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Anything on the TF2 Workshop that should be in game (not that it will be).
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Hillbilly Speed-Bump
Created by Psyke
We picked this cute little fella' up off the road-side

Turns out he's got a nack for sniffin' out back-stabbing, cowardice spies.

Comes with 3 LODS!
Pyroland Assister!
Durable and shock-absorbent!
For Engie AND Sniper!

[UPDATED: fixed minor c...
Honcho's Heavy Hairdo
Created by heinous
Hello, this item is now outdated. Please look for the newer version here:
Kelvin 9000
Created by Q.
The Kelvin series is the most reliable computer ever made. It is, by any practical definition of the words, incapable of error. That is why you have decided to bolt one to your face....
Taunt: The Boston Breakdance
Created by Nobrainsleft~
What's the word on the street? "Breakdancing is totally hip with the kids". That's what.

Please check the video to see the taunt. Keep in mind that the video is rendered at 24fps without motion blur for clarity. It might look choppy as a result.

Tip of the Hats
Created by Ruskeydoo

An all class, undersized bowler, tipped to the jauntiest of angles.
Two styles with either the hat or the band fully paint-able.

CHARITY ITEM - All of the money not going to Valve, wil be going to these guys:

Cosmic Cuisine
Created by Sparkwire
Take a faster-than-light trip through your bowels with this gelatinous sandvich-flavored space paste....
The Meteor Shower
Created by Sparkwire
When asked to build a gun that would work in a zero-oxygen environment, the number one Soviet gun designer asked "Why?" After his body was removed, the number two Soviet gun designer came up with this....
Terminal Killocity
Created by Sparkwire
Prepare for a Fist Encounter of the Four-Knuckled Kind with these comfy gold-foil lined spacegloves.

UPDATE: added better team colors...
The Hooded Haunter
Created by 🎃 V-AHHH!-P 🎃
It's a known fact that ghosts are indeed scary, however, our mercs are trained not to fear the undead. Infact this little guy follows you around, much like your creepy ex-girlfriend.

Instead of collecting your dead skin and strands of your hair like a ...
The Loud'n'Clear
Created by DeR‎osaJ
Son, don't make me mute you

*An optimized remake of The Hard Hat Headset
*Paint-compatible headphones
*Jiggle-boned antenna

*Available for mod downlo[]...
Beep Man
Created by NeoDemonic
Careful not to push this guys buttons...

The Mini-Mech suit is a seperate item and can be voted for here:
The Turtle Head
Created by Rain↯
Watch your fingers, he Snaps!

- Flexes included

Mod available[]...
The Reptilian Limbs
Created by Rain↯
Ever wanted to work at a slower pace than usual?, what you need are Mutant Turtle Limbs!

Mod available[]...
The Half Shell
Created by Rain↯
Engies in a half shell, Turtle Power!

Mod available[]...
Nightmare Aquatic
Created by E-Arkham
"Ever since you bested Merasmus, the ghost of one of his fish heads has followed you around everywhere. If only you could find some spectral tartar sauce, you might be rid of it."

Yes, I am LITERALLY justifying a floating ghost fish as "a wizard did it."...
The Warbird
Created by Sky
Adventure is out there!

- All-class aviators cap/flying helmet.
- Paintable
- Not the Barnstormer.
- Not the Polar Pullover which i (a) made and (b) didn't use any part of when making this hat.

The Comedian
Created by Rain↯
When you're a clown. Nobody takes you seriously.

- Zwappa: Concepting/Promo Materials
- Rain: Model/Textures
- Psyke: Textures
- Donhonk: Flexing

**Both "The Comedian" and "The Granite Chin" are different items, and don't need eachother to work...
The Hot Box
Created by KingPooChicken

-Inspired by the "Keeper" (aka - Boxman) from the game "The Evil Within".

-Misc: Hunka' Junk...
Turret Syndrome
Created by Daft.Eng
Turn your head In to a sleek turret-come breathing apparatus.

Now more paintable and shinier than ever!
It SHOULD be compatible with hats, but I have no Idea how to test this, since itemtest can only load one item at a time...

"Hello friend. I don't...
"Murphy" V2
Created by CyanPlastic
An older item, now a shoulder pet for Pyro!

- 2 LODs
- Paintable
- Jiggleboned antennas...
Fire Ant
Created by EmAr
Fire Ant has returned for that brat with the magnifying glass!

