones from my previous packs, but it will later have some extras that I will not release as separate packs (unless I hit the size limit).
All those wea...
Superhot Playermodel
Created by TFA
As of January 1, 2017, this mod is no longer supported. Do not expect further patches!
Includes a second skin that matches player color. Please remember to follow my workshop and subscribe to the Vauseric channel, who produced the trailer. I w...
Illuminati player model
Created by Nicolai SeveN

!!!!!!!!THAT MILESTONE IN 100K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THIS IS SIMPLE GR3AT M8!!1!1!! 8/8 NO HATE!!!1!11!!!

Real x
TTT Free Kill Gun Gifter
Created by faaafv
TTT weapon

Removes all the weapons from the target, gifts them an undroppable "free kill gun" and forces them to fire it once.

requires the railgun weapon (weapon_rp_railgun)...
Winters Howl for TTT
Jay a weapon that looks pretty nice is for TTT :)

__--==| Credits |==--__
Importing (for TTT): Tanki Flo
Model/Sound: Raven:

Ty guy that I can use this models :D...
ttt_Playing_with_Portals revamped
Created by Oploz
Please consider rating, it helps me out! :)

Requires CSS textures for Dust2 obviously

A small to medium sized map with a teleportation theme

The map includes:

5 Main areas of different theme, Minecraft, CSS, Paperworld, Styli...
[Gamemode: TTT] Detective Portal Gun
Created by RustyPrimeLUX


This Addon adds the Portal Gun from Portal to the Detective Shop in Trouble in Terrorist Town.

Please r...
[Undertale] G̸a̷ste̴r (Playermodel/Ragdoll/NPC)
Created by Cally3D
E̴n̸t̸r̸y̵ ̵N̷u̸m̸b̷e̶r̵ 1̵̛̬́́̾͌̀7̷̡̦̗̝̿́

T̴h̵e̸ ̶f̵a̵l̸l̸e̴n̸ ̷s̵c̴i̵e̷n̶t̴i̴s̵t̶ ̴h̴a̸s̴ ̵b̶e̴e̶n̷ ̵r̶e̵v̵i̷v̸e̸d̶ ̸f̸o̷r̵ ̴G̴a̸r̴r̷y̶'̶s̶ ̵M̸o̷d̶.̵

Models, textures, rigs by myself, ported for GMod usage by Charma!

In this addon...
ttt_sjit_v1 - played by Yogscast
Created by ʀᴜᴍᴘᴇʟ
"it's pretty sjit"

Watch the Yogscast play the map here

  • Support for custom weapon addons
  • Traitor testor
  • Multiple Traitor Traps and Traitor
[Deltarune] Lancer (Playermodel/Ragdoll/NPC/Props)
Created by Cally3D
Step one.. I THRASH you!

Here's the much loved spade son, Lancer!

Models, textures, rigs by myself, ported for GMod usage by Charma.

In this addon, you will have...

- Three ragdolls, Lancer, Handsome Lancer and his trusty bike.
[Deltarune] Ralsei (Playermodel/Ragdoll/NPC/Props)
Created by Cally3D
Shouldn't you guys be studying?

The awaited fluffy boy is here, in many ways!

Models, textures, rigs by myself, ported for GMod usage by Charma.

In this addon, you will have...

- Two ragdolls, Ralsei and an Alt Ralsei, including
[Deltarune] Susie (Playermodel/Ragdoll/NPC/Props)
Created by Cally3D

The mean girl has arrived to GMod, in many ways!

Models, textures, rigs by myself, ported for GMod usage by Charma.

In this addon, you will have...

- Two ragdolls, Casual Susie and Dark World Susie.
- Two playermodels,
Created by unobtanium
Are you ready for yet another adventure?

A modified and smaller version of the popular ttt_minecraft_expedition map for the Trouble in Terrorist Town Ga...
Created by 󠂪󠂪󠂪󠂪
A tool to make derma skin application easier.

Includes two derma skins, sleekblack and flatdark.

- Changing derma skin, most noticable on spawnmenu
- Changing spawnmenu tab icons...
[TTT] Moon
Created by AlexCookie
A sci-fi themed TTT map set on a space ship.

