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Advanced Team Leader (Commander) Tactics
By Dragon88
There are many guides out there that explain how to play as a Team Leader in RO2, but most of them only cover the basics. This guide reflects my personal play style and the tactics I use to lead my team to consistent wins in the Team Leader class.

Everybody has a different way of playing and I make no claim that my way is the best. I do claim it works for me. I've been able to lead my team to a win many a match by employing the following tactics.

This guide is written for the more advanced TL, if you are not familiar with the TL's HUD it's better
If you learn that first before exploring this guide. I will not be explaining the controls of the TL!!!
Priorities of a Team Leader
My priorities (in order of importance) as a TL in Red Orchestra 2 are:

1. Get to the radio promptly
2. Call out to Squad Leaders to place marks (Targets of Opportunity)
3. Marking Artillery Targets myself
4. Call up Recon plane
5. Call in required type of Artillery
6. Calling Out Intel
7. Inspiring the Troops
Get to the radio promptly

Once the match begins, locate the closest radio to you not heading into the forward line.
I usually stay at least 1 zone behind the front line, this is to avoid the stray bullet or sniper
looking to take the TL off his radio. I DO NOT recommend the Team Leader to just
sit on his radio but I also do not get to far forward on the front line. ONLY time you find
me on the front line is during an attack and to assist the Squad Leaders in placing smoke.
The TL comes equipped and can carry 2 smoke grenades at any given time, so it's very
important to keep this in mind. If I can not get to the front line I grab players of new waves
and hand off my smoke grenades to them.

For the common player: I do recommend if you are not adept at throwing grenades to find
your SL and hand him the smoke to use. This is just good team play!!!
Call out to Squad Leaders to place marks
This is a simple process, DO NOT bark orders at your Squad Leaders!! And DO NOT bark orders at your team. I very rarely order any team player to do anything, that is the role of the Squad Leader to control his team the way he feels. If the team does not follow their SL that is his problem to work out. More that often the SL is not running his role properly and they loose faith in him/her. They have the option to change SL's anytime they wish too.

I do request Squad Leaders to perform certain tasks to help the over all performance of the team. If they accept the request GREAT!! If not I turn to another SL to perform it for me. Once the first SL sees that the other SL is scoring higher they tend to listen and perform more.

I will admit that I have certain Squad Leader picks in the RO2 game and tend to work more with them and let the other SL's do what they want. A good Squad Leader will feed the Team Lead good intel and keep open communications with them. Always advising what they are doing, what's going on with them and their squad and advice to the TL as to what they need from me. A good TL will ALWAYS take that advice with STRONG thought and not feel offended or over stepped. Also if I can not give the Squad Leader what he/she wishes I convey that back to them and as to why.

If a Squad Leader is not giving you marks there may be a reason as to why.
  • They are under heavy fire and poking their head up may get them killed. SPAWN GONE!!!
  • They are advancing so fast they can not slow down to place a mark.
  • They are deep into structures and building and can not afford to run out into the open to get
    the mark set or get shot!! SPAWN GONE!!!
  • They are just plain jerks and don't want any extra points for the good arty mark they can place.
  • They are to new to the role and do not understand how to place marks. If this is the case work with them and teach them how to do it. They may just become a good SL one day!!!

Marking Artillery Targets

Marking arty targets is actually one of the easiest yet hardest things to do. When attacking on a map the optimal location to place arty is behind the cap zone. As you can see in the image above the TL has placed a mark behind the B cap zone at map location F4. Where as SL1 has marked arty in front of cap zone B at map location E4. If the TL called arty in on SL1's mark the team will be destroyed, cut off from the advance of the cap zone, allow the enemy to set up in the cap zone and basically infuriate the team he is commanding. A team that has no faith in their TL's skills will not follow his orders. You can scream and yell until you are blue in the face, they will not follow you period.

Using only YOUR marks because YOU place the best marks is a fools thought. Using your SL's marks will allow them to obtain points (+1) for each and every kill of the arty as well as the TL to receive the points (+2) as well. When you can help your SL's to score higher (even if they do not realize what is happening) they will follow you to hell and back, perform your every order and support you with an unruly team.

Call up Recon plane

When calling in the recon plane I do so with about 30 seconds or less left in the arty cool down period. This gives me more than enough time to decide the best mark to use or give the SL's time to final adjust their marks for me. This is time critical, if you wait to long the advancing opponent will get past the mark and not be stopped. The more kills the TL achieves the better then chance of a win.

Also remember you can shoot down the enemy recon plane causing their Team Leader to lose sight of your advance!
Call in required type of Artillary
First of all lets talk about the radius of the 3 types of artillery offered to us! With out this knowledge
we can do more damage to our own team than the enemy. Not to mention get yourself kicked for
to many team kills and that is not fun.

The green circle shows the approx radius of mortars.

They are quickly launched and are very precise, have the shortest cool down period before you get another call in. Work very well for trench areas!

Problem: They do not penetrate buildings very well.

The blue circle shows the approx radius of artillery.