3 LODs, antennas jiggle, paintable face!...
Shoal Mate
Created by Yikes
rev up those fryers


Model by ike
Jiggles, texture by Doctor Aibaleet
Renders by Colteh
Hunka' Junk
Created by KingPooChicken
Is it garbage, or is it modern art? Either way we can both agree its junk...

-Inspired from the "Keeper" (aka - Boxman) from the game "The Evil Within".

Hat: The Hot Box...
What's left of ye'
Created by kf.hammond
Proper soupcan-burial materials.

Mod avaliable at:
The Granite Chin
Created by Rain↯
The Longterm effects of heavy-weight boxing can include Cauliflower ear, Broken noses, and something we like to call "Pug-Face"

- Zwappa: Concepting
- Rain: Model/Textures/Promo Materials
- Psyke: Textures
- Donhonk: Flexing

**Both "The Co...
Unusual Effect: Circling Earbills
It had to be done.

No, it isn't quite the "burning with quadruple-orbiting-planets-scorching-earbills" effect. This is the eco-friendly version! (tech-friendly to be more precise) Gloat to your friends as they gaze upon your "pure" awesomeness.

This ...
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
No more pain....
The Feet of Engineering (single foot style)
Created by kf.hammond
Due to popular demand, a single footed style of "The Feet of Engineering"

The original style:

Download the Mod at
Makeshift Millinery
Created by NeoDemonic
Even the homeless like to wear some fancy new hats every once in a while!

(Yes, this is a slightly improved re-upload of an old hat. No longer halloween tagged, as I feel it fits the homeless Heavy set well enough to be an all-year round hat.)

Oculus Vizier
Created by Vensteel
- All Class
- Specific Team colors
- Paintable
- 3 LODs...
Extra Large Fan Support
Created by ZOAG
Do you want to cheer your team on? Well, what better way to do that than to wave a giant foam hand around, saying how great your team is? How about being able to whack the members of the enemy team with said foam hand to weaken their morale and boost the c...
The Frame of Shame
Created by Spetch
This is a "strange" variant of the Conscientious Objector. This weapon is decalable. It has been a request by the TF2 community for some time. Frame up your foes and paint the town red!...
Kung-Fu Kut
Created by <<GT500>> JZ-eerie

* Paintable Hair Holders
* Facial Flexes
* LODs

Concept: Tweet
Model/Texture: JZeeba
Facial Flexes: JPRAS
SFM: 'R' DoubleTap

Also, vote for ...
Kung-Fu Koat
Created by <<GT500>> JZ-eerie

"A kickass coat to protect you from the House of Flying Crockets"

Also, vote for the other items to go with it!

Bone to Kill
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
Halloween weapon.
Backstab turns victim to skeleton...

Workshop of Horrors II[]...
Western Warhand
Go back to your western roots with an original Mann Co. lever action long barreled austalium infused sniper rifle.

Lighting issues have been fixed.
Now working on animations

Proposed stats:

+6 Magazine size (Having a total of 6)
+20% increased f...
The Grim Bloody Reaper
Created by +HyperVolt+
The Grim Reaper's scythe as the Demo's
melee weapon....
Astral Assassin
Created by ZoraKirby
Assasinate your target from over a planet away with these rocket-propelled energy arrows!

Part of the Snipin' Space Man set.

(ALSO check out the animated gif of the energy effect!)

Update: Fixed the "string" of the bow looking crazy in lower LODs. Also...
Created by Mnemo
Part of the 'Scout Cadet' set, featuring the following items:

Cadet Visor -
Cadet Boots -
Cadet Visor
Created by Mnemo
Part of the 'Scout Cadet' set, featuring the following items:

Batsaber -
Cadet Boots -
Cadet Boots
Created by Mnemo
Part of the 'Scout Cadet' set, featuring the following items:

Batsaber -
Cadet Visor -
The Holiday Hearthstone
Created by Mnemo
Another Pyro item? It's a Christmas miracle!...
The P-Y20 V2
Created by Bergholt BadGyver
Resubmited for that sexy gold star
New main style: Dark Steel...
Team Boogaloo
Hi everyone. This is a dummy item Valve have asked us to submit, sharing the % between all the people who worked in the production team.

