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The Loud'n'Clear
Created by DeR‎osaJ
Son, don't make me mute you

*An optimized remake of The Hard Hat Headset
*Paint-compatible headphones
*Jiggle-boned antenna

*Available for mod downlo[]...
Oculus Vizier
Created by Vensteel
- All Class
- Specific Team colors
- Paintable
- 3 LODs...
Keeper's Belt
Created by Vensteel
- 3 LODs -
- Paintable -
- Self Illumination -

The Didgeri-PEW!
Created by Merczy
The scope may be there, but it doesn't seem to help your horrible aim.

-Team colors! (Ooooh Aaaah)
-Custom Sounds!
-Custom particle effects!
-3 LODs!

Model and Sounds by Merczy
Texture by SedimentarySocks
Concept by Norville "Bourbon"...
Contaminated Container
Created by Gadget
Contaminated Container

Due to popular demand the nuclear core is now available as a cosmetic item for Engineer and Pyro.

o Engineer and Pyro misc item
o Self-illuminated texture
o Jiggling liquid inside
o Paintable
o 2 LODs

It's also availabe as a weapo...
N.U.C.U.L.A.R. Core
Created by Gadget
N.U.C.U.L.A.R. Core

This high capacity nuclear energy cell is used to power outer space vehicles and also quite destructive on heavy impact.

o Throwable device for Sniper and Scout
o Self-illuminated texture
o Jiggling liquid inside
o Soft green glow par...
Created by Svdl
A fancy electric sniper rifle with an actually working screen.

Also has jiggleboned antennas and wire.

Downloadable as a replacement for existing weapons here
Iron Fist
Created by GetGrenade
"When you forge a weapon, you need three things: the right metal, temperatures over fourteen hundred degrees... and someone who wants to kill. Here in Teufort, we got all three."
The Farmer's Collective
Created by Sparkwire
There's many men forget their proper station

And still are meddling with the administration

*Added Styles*...
Hardware Helmet
Created by Wrench N Rockets
Dome-shaped protection for your dome!

Adds helmet and neck coverage.

Paintable sun visor....
Interstellar Canteen
Created by Gigazelle
Filled to the brim with life-giving air, which finally has a legitimate use in the void of space.
Created by Arsonist
I have finally sorted the DMCA issue, and been given the name of the culprit. I wont name and shame here, but it was indeed a stupid troll.

The completely redesigned, completely upgradable, completely gunned and flying Radio Controlled Aerial Turret!
Intergalactic Gadgets
Created by multitrip
Introducing the Mann.Co Holocron-3000™! Amaze your friends with your own portable Holographic Projection Device! Includes the Comptron Portable™ for programming new projections! (Warning: experimental Hologram technology may or may not be related to severe...
The EZ Breather
Created by Psyke
Free yourself from your ever-crippling Mysophobia and breath easy thanks to this portable respirator!

Comes with lods!
Virtually No clipping!
Doesn't Require MAIR!...
LED Sentry
Created by AyesDyef
Watch out! This Laser Emitting Device packs some serious heat, and I mean the kind that'll melt holes through you AND the guy behind you; and don't touch it either, it gets really hot.

Animated gifs of the build animations can be found below:
Created by MonkeyBug
Dispense faster on the battlefield!!

Blueprint included
Includes (5) Gibs

Special thanks to Frying Dutchman for the custom HUD icons.

The Underminer
Created by Sparkwire
Step one of burying your enemies forever is wearing the proper clothes.
Step two is....

More of this set coming soon!

Remember to follow me for future item uploads, and thumb u...
The Handy Partner
Created by MonkeyBug
Built by Engineers for Engineers.


Includes two screen styles.

You can download the skin here: {LINK REMOVED}


Look at the screen....
Crate Cutter
Created by zachL
*does not open crates

Comes with clean and bloody styles.

Sexy render by Tellahleiah

tags: box cutter, Breaking Bad, melee, knife...
The Greasetrap
Created by donhonk
A few oil spills here and there, but this leather jacket is still stylin'.

AbleGamers Charity Pet
Created by Ruskeydoo

"AbleGamers, is a nonprofit public charity that aims to improve the overall quality of life for those with disabilities through the power of hats… I mean video games."

Benefiting AbleGamers, a public charity enabling gamers...
The Gamma Gazer
Created by FiveEyes
"Packs a mean dose of extra-hertz."

Model/SFM - FiveEyes
Texture/Tweaks - Gadget

Part of the "Arms Race" FacePunch community Contest.