No game content required....
Created by Ash7479
Spaceship with a two person traitor tester and several destructible components...
Created by Sauronjg
Reupload of old ttt_simple...
Created by Kashet
Many modern day thrill-seekers go exploring in abandoned locations, places once populated and flourishing with life as they now are, overrun with weeds and trees, among nature once again. This location is one just as those, a place forsaken by the masses, ...
Created by faaafv
Yogscast inspired TTT map...
Zoroark Player Model
Created by Keaton
A fully working player model of Zoroark, ripped straight from the Pokemon 5th Gen addon.
I got permission from the uploader of that addon to do this, so don't whine about "not your model."
My other player model, Delphox, took me weeks upon weeks. I did t...
Blaziken Player Model
Created by Keaton
Fully working Blaziken player model, complete with half-working fingerposing, a friendly NPC, and a Combine NPC.
This took about two hours. It's really not that hard, I'm just a lazy person.
I didn't make the model; Nintendo made it for Pokepark and Rand...
Mewtwo Player Model Pokken Tournament + armor Bodygroup and NPC = myself
Created by Mewtwo
A model of myself from Pokken . Includes a bodygroup of me wearing armor as shown in the picture . As you know I altered a few things to make me more suitable In the game . Like the armor bodygroup for example . Despite a few editing Not much has changed a...
Created by Skate6788
This isn't my map. I just edited this map into trouble in terrorist town gamemode. - Check original creators on the bottom of this post.

I spent many hours on this edit, everything is polished.

  • Reduced file size by -
ttt_minecraft_b6_spooky - Halloween Edition
Created by Loke
Please enjoy this special Halloween update to the popular minecraft Trouble in Terrorist town map.
Thank you all for the fantastic feedback, ideas, and support.

Note: This map only works for Trouble in Terrorist Town; gamemode terrortown. In sandbox or...
Created by Astral Slash
Small 16 player TTT map
Plenty of weapons across the map
A pool
Some showers
Some beds
And plenty of fun to be had!

The traitors have a small traitor room next to the pool room, it have a button that can close the pool and a teleporter that can tel...
Created by Jaskajopuli
Requires additional content from Counter-Strike: Source in order to play as intended.

Map Info
A medium sized map designed for use with Trouble in Terrorist Town.
The map itself features:
- Secret knife, solve the laser puzzel
- Detective room
TTT The Matrix
Created by Connor
I didn't made this map, I only changed the de_ to ttt_ for mapvotes


Shrun Voice Chat
Created by ZeroXitreo
Another Shrun addon! This time it includes a bit more advanced things!
Changes the voice chat by displaying bars/spectrum instead of the old boring highlighting of the avatar.

**NOTICE** You won't be able to see your own voice line respond to your voic...
Shrun Chat
Created by ZeroXitreo
This is a followup of the Shrun HUD.
The chat includes support for darkRP

Each Shrun addon works independent.

-- THEMES --
If you want to customize the current theme, follow the steps below
1. Subscribe to
Shrun Theme Editor
Created by ZeroXitreo
This is a theme builder/editor for all shrun addons which allows you to change colours or size of the addons GUI.

-- How to open it --
1. Open console
2. type "theme_editor" and press enter

-- Shrun addons theme editor works with --
Shrun HUD - ht...
Created by Bender180
This was taken down by valve for violating tos, I've removed the content that was called offensive and reuploaded just intime for the holidays, enjoy.

I've decided to release a Christmas re-skin of a map that is was extremely po...
Created by [Nutter]
Hello there!
Feel free to use this map on your TTT server. This is an edit for a popular, public map called ttt_minecraft_b5 - introducing a night version for the map to promote some variety in Minecraft-specific TTT servers, or even TTT servers in genera...
Created by DieRauteEnte
A Minecraft-TTT map by DieRauteEnte
This is the winter version of ttt_minecraft_h5

The map is a half island with:
Created by DieRauteEnte
A Minecraft-TTT map by DieRauteEnte

The map is a half island with:
-Hell(Not finished yet)
-Secret Room
-Traitor Rooms
-Ugly House(New one coming soon)

Coming Soon:
-Better Hell
[TTT] YogsTheatre - A Broadway theatre map
Created by Effgee
As played by the Yogscast:

Hone your acting chops, put on the TTT performance of a lifetime and win the adoration of innocent theatre-goers everywhere!

