S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. MISERY 2.1.1 Black Road First Day Survival Guide
A quick guide that explains how to survive your first day in Misery 2, when you choose the Black Road beginning. It intends to give you a good start with some food, weapons and money after the first night and leaves all other explorations up to you (so there are hopefully no spoilers).
Attention Stalkers
This little guide tries to give some useful hints how to survive the first day in Misery 2, when you choose the Black Road beginning. This guide only covers the recon class (hardest one), but these tips are actually useful for all classes.

You'll start your journey into the zone with nothing more than a wind-up flashlight, a knife and no money, but at least with a full stomach, in a dark house somewhere in the zone which is surrounded by zombies. So you are literally f*cked - exactly as you like it as a real stalker.

This guide intends to give you a good start with some food, weapons and money after the first night.

Hopefully this doesn't spoil to much, because learning how to play Misery is half of the fun.
Black Road
  • You spawn in the small house by the sawmill, which is surrounded by zombies. First thing to do is to press the o-key to activate the flashlight. You don't own a head lamp yet, so pressing the l button does not work.
    Climb up the ladder to the attic as fast as possible, because the zombies will start shooting at you from the outside (and they will break through the blocked entrances). You'll find some cigarettes, beard's tea and a piece of boar chops up in the attic, then jump trough the window and run.

  • After you left the house head over the brigde, pass the brunt farmstead on the right side and then follow the pipes to the Skadovsk, which is the only save place in Zaton.

    Attention: Do not follow the road after you leave the bridge behind you, because you'll come near the controller's cave and you'll die quickly because of its psy-field.

    There is a little stash on the way that you might know from vanilla CoP:

  • After you reach the Skadovsk, first talk to Sultan and activate the quest where you have to attack the stalkers on the Shevchenko. Talk to Beard afterwards to make sure that the stalkers are warned, because you only have a knife and can't really battle anyone.

  • When you start the attack stay behind the last bandit, when the group enters the Shevchenko and the shooting starts just stay behind and try to kill the last guy with your knife. Afterwards loot every corps the fast way by pressing f and then x, because otherwise our fellow stalkers will get all the loot (and you need it badly). Get your reward from the leader of the stalkers and loot the four stashes:

  • Return to the Skadovsk and don't talk to Beard yet, just put all the loot into your box, because as a Recon you can't really carry much and there is much loot coming up. You should have found a pistol with a little bit of ammo, so take it with you.

    I was lucky to find a LR-300-ML with a scope, because it uses 5.56x45 ammo which is not that expensive and it can be found in the zone.

  • Now talk to Beard and he'll ask you to support a stalker attack on some bandits at the ranger station. Same procedure as at the attack on the Shevchenko: stay behind and let your fellow stalkers do the job. Try to kill at least one guy. Quick loot all corpses, there should be around seven of them and don't forget to take the basic tools:

    Talk to the leader of the stalker squad to get your reward and a secret stash location which is just in the house nearby:

    Here is what I got, I was very lucky to find a Dragunov SVD and an AKS-74:

    If you don't need some of the weapons you found, sell them to the stalkers at this place so that you don't have to take them back to Beard.

  • After you returned to the Skadovsk talk to Beard to get the reward, bring Cardan his tools and sell everything you don't need. Be sure to unload all weapons before you sell them and store every ammunition you found in your box. Even keep one pistol for every type of ammunition you have. Sell the faction patches to Owl and the useless weapons to Beard. Now you should have around 15,000 RU of money.

  • Congratulations stalker, you successfully survived the first night! Now you have something to eat and drink, some cigarettes against radiation and some rubels to really start with this awesome mod.
Basic tips
Some basic tips at the end:
  • The greatest problem at the beginning is the food, you'll easily starve and buying food is very expensive. The easiest source for food is to cook parts of mutants. Buy an hexagon wood stove and some charcoal to cook low-tier mutants (like boars):

    At daytime team up with stalkers and let them kill the mutants near the Skadovsk, there are always some boars around and you can loot their corps easily. Some parts are good for cooking, the other parts can be sold to Beard. Don't forget to smoke a cigarette after your meal, because mutant-meat is radioactive.

  • If you're not hunting, try to raid those bandits at the ranger station, because they are quiet easy to kill and you can loot useful iteams. Also there are sometimes some mercenaries, which are harder to kill but have better equipment.

  • Some people say that they make 10,000 RU - 20,000 RU the day by only hunting mutants and killing bandits / mercenaries.

  • There is a military convoi at the Preobrazhensky brigde, one jeep has a box in its trunk containing some fine 5.45x39 ammo.

  • Buy some military binoculars (they are upgradable!), because reconnaissance is the best life saver.

  • If you want to use your PDA, head lamp or nightvision, you'll have to buy an Universal Power Device (UPD), which costs about 4500 RU and it needs to be charged with batteries. Your wind-up flashlight doesn't need these things at all.

  • Don't compare the condition of your weapon to vanilla CoP, because in Misery even weapons that seem to be in a bad condition are good enough and won't get jammed that often.

  • Check out "A Misery Handbook" by airmarmot

  • Locations of all tools in Zaton:

    (Thanks to AwhSchnap for this video)
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When you start out in the house, look to your right next to the bed frame. There is a bag with a pistol and somethings in there. Also, get a gas mask ASAP.