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Pocico's Map Collection
These are some maps I found interesting.
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Created by tik★
Memories of Ice cream still haunting them, our crew prepared to sample the wine they acquired from the winery. Unfortunately due to an unfortunate accident, they had no glasses to drink from. The solution? Break into Davide’s tea party and acquire his silv...
Palestinian Wall
Created by KERNBOOM
“You cannot continue to victimize someone else just because you yourself were a victim once—there has to be a limit”
― Edward W. Said...
Red Light District
Created by KERNBOOM
The Redhead and the Lookout would like to quit their shitty job....

Please report any bugs, harsh difficulties and the like, and feel free to post feedback and suggestions!
Traditional Thief - UNEDITED
Created by KERNBOOM
This tradition consists of reliving the origins of one's criminal career, as well as raising the bar and getting up as a criminal mastermind. Even to these veterans, it is unknown how many times this ritual has been celebrated with a successful heist. For ...
The Bank Robbery
Created by KERNBOOM
An edited version of the third floor bank robbery from the (unedited) Traditional Thieves tournament map....
Last Chance
Created by Confetti
An enemy of the Gentleman, who also happens to own a rich company, has a trick up his sleeve. He has with him the evidence needed to convict the Gentleman once and for all! Normally you would steal it from his bedside, but he is currently giving a speech t...
Dreams of Greed follows the exploits of the gang sometime after their heist of the Grand Villa Resort as they set their sights towards a bank on the outskirts of Monaco. However, a valiant hot-heated Detective named Moreau wants to finally throw the book a...
Contest 5 - Red Earrings
Created by House Cat
I knew I dropped them somewhere......
Contest 6 - The Prison Break
Created by HomicidalToast
This is the first level of the Cleaner's story and it is also my submission for contest 6.

The Cleaner, the Pickpocket, the Lookout and the Locksmith are in jail. They plan to escape while the storm lasts, wipe their criminal records and rescue the Hack...
La Sante Prison, France
Created by Ryanator97
Retirement didn't go as planned. It only took the agents around a mounth to track you down, and put you back in captivity. This time, they took no chances. They locked you in the highest security prison in all of france, and the third highest security pris...
The Casino Of Monaco
Created by Ryanator97
Welcome to The Casino of Monaco. In this mission, you start on the roof of a three story casino building. This massive building is fully decked out with a dance room, a restaurant, a gym, bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, a swimming pool, several shops, a garage, a b...
Created by Mr. U
Difficulty: 4/5
Type: Escape
Version: 1.6


Catch the last flight out of Monaco.


It (sort of) looks like an airport....
Contest 4 - Palais de Poseidon
Created by Wil
Contest 4 Submission

When an American nouveau riche builds a sea-themed casino on the Mediterranean Coast, the usual suspects take the bait. Palais de Poseidon features a hotel casino, underground aquarium, Greek-style temple, and security challenges t...
Created by Mr. U
Difficulty: 5/5
Type: Heist
Version: 1.1


To those that have to speedrun this, RIP....
Ryusaki High
Created by SuperChutney
"After the sun goes down and the students of Ryusaki High leave for the day, the principal organises night classes for a different clientele that pay very well for the chance to use the school with no questions asked..."



Loot Ryusak...
Green October
Created by cat
Green October

The gang infiltrates a french submarine. Who needs a backstory for for that stuff anyway?


* Sexy inventive location: Submarine
* Very high attention to detail, architecture and lighting.
* Very very high attention ...
Island of dr Macquerau
Created by cat
The Island of Dr Macqueraux

The gang lands on the island of Dr. Macqueraux. The Doctor, once a top scientist in missile technology, vanished from the face of earth several years ago. Rumor has it he acquired several SS12 SCUD-E missiles and tur...
Madison six
Created by cat
Madison Six

The gang attempts to break into Madison Six, a secret underground facility, hidden underneath the Madison traffic tunnel.