This map is set inside a theatre and ideally suited to ...
[TTT] Credit Printer
Created by Jasorn
Traitor weapon that spawns a printer that prints credits. Beware that it does make noise that innocents can hear


Reuploaded old version before author broke it by uploading th...
Created by Dr Ordinary
An INCREDIBLY basic TTT map for 3-8 people which I made in about 3 hours to test a concept. As with many of my TTT maps, there is a SECONDARY METHOD of traitor victory!

The basic premise is a completely square room with a button in the centre. This bu...
FiresTTT - Detective Bruh Bunker
Created by Fires
Try it out on FiresTTT

The Detective Bruh Bunker is a defensive passive perk. Upon receiving bullet damage the Bruh Bunker defense system with discombobulate nearby players and fling them away(reusing discombob code, oop) whil...
Fire Starter [TTT]
Created by blandon
Fire Starter [TTT - Traitor Weapon]


Press LEFT CLICK to place down a marker

Then press RIGHT CLICK on your marker to ignite it

TTT - Spartan Laser
Created by Trimbly
Edited this mod ---> so it would work in ttt (probably barely).

Traitors can buy it and if Town of Terror is Installed so can the Serial Killer and the Survivalist
It can shoot three time...
TTT Antlion Summoner
Created by AviLouden
Traitor weapon that summons a rampaging Antlion Guard. It will attack any player regardless of role.

Probably not a very effective weapon in itself but likely to create a big distraction that traitors can use to their advantage....
Created by DieFisch
A smaller minecraft map for Trouble in Terrorist Town up to max 20 players.
Includes a secret to solve with diamond and emerald ores.
The connection of the islands are with invisible bridges, just to increase the experience in
the world of the End.
[TTT] Superandi's Minecraft Desert Map
Created by Superandi321
A map in the style of the game "Minecraft". Take a look at the mobheads carefully. Maybe they are keeping a secret?...
TTT Minecraft Clue
Created by Tyler
A remake of the classic ttt map Clue in the style of Minecraft....
TTT Minecraft Christmas!
Created by Mix3rz
Christmas is always a lovely time of year, but now and then you want to play with some terrorists & also be playing Minecraft at the same time. Well why not play the map that everyone loves but with a Christmas twist!

This map is a Christmas themed map ...
Created by Loke
Updated map aiming to revitalize the popular ttt_minecraft_b5 created by finniespin with special thanks to Princess and JonPon for their iterations ttt_minecraft_redux and ttt_minecraft_2018 respectively.

Many exciting new features:
- Particle systems ...
ttt_mc_island_r_b1 [remake]
Created by Miksheu
Support my work at Patreon[]
Follow me on Twitter for map updates

• Pr...
Custom Roles for TTT
Created by Noxx

Thanks to Jenssons for the 'Town of Terror' mod which was the foundation of this mod.

Innocent Team:
TTT Magic beans
Created by faaafv
Detective item

Primary attack: fart and gain a speed boost. Aim up to "fly"
Secondary attack: charge your fart but be careful.
You are immune to your own farts....
[TTT] Random launcher
Created by Maygik
Do you like launching random props at high velocity's towards your friends or enemies?
Well then this is the weapon for you

As featured in this Yogscast TTT video:
Soviet Pingu Playermodel
Created by Jenssons
This was Done by the request of the Aweomse Pedguin of the yogscast :D

join me on discord if you want to make requests or get updates on mods or be apart of our awesome community!

our patreon page
Sailor Moon Playermodel
Created by CardboardLuigi
The leader of the bunch. You know her well.
I am the pretty guardian who fights for love and for justice!
I am Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon, I'll punish you!

The title character of Sailor Moon. (美少女戦士セーラームーン, Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moo...
Created by MaestroN

My first map for TTT gamemode. I decided maked this map in style Yoshi's island from the game "Super Mario World", but using some elements from "Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island".

