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Burlap Bogeyman
Created by Evil_Knevil
Sweet dreams...

Model by Evil_Knevil
Texture/promo's by Heartsman
Neptunes Nightmare
Created by ToxicWeasel
It doesn't matter if you are a Mann.. or Monster.... prepare to be dragged to the depths of! .. Well! What ever the hell is down there!

jigglebone sea weed
glowing spooky face
Grizzly Grin
Created by Rain↯
C'mon Kiddo, Let's go grab a B̩̥̙͝Í͖͙̮T̡̮̳̘̣̪͖E̸̹̖̟̘̹ to E͓AṰ͓

-Misc/Hat Compatible
-Team Coloured!
-Glowing Eye that follow the player!

Part of the Halloween set "Teddy Tinder"

Mod available[]...
The Fume Filtrater
Created by Rain↯
Mod available[]

Setting one foot in zone's most radiated area without your mask will most likely kill you they said. They were wrong...

- Jiggleboned Jaw
- Paintable Skin

- Ry▲n: Modeling/Texturing/Promo Materi...
Automaton's Windup
Created by Snood 🍕
New version of a previously submitted item in the set 'Porcelain Maniac'.

Head here for a download to replace various existing Pyro backpacks with this item:
The Empty Head
Created by Snood 🍕
New version of a previously submitted item in the set 'Porcelain Maniac'.

Head here for a download to replace various existing Pyro heads with this item:
The Laughing-Gas Mask
Created by Pogo
Because you're never fully dressed without a smile....
The Cyber Scorcher
Created by Merczy
Hes back!
Armed with bloodlust, a flamethrower, and a balloonicorn, he hunts yet again. But this time, he has a few upgrades! Prepare to be horrified as he stops teens from having premarital internet burning them alive!

-3 LODs
-Forever Lit ...
The Mechanical Murderer
Created by perrryz
coming for you.

~paintable bandana!
~self illuminated eyes!...
The Face of Mercy
Created by Constructor
The last time this mask was worn by a crazed psychopath, there were no survivors.

Who's saying this time it will be different?...
Lollichop Licker
Created by Jukebox
"Mr. Pyro, how many licks does it take to get to the lollichop center of a lollichop pop?"

"Mm, mmn.." *fwoosh*

The world may never know.


Head replacement for Pyro


Jukebox: Model and Texture
CDJO: SFM sho...
The Photgrapher
Created by hhhhhh
This is my first model

Please post feedback...
"Powerjack" Frost
Created by TidMiste
Why Mr. Frost, with his head
made of very meltable snow
chose to work with fire is
something no one will ever know.

A festive snowman head replacement for Pyro. Adds a very festive normal map that makes it look snow-like and works with all eye items!...
The Maximum Restraint
Created by Jack Muu
A leather mask that keeps the mad mind of a monster at bay. The one under the mask favors the taste of human liver and a side of fava beans....
Created by Bapaul
All hail the pumpkin king! Also makes for a great pumpkin soup.

Model/Texture by Bapaul
Concept by Demon

-3 LODs
-512x512 Diffuse
-256x256 Normal
-Paintable eyes
-Supports all hats without clipping
-Extremely spooky...
*updated model and textures.
The Orca Annihilator v2
New version featuring better blending with the head and a shiny new gold star!

1 LOD at 290 tris.

*This hat would not work with miscs that replace the Pyro's mask as the new importer does not support styles. :c

Preternatural Pil0t STYLE2
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Resubmission from last Halloween

STYLE 2: Paintable Body

STYLE 1: Paintable Eyes :
The Wheezy Wastelander V2
Created by Evil_Knevil
Reuploaded with the new importer tool.

Special thanks to Psyke for making the backpack icons.

Link to the original:
Abhorrent Appendages
Created by NeoDement
Paintable lake monster themed Pyro claws bursting from its regular gloves and boots....
Hard-Headed Hardware MK.II
Created by Merczy
There were no screams. There was no time. There was only fire. And then...nothing...

Model By: Merczy
Texture by: Ertz
Unwrapped by: Constructor
Original Concept by: Merczy and Original Name

-3 LODs!
Pyro's Hollowhead
Created by E-Arkham
"No one was sure which was more terrifying -- that the pyro's head had suddenly exploded, or that the pyro had failed to notice."

Simple little Halloween theme head replacement for the Pyro.

Be sure to join my [url=
PY-40 Automaton
Created by Mr. Tinder
Beep boop mhf mhrph, beep boop.

Pyro head replacement item for all your daily robot needs if you have a spare asbestos suit lying around.