You will each recieve a % of key sales from the upcoming update, as a reward for your contributions! So accept the i...
Sir Bombington IV
'Sure, you've seen badges before, you may have even worn one! But 'Sir Bombington IV' isn't your regular pin, oh no, he's got class! All the lady badges quiver when 'Sir Bombington IV' enters the room! The monocle! The cane! that dapper top hat! There aren...
The Ol' Greaser
Created by Mnemo
AKA "The Proto-Spector"...
ANIMATED PIP-BOY [Build/Destroy Tool] re-work
Created by Ouch!
Since the Engineer got a space for new PDAs in his loadout I have felt that the Pip-Boy Miscileaneous item should no longer be a misc item and, instead, become a reskin item for the build/destroy tool. SFM makes making stuff like this easy!

Created by MonkeyBug
Dispense faster on the battlefield!!

Blueprint included
Includes (5) Gibs

Special thanks to Frying Dutchman for the custom HUD icons.

High Noon
Created by Ertz™

When the Clock Strikes Twelve, One Bullet will End it All.

Part of The Bushman Bandit set.

-3 lods
-512x512 diffuse

Brim Full of Bullets
Created by Ertz™
...And For A Fist-full of Dollars, They're Yours for Hire.

Part of The Bushman Bandit set.

-2 lods
-256x256 diffuse and normal

MOD download[]...
The Gunslinger's Gear
Created by Ertz™
When Your Enemies Bite The Dust, This Dust-Breaker Will Make Sure That Your Mouth Stays Dirt-Free, and Your Gum Stays Delicious.

Part of The Bushman Bandit set.

Comes with neck part and revolver holster.

-2 lods
-256x256 diffuse and...
Created by Svdl
A shotgun just for the Pyro, with a head similar to the backburner on it.

3 lods, 2 textures.
Biowaste Pump
Created by Svdl
The beneficial properties of biohazardous waste are not yet fully understood, so grab a barrel and start spraying it all over your loved ones.

Backpack - 2 Textures. 3 LODs.
Gun - 2 Textures. 3 LODs....
Created by Svdl
You press trigger, people on the other side of the gun get hurt and die screaming and alone.
It is very simple.

Modified nail gun.
Single texture. 3 LODs....
Positive Pressure Veil
Created by Svdl
Oops! Did you spill ebola all over yourself? Don't worry, you're protected.

2 Textures. 2 LODs.
Emergency Supplies
Created by Svdl
Pills for all ailments and assorted medical wonders.

Other people don't need these, you're not going to share.
You don't need these, you're too smart to get into an emergency.

Misc item.
2 Textures. 2 LODs.
Created by Svdl
Fill it with any of your favorite infectious diseases and start up a good old fashioned epidemic, or just fill it with bad intentions and poke holes into things.

Modified caulk gun.
Single texture. 3 LODs....
Dam Destroyer
Created by Py-Bun
That's not how you use a torpedo

this is the longest workshop item backstory I've made yet, I even made a quick backstory of its name *facepalm
as for the textures, the original doesn't really have the team logos, I just ad...
Heavy Artillery
Created by Gadget
This is my submission for the Facepunch TF2 Arms Race design contest which has been voted as 1st place. Thanks to everybody who voted for it!

o Heavy primary weapon
o Jiggling handles on the ammo crate
o 4 LODs (6172/4608/2651/1340 tris)

Update 28t...
Created by Svdl
A fancy electric sniper rifle with an actually working screen.

Also has jiggleboned antennas and wire.

Downloadable as a replacement for existing weapons here
The Insanerator
Created by Sparkwire
The coolest coal cannon out there! (But only because it's the only coal cannon out there, and to be honest, it's actually the opposite of cool; it's really damn hot!)

Don't forget to watch the video to see it in-game and with special sounds!

The Cardiac Arrest
Created by MonkeyBug
Defibrillating teamates!?
Shock and burn the bodily fluids of your enemies instead!

Comes with battery and capacitor.
3 LODs 50% efficiency

Get big posters of the items here:
LED Sentry
Created by AyesDyef
Watch out! This Laser Emitting Device packs some serious heat, and I mean the kind that'll melt holes through you AND the guy behind you; and don't touch it either, it gets really hot.

Animated gifs of the build animations can be found below:
The Energy Sentry (All Levels)
Created by juiceböx
Upgrade your energy sentry! Full replacement for Sentry levels 1-3. Also includes a mini sentry. Be sure to check out the rest of the set by clicking on the collection link above!

