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Rapture Civil War Timeline
The third part of my collection of BioShock Lore guides, this one being the most in-depth so far. This guide will give you a breakdown of key events during and in the the lead up to The Civil War of Rapture, and also the aftermath of such a battle.

I hope you enjoy this little guide I put together!
Introduction: Rapture at War
The Civil War of Rapture was the city's most devastaing war, which ultimately lead to it's collapse. Andrew Ryan and Frank Fonataine were pitted against each other, in a battle to win control of the city.

Before the violence hit the streets, Rapture was in the middle of a cold war. This guide will chart each event of the Civil war, before during and after.

Each section of the guide can be found in the contents bar to the right. This guide is in chronological order and WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS.
Pre-war period: Land of the Free

When Rapture was devised, Ryan's main goal was for the people of Rapture to be free and to not live under the rule of a government. Sadly, this philosphy worked for the rich and powerful, but those who were of lower class could not harness Rapture to it's full potential and were often forgotten about.

Frank Fontaine saw that he could use this conflict of class to his advantage. He set out in order to expose Rapture's inequalities, so he could rise to power as "hero of the people."

However, Ryan and Ryan Industries were in charge of Rapture. And Fontaine would need alot more to overthrow the rule of Ryan.

Pre-war period: The Rise of Fontaine
The One Law

Andrew Ryan eventually began to revoke the freedom of the citizens of Rapture. However, he only revoked one thing from them. He prohibited any travel to the surface from Rapture. He did this in fear that if people could get out, people could get it. Get it and take his precious creation away from him.

This created a demand for goods that could only be found on the surface, as legal imports were no longer options. Fontaine began a smuggling ring, in which he would transport goods from the surface to Rapture and sell them on for a considerable amount of profit. The money he made went to the research of Brigid Tenenbaum, and the eventual explotation of ADAM.

Discovery of ADAM

Tenenbaum watched a fisherman play a game of cards with crippled hands. He explained that he was bitten by a sea-slug which instantly healed his hands when he was bitten by it.

Tenenbaum secured a sample of a sea-slug, and used it's natural properties to produce ADAM, a substance which genetically modifies DNA. She tried to take her discovery to many of the acclaimed laboratories of Rapture, but they all turned her down. She was forced to work with Frank Fonataine, who's smuggling ring funded her further research.

Fontaine Futuristics

Fontaine Futuristics was founded based on the potential that ADAM held. Yi Suchong was brought in, and was tasked with comercialising ADAM in order to be sold to the public. He developed products knows as "Plasmids", which allowed the buyer to genetically modify themselves.

Plasmids and ADAM were a complete hit, and Fonatine soon rose to power to rival Ryan. However, Ryan was unaware of Fontaine's true intentions to over-throw him until he noticed that the "Great Chain" was being taken from his hands and placed into that of Fontaine's.

He set up a small police force tasked with exposing Fontaine, which destroyed his idealist free-market he promised citizens of Rapture. With no luck, Ryan's men tortured Fontaine's smuggling ring.

Pre-war period: The Fall of Fontaine

Fontaine's Helping Hands

As Ryan continued his war on the smugglers, Fonatine created the Fontaine's Helping Hands charity which consisted of Fontaine's Home for the Poor and Little Sister's Orphanage.

Fontaine's Home for the Poor was designed to exploit Ryan by showing that - until now - there was no safe place for the poor to rest and eat. Fontaine used the residents of the house as test subjects for his new combat-grade Plasmids he would use against Ryan and his men.

The Little Sister's Orphanage was set up as a centre to force orphaned girls into becoming hosts of the ADAM-producing sea-slugs (Little Sisters). This was to create ADAM on a massive scale, as the sea-slugs alone did not suffice.

Raid on Fontaine

Violence began to break out. Ryan's men often had to hold back Fontaine's army of "Splicers", who were fully equipped with the new lethal Plasmids, in raids against Fontaine. Ryan began to realise that weaponized Plasmids could cause alot of damage.

Ryan and his men agreed to make a deal with Peach Wilkins, one of Fontaine's smugglers, to rat out Fontaine and his criminal syndicate. Fontaine stressed that he would not be arrested, and that he was going to make a last stand.