Used music:
Yoshi's Island...
ttt laser palace
Created by Spaaz
Use a big *** laser and some mirrors to destroy a turret guarding the traitor tester

Requires CSS...
TTT Maclunkey
Created by faaafv
TTT traitor weapon

While in your inventory you cannot deal damage, while being held any damage will kill you but if you can shoot first; after slowly drawing your blaster and shouting MACLUNKEY, your target will be dead....
TTT Blackbrook Asylum (+nav)
Created by Parzival
This is simply the same as the Blackbrook Asylum map made by CWardee,
but this on...
Created by Captain France
Sci-fi themed TTT map.

Uses some of the textures from "RealWorldTextures" by TopHattWaffle.

GTA V Families/Ballas NPC/Playermodel
Created by Sentryandreas
"Families all day!" - Families Member

The Ballas/The Families are a large African-American street gang featured in Grand Theft Auto V.

Included every members of the Ballas and Families with playermodels and NPCs.
Fully functional NPC Version: http...
Real World Textures
Created by TopHATTwaffle
More information can be found here.

This is uploaded so level designers don't have to pack a ton of content into their level file. This addon does nothing on it's own....
Real World Textures 2 Part 2
Created by TopHATTwaffle
More information can be found here, along with more images of the avaiable content.

This is uploaded so level designers don't have to pack a ton of content into their level file. Th...
Real World Textures 2 Part 1
Created by TopHATTwaffle
More information can be found here, along with more images of the avaiable content.

This is uploaded so level designers don't have to pack a ton of content into their level file. Th...
[TTT] Yogstation - A subway map
Created by Effgee


PLEASE NOTE: This map uses (a lot of) Counter-Strike: Source models and textures. Please make sure you have CS:S in...
Pew Gun [TTT / Sandbox]
Created by blandon
Pew Gun V1.2! [Detective Weapon / Sandbox Weapon]

Makes cool PEW sounds

Dissolves bodies on death (Only works in sandbox)

Shoots blue burning lasers!
You can revert these changes at any time using the
[TTT] Minebunker V2.2
Created by DieFisch
TTT Minebunker is a mixture of a mineshaft and a bunker underneath the surface.
Visuals may be bugged, if so you can message me anytime under this addon or on my profile.

Around 24 Playerspawns included
Enough weapon spawns
Many escape oppurtuniti...
yogscast fanmap
Created by Frank Zamboni
This is map made by a Yogscast fan and includes a large number of Yogscast referrences.

There are 3 traitor traps that can not be subtly activated.

A traitor tester is present, but it does not have a standard red light/green light system.

There i...
JobBot - Playermodel
Created by blackaipim
WARNING: Keep this in mind that i will never make NPCs.

The playermodel features 4 bodygroups, the eyes, mouth and mug. Just as shown in the last image.
The playermodel uses human animations, so that makes him realistic instead of being a static model....
Created by DieFisch
Happy holidays for all of those who celebrate Easter time!
Since i didn't see a good Easter map around for Gmod, i created one by myself.
Enjoy the Easter map and a blessed time!

If you encounter any bugs, feel free to send them to me.
It'd help me t...
ttt_craftroom - Minecraft Rats
Created by yolokas
Minecraft rat map. Recently updated and improved

3 traitor traps:
- Cake: Remove a piece of the cake and everyone on the workbench will gain 15 hp
- Piston: Retract the piston and squash everyone in its way
NITW - Mae Borowski (Playermodel)
Created by pillow
"I'm a total trash mammal!"

  • 2 Playermodels (Mae Borowski & Astral Mae)
  • C_Arms
  • Tons of face bodygroups
  • Removable boots via bodygroups
  • Hair / ear jigglebones
  • Custom lightwarp
  • Custom viewhe
Sonic Adventure Playermodels (With Voices)
Created by pillow
"Aw yeah! This is happening!"