Please note that the wires have a red and a blu color variant that is not...
LED Construction PDA
Created by AyesDyef
If you thought a gun that could see was scary, this PDA can too!
The rotational camera enjoys bobbing along as you run around and decide what to build.
Watch it move subtly in this [url=
The Twenty-Six Shooter
Created by Wowza
Sometimes, you need an incredibly excessive amount of gun.

A revolver modified with sentry parts for the Engineer.

3 LODs.

Concept by A trained chimpanzee.

The County Killer
Created by Rain↯
"Nothing like dodging bullets and booby traps in the mornin"

Mr.Gibbly - Concepting
Rain* - Modelling/Texturing
Sparkwire - Promo Materials

The Scotch Guardian
Created by _Kilburn
With four times more barrels, you can shove four times more deadly explosives up your enemies' respective bottoms!

This is my first real model ever. It is a grenade launcher designed with the special ability to shoot all four barrels at once in mind....
Li'l Mate
Created by Constructor


This mod is not going to be uploaded on Gamebanana because honestly, that site is a shithole. Also, NATKO, you DO NOT hav...
Pinstripe Pantaloons
Created by Constructor
Stylish! Simple! Easy to trip over!

Join my workshop group here!...
Smokin' Criminal
Created by Constructor
You'll get lung cancer if you keep smoking those cigars, but you can bet that you'll look intimidating doing it.

- Paintable rim

Join my workshop group here!...
Violent Case
Created by Constructor
Usually contains guns, sometimes musical instruments.

Join my workshop group here!...
The Snowstorm
Created by levi
Somebody told the Pyro to "Chill Out".

The Pyro prompty went and got a fire extinguisher, a canister of liquid nitrogen, some ice chains and a few broken snow blower parts.

Chill out indeed.

Want to use this weapon in game right now? Click here t...
Created by levi
When climbing high, freezing altitudes like mountains or skyscrapers, it's important to have a professionally made, hermetically sealed respiration mask complete with a medically safe oxygen canister.

You have none of these things. You have a broken fire ...
The Van de Graaff Wrath
Created by boomsta
A return of one of my older items is here! This thing has 3 LOds and is team colored. Vote it up and tell me what ya think!

Here is a mod for ya:
The Solid Impact
Created by ToxicWeasel

Point in general direction of enemy.. press the trigger and witness pure carnage!.. That's of course if you can even lift this weapon!


Not to be used by lightweights or maggots!...
Bursting Betty
Created by Sparkwire
A burst fire SMG for engineer.

"From the time when automatic weapons were new, this rare little number was designed to fire in bursts. It did so moderately well, but it did tend to overheat and fall apart every now and then which is why only collector...
The Rayzar
Created by MonkeyBug
Original concept by VernoGuy
Model/Texture/Animation & SFM short by BANG!


#What does it do?
Nothing, the worksho...
The Secret Service
Created by BenH
Comes with LOD's!

Make sure you check out the other items in the set!

Download the skin/mod!
Dr. No
Created by BenH
Your enemies will shreik at the sight purely because of your new hair (secretly a toupee).
Comes with LOD's. Paintable!
Has 2 styles, Inconspicuous (Default, muted colors), and Conspicuous (Brighter, better for certain paints).

Make sure you check out th...
License to Kill
Created by BenH
Comes with LOD's!

Make sure you check out the other items in the set!

Download the mod!

Make sure to follow SNIPA and Primrose to see more great content!...
The Six Barrel Serenade
Created by Pogo
"Let me play you the song of my people"

Send those tiny babies to sleep

Stickers are optional, and customisable with the decal tool.

The Desperado:

