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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English, Spanish
Sep 8, 2015 @ 6:58am
Jul 24, 2017 @ 8:09am

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Calling All Crashers!
CRASHNAUTS is Greenlit!!!
Release date: Summer 2016

Crashnauts is a fast paced 2D arena shooter that benefits from local multiplayer mayhem and introduces new experiences with objective based gametypes. Imagine the speed and movement found in Quake 3 Arena and the objective based gametypes from Unreal Tournament all wrapped up in a new unique 2D experience.

The galaxy has endured hundreds of years of war. Factions rise and fall, forged by the heat of war. Some fight for glory, some for blood, and others simply to survive. Join the ranks of Crashnauts by choosing the furious Humans, the stoic Bruins, the swarming Krill, or the disease that is the Infestation.

Taking inspiration from games like Quake 3 Arena, Unreal Tournament and Towerfall, Crashnauts creates a one of a kind objective based multiplayer experience. Choose the faction you will support, customize your character and throw yourself into battle via your Crashpod. Fast paced fluid combat and brutal weapons make for a fresh experience every match.

Combat in Crashnauts is designed to be fun, impactful and to keep you in the action as much as possible. Players start on an equal footing to keep a competitive focus. Combat was designed to an "easy to learn, difficult to master" philosophy so that anyone can have fun playing the game whether it's your first or 500th time. Some other fun elements we have to ramp up the mayhem are jumppads, teleports, gravity wells, and environmental hazards.

Character movement in Crashnauts is designed to be fluid and precise. Your character will respond the way you the player thinks they should. Controls are designed for both single joystick (simplicity) and dual joystick (precision) control to allow you to pull off that sweet sweet head shot at the last second. To get around you can double jump, dodge, and wall slide.

The average lifespan of your crashnaut will probably be pretty short but you will be back in the action before you know it, thundering down in your crashpod as you slam into the terrain. When you respawn you can aim your targetting laser to crash down and obliterate unsuspecting players (or squirrels if you so desire).

Free-For-All - You're on your own out there kid. 2-4 players battle until the kill goal is reached.

Team-Deathmatch - Lock N' Load with your buddy. Battle until the other teams lives are depleted.

Hold The Flag - It's you against them. Hold the flag. Collect points. Win the game.

Push (In Development) - A 2v2 tug of war. Destroy the enemy. Push the screen. Destroy their generator.

War Hero (In Development) - A 1v3 uphill battle. Take your turn as the hero, fight your way through the defenders to advance your flag the farthest.

Crashnauts employs two different map styles: arena maps and progressive maps. Arena maps are a traditional 'arena' style map where players battle within an enclosed space. Progressive maps are much larger maps that allow the gameplay to progress or scroll across the map as players battle. Progressive maps work great for our more objective based gametypes like Push and War Hero.

Humans -The salt of the earth. We fight to survive and we've learned to love it.

Bruins - Bear-like humanoids from our sister planet of Kehln II. They are proud warriors with whom we have skirmished for centuries. Often friend, sometimes foe.

Krill - Chitinous aliens with advanced organic technology. We don't know where they came from, but they came to feast on war and death.

The Infestation - A fetid parasite that emerged from disease brought by the Krill to our galaxy. We've seen it adapt to any host, from human to machine.

Warbots - Mechanical warriors built to aid us in war. They are cold efficient kiillers. Sometimes we fear that they think too little, other times that they think too much. (*Early in development. Artwork coming soon...)

Demons - Demons that hail from some hellish dimension with the intent to literally devour the earth. Century old demon warriors rain down from the asteroid belts to support the Core Creatures planted under the earths crust. (*Early in development. Artwork coming soon...)

Choose between the race of your choice and customize your Crashnaut to your liking. We have plans for more races and tons more character skins and customizations.

RPR (Rocket-Propelled-Rocket) - Deals area damage to multiple targets with high damage dealt from direct hits.

Thrasher - Inflicts massive damage at a close range shredding multiple targets to pieces with the same shot.

Bankshot - Lobs high impact grenades that can be bounced and banked to reach a target regardless of their position.

Repeater - Rapidly fires rounds at the enemy dealing extra damage to the head.

Railshot - Releases extremely powerful energy shots that can result in one shot kills with deadly accuracy from any range.

Power Glove - The power glove charges and fires powerful plasma bursts that can obliterate the enemy at close range. Also used for maneuvering around the battle field.

Immersive music and audio is very important to the team. We are especially proud of our announcer and feel like he adds a lot of fun to the game. (many people say he reminds them of the Quake or Unreal Tournament announcer) Check out some sample music, announcer, and sound effects audio from the game below. We promise it'll be even more fun to hear in game!

Check out the Crashnauts theme song and some awesome announcer sounds HERE.[]

Whats that? You want to see the latest from Crashnauts and be involved in development? Follow our twitch channel:
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So is this game still alive? Its been at gaming con twice for the past 2 years
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Hello, I would like to talk with you, the conversation will be entirely confidential. The conversation will be on your game.
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YES its mac im so excited
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be free if posibal plz
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If it has online multiplayer im in! Looks awesome!