* 2 floors of savage looting and safe cracking.
* Very high attention to detail, architecture...
Created by F_i_s_t_o
Difficulty: 2.5/5
Type: Heist
Versoin: 1.1

Updated version....
level 6
Created by Mrs. Moody
Created by Chef Keiki
Engage in an epic adventure to Hellhole. It's almost like you're really a chef!...
Created by Mr. U
Title: ---
Difficulty: 4/5
Type: Heist
Version: 1.2

Created by Mr. U
Difficulty: 4/5
Type: Heist
Version: 1.1

Just Visiting
Created by QiZ
Turns out somebody robbed the Sunset Banque before the gang, and now Pickpocket wants revenge. Also the Mole shows up. Inspired by the official prison maps....
Direct Withdrawal
Created by QiZ
The gang spontaneously decides to go rob a bank before they leave Monaco forever. Insipired by the official bank maps....
Let's Rob a Bank!
Created by QiZ
While riding on a subway, the gang spontaneously decides to rob a bank. READY?

I didn't know if it was possible to resubmit this as an update to the original entry so I made a new submission and will most likely delete the first one.


Contest #3 - Ransom
Created by MonkeyPocket
Ransom is my submission for the Contest 3 week, a Rescue themed mission.
The Mole and The Redhead picked the wrong place to heist, and now they need help from outside. This is no time for ransom, get in by force and take your friends home, and while you ...
Created by mistmurk
The gentleman is dying, but he has a story to tell. The first map of my new campaign "Recollections".

Solid Proof
Created by MonkeyPocket
Solid Proof is my submission for Contest 5, and at the same time, the fourth level of my work-in-progress campaign, The Lookout's Story....
Created by MonkeyPocket
Diplomacy is the third level of my work in progress custom campaign, The Lookout's Story. The Lookout tells Inspector Voltaire what really happened after they hit the Lebanese Embassy.
White Lies
Created by MonkeyPocket
The Lookout remembers things a bit differently. She knows the truth, and she will not keep it from Inspector Voltaire. What is her goal? Start from the beginning, let's see what the Lookout has to say about how things happened at the prison transport hijac...
Red Intel
Created by MonkeyPocket
Red Intel is the second mission of my work-in-progress campaign, The Lookout's Story. After the prison transport hijack, the Lookout claims that the Gentleman was reuniting his team once again, and that it was the Embassy where he could find useful informa...
Contest 4 - Casino Boat
Created by Thinkaman
Fair warning: This is not your run of the mill Monaco map! It is specifically made to allow you to showcase and practice certain advanced Monaco techniques:

***Pillar Strafing***

Weave through pillars to break line of sight and interrupt gunfire. T...
Pocketwatch Inc
Created by mistmurk
The servers are lagging. Break into Pocketwatch Games offices and repair the servers, and while you're there, take all the money as well....
Contest 2 - The Worst Kind
Created by House Cat
Steal some documents to halt turret production for a looong time. What could be better?...
The Kiosk easy
Money,that's all you want.
You want to rob the safest bank in whole Monaco,but for that,you'll need money for equipment.
The Locksmith and The Pickpocket are ready to rob something,something small first.
So you are going to rob a kiosk,a kiosk is not a ...
Police Departement
Rob the Police Departement!
This mission is not very easy,so beware.
Be intelligent and use PC's!
V.1.0.3 Fixed the people in the waiting room

If you see any problems or something else,please tell them.
Have fun! :)
Remember,more players,more fun....
News Report
Created by eve rainbow_lizard
People don't care what's on TV anymore: they'll watch anything and pretend to enjoy it. They probably wouldn't mind if the gentleman's crew managed to stumble their way into all of their favourite shows, nor would they care if the cameras were hacked and t...
The Hotel
Created by GunWolf
i try new style

I done now

maybe some hard and a lot bugs

have fun :)...
Chateau Marmont
Created by VoodooVince
Thieves finally escaped from Monaco and decided to spend part of their loot in Los Angeles...