Extra images:
The Groundbreaker
Created by [m00] Elbagast
"It's always tough to seperate a man from his buildin', 'specially if its one o' them engineer lads. "Why are ye always blowin' up everythin' I make?" they say, like they don't know it's a vicious monster that's killin' all me mates. They're like the owner...
The Ultimatum
Created by [m00] Elbagast
"Sometimes people just don't get it. Their buildin’ has to come down and there's nothin' they can do about it. For those times you take this paint-grenade firin' beauty and coat your targets in thick yellow paint. Now everybody knows that this buildin' is ...
Blasting Cap
Created by [m00] Elbagast
"Every site I go to there's always some nancy who insists I wear a hardhat, like they're intimidated by me lack o' hat or somethin'. Can't be for safety, can it? It's no' like a wee bit o' plastic is going to stop a bomb accident. They'll want me wearin' g...
Bomb Exploding Kit
Created by [m00] Elbagast
"It would be embarassin' to set up a load o' bombs and not have anythin' with ye to make 'em explode. Come to think of it, I've been workin' for RED for how long now and I've not once used me lucky detonator?'s like I've nae been usin' bombs at all!"
The Clodhoppers
Created by [m00] Elbagast
"Da' always said "get some good boots and ne'er take 'em aff when yae workin'." Oh my lad, did his boots stink like nothin' else on this Earth. He was right though, 'cause I may have lost an eye but I still have both my feet, great goin' for a man who ride...
Danger Ranger (Iron Gauntlet)
Created by Donvius
UPDATE: Alright, if anyone wants to check it out for themselfs in the game, here is a download link for a mod that will replace the Direct Hit with Danger Ranger:

- - - - -

Because if you want to win wars and b...
The Saboteur's Sabre
Created by levi
Half knife, half knuckleduster, all deadly.

Skin download link:
The Phantom Filter
Created by levi
I hope you like it, it's the last thing you'll ever see.

This item includes facial flexes!

Skin download link:
The Wire Tap
Created by levi
They laughed at his silenced revolver. He laughed at their silenced corpses.

Skin download link:

Video provided by [url=
Timely Demise
Created by Svdl
Sapper slot item.

Demoman shouldn't get to have all the fun.

Has team colors and LODs....
Maxim GUN v2
new model. new textures
has styles
has lodes...
Combustible Lemon Launcher V1.2
Created by Sparkwire
Resubmitted to add some critical fixes

Best idea ever: (it should work the same except be a secondary, not a primary as noted in the comment.)

Fish R Friends 4 hours ago
Would it be possible to have a primary that goes with this that shoots propul...
The Magnetic Horseshoe
Created by Rotzlöffel
Updated Version, now with new textures and more power!!!!

- 3 LOD
- team colors...
Battle Banana
Created by Gadget
Battle Banana

o Heavy secondary weapon
o Jiggle bones
o Bite bodygroup
o 2 LODs

Feel free to talk about stats in the discussions section.

The Defensive Engie Pack
Created by Jal
The concept is to have a building that generates shield similar to the one around the sentries when you are using Wrangler. There should be a special effect applied to the generator ring similar to the rotating light ring above the center control point in ...
The Sharp Shock
Created by Sky
Because there's no point having a pair of ten-inch long blades surgically implanted into your hand if you can't also electrify them.


- Uses the sharp dresser animations.
- Team colours.
- 3 LODs...
War Drum
Created by Zoey
The Powder Keg
Created by Ertz™
Comes with:

- 3 Lods

Part of the "Rex Lusca" set.
Created by Orko
Save time, labor and fuel,
with the Iron Maid tool....
The Hightower Hollowpoint
Created by Sparkwire
"The earth's surface curves out of sight at a distance of 66 city blocks. Sometimes you just need to ruin a fancy dinner party from the other side of town."

*OLD NAME: "The Automatic Assassin"*

Check out the other item in this 2 part weapon set!

Ninja Star
Created by Svdl
Strike like a ninja!

Throwable ninja star for the Scout.
Download as a Flying Guillotine replacement here.[]...
The Soft Blow
Created by Ducksink
Death has never been more comfrotable.

Part of "Count Tavish" pack which includes:

-Demons Fro
-The Ghoulic Exstensions
-The Soft Blow
-The Brawny Homebrew...
The Road Block
Created by Sparkwire
"Finger on the trigger, Lord forgive me if I smoke ♥♥♥♥♥♥."

Check out the other item in this 2 part weapon set!
Ninja Boots
Created by Svdl
Run like a ninja!

Ninja boots for the Scout.
Ninja Vest
Created by Svdl
Dress like a ninja!

A vest with a belt for the Scout.
Paintable, includes jigglebones....
Ninja Mask
Created by Svdl
Look like a ninja!

A ninja mask for the Scout.
Paintable, includes jigglebones....
Gray Matter
Created by NeoDemonic
Upgrade your gray matter coz one day it may matter

Available to download as a mod/reskin here:
Civil War Coat
Created by Dusty Showbiz
A Civil War era coat for the soldier

*Shiny gold
*Team Colors

Get the mod here:
The Toasty Trenchcoat
Created by CoreVixen
The frontline of military fashion.

