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FC-37 Thunder
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Oct 24, 2014 @ 5:07am
Jan 14, 2015 @ 1:17pm
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FC-37 Thunder

Buck is working on a restoration of this mod:

To get the GAU-22/A cannon, you put gun = "y"; in the initialization field.
To get different loadouts, you put loadout = "jsf/atg/cap"; in the initialization field.
JSF is balanced loadout, ATG is air to ground, and CAP is air to air.
These are explained in more detail down below.

31.10.2014 message
Hey guys Ive been taking a break from this for a few days now and thought id give a sitrep to manage some expectations. First of all, im not a coder, and i dont intend to become one. This plane started off as a purely cosmetic piece for my portfolio until a kind fellow over at tipped me off about this MANW contest, so i figured it'd be a piece of cake to port the plane over to RV4 (oh how wrong i was).
I wont go in to detail but I have to say the Arma engine is the least user friendly piece of software i have ever used. ever.

As I said, im not a coder, and although a part of me wants to keep working on this, the rest (90%) of me needs to get back to the world of 3d game art and current-gen engines.

Now as some of you might have noticed, Ive released this asset under the by-nc-sa license, which basically means you can do whatever you like with the release (add on to it, remove stuff from it, change the name back to F-35) as long as its non-commercial and you give credit where its due. The reason Im doing this is although I may not be able to work on this full time anymore I want to enable others to add on to it and carry the project on if they so wish. To enable this better, ill be releasing all the necessary source files and ill try to hang around to help if anyone has any questions regarding my sloppy code or backwards implementations. Ill be releasing this source file pack once I finish compiling my .max files in to a redistributable package.

FC-37 Thunder Multirole Fighter

Custom ordnance:
- AIM-120D Medium Range Air to Air Missile
- AIM-9X Short Range Air to Air Missile
- GBU-53 Small Diameter Bomb
- FC-37 External Gunpod (25mm GAU-22/A)

Fully animated High Quality model
Realistic Flight Control Surface animation
Custom Animations for entering and exiting
Realistic Helmet Mounted Display
Animated Multifunction Display with working SMS, Fuel and FLIR display
Disable cannon when gear are lowered (you dont want to shoot your own landing gear)
Weapons bay doors open/close intuitively
Foldable wingtips
Animated refueling nozzle and arresting hook

2 Variations. Max loadout version and Stealth version
Choose from 3 loadouts (JSF/CAP/ATG)
Gunpod is optional

This plane has a script driven loadout system. The loadouts are as follows:

JSF (Joint Strike Fighter)
This is basically a generic loadout that has a little bit of everything.
The full loadout includes:
- 2x AIM-9X
- 4x AIM-120D (2x internal)
- 2x GBU-32
- 8x GBU-53 Small Diameter Bomb (internal)
External weapons have been removed from the Stealth variant to reduce radar signature.
Stealth loadout:
- 2x AIM-120D
- 8x GBU-53 Small Diameter Bomb

CAP (Combat Air Patrol)
This loadout leans more towards Air to Air combat
Full loadout:
- 2x AIM-9X
- 6x AIM-120D (2x internal)
- 8x GBU-53 Small Diameter Bomb (internal)
Stealth loadout:
- 4x AIM-120D

ATG (Air to Ground)
This is a bombing loadout, so if you like to make things go boom, this is the loadout for you.
Full loadout:
- 2x AIM-9X
- 4x GBU-32
- 2x AIM-120D (internal)
- 8x GBU-53 Small Diameter Bomb (internal)
Stealth loadout:
- 2x AIM-120D
- 2x GBU-32

To select a loadout, enter the following in to the "initialization" input when placing the plane in the editor (values are not case sensitive):
loadout = "jsf/cap/atg"; gun = "y/n"
choose one of the possible values (jsf/cap/atg give the corresponding loadouts listed above)
If you want the external gunpod, choose gun="y",
default values are loadout = "jsf"; gun = "n". These are used if you dont specify anything. Any other values are not supported, and inputting something like loadout = "cupcake" is a crime comparable to dividing by zero (so dont do it!)

(TECHNICAL STUFF: The loadout value is a global variable. This means that you cannot have multiple planes in a map with multiple loadouts. Technically it would be possible to modify the loadout script (init.sqf/init_stealth.sqf) to use a setVariable instead, but that would require a more complicated initialization input so i decided to go with the simpler format to maintain usability. )

Olli Koskelainen 2014.
This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Download source files here:



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