My third workshop map: I tried to make something easier and shorter than my previous map, I hope you’ll enjoy it anyway! Feel free to comment :)


Tree Top Rock
Created by waffletoast
a mission I started making very long ago, and just now got back to finish it.
I was trying to make it very different then most monaco levels, making it very open, and also sunny and bright.
also, for some reason I based the story on donkey kong country....
Created by Mr. U
Difficulty: 4/5
Type: Heist
Version: 1.3


Escape the burning skyscraper....
Lunch Break
Created by Robly18
Our famous criminals were once again caught. However, someone finally took the time to think they should be moved to a higher security prision! So they were...
Or would have been, would the guards not have been dumb to the point of letting them free....
Bloc Raid
Created by LoLo
Story: Shortly after the discovery of a dangerous chemical lab disguised as a living block, the government forces are despatched for an intervention. Their break in shakes up the whole builing, and a fight of enormous proportion ensues between the chemists...
Created by F_i_s_t_o
Difficulty: 3.5/5
Type: Heist
Version: 1.2

My first level. Leave a comment please....
Created by F_i_s_t_o
Difficulty: 4.75/5.00
Type: Heist
Version: 1.01


This map was made by authors. :rofl:...
Created by Mr. U
Difficulty: 5/5
Type: Heist
Version: 1.1

Far more difficult than I meant it to be. Will be modified...again......
Created by thebiomage
Created by Lackofskills
"If only I had known you back when..."

Revisit four of our favorite characters in the Origins challenge. Pickpocket, Mole, Hacker, and Lookout simultaneously battle it out to survive in their prologue arenas. Choose to go it alone in a display of skill ...
SS Challenge 9-9-14-1
Created by [Jagga]
Groups to finish : [Bot], MarshMallowHammer, romulus...
Superiority Complex
Created by Anal Messiah
Somewhere in France, a walled off plot of land. Inside the wall, a small compound. Below the compound, a research complex dedicated to creating weaponry for the GIGN. Break into the compound, get to the bottom, grab any experimental tech you can. Oh, and d...
Diamond Heist (Payday)
Created by Humblebee
Based on the mission 'Diamond Heist' from 'Payday: The Heist'.

Bain and the Payday crew have moved to Washington D.C. leaving stores, companies, banks and many other things at peace again. But shortly after they moved, Bain had got news that Garnet Grou...
wine tasting
Created by tik★
After discovering the horrifying secret behind the ice cream parlour’s flavors, the crew decide to drink down their tears with something more refined. Will they finally forget their troubles? Or will more misfortune fall upon our team?
credits to Ch...
CIH Challenge 1
Created by [Jagga]
The story continues to unfold as Detective Moreau receives a call from the Gentleman just a few days after their escape in Unbound Fantasies. However, the young detective seems to be unaware that the Gentleman and his group have already been located and ar...
Back in Action
Created by Ryanator97
After being temporarily restrained in La Sante prison, your crew is out for revenge on the gentleman and his crew. There is no honor among thieves. You have located the gentleman's private country club, reserved for all of his corrupt and wealthy associate...
Created by Starthur
Logcabin Madness
Created by igor
In this map, you try to steal the trophies that have been *stolen* from one of your allies. Take back those trophies by either going stealthy, or full out bananas. You are limited to tranq weapons **other than the machine gun in the garage**. Have Fun...
Created by rageridinghood
What if it wasn't Monaco, but some other city-state? What if the thieves were...Singaporean?