Download mod:
The Deadly Stinger
Created by ZoraKirby
"IT'S NO USE! It's chasing me! HELP!"

Team Colors
Jigglebones: Head, Abdomen, and Wings!

LOD 0: 1400 Tris
LOD 1: 1000 Tris
LOD 2: 700 Tris

Concept Art: Saint Lombax Daryl Dixon 戰士

Zero-G Sniping Suit
Created by E-Arkham
"It won't keep your insides from spilling away into outer space, but then hokey sciences and half-sealed spacesuits are no substitute for a good snipin' rifle at your side."

Part of a set with the [url=
Classic Wrench
Created by Sims_doc
I'll need a name and some stats for this..

Again if this reachs 1k of favorites i will convert it into a mod on request....
Battle Torch Kit
Created by Donvius
Pyro shouldn't be the only one allowed to play with fire. Your an engineer - you never know when you might need a little help of a blow torch. So how about one that you can carry on your back and keep your hands free?

- - -
2x jigglybone for the top cover...
Steel Battalion
Created by Mooses Suuri
Models: Mooses suuri
Textures: Over Powered
SFM Pictures: King Of The Hill
Other Pictures and Concepting: Master Ville

Join my steam group [URL=
The Emergency Button [PDA]
Created by Rotzlöffel
*What ever the Button says is a lie.

The Button wont...
-launch a giant rocket.
-win the next round.
-open a giant door.
-activates a loud Emergency Alernt.
-deactivate all robots.
-activates a sound file with "Nooooo...".
-teleports you to every...
Western Showdown: Taunt
Created by FUNKe
Partner, I need you dead fast and my pistols are just too slow.

Publishers notice: Fingers are not actually lethal. Please point responsibly.
(Ergo, Not intended to be a kill taunt)

Made to test the taunt importer...
Cranium Claw
Created by Lynxy
"Some hats are useful, this is not one of them."

Has JiggleBone!
Current name (Cranium Claw) submitted by A_random_pyro (thanks!).
The Power Player
Created by Will T.TVR
-424 tris
-Team colors
-512x512 textures
-Fully rigged to Engineer's hand and arm
-Unfortunately not compatible with the Gunslinger, even though it would look cool. I tried though. :(


Wield the power of this glove with pride as you s...
Crushed Coverings
Created by Colteh
Spying Buddy
Created by Olright
I tried to texture by myself first time, so please do not judge strictly

How should it work:
Helicopters PDA replace destruction tool
On first click you choose place for it
On second click you set its height
On third click you set its degree of rotation
The Bubble Breather
Created by Merczy
Make drowning a thing of the past! Here at Mann Co. we've spent little-to-no precious time developing this super secret, high-tech, tube-based, face-strap-on-thing-a-ma-bob. (WARNING: Will not prevent drowning, electrocution, or disintegration.)

-3 LODS...
The Manatee Laser
Created by Hideous
Works best on Engineer and maybe Pyro.
A bit small for Heavy and Soldier does not like the grip.

Bigger picture:
The Freeze-O-Matic
Created by MonkeyBug
Tired of your ice cream melting on the battlefield? Say no more!

- Paintable! Make any flavor you want!
- 2 LODs
- Delicious!

Model by Uncle Grumpskin
Texture/SFM Pics by NassimO
Concept/Idea by Cutiebloom
Concept/Model Fixes by BANG!

Delly Nagher
Created by Seeaitch
"We solve problems, practical problems!"
- Dell Co.

No peace. No rest.


In-Game Ready! (Gold Star Verified)
3 LODs
The Brain Drain
Created by Merczy
"Building a what? Where am I? Duh, who are you people?"
Model by Merczy
Texture by Original Name
Credit to Combyne from facepunch for the name!

EDIT: Ingame Screenshots coming soon!...
Il Buono
Created by Jack Muu
A man was spotted riding away from the cemetary. A man with a poncho on his back, a vest on his front, and a bag of gold in his pockets. He rides off to the west with his plunder never to be seen again. But you'll always remember what he was wearing that d...
The Drifter
Created by Jack Muu
It was a rainy day when he walked in. Water dripping off the brim of his hat. He walks up to you, with his hat covering his eyes, and asks for your name. You put down your cards on the table and you tell him. He takes out a poster, with your name and face ...
A Faceful of Fuzz
Created by Jack Muu
He rode off towards the west, his deeds in this town were done. On the ground layed six bodies and in his pocket, the money for their lives. You never got a chance to get his name but you'll always remember that face. With a rugged demeanor and a lit cigar...
The Covert Covers
Created by Wowza
A winter ski mask, beanie, and hood for the Spy.

