Democracy 3

Democracy 3

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Presidential Suite
A collection of small and large mods which enhances the game, sector by sector.

Among the major mods are Biotech, Industrial Evolution and Superpower.
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Crime and Punishment, with Mexico
Created by Gikgik
This mod straightens out and enhances the Law and Order sector of the game, for balance and realism.

* New policies: Housekeeping Tax Relief, Fraud Agency, Gun Tax, Street Judges, and The Purge.
* Two policies, Police Weapons and Emergency Curfew, ar...
Biotech Mod + Argentina
Created by Gikgik
Five new policies: Genetic Modification, Eugenics, Dental Program, Smoking Law, and Meat Tax.
Three new situations: Dementia, Tooth Decay, and Homo Superior.
Several dilemmas and events related to health and biology.

Private Healthcare has been tho...
Democratic Decay, China, Russia
Created by Gikgik
Adds a new policy, Electoral Process, which allows you to manipulate or abolish elections; or to expand local democracy.

Other new policies: Birth Control, Civil Service Commission, Civil Service Wage Parity, Corporatism Laws, Encryption Law, Forced La...
Earth Transit, with the Netherlands
Created by Gikgik
Balancing of the transport sector and the environment.

* Policies: Border Infrastructure, Environmental Property Rights, Street Lights, and Urban Rail.
* Situations: Traffic Accidents and Bus Strike.
* Air Pollution is a new situation, separate from...
Farmer Protests
Created by Gikgik
This mod makes Farmers more sensitive to several policies, such as regulation of alcohol, tobacco and guns. One situation added: Farmer Protests.

Complexity: + (Marginally higher)
Difficulty: ++ (Moderately higher)
Version 1.22....
Fiscal Policy + Sweden
Created by Gikgik
Contains twelve new policies:
Age Purge, Basic Income, Earned Income Tax Credit, High Bracket Income Tax, Housing Construction Subsidy, Monetary Policy, Payroll Tax, Religious Holidays, Retirement Age, Senior Work Incentive, Welfare Saving Plan, and Yout...
Industrial Evolution, with Iceland
Created by Gikgik
This mod adds situations that represent industrial sectors: Aerospace, Automotive, Finance, Computer and Process Industry. They are affected by existing policies and variables. Other situations added are Rust Belt, and two futuristic ones (Space Colonizati...
Migration Mod
Created by Gikgik
Three new policies: Immigrant Language Courses, Immigrant Welfare and Work Visas.
Two situations: Emigration and Labor Shortage.

Balancing of Immigration causes and effects. Six dilemmas related to ethnic and racial issues.

Complexity: + (Margina...
Poverty Mod
Created by Gikgik
This mod straightens out the relationship between Low Income and Poverty Rate. When the low-income is low, Poverty increases, and vice versa. Policies that used to affect Low Income and Poverty Rate, now only affect one of them. This mod decreases clutter,...
Sport Mod
Created by Gikgik
Includes two policies (Sport Venues, Fitness Tax Credit) and a couple of sport-related dilemmas and events.

Complexity: + (Marginally higher)
Difficulty: - (Marginally lower)
Version 1.12....
Superpower Mod, with India and Spain
Created by Gikgik
One new simulation variable: Military Strength.
Six new policies: Airport Security, Continental Union, Foreign Mission, Military Drones, Nuclear Program, and Signals Intelligence.
One new situation: Veteran Infirmity.
Three new countries: India, Spai...
Voting Age
Created by Gikgik
This mod adds a Voting Age policy, which affects the size of Youths and other voter groups.The policy is cancellable, and not implemented by default. Voting age can be set between 12 and 24 years.

Complexity: + (Marginally higher)
Difficulty: - (Slight...