Pre-war period: Fontaine's Death & Atlas
The Last Stand

On September 12, 1958 Ryan and his attacked Fontaine and the remainder of his syndicate. Fontaine and a few of his men were killed. The rest of his men were locked up in Fontaine's department store, and it was sunk to the bottom of the sea. This became a makeshift prison, the residents slowly going madder as the days passed.

However, Frank Fontaine was not killed in the shoot-out. Instead, he devised a plan to fake his own death and take on the alias "Atlas" who was a revolutionary who promised to free the people once and for all.

Andrew Ryan seized Fontaine Futuristics, which worried the ADAM addicted public. Tenenbaum created a safehouse underneath the streets of Olympis Heights in which she looked after Little Sisters. She developed a new Plasmid known as "Rescue" which would remove the sea-slug from the stomach of the girl, reverting her back to her normal self. She began a syndicate of her own, in which she tried to save as many Little Sisters as possible. Yi Suchong remained the only member of Fontaine's empire to still walk Rapture.

Eve of war: Assault on Kashmir
Rapture was subject to class conflict once again, and of a degree so serious that it could end up the thing to bring the city to an end. After Ryan betrayed his ideals when he seized Fontaine Futuristics, many began to join Atlas' revolution.

New Year's Eve 1958

On New Year's Eve 1958, Ryan took part in a televised broadcast in which he admitted that 1958 had been a tough year, but promises that '59 will be "Rapture's finest year."

Just after the broadcast, the public were made aware of an incident that had just taken place at the Kashmir Restaurant. During a ball devised for Rapture's elite and upper-class, a serious of bombs had been detonated by Atlas and his army. The splicers stormed the ball, slaughtering everyone in sight.

Sales in weaponized Plasmids sky-rocketed, which lead to Ryan kidnapping young girls to be used for ADAM production. ADAM usage was through the roof, and the more adverse side effects of over-splicing became evident.

Atlas made a name for himself, and Ryan began to get worried. He ordered for Atlas' followers to be round up and detained in Apollo Square. Ryan thought that this would bring end to the riots. He was wrong.

Civil war has begun.

Civil war period: ADAM Demand and Enhancing the War
Plasmids began to become more powerful, which resulted in an even higher demand for ADAM. Ryan appointed Little Sisters as gatherers, who as well as produce ADAM from the sea slug, would also walk around the streets extracting ADAM from the corpses of Splicers.

Big Daddies

However, as people saw they were carrying alot of ADAM, Little Sisters were often kidnapped and harvested for ADAM. This lead to Yi Suchong producing the "Big Daddy", a metal guardian primed with a powerful suit of armour and arsenal. The Big Daddy would fend off any hostiles who tried to take the Little Sister.

An "Alpha Series" of Big Daddies were devised by Yi Suchong. They were still able to use their own free will and have the ability to use Plasminds - however problems with this model lead to it being discountinued. Prisoners from Persephone were later revealed to be the humans used to create the Big Daddies with.

Sinclair Solutions

Agustus Sinclair was appointed by Ryan to be the man to genetically enhance his men, to help win the war against Atlas. He created the Vita-chamber, which allowed Ryan's goons to be unbound by death, and a series of new plasmids and battle tonics. People were lured into his testing schemes - and many died in the process. His compay, Sinclair Solutions, became the main supplier for Ryan in the Civil War.

Circus of Values machines in the streets were altered so that rather than supply the usual items of crisps and soad, they sold EVE to customers so they could easily fill-up in a battle field. The El Ammo Bandito was created in vein of the alterations, and supplied ammo to citizens in need.
Civil war period: Rapture in Lockdown
The Makeshift War

As Rapture was intended to be a mostly peacful place - very little weapons were brought from the surface, the ones that were were very basic. These weapons out-ran their use in the war, and civillians began to construct their own weapons such as grenade launcers and chemical throwers. Turrets and additional security measures were also developed.

The Lockdown

Ryan siezed Apollo Square, Atlas' main fortress and in an attempt to sustain order within the city he imposed strict curfew laws which were desgined for the safety of "ordinary" citizens.