-Facial flexes

Mod download:

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The Re-Gene
Created by infinitewrath
"Have you ever wanted to genetically alter your teammates so that they could do a better job, from gils to exoskeletons The Re-Gene has you covered"

I haven't been able to figure out what this guns uber charge would be like that would allow it to set itse...
The Nuclear Pyro-Technique
Created by E-Arkham
"To be fair, strapping a homemade thermonuclear device to your back has been one of your least crazy acts, all things considered."

Space themed! Robot themed! Blow up aliens and/or robots by letting them abduct you then waiting patiently for nucl...
Superb Soaker
Created by NeoDement
Water gun for the summer times. Works on multiple class animations, but only Soldier has the appropriate reload animation.

Has sweet custom particle effects by Chaofanatic, please watch the video.

Available for download as a mod/reskin to replace t...
ANIMATED PIP-BOY [Build/Destroy Tool] re-work
Created by Ouch!
Since the Engineer got a space for new PDAs in his loadout I have felt that the Pip-Boy Miscileaneous item should no longer be a misc item and, instead, become a reskin item for the build/destroy tool. SFM makes making stuff like this easy!

M61 Vulcan
Created by Lejean
Back protection and ultra mobile!

Update 4:
Added specular map for metal shine

Update 3:
Added more detail to barrel and changed texture
Added shoulder straps
Moved/changed parts of the gun

Update 2:
Reduced size of barrel
Increased bullet count on chai...
The Peacekeeper
Created by Colteh
Shoots stuff...
Life Extender Machine
Created by Nefnoj
"So from one man o' science to another, I totally get the idea of usin' valuable materials as fuel for your machines... But money? And Australium? Son, you're just askin' for bankruptcy, this here improved model runs on gasoline. Much cheaper".
-Dell Conag...
Comfy Sweater
Created by Sparkwire
Stay warm!

Concept and Texture: Texman
Model: Rain and Sparkwire
Rigging: Jpras
SFM: MaGGoT4th...
Shipwreck Shooter
Created by Eternity
Cannon design based from both a 18th century ship swivel gun and a flintlock rifle....
Taunt: Finding (V2)
Created by Lowly
(V2 Update - Animation Edited)

Which Heavy among you will not, if he loses his minigun, immediately leave the battlefield, and search for his lost minigun?
And when he has found it, he brings it back with him to his team's base, rejoicing. And calling to...
The Coolness Meter
Created by Lican
Look!! The Coolness Meter shows levels never before seen....
Wooden Wrench
Created by Sims_doc
Made from wood....
New Taunt: The Box Trot
Created by Sparkwire
During the cardboard box shortage of 1930 only the wealthiest individuals could be seen wearing boxes. Ever since, box fashion has become a billion dollar industry. Take it back to the classics by wearing this sleek number that is sure to turn heads.

Tape O' Measure
Created by Hanza
For improved precison....
The Turn-Coat
Created by Red
Retro style Spy watch, with built in radar system. Includes animated radar screen used from a map prop.

Update: Changed the 'brand' name to SpyTech.

Critique and suggestions welcome....
Hunting Shotgun
Created by Rozzy
For shooting things in the woods.
The Efficient Eliminator
Created by Colteh
For when snipin' just ain't good enough.

Reuploaded because of some issues, please do revote if you voted for the old one!

Check out the other items!
Tactical Topper
This is an alternative hat I made for my Mark.II Kit.

2 LODs

Fixed conflicts with update to import tool...
The Trauma Kit (Backpack)
Created by MonkeyBug
Get big posters of the items here:

Join my steam group if you like my items!

3 LODs 50% efficiency...
Radar Reader
Created by JPRAS
A mini satelite dish and a notepad with suspicious moon drawings and coordinates!


-Jigglebones (note pad);
-Glow in the dark (light and dish tip);
-LOD 0 (946 Tris) + LOD 1 (698 Tris)....
Stargazer's Scrambler
Created by Rain↯
This item was removed from all test programs but strangely disappeared after a visit from an unknown french investor to our facility.

- Sphere moves by jigglebone

Special thanks to Grandzeit for the item name....
Deep Jungle Arsonist
"Mmph Mmm, mmm, Nmmph Mrrr Mmmmh"


"Napalm, son. Nothing else in the world smells like that."