They launch a little slower when you need to create a wall or block enemy advance. They will penetrate buildings down to 2 levels, bunkers and they will kill tanks and troop transports.

Problem: They have a longer cool down period

The red circle shows the approx radius of rockets.

They launch fast and will scare the crap out of both teams!!! Anything they encounter is dead!!!
They will penetrate buildings down to about 4 levels.

Problem: They have the longest cool down period (and the pay off is not worth it!) They are so wide spread that the kill ratio is VERY low. Basically I never use rockets unless it's at the end of the match
and I just want to scare the last few remaining enemy players or tank.

Here is a little trick shown to me from PwningPete, Thanks friend excellent TIP......

When calling in your arty strike or calling out where enemy arty strike is falling use the map grid coordinates with the addition of "Keypad Location" (Example: Mortars in bound F4 Keypad 2, keep your heads down team!)

Now we are dialing right in on it's location, so when those few team players run into it and die only to say"Sheesh next time warn me where your dropping it stupied TL!!!" You can refute with "I can't get more exact than that soldier so chill out, pay attention next time and forgive me!"

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS!!!! Forgive Team Kills even if you disagree with it. It only affects the over all team score with a -2 points. If 10 players get team killed in 1 match that is a total loss of 20 points for the team. So even if it pi$$e$ you off, bumbs you out, etc...just be a team player and forgive it.
Smoke Smoke Smoke

One of the critical roles of the Team Leader is to help provide smoke cover when attacking an objective. I rarely throw any smoke when defending a territory, the only time I will pop smoke is to blind an enemy tank so that the Anti-Tankers or Engineers can over take the tank and destroy it. The TL is equipped with 2 smoke grenades at any given point. Never just sit on your safe radio but get out in the field and help the team.

When placing attack smoke the desired effect is to blind the enemy coming into the front line. NOT to blind the attackers (your team) only to run throught it and get taken down in a blaze of MG fire. Yes some players still insist to pop smoke so "WE" can get to the front line. BAD BAD BAD

Let's look at the wripple effect it has:
  • The snipers can no longer take out MG nests
  • The MG's can't lay down affective and deadly fire
  • The Squad Leaders (if smart) will not advance through it (Moving Spawn)
  • The Squad Leaders can't affectivly place new marks
  • The Tank can no longer view the field and be affective with H.E. fire
  • Gives the enemy the chance to take back precious ground

Now the flip side of that coin:
  • The enemy has to run through the smoke only to meet up with a hail of gun fire to rip them down
  • The Squad Leaders can advance and safely Spawn new waves
  • We (the team) can advance to take more ground
  • Less Chance the enemy egineers or Anti-Tankers can reach our tank
  • Any enemy left in that area can be seen and shot!

Beaware that you as the Team Leader should be the most cunning player on your team and know how to use your skills to the optimum they can be. YOU set the example for the TEAM!!
Calling Out Intel

Binoculars aren't just for marking artillery. If a Team Leader has nothing else to do and is in a position where he must stay put, he should be marking enemy positions and verbally reporting to the team what he sees. A good Team Leader is in constant communication with his Squad Leaders and the rest of the team.

I personally do not micro manage each sqaud, each squad leader will tell his/her team what needs to be done. The Team Leader over ordering the squad will only create confusion and normally result in the squad not obeying either the Team Lead or their Squad Lead. Squad Leaders and Squad memebrs, it's best to keep your voice chat to each squads channel and only chat to the team when the intel needs to be communincated quickly.

*** Unwanted Chit Chat is forbidden on most servers and kills the realism in the game ***
*** PLEASE do not get involved in it ***
*** Tripwire can only do so much to make it real, we have to do our part as well in game!***
Commanding And Ordering
The Chart below shows what type and how many troopers in each squad.

Squad 1
Squad 2
Squad 3
Squad 4
Squad 5
Squad 6
Squad 7
Elite Assault
Elite Assault
Tank Commander
Elite Assault
Elite Rifleman
Elite Rifleman
Tank Driver
Machine Gunner
Machine Gunner
Machine Gunner
Tank HUll MG

The listed squads below should be performing the listed roles for the team....

  • Attack/Defense = SL1,SL4,SL5,SL7
  • Attack/Defened Tank = SL3
  • Attack/Defend/Cover Fire = SL2,SL6

Normally I have Squad 5 moving up the center of the cap zone with Squads 1&4 on the left and right flanks. Squad 7 I normally let their commanders control their movements. I order Squad 3 to stay with the tank(s) to defend it, they should also be attacking enemy tanks too. Squad 2 is the multipurpose squad, when not in the rear giving covering fire for the rest of the team they should be cleaning up the freshly attained cap zone of any straggling enemy. Squad 7 should also be in the rear or on the hard flanks looking for other marksmen or MG nests.

