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[SP/CAMP] Dying Ember
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Oct 19, 2014 @ 3:25am
Jun 23, 2017 @ 5:07pm
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[SP/CAMP] Dying Ember

Please note that the following second and third chapters of the campaign unfortunately were cancelled.
Of course the first chapter with its 10 missions is still here and I won't delete it. If you want to play it, give it a go - if you like story based and cinematic campaigns, you could have some nice hours with it - after all it has 10 missions. I'd be happy to get feedback and I'm still up to fix (critical) bugs. But be aware that there won't be a continuation of the story/campaign, which means that many open questions won't be answered and the end might feel like a teaser that never ever will be satisfied. :D

For those few who liked this and were waiting for the story to continue - I'm sorry, guys... :( The thing is that I simply can't bring up enough motivation to get on with it, even though some missions of the next chapter are already in a somewhat playable status and even though the whole plot itself is more or less set up - including some nice twist and stuff.
Thanks to all who played and provided feedback.
I'd appreciate it if you tried out my other missions/campaigns.[]

  • Prequel to the official Arma 3 campaign "The East Wind" by Bohemia Interactive
  • Story-driven and cinematic SP resistance campaign (10 missions)
  • Full voice acting (German)
  • English or German subtitles (change Arma to the corresponding language in Steam)
  • Many cutscenes, intros, outros and dialogues to absorb you into the story
  • Multiple plots, interwoven in one overall storyline
  • A mix of linear, straight-forward missions and wide and complex ones with many tasks
  • Weapon pool (weapons and gear are forwarded and available in the next missions)
  • Custom music (self-composed titles) + music from Arma 2 and Arma 3


"Dying Ember" is (or rather was) was a SP campaign-project for Arma 3. As a prequel to Bohemia Interactive's "The East Wind", its plot is embedded into the Arma 3-universe and its timeline. The project was supposed to consist of three chapters, of which the first one (this one here) was a finalist in the "Make Arma Not War" contest.

This first chapter contains 10 missions. It portraits:
  • The Kavala coup d'etat in 2026
  • The following establishment of a military dictatorship by the Altis Armed Forces (AAF)
  • The beginnings of a resistance movement

Pavlos, the main character, and his best friends experience the 2026 Kavala coup d'etat and fight the following totalitarian military regime, in order to get back their and Altis' freedom. They experience the fall of the democratic government and start resisting oppression and non-existent freedom of opinion, even though at first they have only themselves and almost no equipment.

The second and third chapters (which were cancelled) would have been set in the Altian civil war and the time of the Jerusalem Cease Fire of 2030.


After Steam has downloaded it, start Arma 3 via the Arma 3 launcher with Dying Ember as an activated mod.

  • A ReadMe file is contained in the Dying Ember mod folder (in the Arma 3 game folder)
  • Mods are not recommended. Many players have reported a showstopper in a certain cutscene (it doesn't continue), which is caused by mods. Of course, feel free to try it out - you can also deactivate mods for this single mission, if it causes problems. It's only a short one.
  • The weapon persistence feature might be bugged (weapons or ammo missing), among other things because of this bug[] (please vote!...)
  • Check the news / discussion at the Bohemia Interactive forums:
  • And please give me feedback in form of comments or rate the campaign. Thanks!

Please note:

If you like my missions and campaigns, please them and give feedback in form of comments! The biggest motivation comes from reading how you liked them and what I can improve.
If you want you can also donate[] something at Paypal. Many thanks for your support!
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craZe Oct 14 @ 1:19pm 
The Noise is a gunshot, it's one of the houses on the left
Undeceived  [author] Oct 14 @ 1:15pm 
Hi, sorry for the late reply. I didn't play this for years :-D but I think at the moment when the noise comment comes (What the...?!?), then turn left and check the house closeby.
GhostShepherd ︻芫═- Oct 13 @ 11:14pm 
Cant get past the beggining it says follow the noise but there is no noise. and i have no idea where to go what to do. i just run around looking in buildings and exploring the map but still nothing
craZe Oct 11 @ 9:50am 
I understand, It's very hard to make ArmA 3 Campaigns, I can barely even place a heli and train in the editor.
Good luck making campaigns and scenarios!
Undeceived  [author] Oct 11 @ 8:14am 
Ok, I didn't expect that to be honest. 😁 Thanks for letting me know!

Thanks for the feedback. More is to come but don't ask when I'm done with it...
craZe Oct 10 @ 1:39pm 
No, I didn't encounter ANY bugs really, just one time when I needed to take the offroad from Omiros my squad got stuck in the forest for somereason, but I just restarted the mission and it was all good. Nice campaign, please don't stop making ArmA 3 content, you're the best!

Undeceived  [author] Oct 10 @ 12:12pm 
Thanks a lot!

One question, as I don't know when I tested this the last time: Did you encounter heavy bugs? I suppose that there wasn't a showstopper as you seem to have finished it, but I'd appreciate it if you'd mention any issues.

craZe Oct 9 @ 3:04pm 
This is the best fucking campaign I've played so far, the story is better than the East Wind campaign, please, continue making this kind of missions, Underdogs was good too !
Undeceived  [author] Sep 15 @ 1:05am 
hope that it still works. 😁 I haven't updated or tested this for ages.
4o7KeV Sep 13 @ 4:14pm 
I remember Black Lands. Amazing campaign! Im sure this will be just as good