- 2 LODs
- Team Colors
- Jiggleboned Helmet Straps

Consider checking out the rest of the collection!
MVM Square Hip Flask
Created by Gigazelle
A square flask that replaces each power-up canteen ability with its own unique model and texture.

The item importer unfortunately does not support this many models and textures, so it cannot be gold-starred. You can however download it as a mod and use it...
Hunting Helper
Created by multitrip
All the right puff....
The Manncannon
Created by cain
Give your mate a cannon.
Mates love cannons.

Now part of "The Frontline!" community update:


Based somewhat loosely on the Russian PTRS-41 anti-tank rifle from WWII, this is a remake of m...
The Survival Gear
Created by Dusty Showbiz
Come's with everything you need to survive on the battlefield... includes a free Thompson machine gun ( Bullets not included)...
The Personal Stash
Created by Sky
Convert hazardous materials into hazardous-but-useful serums with this set of canisters, mini freezer and PDA.

Self-illum canister and screen

Petrol Patrol
Created by Evil_Knevil
People like you just fuel my fire!

-LOD0, 1 & 2

-Model by Evil_Knevil (Tumblr:
-Texture by NassimO...
The Energy Sentry
Created by juiceböx
The original energy sentry! This sentry only replaces the level 3 rocket launcher and it's not a full sentry replacement.

Level 3 sentry rocket box replacement for the Engineer's Energy Pack....
The Lost Cosmonaut - Loading Screen
Created by Sparkwire
This is the voyage of the first Russian Cosmonaut. His five-week mission: to explore strange new weapons; to seek out new life and to kill it; to boldly go where no man was strong enough to go before....
Common Cold [V3]
Created by invisibleStuff
Back (sorta) in time for the holidays. This time around it's cooler than ever!
Souped up with the spine chilling combination of liquid nitrogen and an old medical freezer*, you're bound to stop someone in their tracks. If you're lucky they may even...
Macho Mann Glasses (Style 2)
Created by crazy-g
Second 'Maverick' style of Macho Mann Glasses imported with tool. See the original here:
Created by Dusty Showbiz
Hah! Cannons on your head, lets see them maggots run in fear!

*3 LOD's
*Team Colors
*Jigglebone Straps

Lab Practicum
Created by NeoDement
A new labcoat for the Medic. The bald head and goggles are a seperate item.

Part of the 'Professor Bald' cosmetic set.

Available for download as a mod/reskin here:
The Sky Supplies
Created by Gainz McShake
I've recently updated the specular map and texture saturation in some areas. The wood now reacts to light like wood should, and the white parachute stripes aren't so bright. :)

"Reach for the sky (supplies)"

Everything done by Umbrollo, including the...
Clear Shot
Created by invisibleStuff
I've been doing too much crafting. All I wanted was to make was a refined or two.

Clearly this model is a combination of our beloved Loch-n-Load and Black Box; by steam users Swizzle and Larolaro respectively. This isn't a super serious submission, but ...
Bulletproof Battery
Created by Astute
"They say the best defense is a good offense...

... but they never said you couldn't have both."

A remake of my previous submission, The "Soviet Sidekick". This is one of the first real weapon resubmissions I've done so far, after refining m...
The Meteor Shower
Created by Sparkwire
When asked to build a gun that would work in a zero-oxygen environment, the number one Soviet gun designer asked "Why?" After his body was removed, the number two Soviet gun designer came up with this....
Trooper's Trousers
Created by ƬԊƐ ƉƲҚƐ
Who wants to roll up and tuck in their pants into socks at knee height anyway?

A pair of boots and camo pants.

Both the boots and pants are lightly paintable. You can have a variety of realistic and different looking camouflage colors without worrying a...
The Political Pouches
Created by ✨SediSocks✨
Overthrowing governments and taking over countries is a big job, and sometime you've gotta get places fast, so never again forget your forged documents and bribe money with these hand sewn pouches made from 100% non-safe fabrics!

Paintable, 2 LODs, 512 ...
The Not So Original
Created by art door
I made this hat..
because Team Fortress 2 definitely needs more fedoras to its collection -- right guys... umm, guys?

