Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

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Medieval weapons by Oilystool
The following is a collection of weapons I have created for Chivalry Medieval Warfare. The weapons are intended to look realistic and stay true to the visuals of CMW.
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Created by Oilystool
A weapon skin for the Grand Mace

'Cold,brutal and hard steel was used to forge the 2-handed mace known as 'Devastator'. This weapon is neither beautiful to the eye,nor elegant in design,it's use on the batt...
Infidel's Bane
Created by Oilystool
A Messer Weapon Skin.

"Forged in the arid lands of Arabia, this particular sword has felled many crusaders in its time. While to the untrained eye, the wavy,metallic patterns of the sword may be a mere cu...
Ye' Old Skull Cracker
Created by Oilystool
'Don't let the elegant design of this warhammer fool you,because there is a reason why it has gained the nickname 'Skull Cracker' In the prelude to a battle many a knight,have let the cruel effects of their imagination get the best of them, when contemplat...
Fior-Charaid (Claymore Sword)
Created by Oilystool
New Weapon Skin, Claymore Sword.

A massive Scottish Claymore sword, with a Damascus Steel blade for the Vanguard class. Weapon of the lost Highlander lord Brian McDouglas. 4474 Tris.

So I wanted to ...
Sword of War - Cold Fury
Created by Oilystool
"Some swords are good for practice and others are for parade, but when you see Cold Fury gleaming in the battlefield, you better be afraid."

This is my latest addition to the Chivalry Medieval Warfare wor...
Stake & Potatoes!!
Created by Oilystool
A fun little weapon skin for the Archer's Cudgel I have wanted to make for awhile. The weapon is a mallet which is used by archers to hammer in stakes into the ground,prior to the battle. Its more of a tool that is used as a weapon by the archer.

Cleaver- Halberd
Created by Oilystool
A weapon skin for the Vanguard's Halberd. Tried to make something a little more elegant, yet deadly in appearance. As always I try to stick to weapons designs based on real life medieval weapons, with a little additional attention to the design.

Created by Oilystool
A weapon skin for the Man At Arms Morning Star....
Butcher's Set
Created by Oilystool
Having made various weapons, I figured its time to add some helmets into the mix. So this is a matching set for the Agatha Vanguard Class that includes a helmet and a Halberd.

The idea behind the set,is f...
Wrecker Set
Created by Oilystool
New set for the Mason Knight. The set consists of the Grand Mace 'Devastator' along with a new helmet called ' The Bucket Helm' While the Inquisitor DLC gave Agatha a new Grand Mace model, its only fitting Mason gets one as well.

So if you like the se...
Gallowglass Sword
Created by Oilystool
A new weapont skin for the Vanguards Claymore sword.

The Gallowglass sword, is the massive, 2 handed sword wielded by the warrior elite clans of Scotland called the Gallowglass....
Winter Soldier Set
Created by Oilystool
A new set for Agatha Knights consisting of a Sword of War and Helmet. The set is supposed to be simple,straight forward and the type used by your every day soldier in the battlefield....
Grunt Set
Created by Oilystool
A set for Mason Knights that includes a Helmet and a Warhammer. If you like the set and want to see it in game,please up vote and comment on the set....
Adeptus Malleum (Polehammer)
Created by Oilystool
So this is my latest addition to the workshop, clocking in at 4888 tris or heavy metal death for the Vanguard. The idea was to make a heavier,harder looking polehammer that looks like it can do real damage. As always all my designs are similar to the orig...
Aranea (Shortsword)
Created by Oilystool
A lovely little leaf bladed shortsword,for every swashbuckling archer,Vanguard and Man at Arms. :)...
Winged Wraith (Greatsword)
Created by Oilystool
Nazgul inspired Greatsword for the Vanguard class.I wanted to make a simple,but wicked looking sword to add more variety to the Greatswords.. If you like it,please up vote so TB can add it to the game.
Mercenary Roundshield
Created by Oilystool
So this is my latest addition to the workshop. A Buckler shield for the Mason faction. I decided to release it by it self so the Archer and MAA. If you like this and want this to be added, then please "like" and comment on it so Torn Banner will add it to ...
Reaper (Billhook)
Created by Oilystool
A new weapon skin for the billhook weapon. A high quality Billhook, crafted out of superior steel,with an acid etched motif on the blade and mounted on to a sturdy ebony pole....
Crab Nosed Bascinet
Created by Oilystool
So here is my latest addition to the workshop. A new Helmet for Agatha Knights. Different from the original,but not too over the top. I tried to recreate the colors,specular and gloss of the original vanilla helmet, so the helmet matches the Agatha armor a...
Highlander set (Mason)
Created by Oilystool
A new set for the Mason Vanguard. The sword,is a 2 handed claymore weapon skin called the Gallowglass sword. Which was used by Irish/Scots mercenaries during Medieval times. The helmet,sticks with the theme of a pointy top Bascinet which is typical of Maso...
Beekeepers Jousting Helm (Agatha)
Created by Oilystool

So this is my latest creation, I wanted to add a little more visual variety for Agatha Knights. The helmet is based
on a jousting helmet used in Medieval times. As you can see its visorless and the breathing holes alone will give you a
more impers...
Blood Iron Brandistock
Created by Oilystool
So I wanted to make a skin for the Brandistock to give it a heavier and bulky look to the weapon,to match the high damage output the weapon has. If you like it please up vote and comment.