Thanks to Lev for the name.
Download on the collection page....
The Head Prize
Created by CoreVixen
Big foxes need big bullets. Coincidentally the only thing left is the head.
Created by CoreVixen
Useful for both contructing buildings and putting large holes in your enemies.

3 LODs...
The Tiny Texan V2
Created by QuestionablyInsane
“His brain may be the size of a pea. But he’s still smarter than you. “

3 LODs
Paintable (Glowing eyes, Cab, and Engineer’s shirt)

Jiggle bone Hatches
Smoke particle effects
Glowing eyes
Facial Flexed (Little guy moves around for certain facial ...
Soul of 'Spenser's Past
Created by Corvalho
"- Need a dispenser here. Need a dis... What? Too soon?"

- Paintable.
- 3 Lods.
- Mimics engi's facial expressions.

Big thanks to X Marks it for the name suggestions :)
Created by Sparkwire
In this dog-eat-dog world, sometimes you gotta prove your bite is a lot worse than your bark.

Modeling - Sparkwire
Texturing - Void
Concepts - Retrocitrus / Sparkwire...
One-Eyed Bloody Monster
Put that intel back where it came from, or so help me!


This one-eyed monstrosity comes fully flexed, so he talks when you do! He's also fully paintable and completely adorable.

Concept/model/flex: TheHeartsman
Texture/materials: N...
The Hawthorn Harbinger
Created by AGStanley
For when you've 'Lost Dracula' for the last time.


Forgotten King's Restless Head
Created by GetGrenade

Face flexes, eyes glows in the dark.

Vote for other items from this set!
Templar's Spirit
Created by GetGrenade
Awaking the centuries.

Eyes glow in the dark....
Pvt. Arson
Reupload of all the Oppressive Omelette.
Possibly the 4th revision.

The soldier can't keep out of Merasmus's personal belongings. Bringing back less than a dozen weird e...
The Giger Counter
Created by Jukebox
Analyzes and slightly irradiates your enemies!

Engineer Wrangler replacement.

Big thanks to KarmaChanger for the demonstration video!

-Animated Radar
-4 lods

Jukebox: Model
Constructor: Textures
Metabolic: Concept help

Paladins Platebreaker
Created by AyesDyef
Armor. Feels great when it's on you but awful when it's on an enemy. Unless you have a weapon specifically designed to work as a giant can opener (with more smashing). Other uses include: Opening doors, crates and piggybanks, hammering nails, pulverizing b...
Plate Peacock
Created by AyesDyef
Like a graceful bird you use your sharp beak and flowing plumage to intimidate and impress others. However you do lack any grace, the ability to fly or a pleasant singing voice.

The Jury Rig
Created by Sparkwire
Only 5 bolts between you and a hole in your chest.

Valve recently changed the comment system, so if you wish to make a comment, click this button :)

Gothic Gauntlets
Created by multitrip
Coat your arms.

Download it as a mod![]...
Handyman's Holdup
Created by QuestionablyInsane
Team Colored
3 LODs
2 Styles (Bandolier holds Tools in Style 1 and Shotgun shells in style 2
Paintable Scarf

QuestionablyInsane for modeling, texturing, and Photoshopping...
Airtight Arsonist
Created by Wowza
- Paintable
- 3 LODs


Mod download:

Check out the other items in the set!
Created by Svdl
A weapon for the Heavy's shotgun animations. Barrels spin on their own.

Made to be a secondary, but could be a fun primary slot weapon.
In the video the weapon is replacing the Family Business, but it also could be a weapon that is not a shotgun.

The Trespasser
Created by Gadget
The Trespasser

o Spy Revolver

Concept by Jericho

Feel free to suggest other names and discuss about weapon stats.

Mod download
Created by Colteh
A weapon inspired by the TFC railgun....
Bulletproof Battery
Created by Astute
"They say the best defense is a good offense...

... but they never said you couldn't have both."

A remake of my previous submission, The "Soviet Sidekick". This is one of the first real weapon resubmissions I've done so far, after refining m...
The L.A.W.
Created by Colteh
A loose cannon for a loose cannon.