  • 4 Playermodels (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy.)
  • C_Arms
  • Hurt sounds
  • Death sounds
  • Drown sounds
  • Custom viewheight
  • Console commands: sv_hurtsounds, and sv_vie
TTT - Medkit (Traitor)
Created by Roy301
Medkit for TTT
Left-Click: Heal people!
Right-Click: Heal yourself!
It's for the traitor!
Made by Roy301...
Doncon Playermodel
Created by Freaxz
The legendary vapelord is back in a new form.

Suggestions and feedback is appreciated....
TTT - Water Synergy
Created by iron
Indoor TTT map that takes place in a RED facility that experiments using water for fueling different machines
Most traitor traps are inspired by Saw!

I recommend this addons so the TF2 textures show up correctly (credits to the makers):
TF2 Maps Texture Fix
Created by Thauxeeb
This addon fixes the textures in TF2 maps.
OMG NOW 5000+ Subscribers!
Yes, some people say its affects Non-TF2 maps. (only solution is the unsubscribing and disabling it)...
The TF2 Mounting Bug Fix
Created by Burnout6010
The TF2 Mounting Bug Fix is an addon that aims to fix every possible issue when mounting TF2 to G-Mod without replacing the base assets, rassembled in a single package.
It includes :

-Textures AND normal maps for concrete, cubemaps, decals, glass, meta...
Phoenix Wright Playermodel & NPC
Created by ❤Yuki❤
Phoenix Wright from the Phoenix Wright video game series!

This Model Features:

• Playermodel
• Viewmodel Hands
• Ragdoll
• Face posing!
• Finger Posing

Created by Oploz
Please consider rating, it helps me out! :)

A medium sized map with some verticality and lots of spaces that favor medium to close-quarter combat

The map includes:

1 key (5 locations)
50 player spawns
Chests that spawn we...
Created by Oploz
Please consider rating, it helps me out! :)

A small to medium sized map

The map includes:

3 Gems
50 player spawns
3 Chests that spawn weapons and ammo
A tester
5 Gate Spikes (T Button)
Pit Jump (T Button)
Secret knife...
ttt_Cape_Town Revamped
Created by Oploz
Please consider rating, it helps me out! :)

100% custom textures no need for CS source

Medium sized map set in the northern hemisphere, with a fog mechanic

The map includes:

Fog that comes 2 times each round (after 4 and 7 mi...
Created by Oploz
Traitors find themselfs in an aztec temple filled with traps, magic and treasure.

The map includes:

A traitor tester

3 spear or spike traps (T Button)

Indiana Jones style boulder trap (T Button)

Levitation Escape (T Button)
Created by Oploz
You find yourself on an island or peak of a mountain.
The traitors seem to have acquired some magical abilities, being able to teleport and manifest object.

The map includes:

A tester
(It activates when a person enters it)

Created by Oploz
A darker than usual map with some clever T teleportation pipes.

Please consider rating, it helps me out! :)

The map includes:

A tester
T activated pipe teleporters
Spark trap
Explosion trap
Plenty of player and weapon spawns

100% custom tex...
Created by Oploz
A compact ttt map with plenty of verticality.
Please consider rating, it helps me out! :)

It includes:

A tester
T Room with teleport
Secret Knife
Poison Pit (T trap)
Plenty of player and weapon spawns

100% custom textures no need for CS sourc...
TTT Pop up gun
Created by Don Suede
When you shoot people with this gun, pop ups similar to what you would get if you installed a virus will come on the victims screen, stopping them from being able to shoot. This means the victim will have to quickly close the pop ups to come back into acti...
TTT Deal with the devil
Created by Don Suede
Use this item to sell your soul to a Demon, getting revealed as a traitor, and gain one of the following effects:

50% damage boost
Go to 450 HP but have a slow walk speed
Run quicker and have a smaller model but deal less damage
Go invisible but get ...
[TTT] O Rubber Tree [Randomat]
Created by Fate
Please feel free to report any bugs, issues or improvements to me in the comments below

What is it?
This event is basically the same as the HARPOOOOON! Event however this has a modified version of the Donconnon!

This was suggested by...
Created by Infernikko
More like Trouble in Toad Town...

