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TimeShift Update 1.2 - Download and Installation Guide
By PorcusGrunzus
This is a guide for the TimeShift 1.2 Update with download and installation instructions.

This update wasnt released on Steam for whatever reason and I offer it here to you.
Download and Installation
Hey TimeShift players.

The Steam version of TimeShift comes in version 1.0 and the Developers didnt release any update on the Steam platform for years. The DVD version got a 1.2 update.
Who knows why. I fixed this issue myself now.

Im offering you the TimeShift 1.2 Update, ripped from the original TimeShift US DVD Version with Update 1.2 applied. I checked what files are updated exactly and ripped them accordingly.

All necessary files are included and you just need to overwrite the files in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\TimeShift directory.
Tested by myself and it works 100%. Menu also displays the V1.02 (1.2) now.

This update may fix some launching issues for some people because I often read of persons who werent able to start the game. It also fixes some of the games bugs.

I dont have a problem with the 1.2 update and I can run the game without issues.
I tested this with an AMD FX 8000 and Intel i7 6000 processor. Both worked and launched flawlessly. I often read people complaining about issues with certain CPUs. My guess is that the game simply doesn't support Intel HD, etc.

Replace "X" behind mediafire with a dot "."

If there are any problems or questions just post them here. Also notify me if the file should be down!
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BunSlime Oct 11 @ 11:37am 
doesnt seem to work for me
KillerEXE Sep 29 @ 8:48pm 
Still works, nice
BunSlime Jul 18 @ 12:15pm 
i miss multiplayer for this game
W3ST3RN INFID3L Jul 15 @ 10:21am 
Worked a treat, thank you
BunSlime Apr 23 @ 3:57pm 
rip timeshift mp
CReaper210 Mar 22 @ 11:13pm 
This isn't working for me. When I launch the game, it just opens this white box and does nothing. Task Manager shows it as 'not responding'.
It's doing this both with the patch and without.
Any ideas?
GraveHawk Mar 22 @ 6:15pm 
Not even with a 3rd party multiplayer patch? What about the direct connection option in MP?
PorcusGrunzus  [author] Mar 22 @ 3:50pm 
Multiplayer service shut down, not possible to play MP anymore.
GraveHawk Mar 22 @ 1:13pm 
How do people use online multiplayer for the game now?