Play as Uncle Gary, Ah Hock, or any of the other six characters to pull off one last heist before retiring in France to live luxuriously (and away from strict l...
Created by Joylt
Let yourself be seduced in a wonderland.
(There exists an easier version of this map named "Alice (easy)")....
Created by Vellaroque
The heist was only an appetiser to his multiple course meal. Gentleman had his own doubts regarding the origin of this person they're working for. Instead of contacting the Marionettist immediately, he made a little adjustment to his own plan. There's not ...
Cruise Heist
Created by Madcat
#1 of New Enemy camapign!
The Gentleman has called the crew again. This time, he said that a certain person named Mr.Montesque asked him to get a document from S.S. "l'Ocean Mondial". The Gentleman agreed. They took a boat ride t...
The War Room
Created by A shell of a man
Break into an NSA property, steal all pertinent data from the War Room, hidden deep underground, past a hub of the intelligence agency....
Homework v1
Created by TJ
The Lookout's Story - Homework - v1
Type: Classic
Difficulty: 4/5


The other two have told me how this ended. I want you to tell me how it all started.

We met in school. We'd steal from t...
Created by albim75
Difficulty 3/5
Type: Heist
Trophies: 4
Version: 1.00 (read the changelog)

The entire crew spotted a nuclear high tech submarine.

the Goal is:
-steal the navigation plan
-steal the technical data
-hack the engine
-and finally drive the subm...
Ollie Molie
Created by Phantom Six
The Gentlemen and the Blonde had decided to break into the property of Ollio Moward, a corrupted politician who secretly runs a human trafficking business. Moward had very close ties with the police and had stolen something that belonged to the Gentleman. ...
The Chocolate
Created by Professor Bunsen
Shortly before robbing securitech to wipe incriminating footage, the Gentleman led his crew in an act of incredibly petty revenge...

He would steal the expensive chocolate that Davide loved like a wife. He knew that the heist would be difficult, for Dav...
CONTEST 6 - Untitled
Created by chrk
CONTEST 6 - Untitled

Infiltrate a tech conglomerate's corporate headquarters from the sewers beneath the building. Once inside, snatch a set of hard drives containing valuable client information and escape by helicopter.

Ratings and feedback are grea...
Contest 3- Spooner Riot
Created by Mr.Game and Audio
While casing a local plaza in Monaco, the PickPocker and the Hacker become trapped within while the riots take over the plaza. Increased security personel have caused them to remain. rescue them while robbing the place blind!...
Contest #4 - Against The Odds
Created by MonkeyPocket
Against The Odds is my submission for Contest #4....
Contest#6 Old Plans
Created by Borb Master
This is my entry for the 6th contest and the last part to an "idea-making-sorta-canonish" thing between me and a lovely friend of mine(we're just way too into this game)~

Might be sloppy due to abit of lack of sleep and school, but kinda proud of it.
Contest 6 - What's Yours Is ... No Longer Yours
Created by sp202
My entry for Contest 6; a single-player oriented, story-based map with support for multiplayer.

Disclaimer: All character personalities portrayed in this level are entirely fictional despite sharing the names of real people (except for SP202, he really ...
Contest 4 - Casino of Fire
Created by SpaceFox
Steal the 3 golden chips from the Casino of Fire...
Cleaners Urge Pt 2
Created by Confetti
(Play part 1 first!)

Maybe it wasn't the best idea to mess with the gas line, especially considering the fact that everything you touch breaks. Well, it looks like your in pretty big trouble. Maybe you should run?

Author's Notes:
This level is more ...
Keep Your Friends Close
Created by Confetti
The Gentleman's old business partner hired some expert thieves to lift a major portion of the Gentleman's loot. Unwittingly, the business partner hid his gains in an envelope on his desk. The Gentleman, eager to get his loot back, insists that we go right ...
None Other
Created by Confetti
The Gentleman has been accused of owning a counterfeit ring, but he knows he has done no such thing. He received a tip that there is a secret agency deep underneath an Archiving company. The tip suggests that the agency is responsible for the counterfeit, ...
Bureau de Police
Created by Orbi
The mission is simple. Take all 3 trophies using 4 keys. Sounds easy? I don't think so...

