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Midspace's Admin helper commands
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Sep 19, 2014 @ 10:12pm
May 24 @ 3:42am
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Midspace's Admin helper commands

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The Admin helper commands for both single player and multiplayer, are a set of script chat commands that you can quickly type in to perform an action that is not generally available in game.
Including position, motd, prefabs, antigrief, faction, message management, and much much more.

Press 'Enter' in game to open the chat box, and type a command like "/pos" to display your position.

In single player, almost all of the commands are available for use. In multiplayer most commands are available to the Admin only, whilst a few are available to normal players.
A listing of all is available here[].

User Commands
The following are user commands and are available to all players:
/chat, /date, /head, /head <on|off>, /hello, /pos, /pos <on|off>, /status, /time
For descriptions on these commands please look at our wiki here[].

At any time the commands "/?" or "/help" may be used to get a list of available commands, and "/help <name>" to get detailed information about a particular command.

Admin Commands
These can only be run by the Admin in your game or Server. A complete description all commands is available here[]. Otherwise here is a brief breakdown.
Player management
/status, /eject, /slay, /smite, /forceban, /forcekick, /pardon
Movement/position management
/j, /setvector, /flyto, /back, /speed
/to, /tp, /tps, /tpp
Inventory management
/countobjects, /pullobjects, /collectobjects
/drop, /invadd, /invclear
Ship management
/listprefabs, /addprefab, /addwireframe
/listships, /elistships
/stop, /off, /on, /switch
/claim, /revoke, /share
/deleteship, /destructible, /repair
/scaledown, /scaleup
Faction management
/fd, /fj, /fk, /fr, /fp, /fa
Asteroid management
/listasteroids, /rotateroid, /createroid, /createroidsphere,
/listvoxels, /addvoxel
Session management
/invisible, /god

MOTD - Message of the Day
Servers, both dedicated and hosted can provide a message of the day that appears when a player first spawns into your game. Details on how to configure it can be found here[].

Private Messaging
Players can send private messages to one another. More details on how to use it can be found here[].

/status, /listbots, /listprefabs and /listships create numbered hotlists, so they can be reused repeatedly in the associated command. The hotlist persists for the entire session, until you reissue the same command that will replace the hostlist.
"/status" -> "/slay #1"
"/listprefabs red" -> "/addprefab #3" or "/pasteprefab #4"
"/listships large" -> "/claim #5" or "/revoke #1"
"/listbots" -> "/fj myfactionname B2"

Server friendly
Steam mod ID: 316190120
All commands are server friendly unless mentioned below under 'Not server friendly'.


Not server friendly - at the moment the following command/s only work on the host server session, and Single player instance:
  • /createroid
  • /createroidsphere
  • /addvoxel
  • /roidreplace
  • /roidfill
  • /rotateroid

More commands will be added in the future. Any suggestions are very welcome.

Adding mods to your game
Read the official guide on how to add mods to your game.

Space Engineers Stable(Public) and Develop branches
We won't be supporting Admin mod on the Develop branch.
The SE Develop branch comes with numerous changes that are often out of alignment with Stable, too new to understand or are broken.

If you need to have access to the Admin mod on the Develop branch, then may wish to do is subscribe to my development version of the Admin mod, which is where I put the latest changes when assessing new changes to SE. This includes changes that are in the Develop branch.
It may break from time to time however, as I push experimental changes here first for testing.
midspace Beta Admin mod.
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Aug 2 @ 4:24am
Suggestions of commands to be added.
Screaming Angels
Jul 2 @ 6:17pm
/addprefab command spawning at wierd angle
May 16, 2017 @ 9:50am
MOTD not always shown on login
< >
Airomis Aug 10 @ 7:02am 
Has there ever been a way yet to heal asteroid damage and refill mining holes ? Even if it's only dirt being put in. Also do you know of a way to make deep mines worth while now we can mine to the core?
Jacob Aug 6 @ 6:50pm 
How do you use /roidfill ?
Scytero Aug 3 @ 8:38pm 
Thx for the detailed answer. I will doublecheck the timer next time I'm on and tell you, if i may find any issue relating to a command.
Screaming Angels  [author] Aug 2 @ 5:33pm 
@Snoopy : unfortunately the environment hostility can only be changed after reloading the world. This makes a command pointless. Unless you feel like using a command to make the change, saving, then reloading the world.

I'll have to look into the rcon usage. I'm not sure how this works as yet. Most of the commands are not suitable for rcon, as they depend upon a player or spectator camera position to run the command, as they need a location.
Unless you can select an entity and run a command against it somehow...?
Screaming Angels  [author] Aug 2 @ 5:29pm 
@Scytero : If however you run a command, and the timer does reset (indicating a performance issue just happened at that moment), then there is a potential issue.
I have to stress the word potential. Some commands are inheriently intensive and shouldn't be used often on a server. Other commands should be fine to use often.
As I said, it does depend on which command you use.

The only exception to this, is the Protection Area. If you have this turned on, then it is running all the time. Server admins should be starting to transition to using the new in game feature called Safe Zone.
Screaming Angels  [author] Aug 2 @ 5:29pm 
@Scytero : like a lot of complex script mods, we save configuration data when you save the game. We also load the data up when you load the game world. Those are the performance issues you see when you load the world. SE always complains about this right from the start, and it's confusing as hell for any user. You can have a mod loading up and making changes only during world load, and doing absolutely nothing during gameplay, as most of my mods do.
The important part is to check the timer. If the timer remains at the time you load/join a world, then there isn't any issue.
Snoopy Aug 2 @ 5:37am 
Oh also is there any way I can execute these commands via RCon?
Snoopy Aug 2 @ 4:25am 
Hi, any chance we'll be able to get the ability to change meteors so that they're either on or off or change the difficulty?

/meteorites on
/meteorites off
/meteorites normal
/meteorites armageddon


Scytero Aug 1 @ 8:37am 
Hi @Screaming Angel, do you have an idea, why AHC is one of the first things listet under Perfomance Issues on our dedicated server? Seem's it's burning a lot of performance, without even doing anything. Just a sensing erros of the DS or a real problem of the mod?