The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Warlock mods: The soul of the devil-bought
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Invested Magic - A Better Spell System [Current]
Created by NineInchNall


Playing a mage in Skyrim can often be a source of irritation. Every two minutes o...
Invested Magic for Dawnguard
Created by fen
NEW UPDATE: 9/10/14
Stendarr's Aura support added
Work has started on Dragonborn support

An expansion to the wonderful Invested Magic mod by NineInchNall.
Make sure to grab it over...
Pyromage - TheGreyLight
Created by ArcadeParty
BRIEF: A fire-themed spell pack to add versatility and functionality of a Pyromancer type character. Includes both combat and utility spells with creative effects and custom visuals. Aims to make the Pyromancer type playthrough both more viable and more en...
A Hypothetical Treachery - Destruction Remastered
Created by ArcadeParty
BRIEF: This mod aims to empower the destruction perk tree through the alteration of existing perks and the addtion of new ones. You will be presented with a choice to specialise in fire, frost or shock magic recieving great power in your chosen area.

Spidercraft - Spider Scrolls Unleashed
Created by ArcadeParty

If you dont know what spider scrolls are you should research[] them for a little while before reading this description.

The spider scrolls that Dragonborn added were a great idea...
DragonBorn Craftables and Temperables with Hrothmund's Axe
Created by Draco1122
DragonBorn Craftables and Temperables

3.4 Adds 54 Items to the Game Craft Menu From DragonBorn

Allows you to make and upgrade the following, all unenchanted.

Telvani Robes (For Mages No Rating)
Telvani Shoes (For Mages No Rating)
Leather Tel...
Alternate Summoning Visuals
Created by ArcadeParty
Click here if the video above wont play for you.

Just a small mod that alters the visual effect of summoning spells.

I always hated the giant purple ball thing that was in the vanilla game, I...
Tel Mithryn Improved
Created by Dawnreath
*** PLEASE NOTE: This workshop project has now closed and will receive no further updates. You will still be able to use the mod and continue to do so in its current, final state. This decision is due to my long absence from Skyrim. I am working on bran...
The Redoran House
Created by MadFrenchie
--------The Redoran House--------
Just a simple, well made, typical Redoran PlayerHouse.


- Accessible as soon as you arrived in Raven Rock, this ...