Six floors filled by coins but also with lasers and guards armed with pistols, machine guns and much more. Explosions, shoting and sneeking are your best friends. ...
The rabbit hole deepens as Detective Monreau finds out during an interrogation of the Lookout about the events that occured after the groups heist in Dreams of Greed. The Lookout tells the story of what the group discovered when they broke into the Trone ...
Four Stores Night Version
Created by Shuichi Saihara
Seems The Russian Mafia Have Taken The Stores Back And Trapped Them. Go Get More Of That Money....
CONTEST 5 - Market Disruption
Created by chrk
CONTEST 5 - Market Disruption

The gang stumbled across a tantalizing secret while casing this bank's vault: the bank is actually a front for an international crime syndicate. As luck would have it, underground sources indicate that a hostile takeover is...
Manly mansion
Created by Weezing
First World Bank
Created by Radar
First World Bank map based on the map with the same name from Payday: The Heist.

Map is fairly similar to the original.
C4 rather than thermite. (safe is blown open)
C4 is used to blow the escape route.
Best played with a team....
Party Train
Created by A shell of a man
Rob everyone on the train, and wrest control from the conductor's hands!

There's something odd about this train, though...

Another fun pack of Monaco treats! This time they're bite-size....
The Saboteur
Created by eve rainbow_lizard
As the crew are escaping the country, as always, the Gentleman arrives at an Oil rig. A friend told him to sabotage the oil rig, as the CEO is 'a greedy fat cat who mistreats his workers'. The Lookout disagrees, but decides to go along for the money. She d...
The Embassy Ex
Created by KYGON!
Alien Abduction
Created by z-one
Not for beginners but it's not hard either.

This is my first published level. Constructive criticism is welcome....
AMZN Warehouse
Created by EldritchM
What with the news about a certain company employing drones in its deliveries, I thought I'd make a map based on that theme. I hope you enjoy it!

The items are on the second floor, in case you're wondering when you start the map....
Created by Youthful Idealism in progress. Happy to receive constructive criticizm....
The Big Bank Theory
Created by Moby
Can you rob the bank?...
Gold Bank Heist
Created by RT_Mythictang
Greetings to all Monaco players!
If you like content rich game plays, definitely give it a try!
I guarantee you hit the gold bank silently, escape with a "BANG" and feel EPIC!!
This is my very first map, if you guys have any suggestions, do not hesita...
S Space Lunar Base
Created by Sounds about right.
They have searched for the missing coat in the snow mountain. They have searched for the missing coat in a scorching volcano. They have searched for the missing coat among a filthy deposit of human waste. And yet, no signs of the coat were found. Still, th...
Night Life
Created by dm me nudes
After finishing a successful heist the crew got drunk and went to a night cclub under a bridge. Then you realized you were one of the most wanted in all of Monaco....
Created by Zerotoinfinity
The crew has been abducted and brought to a jungle camp! Escape!

...oh and don't forget to steal everything too......
Hazy Air
Created by ktatroe
Factory Reset
Created by Caput
The Hacker has been detained. Your job is delete the evidence from federal electronic archives while the rest of the crew breaks him out of prison. Factory Reset is a challenging, four-story level. Playable with the original four, the Cleaner, the Locks...
Rainbow Lasers
Created by CuteC4
Some stuff about this map:
This map is a stealthy type so as long as you DON'T let the lasers go off, you should be ok.
Little traps around the level if you get carried a way! Watch before you step! :3 Little secret passages too~~~
And it's easier if yo...
PIZZA with olives 2
Created by James
Cliffs of Dover
Created by Lt.Grenade
The Pickpocket has heard rumors of a big heist, one your crew isn't a part of. Get the info you need, and get out! (Part 1 of 3)...
Created by yacabo
Cleaner's Nightmare
Created by z-one
Modified version of the cleaner's epilogue. Harder but still doable. If you found Cleaner's epilogue hard, you probably won't be able to finish this.

