Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

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Rome II Mods
These are the Rome II mods that I use. I've found them to be balanced with the Vanilla game - nothing here feels like a cheat - and everything enhances the core game mechanics and graphics.
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R2:TW GEMFX - Graphic Enhancement Mod 1.0.9

GEM - Graphics Enhancement Mod is a new shader collection (GEM) & a new injector (GEMFX) I implemented.

GEM also utilizes the SweetFX shader stack and is inspired by...
New Edicts Mod
Created by Sarge
Updated 02/12/2017

This mod adds some new edicts and changes the base edicts as well.

It is save game compatable and works with all DLC Expansion packs, Radious's and Hegemonia mods.

New Edicts

Cultural Development
Adapt or ...
Better Water III HD
Created by ΣIX
This mod is meant to drasticly improve the water rendering in the game.
** Up to date **


-New textures
-New sea color
-New artificial waves
-New artificial foam
-New sunlight reflections
-New shores reflections
Sand Empires Unit Pack - Patch 17 Only!
Created by Radious
Sand Empires Unit Pack

Follow us on Patreon[] - Our Home to keep everything we do free and where you may speak freely. If you like our work, consider a small donation which gives you access to spec...
Ancient Sea Empires Unit Pack - Patch 17 Only!
Created by Radious
Ancient Sea Empires Unit Pack

Overview - This pack adds 106 brand new units for Bithynia, Cyprus, Cyrenaica, Massalia, Trapezos, Cimmeria and Syracuse. Each unit is unique with plenty new custom textures on armors, helmets and shields. They ...
Pdguru's Legal Weed Mod
Created by Pdguru
Improved grass textures. A fundamemtal change (and hopefully an improvement) in the look of the game.

TURN OFF VEGETATION ALPHA if you have it on.

"Put that grass in your pipe, and smoke it", Colorado and Washington. Jealousy, well intended.

Dresden's Sack, Liberation and Diplomatic Options Mod
Created by Dresden
This mod gives all diplomatic and occupation options to all factions: Sacking, Liberating, Looting, Razing, Subjugating, Confederating, Forming Satrapies and Forming Client States. Patch 20 compatible.

Better Blood Textures for Blood & Gore DLC (Update 21.11.2013)
Created by Mech_Donald
Hi guys,

Here is a small enhancement for the blood Textures coming with the Blood DLC. I remade blood on bodies and blood on floor as well. Also the blood color is toned down a bit. This is just a small part of my actual "Special Effects Enhancement Mod...
Roman Eagle Standard by Drazan
Created by CN_Vandal☣
Note: Listen to me: I have ended my career as a modder for Rome 2. This is due to the fact, that I cannot really play it anymore. Since a patch in late 2013 I was experiencing heavy lag on the campaign map, which made it unplayable for me. This ...
centurion Mod by Drazan
Created by CN_Vandal☣
Note: Listen to me: I have ended my career as a modder for Rome 2. This is due to the fact, that I cannot really play it anymore. Since a patch in late 2013 I was experiencing heavy lag on the campaign map, which made it unplayable for me. This ...
Better siege weapons, equipments and fort walls HQ textures [outdated]
Created by Noif1988
Working with PATCh 16 and EE!

Now HQ texture has arrived to siege weapons, equipments and fort walls. This is now on Beta-stage so please give feedback and report problems what you find in game.

This mod improve siege weapons, equipments and fort wal...
Elephant Add-Blade&Crest Mod
Created by Karasis
Hi everyone!

I think most of you remember this picture.And remember tusk blades.But we can not see this tusks in game

So I decided make this mod.

This mod gives İndian armored elephants nice tusk blades :)

Enjoy :)

Ancient Colors 2019 (EMPEROR EDITION update)
Dear TW fans,

This is my first mod and an attempt to get rid of the over saturated vanilla uniforms.

Preview screenshots taken with Pdguru Roman Shields (v3) and GEM Environnement enabled ==> both are highly recommanded !

All feedback/suggestion ...

Rome II Total Realism Music Mod[]

R2TR I MUSICA is a conversion of the RTR 6 music mod which was composed by Vlad Kuryluk. I...
Traits, Talents and Toadies: Character Overhaul
Created by Dresden
This is Hellbent's Traits, Talents and Toadies Character Overhaul Mod, updated with permission from Hellbent. This version is compatible with Patch 20 and works with the Caesar in Gaul, Augustus, Wrath of Sparta and Hannibal mini-campaigns. New campaign re...
Eagle for First Cohort
Created by Ø76923
A little mod that gives the first cohort an eagle standard bearer.


This goes well with: Historical Eagle Cohort (double size)

also try:
Double Strength Eagle Cohort
Created by Ø76923
Just doubles Eagle Cohort size. Didn't double the First Cohort for historical reasons.

A future separate mod will cover the First Cohort at some stage to link here :)

The cost is not doubled, but they are more expensive and technically better th...
Agent Cards Redone
Created by Guy D
This mod changes all agent cards.
As far as I'm concerned, there shouldn't be any compatibility issues.

The portraits are taken from Strength and Honour 2 by Magitech (A big thank you to them)...
Four Turns Per Year Mod ( 4TPY )
Created by Dresden
This changes the turns per year to 4 for the Grand Campaign. Generals and Agents will age 1/4 as fast.

Not compatible with Turn Per Year Mods, All Factions Unlocked Mod or other startpos mods.

For a version compatible with Patch 17 Beta (the old gam...
Kaziel's Romans: Early Republic
Created by Kaziel
This is a Unit/Faction pack specifically for the Romans of the Early Republican era. It contains all
the work I've done in Kaziel's Romans 1.0 to 4.5. Also contains many things that have been refined
and many new things as well (see below). Overall, I t...
The Slave Mod (2)
Created by Phalangitis
Regardless to what it seems in the mod manager the mod is Still working..

For a Version compatible with Empire Divided Patch click HERE

Save game compatible-latest pat...
Realistic Ship Colors
Created by Steerpike
This mod removes all player colors from ships. Now your ships will look like they would in real life....
Better Horses, elephants and dogs HQ texture v2 [outdated]
Created by Noif1988
Working with PATCh 15 and EE!

I think, I was not only person in this game who think same. When I played a battle and my friend mentioned about poor quality dogs for me. I decided take a look to dogs, but also I wanted check for horses and elephants. Wor...
Roma II: Total War Camera Mod
This is a simple mod that edits the land battle camera, sea battle camera, campaign camera, and unit camera. It increases the max and min zoom distance in the battle and campaign maps. It also lowers the unit camera in the mix position and lets you raise...
It's a Small World After All
Created by Dresden
This simple mod does two things. It makes it so that small AI factions can only field 2 armies and takes away the hidden income bonus for minor AI factions.

Any AI faction with 2 regions or less will only be able to field 2 armies (rather than 4). This ...