Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod

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Oct 13, 2014 @ 11:39am
May 1, 2016 @ 12:09pm
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A quiet town lies near a mountainous forest littered with landmarks from a bygone era.

No other games or addons are required!

- A large terrain (maximum map size) with a river, steep hills and dense forests
- A town and various other buildings spread throughout the map, some with interiors
- Lots of bendy roads to drive on
- A small landing strip and a tall skybox for flying
- HDR and LDR support
- NPC/NextBot navigation support
- Custom soundscapes

If you like this map, check out my other map gm_boreas as well!

Special thanks
- The Facepunch mapping community for testing and feedback

If you'd like to make a donation, you can do so here:

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Surpreme Sausage Jul 2 @ 3:19pm 
It's really good, but it was a bit laggy, but not too laggy to the point where it runs at -100 frames per second lol
^O^ Jul 2 @ 7:10am 
Hello just played the map and its incredible, I looked at every corner and was thrilled by the small things added like the bunker and the cave, i only want to say that it has a problem with things dissapearing after i load a saved game. It only happened with vehicles, I changed the allowed amount in the utilities but still does it, I also tested a bit in gm_construct but it was okay then came back to this map and the problem persisted. (I do not have Improved object render addon). This does not make the map bad at all, I just liked it so much and hoped for an inprovement.

Map 5/5
Microsoft One Note Jul 1 @ 1:36pm 
Tufukins Jul 1 @ 10:29am 
Post [2/2]

<><>[[ Ambience/Detail ]]<><>
• When it comes to small touches, this map really delivers. There's plenty of quality details around the map, such as when you walk into the tunnels and hear very fitting atmospheric noise that fits the location.

• There's also a healthy amount of decorations, so the map doesn't feel very empty. You can tell that a lot of care went into the placement of little things, and it makes the map feel a lot more inhabited. Or perhaps, once inhabited.

<>[[ Fun & Misc Thoughts ]]<>
• This is a really enjoyable map. So far, I've had several sessions with pals on this map and they've never been very limited by the map. There's enough room for lots of dupes and vehicles, and most mods play off of the map very well.

<><>[[ Rating ]]<><>
I would give this map a 4.5 / 5

There's a lot it does well, and though there's some very understandable flaws, it holds up excellently.
Tufukins Jul 1 @ 10:29am 
A full review:

<><>[[ Size ]]<><>
This map is pretty huge, enough to allow players to do separate things without interference or even seeing one another. It tends to feel larger than it is due to the dynamacy of the layout and placement of landmarks, forests, roads, etc. which makes for a fantastic experience.

<><>[[ Variety ]]<><>
There's a nice deal of variety, from a castle in the backroads to a small hangar, a harbour, dock, city, short railway, some cozy secrets, and several building interiors.

<><>[[ Interiors ]]<><>
The lack of many interiors is slightly disappointing, though the map's complexity and intricate design makes for an enjoyable roaming experience that isn't hurt too much by the lack of interiors as players can make do with the several existing ones as well as make their own. If it were to receive them, however, the map would greatly benefit as it would expand the amount of playable area and strengthen the liveliness of some places like the city.

Post [1/2]
OddTaggynn Jul 1 @ 10:03am 
Update: No idea what I did but it works now.
OddTaggynn Jul 1 @ 7:29am 
@Blueberry_pie The cutting no longer seems to happen and the invisible map objects are still present days after I uninstalled Improved Object Render. I'll try the map again to see if it works now.
Blueberry_pie  [author] Jul 1 @ 3:26am 
@OddTaggynn: I'm unable to reproduce the cutting in the coast ambient sound. Have you tried updating your audio drivers or changing the sound quality/settings in GMod?

As for the missing things: are you using the Improved Object Render addon (or something similar)? Various details in the map use the func_lod entity to ensure that they don't render beyond a certain distance, but it looks like this addon causes them to not render at all. You'll have to ask the author of that addon to look into this, because it's not something that I am able to fix in the map.
OddTaggynn Jun 30 @ 9:21pm 
I absolutely LOVE this map but I unfortunately found a few errors that really annoy me. I don't know if this was just a problem with the mod installing or something, and the problems are REALLY hard to notice.
1. A simple cut in the ambient loop for the coast.
2. Some regions of the map are missing and open to the void. I don't know how many there are and they are each in very small areas, but the main ones I found were in some parking lots and underwater in some places.
That should really be it. I love this and Boreas, they are expertly made but this tiny issue is annoying the hell out of me.
WRXSTiAlex2004 Jun 30 @ 2:47pm