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Team Fortress 2

The Tiny Texan V2
Class: Engineer
Item Slot: Headgear
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Oct 7, 2014 @ 3:34pm
Oct 7, 2014 @ 5:41pm
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This item has been accepted for Team Fortress 2!

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“His brain may be the size of a pea. But he’s still smarter than you. “

3 LODs
Paintable (Glowing eyes, Cab, and Engineer’s shirt)

Jiggle bone Hatches
Smoke particle effects
Glowing eyes
Facial Flexed (Little guy moves around for certain facial animations)

I did the remodeling, texturing, facial flexes, and some of the promotional work
Flat Penguin did the Jiggle-boning, and the smoke particle effects
Dilly did the amazing SFM pictures.

Special thanks to RetroMike, JPRAS, Jukebox, and E-Arkham for helping me out with technical issues.

Remaking this item was a really fun experience.
I made the Tiny Texan last year but it didn’t get picked and I thought the concept was cool enough to take a shot at it again. (I was also getting a few messages from fans of the old Tiny Texan asking me to resubmit the item this year. That was really touching guys.) It was exciting to have a second shot at trying to achieving the vision I had with this item now that I have become a better artist.

What’s extra cool is two of the biggest fans of my old Tiny Texan actually helped me on the remake of this new Item! Dilly loved the item so much back then that he wanted to make a promotional SFM picture for free. He’s been my main SFM guy since. And Flat Penguin, another talented workshoper, added me as a friend after seeing the old Tiny Texan and we have been good friend and working companions ever since as well. ^_^

Get the item in mod form here:


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