Team colored, glow in the dark lenses, and LOD's

Some assembly required. Spy-checking capabilities not guara...
Created by multitrip
4:15 PM - Bapaul: MASK FUR LE PYRU

Has 2 styles....
The Maw
Created by Big Dick Lanm 
A terrifying experiment gone terrifyingly wrong.

Includes paintable skin, and jiggle-boned jaw, and tongue.
Get the mod here
The Hot Box
Created by KingPooChicken

-Inspired by the "Keeper" (aka - Boxman) from the game "The Evil Within".

-Misc: Hunka' Junk...
Turret Syndrome
Created by Daft.Eng
Turn your head In to a sleek turret-come breathing apparatus.

Now more paintable and shinier than ever!
It SHOULD be compatible with hats, but I have no Idea how to test this, since itemtest can only load one item at a time...

"Hello friend. I don't...
Big Diver
Created by Rotzlöffel
Don't think there is a heartless monster inside of this helmet just because of the glowing windows and the bawling voice! He just may swallowed a flashlight!

-3 LOD
-Paintable windows
-Glowing windows!

-Modeling/Texturing: Rotz...
Bright Bulbs
Created by Psyke
We're not too sure how pyro manages to power these things...

Festive and Paintable!
Flickering/pattern lights!
Comes with lods!
Team coloured!

Texture by Psyke
Model by MrTinder
Concept by RetroCitrus.
The Metalhead
Created by Ducksink
you head one all along..get it?...
Created by jim´s
Hmmmpfff, hmmmh mmmh hmmf.

Naming/Description suggestions:

"Oath of Silence" - Computer guy

"The Silent Guardian" - |TV| Doctor Scrumpy
"I have no mouth, and I must scream."

"The Almost-Mute Brute" - mini_gun_ryno ...
Freaky Flayed Face
Created by heinous
Inspired by the pyro's own concept art and "silence of the lambs," not going to spoil that movie here or anything though....
The Mechanical Mask
Created by boomsta
A mask for halloween time.

The canister jiggles and the eyes are paintable!...
Gut-Wrenching Gaze
Created by otterwolfy
Fool your friends with these gut-wrenchingly real fake eyes!...
Tutforten Curse
Afterlife is in full swing....
Tutforten Curse2
Afterlife is in full swing....
Tutforten Curse3
Afterlife is in full swing....
The Robotomy
Created by Sparkwire
squish squish HRK WHEEZE squish squish BZZZ

Pyro unmasked

Brain and goggles share paint colors, example:
Lava Shark Attack!
Created by Deinol
Join the Sharks.
*Promotional Image censored.
**New pics added.
***Lava Shark Companion here:

(My second model for TF2 in the Steam Workshop)

[F_3] Ɛdana₲ator♥ (Engaged ...
Created by Vanake14
What better way to increase your vision than adding lots of more tiny eye-holes to your suit? (making a big hole)

Made this a while back when I didn't know how to put stuff on the Workshop :3

Okay, this won't probably get in the game :P But keep ...
Bad Bacon 3.0
Created by dpg212012
Everything you liked about Bad Bacon before is back with a Golden Star! It's TF2 ready to fry.

After all, everything is better with bacon....
Hard-headed Hardware
Created by Merczy
"Introducing the paramount of head-replacment technology, say hello to the heat-absorbent, titanium-plated, Hard-Head Hardware. Marvel at the light producing sockets, and razor sharp teeth. Now with 20% more lead. Double the price of our standard Face rem...
Foster's Facade Phong Fix
Created by Munchy
Fixes the Phong on the Foster's Facade!
(Try say that 5 times fast!)
Edit 28/4/12: Fabricated a fabulous fix for the flipping fix that was a fairly false fix. I should stop with this alliteration....
Spooky Boots
Socks are paintable.
For 8 classes...
Spooky Spectacles
Created by Gerre
This year's Halloween will be so scary, it'll make your eyes pop out of their sockets. Lucky for you they were attached to springs.

All-class, jigglebones & paintable iris. Demoman has a blue eye because of reasons....
The Porcelain Maniac
Created by Snood 🍕
Hello? Is there anyone in there?

Paintable Pyro head....
The Archimedean Perspective
Created by kf.hammond
Malicious War Paint(2)
Created by Ducksink
2 LODs, paintable...
The Blunted Beak(OLD)
Created by Merczy
Make your highly flamable enemies avoid you like the Black Plague with this oldschool doctor's mask.

2 LODs!

It is to be used with this:
Conflagerous Canine (HWN2013)
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Help control the enemy population, spay or nueter your opponents.

Resubmitted (again!) for Halloween...
The Inhaler
Created by Ducksink
Pyro mask inspired by an m17 and then turned into something..else

has 2 styles, one which paints the mask, and one which paints the pull on rubber mask beneath it.