After the seizure, Apollo Square served as an inpromptu prison for anyone suspected of being a follower of Atlas. Ryan set up military style checkpoints to prevent any unauthorised entry/exit from the Square - the living conditions of which were appauling. Bathysphere travel was also frozen - trapping many civillians in a certain part of the city - only Ryan could travel from place to place.
Civil war period: The Turning Point
Wall of Betrayers

From the onset of the war, Atlas had won more followers that Ryan. The attack on Kashmir feared many citizens of his wrath, so they joined him in the genetic arms race he had devised. Ryan had ultimately lost the war - his most trusted follower, Bill McDonagh tried to assassinate him but failed to do so. He was added to a trophy-wall of human bodies outisde Ryan's office. The place he kept those who betrayed him.

However, Yi Suchong came up with a breakthrough. He propsed he alterted the structure of Plasmids to make Spilcers more susceptible to pheromones which made them easier to mentally manipulate. This idea proved successful, and many Splicers unwillingly took arms alongside Ryan. Atlas was left with only a few followers that were upspliced. He was forced to turn to his backup plan.
Civil war period: Plan B
The events of BioShock occur at this point
Would You Kindly

Before faking his death, Fontaine made an arrangement to purchase the embryo of Ryan's illigitimate son from the womb of Jasmine Jolene. As the child, named Jack, shared DNA with Ryan, it was able to access some features of the city that were tuned to Ryan's genetic structure.

Yi Suchong genetically modified Jack's growth hormones, making him appear to have the structure of a nineteen year old whilst only being three years of age. He implamented a trigger phrase of "would you kindly" into Jack's brain - allowing him to be controlled by whomever said the phrase.

The Final Victory

Atlas used Jack to traverse all of Rapture - leading him to Ryan's office so he could assassinate him. Rather than commanding Ryan's death himself, it was Ryan that demanded Jack were to kill him with a golf club - however before he did so Ryan triggered Rapture's self destruct.

After Atlas had Jack cancel the detination - he revealled himself to be Fontaine. Using the "would you kindly" phrase, he made Jack hand over control of Rapture to him, shortly before Fontaine tried to kill him with Ryan's security.

After awakening relatively unharmed in Tenenbaum's safehouse - she reveals all to Jack about Fontaine's past and who he really was. Jack sets off to assassinate him, in the mean time Fontaine splices for the first time - and quickly becomes addicted and injects himself with a massive overdose of ADAM, mutating him serverly.

Fontaine uses a failsafe "Code Yellow" to stop Jack's heart, however he becomes a Big Daddy to venture forward and confront him.

After starving him of ADAM Fontaine is weaked and overcome by a group of Little Sisters, and is left to rot in Rapture.

Post-war period 1: Jack's Escape & Rapture's Second Act
If the player in BioShock 1 has rescued every Little Sister in the game, Jack will head to the surface and take with him the Little Sisters that helped him overcome Fontaine. Rapture is left beneath the sea, and Sofia Lamb begins her church "The Rapture Family."

Her church idolizes Jack and portrays him as the son of God.

The events of BioShock 2 occur at this point.

Subject Delta, an early prototype Alpha Series Big Daddy sets to kill Sophia Lamb and retrieve his daughter from her, Eleanor. Whilst Delta travels through Rapture various sections of it are sunk, the final of which being Persephone which, along with Rapture, is lost to an ocean trench. The city's fate is left unknown, however it is thought some of it still houses Splicers. For the following years, various artefacts wash up on shorelines throughout the world, and Rapture becomes a well-told legend.
Post-war period 2: World War Three
If the player in BioShock 1 failed to rescure all little sisters, they will be greeted with the "bad ending."

Jack resumes control of Rapture and follows in the same footsteps as Ryan, taking things one step further. He grants Splicers use of the bathyspheres and sends them to the surface where they storm a nuclear submarine, killing it's workers.

The nuclear missles are primed for launch as Jack wishes to create the world which his father never could - which is assumed to be the mark of World War Three.

This guide is the penultimate volume of my BioShock lore series, the rest of which can be found below! I hope you enjoyed this guide, feedback appreciated!

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