The Not-so Longsword
Created by Mooses Suuri 100
Never throw your broken weapons away, you might need them someday.

Modelling and texturing: Mooses Suuri
Concept Design: Master Ville
SFM work: King of the Hill

Download the mod!

Join my steam group[URL=h...
The Botlegger
Created by King of the Hill
Amaze the androids! Impress vending machines! Walk with a style for life! It's Robot-esque!

-3 LOD's!
-Team colored!

Feel free to talk about stats below!

Check out the other items of this set!
You Shanker
Created by Svdl
Paintable hat for the spy....
Criminal King
Created by Svdl
A coat made to work with the spy's shirt items....
Cosmic Keepsake
Created by donhonk
Dance-off, bro.
Portable Fort
Created by Svdl
Bring your own.
A medigun....
The Outback Outlaw
Created by Tuna Melt
Resubmission of an old weapon design, now formatted to comply with Valve's submission guidelines.


- Liquid changed to Jarate
- Added 2 LOD models
- Minor proportional adjustments

Check the discussion thread for download link and installa...
Sleeper Agent
Created by Zoey
Knock out the competition, permanently.
Retrovision Goggles
Created by Psyke

-Misc/Hat Compatible
-Combines with "Pipboy" and "Voxbox 400"!
-Glows in the dark!

Concept/Model by ToxicWeasel
Voxbox 400
Created by Psyke
Speak what's on your mind, literally

-Misc/Hat Compatible
-Team Coloured!
-Glows in the dark!
-Animated/Moves when you talk!

Concept/Model by ToxicWeasel
Texture/Promos by Psyke...
The Covert Covers
Created by Wowza
A winter ski mask, beanie, and hood for the Spy.

-Facial flexes

Mod download:

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Rogue's Roulette
Created by Adamtheamazing64
Ever wanted to play the most thrill-seeking game? No, I'm not talking about Capture Point! What? Why would you even consider Capture The Flag thrill-seeking?!

No! I'm talking about Russian Roulette! (Russian not included) Dare to try your 1-in-6 chance ...
New Taunt: The Box Trot
Created by Sparkwire
During the cardboard box shortage of 1930 only the wealthiest individuals could be seen wearing boxes. Ever since, box fashion has become a billion dollar industry. Take it back to the classics by wearing this sleek number that is sure to turn heads.

The Soviet Show-off
Created by Hypo
Tired of all those capitalist bullies mocking your puny muscles? Bulk up to mutant mass and show those pigs your true might with a delightful, yet frightening display of fitness, form, and physique!

The Manncannon
Created by levi
Give your mate a cannon.
Mates love cannons.

Now part of "The Frontline!" community update:


Based somewhat loosely on the Russian PTRS-41 anti-tank rifle from WWII, this is a remake of m...
New Taunt: Art of War
Created by Populus
A beautiful piece of art that minutely presents the lifelessness of your dead corpse.

The Drunkard's Wrath
Created by FiveEyes
"These 100mm explosive rounds will make short work of any outlaws, go get 'em bounty hunter..."

- Revolver themed grenade launcher

- Custom Projectiles

- 3 LODS

Model: FiveEyes
Created by Svdl
Rest in pieces, dear victim.

Heavy duty handheld buzzsaw for the Melee slot.
Includes spinning blade and possible/optional bloodied textures.
4 LODs.

Be sure to check out the rest...
Aloha Taunt
Created by LoKi
Aloha!! show your aproval and good vibes with the aloha taunt.

Id like to thank -BMS- samurai ( ) for the helping me with this taunt and for doing my awesome profile picture, you da best!

ps: anybody know why...
Triple Threat
Created by Bapaul
Full sliding-clip grenade launcher, including custom animations.

Model/texture by Bapaul
Concept by Kibble
Animations by Taco

Major thanks to Merczy for the custom sounds in the video!

Please note:
The provided youtube video is done in SFM sinc...
Super Syringe Gun
Created by Svdl
Medic primary.
Barrels rotate when firing.
Team colors.

Be sure to check out the rest of the set!
Sydney Six-Shooter
Created by Zoey
A revolving rifle designed around the so far unused revolver animations for sniper.

Created by Dewzie
A famous explorer once said that the extraordinary is in how we play, not what gender we are. Oh wait, you're another W+M1 noob Pyro?


(Based on the iconic Lara Croft, complete with her backpack straps and holster belt)...
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