UPDATED. It's now quite possible to finish with any character in single player....
Lost World
Created by junior_ttm
You have heard that tresure was found from underground of ancient ruin.
But public company is just getting started excavation and research it.
You should must steal treasure before it is discovered and kept in musium....
The group find themselves looking frantically through a casino suite where the CEO of the Trone company frequently visits. However, unable to find what they need they quickly question themselves as if their lead came up dry and accept the fact that they mi...
A Bad Start
Created by Kexikus
The second map of my short campaign.

It's a medium sized heist with two main ways for your approach: Use C4 to blast your way in or steal the key to the vault.

I hope you like it and thanks for playing....
Created by FenrisWulf
Baking Bad
Created by cola.burg
Created by Sokol
The Skyscraper
Created by Professor Bunsen
Tricky skyscraper map. Seven-floors-and-a-roof of devious traps and interesting key management. If you can get this in under two minutes, someone should give you a medal.

I just now took this out of my "in development" stage, so it may have an issue o...
Buoyant Income
Created by Luihutin
If you ever wanted to have a heist on a medium-sized luxury ocean liner, I have managed to squeeze one into a Monaco-sized bite right here.

I have long wanted to make a level like this, and now I have. All feedback and bug reports are mandatory (and als...
Contest #1 - Monaco Bank Heist
Created by Not_BigM
The gang is looking to leave Monaco. They've planed their route, they just need the money to make it out. Beak into the vault and loot it. Rumor is the manager has a secret vault that contains info on the people who have invested the most money in the bank...
Created by YouKnowThatsRight
You can either make this reallly easy, or really hard....
Gallery of Art
Created by porfzingy
Rob a Art gallery of its famous paintings and sculptures, find an alternate route to enter, and escape....
Moulin rouge
Created by ⑨ Mrfancymike ⑨
Harder than it looks. This is my first map and it might be too hard, have fun!
Created by Vellaroque
Alternate title: Sakura Noire

The culprit is still on the loose, and by culprit he meant his arch nemesis Davide. The information they found in his office revealed even more evidences of his recent "activities". Of course. Of course he is still alive, p...
Rob my neighbours
Created by Ketheira
This is a simple map of my home-surroundings, starting outside in the little green area behind the parking space. I'll let you guess which apartment is mine. :P Anyway enjoy and make sure to vote and/or leave a comment if you enjoyed. Good luck to you, sir...
An Unlikely Employer PT 1
Created by Pluto The Planet
STORY "The Inspector has Employed you and your team to look into a shooting that took place down town after he was shut out of the Investigation"
This Map has been tested with most characters there may be the odd problem...
Scarlet Devil Mansion
Created by Rank00
Casiraghi Residence
Created by MonkeyPocket
Delve into a story-driven level, where your goal is to pull a heist on Casiraghi's house, a close friend to Davide, the very owner of Securitech, and archenemy of The Gentleman. Play as the Lookout, the Cleaner, the Locksmith and the Pickpocket, as they op...
Jewelry Shop V2
After the first heist, the jewelry shop owner decided to call the police for added protection.

Harder than the first. Added some new stuff. Please inform me of any errors in my map....
On The Rocks
Created by Sneekypants
This mission took around a month for me to make, but I hope it will take you far less time to complete it!

On the rocks is a heist mission, set in a luxury resort. The gentleman has heard of a gathering of the richest business people in all of france, a...
Contest 3 - Excuse to Burn
Created by House Cat
Rescue both the Gentleman and the Redhead, then take all the money. Especially the money....
Contest 6 - Dementia
Created by House Cat
It makes you crazy....
Pickpocket's Biography
Created by House Cat
This is the first chapter of the Biography series I will be working on. There will be 8 chapters in this series. You can probably estimate by now what the other chapters will be about. Every chapter will also provide helpful hints for that class.

CONTEST 1 - Bank Heist of the Moment
Created by House Cat
Rob the vault....
A Drunken Dusk
Created by mistmurk
Contest 1 - Third Bank
Created by mistmurk
Map number 1 for the contest.