I made it 100 percent for fun & practise; wanted to do something simple with nice bright colored texture!
Engineer YMCA
Created by Jim_Partridge
Young man!...
Shooter's Hat
Don't mind that little "head shot" hole. You wouldn't be so careless, would ya?...
Line Of Sight
Created by . .
Head Gear for Sniper
Team Colours...
Steely Gaze (Down)
Created by bazooka
Sight? Where we're going, we don't need sight.

This paintable item is inspired by Doc Emmett Brown's silver shades with internal video display in Back to the Future II.

Check out the B...
Le Etouffée (Christmas Item)
Created by
Stir nothing around you, not even a mouse! (Part of the "Silent Night" set!)...
The Flat Liner
Created by GG_Underscore
The Flatliner is the ultimate uber gun. Dispenses both uber and crits to lay waste to all of those who oppose you. However it can’t heal, instead it builds its charge by the damage you do. Part of the Malpractice Suit Medic pack....
The Deep Jungle Giant
"seen much, combat?"

Consider checking out the rest of the collection!
The Deep Jungle Doctor
-2 LODs
-Team Colors

Consider checking out the rest of the collection!
The Deep Jungle Runner
"I think I was trying to suggest something about the duality of man, sir!"

- Jiggleboned helmet straps
- High and Mid poly models

Consider checking out the rest of the collection!
The Deep Jungle Warrior
I love the smell of ethanol in the morning! It smells like... Victory.

Consider checking out the rest of the collection!

Wasteland Waistcoat
Created by Sky
While the extra layers this jacket provides will keep you snug, they won't protect against bullets. Or radiation.

The Deep Jungle Rucksack
"This isn't your granny's rucksack, maggot!"

- Paintable!
- 2 LODs!

Consider checking out the rest of the collection!

The Deep Jungle Contractor
You talk the talk. Do you walk the walk?

Consider checking out the rest of the collection!
New Taunt: Art of War
Created by Populus
A beautiful piece of art that minutely presents the lifelessness of your dead corpse.

AWPer Hand "Lite Fix" (+Dynamic Lens!)
Created by T[]RK
WARNING: You MUST HAVE AWPer Hand[]. This is not a skin for default Sniper Rifle.

ATTENTION: Both versions: 1.5 and 1.6 may be used SEPARETELY. It's not upgrade from lower, to higher ve...
Unlicensed Plumber's Cap
Created by Mnemo
V4 Changelog:
- Reworked the mesh to be less floopy
- Modeled in the circular logo
- Completely new texture
- Completely new VMT

A generic hat for a generic man. Just don't tell him the intelligence is in a...
The Deadly Dou
Created by Merczy
Behind the metal,
The flame remains unrestrained,
His enemies burn.

-3 LODs!

Model By Merczy
Texture By Ertz

Special thanks to Agent Phaser Rave for the Haiku!

Sullivan's Mad-Stache (and eyebrows)
Created by Roast
Get the furious, fightin' facial hair of the champ. Lockjaw Sullivan: Champion bare-knuckle boxer.
BBQ Belt
Created by NeoDement
seasoning and a spatula

Available for download as a mod/reskin here:
Veggiemancer's Hood
Created by multitrip

Thanks to Ducksink and Neodement for the juicy (yet ketchup-less) hotdog prop!
The Sentry Commander
You now have a chance to talk to your sentries, and for the first time ever! You can tell them a funny joke, or you can tell them to murder your enemies!...
The Croaker Poker
Created by AibohphobiA
Also known as "Aibaleet Makes Excuses Not To Upload This For A Month"

Download the mod here:
The Forked Ophidian
Created by donalt
Surprise your enemies with this new snake-inspired knife. It is forked for more pain and double the fun, for your pleasure.

This is my first 3D model ever, so some feedback would be nice....
Created by Moby The Duck
Now you finally can watch life in Full HD!

The awesome SFM pics were all made by Commander Jackshit/TheAstrix, highfive him if you see him around! (
Zhe Unwohly Reliever
Created by oscr
An infected Medi Gun replacement packed with mushrooms for maximum healing to hurting ratio - for you and your patient!

Part of "Zhe Medical Mushroom"-set: - Please have a look at the promo...
Mann Motor Oil
Created by RetroMike
When your gear absolutely has to kill at peak performance.

Zhe Samaritan Saw-ry
Created by oscr
An infected Medi Gun replacement packed with mushrooms for maximum healing to hurting ratio - for you and your patient!