-3 working pipes (Innocents can only use the green one, red, orange and yellow ones go to traitor room)
-No traitor traps
-Breakable windows to shoot people out of
-Traitor room
-Default S...
Minecraft Playermodel
Created by Sam
This is the minecraft player model rigged to Valve's HL2 skeleton. Hold C and click on the player model icon to use. The size of the player model is a limitation of not creating custom animations, which I am not willing to do myself.

Thanks to Ma...
Created by Lomnius
Hello, there.
This is my second map, it is fully playable and features a lot of things, I might do future updates by time to time.
Disclamer: I am German so my English can be bad.

Look at the pictures if you want to know what kind of map this is. It's...
Randomat 2.0 ULX Menu With External Addon Support!
Created by Guardian954
Welcome to a customised version of the Randomat 2.0 ULX Menu .
If you have the old version installed please remove it first to prevent issues.
This was edited to allow external...
TTT Randomat 2.0 MORE EVENTS!
Created by Guardian954
This is an Addon that provides more events to the Randomat 2.0 Addon, if you dont have it please get it here first: Randomat 2.0

If you have any suggestions for my events or n...
Created by MadCatMagic
Adds a large slow goose and a small fast goose cannon for TTT...
Created by c.mong
Requires Counter-Strike: Source

-I'm no longer working on any maps, I no longer have hammer installed, and I will be making no changes to any of my uploads-

One Small Shamble is a large, mostly dark, sci-fi themed map set on a space station based on ...
Created by BishopAU
ttt_Polus(Among Us)
Created by AbyssalToaster
Welcome to a recreation of Polus, one of the maps from Among Us.
I tried to create this map as close to scale as possible with some added tasks and Traitor interactions.
- Vent system under the map
- Traitors can lock the doors across all the...
Created by Wiskey
[img] [/img]

Like the map if you want to see more maps from among us!
Created by FallenLogic
This is a TTT variant of my gm_luigis_mansion map. The mazelike hallways, open courtyards, and plenty of sniping perches lend themselves perfectly to this gamemode. Credit for the idea goes to noostrul (also on Steam).

Created by Gushiavo_N2
Credits Creating map to :Masked Mapper

maps reupload my too to credit addons likes comment


Description Not sure how this will be received, but the map is made out of mario textures, I ripped them from Su...
mario_kart [TTT]
Created by PolarManne
The classic Team Fortress 2 map, now ported to Trouble in Terrorist Town!

-Traitor room with teleports
-Ladder to the roof of the central building
-60% gravity so you don't fall to your death
-More props for spectators to possess
-Memes o...
ttt_msn (Minecraft TTT Map)
Created by MrOrange
Welcome to my second ttt map!
By far this is much better than the first one!
Ive put 30+ hours into this map so I hope you enjoy it!

This map includes

-T room
-D room
-T tester
-3 Easter eggs
-2 Secret rooms
-Nether (with functioning lava)...
Created by V
Set underground centered around a lake, ttt_mc_snowden (Day version).


- 4 traitor traps
- Traitor room with fast exit and 2 other exits
- Tester that requires Innocents to spread out and search for a way to turn it on
- Acouple of secret...
Created by Comrade Stinger
ttt_mc_skyIslands is a medium/large Gmod Trouble in Terrorist town map.

The goal of the map from the very start was to make it look as similar to minecraft as possible. We have seen several Garry's mod maps attempting to copy the style of miencraft bu...
Created by BocciardoLight
Isn't the Southpark universe perfect for Trouble in Terrorist Town...

Create a spawnscript using the following addon: TTT Weapon Placer Tool

You need to add the spawnscript to...
ttt_traitor_industry (TTT MAP)
Created by Minemes
A map for TTT with 3 areas and lots of traitortraps....
Created by Scandisk7
Another surreal map

Credits : TopHATTwaffle and Nipper for the textures...
Created by KenoN
This is my first TTT map

- Traitor Room
- 2 Traitor Traps
- 25 player spawns
Created by SovietZombie™
This is my newest map i have been working on, as the name suggests it is set inside a block of apartments.There are three storeys each with 4 apartments on and a roof.I have designed this map to two main aims to make it well optimized and to offer a fun ma...
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