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The Flying Crate
I first entered the battlefield back in August of last year. I, along with many others, used the weapons, outfits, and armor made by other people. It was convenient and easy. Just go to the Workshop, pick what you want, and get in the fight.

Things were going fine. Everyone used different things. Some made their own custom gear tailored to their tactics and personalities. Some stuck with the gear provided. I myself made a few guns in the Foundry, but they were nothing worth mentioning. I never bothered to even try making my own armor, as I thought it too difficult. Besides, I had plenty to choose from that others had made. Why make my own?

That changed as the number of combatants dwindled considerably. Some left, because they found ‘better things to do’. Some left, because the remaining warriors proved too much of a challenge for them. I didn’t think of quitting like the rest, but, one thing was sure; The crafties that stayed were becoming increasingly difficult to stand up to, let alone overcome. They were known by their distinct appearances, custom weaponry, and most importantly, their skill. Me? I was still using others’ stuff. Of course, I could train and practice to better my abilities, but if I wanted to gain recognition, as well as improve my over-all efficiency in battle, I needed my own equipment suited to my own fighting styles.

Many days and nights were spent in the Foundry, and, eventually, I was able to complete my new loadout, The Flying Crate, which I have used for quite a while now.

After much consideration, I have decided to give you access to this set of equipment. May it serve you as well as it has served me. Good Luck, and Block&Load!
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The Flying Crate
Created by TheFlyingCrate
First of all, I needed to make functional/decent-looking armor. I needed something unique that would differentiate myself from everyone else, as well as adequately protect me.

As I stood there in the Foundry, desperately trying to come up with a good ...
The Crate
Created by TheFlyingCrate
(Note: The Crate is meant to only be fired from the hip, which is why the ironsight is really lame)

Now that my armor was done, I needed a new weapon as well. What kind of weapon should I use? a Rifle? a Shotgun? an SMG? No, not any of those. I wanted s...
Crate's Edge
Created by TheFlyingCrate
Both my armor and gun were finished and ready, but I still needed a melee weapon.

My first attempt failed miserably (it can be found in the Workshop under the name, Crate’s Sword). The second try around, I took my time, and did as well as I could.