2 lods too...
Woolly Mask Warmer
Created by Big Dick Lanm 
Knitted with warm tender lovin'

But maybe a little bit of asbestos...
Preternatural Pilot (resubmitted)
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
The most terribly late Halloween 2012 submission!

* Comes with 3 LODs (also comes from outer space).
* Lights glow in the dark

Idea / Model / Texture: comfy_cushion
LODs and Renders : JZeeba


The Lunatics Laughter
Created by CoreVixen
Everyone will wonder what you're laughing at, but the joke's on them with this fire spitting grin*!
*Does not actually shoot fire.
2 styles, Lunar and Harlequin...
The Shadow Dweller
Created by Quinnjdq
The darkness twists and changes people, creating monsters out of men(?).

-NOTE: This was not at all inspired by '9' I have never even seen that movie. This item gains inspiration from classic scarecrow horror and the idea of a monster being trapped in a...
The Firebug
Created by Gryoss
Agh! Our good ol' loveable pyro has transformed into some hideous insect thing! A Bug! He's LITERALLY a firebug! The pun itself is enough to scare the living daylights (or nightlights WoOoOOoOOO) out of any accomplished mercenary. Imagine the reaction the ...
Optimal Optics
Created by The Ronin
Now see your enemies burn in the dark!

Also check out the Tactical Bucket
The Psycho's Shield
Created by CoreVixen
Cover all angles of protection by sheilding your eyes from UV light from the sun while protecting your face from fire, blunt objects and probably bullets.
3 styles: Default, Flames and Skull
Paintable visor and bandana in all styles.
Has some minor cli...
The Hydrophobes Hood
Created by CoreVixen
Keep dry in any weather, climate or liquid with this homemade Leather and Brass diving helmet! Hand stitched to be waterproof and probably fireproof!
Now with 2 styles, Default and Jolly Rodger! Paintable!

Clips with some hats such as the hotties hoodi...
The Ghostly Gaze
Created by CoreVixen
Scare your enemies! Creep out your friends! Overload Geiger-Counters! Have it all with only mild ectoplasmic side-effects!
Lense-slot misc for pyro.
Glows in the dark! Paintable!
Clips straight through some hats like the Flamboyant Flamenco and the Proof o...
Melters Mask
Created by Tom
An old coffee sack, converted into a stylish mask!

Comes with BP icons and LODs.

Jaw is jiggleboned.

100% burlap.

Re-did the texture to look more sexy....
The Retrospective Respirator
Created by XYK
For those strange days when you find yourself face down in a muddy trench.

3D View(hose is messed up here):
Nose Candy
Created by jason.demarco
Uploaded to the Steam Workshop at Valve’s request....
Created by Svdl
Make sure you don't inhale any of the fumes you want other people to inhale.

A previously submitted mask that has a belt mounted canister to replace the grenades. Resubmitted as part of a pack, optimized and touched up.

Not actually/intentionally based o...
Air Raider
Created by NeoDement
Misc item for the Airborne Arsonist set. The hose is jiggleboned.

Huge thanks to Hideous for the promo picture!...
Created by maniac™
2013 edition, improved model and texture, now only eyes style

Thanks for all comments and rates.
The Malignant Mechanism
Created by Rain↯
Mann Co. Robotics Division>Project Model PYR-0 TF-53>Primary Objective>Burn.Burn.Burn.bUrn.buRnnn.BbbURNnnn

- <<GT500>> Jack-O-Zeeba : Model
- Br▲ins : Texture/Promo's
- ѼHalloween Themed NameѼGibbly : Concept

Mod []...
The Endoskeleton
Created by Constructor


Paintable wires!
Jiggleboned jaw.
Spooky as hell

CDJO: promo renders, video
Constructor: model, texture, whatever else...
Hellfire Horse
Created by Svdl
You're a lizard now, Pyro, so wear a gas mask that fits. It's for a horse....
Created by Dusty Showbiz
*glowing head & flame
*Jigglebone'd wick and flame
*Smoke Particles
Hood of The Hay-Man
Created by Nugget
"Now if I only had a brain..."...
The Old One
Created by Sky
Ph'mmmph mmm'phhh M'phhh M'pph P'mmmmph Mmmphmm.

- Paintable!
- Glowing eyes!
- Hat compatible!
- Goes perfectly with either last years' Abhorrent Appendages or the Razor Claws.
- 100% spookier than my cthulhu inspired pyro mask from last year (t...
Pyr'o Lantern
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba

Squarey Ghosts: Concept
Scary Nugget: Texture
<<GT500>> Jack-O-Zeeba: Model
'R' Double Toil & Trouble: SFM

+ Self-illum eyes
+ Paintable
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