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Together We Stand
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Oct 31, 2014 @ 6:39am
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Together We Stand

Cooprate survival Game (suitable for 1-5 player)
You don't have to protect anyone except your self ! Just keep alive !
You can buy and sell spells in the spell shop,and upgrade it in the spell panel.Ultimate skill may cost more points to learn.Heroes with weak model(especially agility range) have special powerful ability.

Support me on petreon[], and get extra life for your team.

Every round is a special challenge,strategy and cooperation is the key to win the game.If you are confused about the monsters,just pause the game and read their abilitys description, it will help you to defeat them.
Hope you have fun !
Type: round?? on cheat mode to challenge a specific round.
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Solo Wk Can win Together We Stand
< >
Nemesis Jun 23 @ 3:44pm 
Archan Jun 23 @ 1:10pm 
『 』, i'm just usual player but i wish to comment your message:
*Aghanim drow's upgraded tooltip didn't shows but it's work well. Well for me at least. But I heard about it don't in some cases.
*Life steal. Just in case but are you sure you don't talking about night wave where mobs have additional 90%reduct via passive and able to lose it sometimes? Or don't you forget about your NaturalOrder while playing on range character? Don't you miss some mobs abilities to block any heal like AA's ulti?

All other things are reasonable or i can't say anything about it :)
『 』 Jun 23 @ 10:16am 
- Reorganize shop so it makes sense, would be much easier if you know what upgrade goes after which item. Some items dont exist in shop and can only be accessed through lower versions of that item (Butterfly upgrades for example).
- Add one more spawn area so all 5 players can farm if they want. Make spawns a bit faster. Sometimes they spawn too slow and you end up doing nothing.
- Fix some items and boss' skills tooltip, they are misleading or badly formated so its hard to figure out what they mean.

Hope you listen to at least somewhat of what I wrote, it would make game much better.

Part 3/3
『 』 Jun 23 @ 10:16am 
- Damage on illusion varies for unknown reasons. Sometimes they deal low amount of dmg (presumably as they are supposed to) and sometimes it spikes and goes crazy, outdamaging the hero itself. The crit is not the reason, happens even without it.
- Fire and Dark Terrorblades fail to register when you get close to them meaning that you cannot remove debuff resulting it 100% death if they place it on you.
- Talents that upgrade skills (Precision Aura and Marksmanship on Drow for example) dont work.

General stuff:
- Make exp shared as well besides gold so it really means "Together We Stand" and not "We fight amongst ourselves for loot and gold and exp"
- Additionally, make NPCs drop only gold and not items cuz it is really painfully bad to get loot that way. To compensate, increase amount of gold dropped to cover for items. Keep last hit gold for each player separately (to make people actually play and not stand in place).

Part 2/3
『 』 Jun 23 @ 10:14am 
- Divine Reapers keep disappearing from inventory even when you dont die.
- Luna's Moon Glave lowers attack speed (locks BAT, animation doesnt get faster no matter how much attack speed you build) and stays on hero even when you sell it.
- Aghanims Scepter doesnt work on many ultimates including: Drow's, Alchemists', WK's and many others.
- Sometimes items on courier cant be sold for unknown reasons. Has to be dropped and picked up 1st (its present when you pick up item with cour or give item from hero).
- Sometimes items fail to combine even when you have everything you need for them.
- Lifesteal sometimes work and sometimes it doesnt. Sometimes you bearly heal for 10hp on attack and sometimes you heal full hp from single attack, on the same round, on the same monster.

Part 1/3
Moe Jun 22 @ 2:44pm 
its not together we stand, but together we loot...xD, enemies are the other four which stare at the same dropped item...LMFAO....GOOD MAP
1 Jun 22 @ 2:22am 
1 Jun 22 @ 2:22am 
but so good aroung
1 Jun 22 @ 2:22am 
so slow upade is really
guys can someone help fight TA(tempelar asassins)?