These are not a rock solid attack or defense but work about 90% of the time. Each map should be approached for it's individual design and adapted too.
Inspiring the Troops

Nobody likes bossy players when they're just trying to have fun. When I play as a Team Leader I try my best to encourage the team effort with plenty of praise for a job well done and when things aren't going our way be as firm as possible in pointing out what's going wrong without being insulting.
Protecting The Team Leader
Yes I am adding this to the guide in case another player class is reading it.....


If you are not aware of this I am going to bring some light to it, this is not all for me but for you as well.
If you are standing near your Team Leader and kill an enemy you receive bonus points for "protecting the team leader". So don't shoot him by accident and then wonder why you never see the TL on the battlefield anymore? Probably because you shot him, didn't say sorry and now he gives you no extra points to level up your class standing near you. My NON-actions can impact your bad actions!!!

For the TL's out there, help your fellow players. When nothing needs to happen on the radio, everyhting in well smoked up and now you are bored, just find a group of team mates and allow them to bonus from you and maybe grab a few head shots yourself. Yes that simple!!!
Force Respawn
Ok here is where I am going to settle the debate on Force Respawn!!!

Hands down this is how it works, if anyone tells you different they do not know what they are talking about so ignore them!!!!

Use of forced respawn results in more tickets used per unit time, but doesn't cost more tickets per life. Without using forced respawn, your team's tickets will last longer. But that's only because they will spawn less frequently. Using forece respawn will only cause the new wave to run out and die faster causing you to use more tickets.

Basically here is how I handle it, IF the team is ahead on tickets by 50+ I will force respawn the Tank Commander and any lucky player(s) with him. IF the team is ahead on tickets by 100+ I will force respawn IF I have over 10+ players waiting to get back in and there are still several seconds left in the count down timer (over 4 seconds still left).

Force respawn is one of the most debated commander uses and the first thing a lower level TL will use. This can destroy a team fast simply by pressing this button to many times. I still to this day get debated on this action even as a Hero Level 99 and L5 Commander. I do what I want to do, when I want to do it as long as I feel I am helping the greater cause of the team. DO NOT debate with me in game as I WILL ignore you on this issue.
The Team Leader is one of the most critical roles to perform in the RO2 game, if you are weak in the role there is no shame in giving it up to another player with better skills. Watch what they do during the game and learn everything to can from them. Ask questions from your peers in the TL role and study all you can. But never give up if this is the chosen role you desire!

Originally posted by 82nd 2LT.BigX:
"The best cooperative model a team with multiple Squad Leaders can follow is what I call the “three-quarter rule”. On the attacking side, 3 out of 4 squads need to be constantly assaulting enemy position. The 4th remains at the last conquered objective and prevents it from falling back into enemy hands. On defense, 3 out of 4 squads need to stay inside capture zones and focus on defense. The 4th squad's job is to flank and harass the enemy's advance from the side or even the back of the enemy's position. When properly executed this tactic is unbeatable."

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Dragon88  [author] Apr 24, 2021 @ 3:06pm 
@Kangaroo, thanks man I appreciate your kind words. I am doing better these days after my accident too. Not got all my past memories back but more and more come to me every month.
JSgamer11 Mar 8, 2020 @ 9:23pm 
honestly i sometimes dont pick an important role but usually/always pick rifleman, this low key helps me understand shit even if im not gonna use it
Kangaroo Sep 25, 2019 @ 10:13am 
One of the BEST TL guides for RO2 full-stop, if not, the best. Brilliant, well done & thanks to you Dragon88. U r a legendary RO2 player known to many of the true RO2 fans, Dragon88 is a household name! Cheers mate from Australia. :Dignity:
Dragon88  [author] Apr 28, 2018 @ 5:19am 
Use the Machine gun and lead the plane a little more than normal, hit it enough it WILL come down. It has even hit me a few times and killed myself so if it lands on troops they will die...
blackdeviL Apr 27, 2018 @ 7:08pm 
Great guide for those who are wondering about, one thing i didn't know was that you can shot down enemy recon plane, how do you do that? thnx
Tan King Mar 3, 2018 @ 5:33pm 
This guide is fucking amazing.

To make it even better, i think adding a section called "reminding the team of its duties" could be of help.

For instance (and this is me speaking as a frustrated tank commander) telling the team to FUCKING SUPPORT THE TANK. Armor support is great, but it can only go so far. If no engineers show up, i spend hours circling the endless tank traps laid everywhere. If no infantry covers my flank, any old sap can prone in a corner and throw a satchel on my rear as soon as i pass by.

Another example: if some 13 honor recruit picks marksman because he thinks this is fucking call of duty, trying to persuade him to give place to a better player can be hard, but indefinetly beneficial.

Again, awesome guide! Cheers
Dragon88  [author] Dec 12, 2016 @ 10:01am 
@Karl Frewer, Thanks I appreciate the nice responce. If wnayone has anything to add to this guide let me know and we will add it in.
Ty Dec 11, 2016 @ 12:45pm 
I'd like to thank you for making this guide, it's been helpful when I play as commander.
Darth Kuratz Jul 12, 2016 @ 10:59am 
And when you enter on server full of noobs you need to do all :steamsalty:
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make one for sniper too