Part of "Zhe Medical Mushroom"-set: - Please have a look at the prom...
The Nerd's Hideout
Created by Bombzopple
Before you employ your strategy and go out to battle with your team, don't forget to take your nerd out of his container, becuase he is after all your best friend and the answer to your math homework....
The Thug Wrench
Created by fromageelectronique
Can fix a flat or break some bones in nearly no time at all. Just hope you don't get too TIRE-d doing it!...
The Dave Costume
Created by Vyvyan Basterd
Children will cower and grown men will run crying to their mummies in sheer terror when they witness the true horror of your hilariously ironic refusal to make any effort to get into the Halloween Spirit whatsoever.

You utter berk!

Halloween Badge av...
Trusty Rusty
Created by Dog
A Welding Blowtorch for the Engineer which replaces the wrench. Repairs buildings at a contant rate and does burn damage to players. Costs metal to use....
Orbiting Crate: An Unusual Hat Effect
Created by Thirteen
"It's a crate that happens to be orbiting in the gravitational pull of the dense awesomness of my hat. It's basic science."...
Macho Mann Glasses (Style 3)
Created by crazy-g
Third 'Goose' style of Macho Mann Glasses imported with tool. See the original here:
Created by Estavos
According to statistics, 10% of engineers die from shock his own turret. Check the voltage of your turret before the fight!

So, I know, very dumb promos. And what? =D...
The Jetpack Retrofit
♫ “I'm burning through the sky yeah!
Two hundred degrees
That's why they call me Mister Fahrenheit
I'm trav'ling at the speed of light
I wanna make a supersonic man out of you!” ♫

Take off with this early-inspired Jetpack! An invention f...
Kirchhoff's Transfer
Created by lucarioaaron
The better connections for gunning devices can drive the right way for the electric hammer...
The Little Worker
Created by Seeaitch
"Yea, I might take care of one or two or forty-three of 'em!"

In honor of the upcoming gamemode! A little prototype as a reminder of the first metallic heroes!

The Tactic-tool
Created by ✨SediSocks✨
So much storage!



3 LODs
512x Diffuse and normal

Thanks to Merc...
El Caballero
Created by Ertz™
Always dress for the occasion, especially when the occassion takes place in the harsh western desert that will fry you alive

Mod download
Lifeguard's Lotion
Created by caseytube
Wow, I didn't know YOU were a lifeguard too!

Works on all classes, paintable, and low-poly!

*The paint in the video representing the classes and flexes does not represent the actual paintability, but was a style we couldn't reverse in SFM. Please ref...
Reforged Visor
Created by Wrench N Rockets
See into the future!...
Fly Fishing Boots
Created by Sparkwire
So your feet dont get wet.

Concept and Texture: Texman
Model: Rain and Sparkwire
SFM: MaGGoT4th...
Spur of The Moment
Created by Jal
Whack the crap out of people with this convenient pistol....
The Go Gadgets
Created by Sky
A handy transistor radio and geiger counter combo to listen in on emergency broadcasts, test for radiation and beat marauding spys senseless.

- Paintable!
- Jiggleboned probe
- 512x256 Diffuse and Normal/Spec Textures
LODs 0, 1, 2

The Fine Adjustment
Created by Kowalo
A twist of the dial, a press of a button, and BAM! You've got yourself one finely crafted engineer building.

-3 lods
-Team colors...
The Architect's Armor
Protects you from blunt and sharp objects on the battlefield!

- 2 LODs

Be sure to check out the other item in this set, The Augustan Architect!
The Melting Argument
Created by Zoey
The Comfy Caballero
Created by boomsta
A nice little Engy backpack for carrying all his cool little shtuffs. Has 2 LODS

Special thanks to Viktorie for the concept art!

Modlink to replace the Idea Tube:
Anti-Vacuum Glasses
Created by OverPovered
We all have wanted to be austronauts when we grew up, but that wanting was crushed when we realized how dorky those astronauts suits are, in fear that everyone on earth will make fun of us when we return from a moon base to deliver its space bread supply....
pet of the hell
alternative name - Infernal pet.
He's sweet and kind, but don't let him out of his cozy box....
Mecha Mauler
Created by MonkeyBug
Lost another arm? got the solution for ya....
AbleGamers Charity Hat
Created by Ruskeydoo

"AbleGamers, is a nonprofit public charity that aims to improve the overall quality of life for those with disabilities through the power of hats… I mean video games."

Benefiting AbleGamers, a public charity enabling gamer...
Created by chelovek(MAPAT)
Helped PROOf and M1lky Way
lod00 5626 polygons
lod01 927 polygons...