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Retro-Pixel Castles - Village Survival Mayhem
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Sep 22, 2014 @ 10:29am
Oct 14, 2019 @ 9:14am

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Confirmed Price $14.99 - But you can get is on Kickstarter for $7!
Kickstarter+Greenlight Update!
Release date: TBD 2015
You can get the latest Tech-Demo at indieDB or the Official Website[]

Retro-Pixel Castles is at heart a village simulator. But, where most village simulators focus mostly on balancing your village, RPC also throws in a heavy blend of raw survival and tactical gameplay. If you could imagine a roguelike village sim, that's what this game is all about! In RPC you will lose. Endless survival is impossible, the goal is to see how long you will survive. RPC takes it's inspiration from other village management games like Dwarf Fortress and Banished and mixes them together with elements of survival games like Don't Starve with a sprinkling of some RTS elements seen in games like Command and Conquer there are even some classic Tower Defense concepts to help you bottleneck and handle the onslaught of monsters trying to kill off your poor little villagers.

You can't win!
Yeah, that's right. Not being able to win is a feature! The problem with nearly all village sims is you tend to reach an inevitable point where you can't lose the game. You just become so skilled at knowing exactly what to do, and in exactly what order, the game loses all of it's appeal and you run off to play something else. That's not the case with Retro-Pixel Castles! RPC aims to make a game you can't win. Every game day, the game gets progressively harder with no end in sight. The goal of the game isn't to win, but to survive as long as humanly possible.

Build a village, and die trying!
A major part of the game is village management, and trying to discover new and creative ways to keep yourself alive as long as possible. In RPC, you will plan many days in advance how you're going to build your village and survive the inevitable onslaught of the monsters that will attack you!

Unlock Content Through Gameplay
In RPC, you will find yourself in a harsh and unforgiving environment, constantly trying to find new ways to keep your little villagers alive for just a few more days. As you play, you'll unlock more content, like additional buildings, items and units you can use in your next attempt to see if you can survive even longer than the last!

Even though you can't beat this game, you most certainly can make progress in it! Every round you play you'll gain experience, unlocks, and other interesting goodies that will expand the game.
Massive maps!

Massive maps!
Each map is a massive 512x512 tiles in size, and a typical play through you may find yourself only playing in a small area, usually about 128x128 in size. Each time you play, you start at a different location on the map, and each location has it's own challenges! So each of these massive maps are like having multiple maps all in one!

Tons of map set themes!
Every set of maps will follow a certain theme (Forest, Desert, Underground, etc). Most of the current screenshots only feature ONE of these map sets, the Forest! But many, many more are planned.

SixtyGig Games is a DRM free independent game developer! Retro-Pixel Castles will not now or ever in the future have any sort of DRM! Piracy protection only hurts you guys, the loyal paying players. So you rest assured knowing that once you buy yourself a copy of Retro-Pixel Castles you'll never again have to concern yourself with nagging questions about if you can continue playing the game down the road due to something like always-online logins, lost registration codes or because you bought a new computer and you're only licensed to put the game on one. All I ask from you is to be reasonable and responsible, you can buy the game and play it as much as you like, wherever you like. Just tell your friends to support my DRM-Free philosophy and buy their own copy! Smiley Free Content Patches, no paid-DLC

I don't believe in paying for Downloaded Content. If you buy Retro-Pixel Castles you will have access to the entire game and all the content I'll ever create for this it, forever! I believe DLC is greedy, and you deserve to have the full gaming experience from day 1, right out of the (figurative) box!

Your feedback is extremely important. You can reply here or head on over to the Official Website[] and help shape the direction of development! :)

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