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Nova Monumenta Iaponiae Historica
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Oct 29, 2014 @ 2:03am
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Nova Monumenta Iaponiae Historica

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Nova Monumenta Iaponiae Historica
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This mod (Ver. 0.8.7) is compatible with 3.0.1 patch. You can play Ainu or Christians characters without Raja of India mod. However, You need the DLC to play the most characters, since we use its buddhist code for Japanese characters.

If you got crash during the loading screen, try to reinstall the mod (both NMIH folder and NMIH.mod file).
From version 0.8.0, you don't need the following sub mods to enjoy thie mod. They are included into the main mod. Please uncheck these mods.
*Graphical Pack
*Event Pictures

Considering huge amount of works, we really want to see more team members for this mod. Here is the list about what you could help.

- (re)write events: not only coding the script, but also localizing the vanilla texts for Japanese culture
- fix vanilla mechanics or code new ones: we could have unique systems in this mod, in order to represent Japanese society better
- draw graphics: there are still many materials which could have better visuals
- research history: Many historical characters are waiting for joining in this mod...

We are reorganizing our team. Please contact us if you have interest in this mod and have time to help us!

See also
*My twitter account
*Discord Channel (JP/EN):
*Official thread on the Paradox forums[]

This Mod is a CK2 Mod about Japanese medieval era, called Sengoku Jidai. This mod contains following features.

- The Genpei Scenarios (1180) and the Sengoku era between 1493 (The Meiou Coup) and 1582 (The Honnoji Incident). You can also play on any date in the latter era.
- Map between Hokkaido and Ryukyu, they are based on the historical provinces. Similar to the map of Sengoku (game), but more historically accurate for the 16th century
- Historical Japanese settlements such as castles, cities and manors. The starting and max. number of baronies in each province is based on surveys in the 16th and 19th centuries.
- Historically accurate family trees of Japanese clans
- Historical buddhist revolters such as Ikko Shu and Hokke Shu
- Many unique historical and cultural events
- Interaction with the Imperial Court and the Shogunate
- Events with Westerners
- Japanese localization of vanilla features
- Portraits of historical pictures
- Original Unit 3D models

Please also note that this mod is still in the alpha phase. Please be patient and give us support!
(early thumbs up would be highly appreciated though^^)

Use bug report and suggestion thread wisely! It is better to use these topic threads than the simple comment, since I could miss some of your important messages!

Please also check the following sub mod(s)!

*Anime Portrait Pack
*Qing Invasion
*Seven Ronin

Team Members and Contributors
Yamana Tokiuji

Camara: map adjustment for patch 1.10-
Miroslav Milosevic - for 3D models
SchwarzKatze - for suggestions and bug reports
Mitsusonator: ainu buildings
Drakon: English localization improvement
Jo: Spanish localization
The Legendary Carmine: English localization improvement
Grand Historian: English localization improvement

Special Thanks to
- guys who have contrubuted historical research at the Japanese CK2 Wiki
- Your Personal Castle Team (=F4D=Nuubialainen and dangitsdaaaaang)
- AGOT team for regency system and other features.

Alternative Manual Download
A very good news for some people who are hated by Steam Workshop.
Here is the alternative link of NMIH ver.0.5.5, including graphic/event screen add-ons!
*Link is available via Paradox forum[]
Download the mod from the link in the above discription, extract them (mod folder and .mod file) into your document/paradox interactive/crusader kings 2/mod folder, then choose "NMIH All in One" in the mod tab.
Steam Workshop might dislike you, but NMIH NOT!
Please also don't forget to keep the subscribing the workshop page anyway to keep the number, besides good (or bad, sometimes)!
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chatnoir17  [author] Feb 14 @ 10:32am 
Currently, making English and Japanese versions is pushing the limit of our modding capacity due to relatively few core members.
ehdalss00700 Feb 14 @ 8:49am 
그래서 한글패치는 어디
Shimazu Feb 13 @ 6:22am 
alright guys, thanks for the help
hamane  [author] Feb 12 @ 11:42pm 
Probably, Because Daimyo have only one demesne, he is hidden by powerful vassal and powerful vassal become regent.
It added with previous appdate because of reproduce the puppet ruler.
If you want to prevent this, Daimyo should have more than two demesnes or You should turn off the game rules "Regency of adulthood".
chatnoir17  [author] Feb 12 @ 9:53am 
Maybe is there any powerful vassal? This mod has adopted the regent system of AGOT mod.
Shimazu Feb 12 @ 6:36am 
Yes, even tho i didn't assign one it always assigns a regent
chatnoir17  [author] Feb 12 @ 6:20am 
Does he have regent?
Shimazu Feb 12 @ 5:49am 
Everytime i play as the Shimazu Clan, my Daimyo always goes into hiding sometime around 1535. Is this a bug??
Hot Chocolate Oil Egg Feb 2 @ 5:08pm 
Idk I just see it as too much and not needed in my view.
chatnoir17  [author] Feb 1 @ 3:17pm 
@Hot Chocolate Oil Egg
Sending gifts and other diplo actions can cover the culture penalty.
The structure of the de jure territories is another important factor.
The both factors are combined fine in this mod.

F.e. if you are Oda, you can expand easily in the Chubu region because of the same culture and dejure. You can also find some friends in Tokai and Koshin because of the same culture group (in this way, the alliance between Oda-Tokugawa is represented).
However, the control of Kinai and other regions is more difficult. If you put your Chubu (i.e. relatively royal) retainers as lord in these foreign regions, but these vassals have difficulty to govern these provinces because of cultural differences.
If we put the single Japanese mega culture group, this kind of nuances will be gone.