Theme : Bank
Floors : 2

Created by Vellaroque
Alternate Title: Gambler's Quartet

They say always trust a dying man's last words. Gentleman couldn't agree more. Scribbled in his own blood, Marionettist left one last tidbit for the crew, as a last resort to get back on Davide. Not too surprisingly, t...
7 pieces (Completed-8/8 floors)
Created by WetGoop
No fun map!...
The party
Created by Dipper Pines
Mafia Funeral
Created by Anti-ExP
Just for fun creating a bunch... a bunches of mafias in a funeral. Have fun sabotaging your speaker :D...
The Platinum Bank Heist
Created by FutureTech
The gang is gearing up for the heist of the century at Platinum Bank! With it's seemingly infinite supply of coins, can rob it dry in one run? This is a moderately difficult and long level, with some quite challenging parts. It also has and excessive am...
The Intruding Tomb
Created by F-2 Sigma
Yeah, first map publication o' mine. Loosely based on the Great Tomb of Nazarick from the light novel series Overlord.
Have at it and feel free to comment some feedback....
Created by Zerotoinfinity
Infiltrate a private security agengy and steal their records on you!...
The Pyramid
Created by junior_ttm
The ancient ruin has two pyramids that small pyramid and great pyramid.
Small one is being researched by archaelogist.
Great one is being used to museam for education magnificent history of ancient kings.
Criminal people are not interested history of th...
Uninvited Turbulence
Created by Luihutin
I must be bloody mad. Yes, I created a cramped airplane-level. I am hoping that some of you are also interested in these kinds of odd experimentations, as I will definitely be attempting a train sometime in the future as well. A lot of these will come in h...
Secret Operations
Created by Brainfeeder
The Bank, Radioshack and The Cafe have the same owner who is believed to be carrying out an illegal operation. Hopefully he has some money. See what you can find!...
Deathly Tower
Created by MasterWario
My first map ever! It seems like I got the difficulty about right...Before the update it took me 18 minutes to 100% with the Locksmith, a few minutes faster with the Cleaner.

Enter the Deathly Towers and try to grab it's famous treasure, whatever it is!...
Created by Zerotoinfinity
The Gendarme found the crew and are raiding the church they're hiding out in! Escape!...
With Love
Created by Subway
Special Valetnine's Day sort of themed map, OKAY HOPE IT'S GOOD HAVE FUN...
The Gem Rings Club
Created by Cyber_Guy
After the Masnion Royale heist the group went over the Italian-Austrian border and stoped at a club.
Gentleman made many things clearer. Now thier trying to steal a yacht...

So this is my second map i hope you like it! Any feedback is nice...
Mansion Royale
Created by Cyber_Guy
So after they had escaped Monaco the gang wanted to "buy themselves some souvienirs" when a sudden encounter with thier old "friends" has happen they had many difrent goals in mind after they reach promised Safehouse

Any kind of Feedback is appreciated...
Just a Building
Created by _goodman_
Film Museum
Created by Nisbetron3000
The Cleaner is a huge movie buff; he loves nothing more than to chill out on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and his favourite film: Alabama Jones.

He heard on the news that the director is planning to remake the movie with aliens, computer-generated g...
Mr.Good Bank
Created by _goodman_
Gabe HQ
Created by Doge
The new sentence by Paxtonize
"gaben is planning to release Half life 3 ... yeah thats great news , but he will delete all other games by valve so he can put they'r main carakters into HL3 .
you need to stop his upload and delete Half life 3 before its t...
Operation Shadow Drain
Created by F-2 Sigma
An ADVENT office has opened up in New Mexico. X-COM has sent your team to gather intel from this facility; you must not fail.

XCOM 2 has been looking great, so I felt an urge to do a map based off of it. Good Luck Commanders....
Created by Lapinothotep
Difficulty: 4/5
Type: Heist (Itemless)


Aye. I'll remake the basement someday....
Le Dernier Arret
Created by nabs
I challenged myself to make a map in around 2 days, and this is the result. Hopefully it's not horribly designed or unbalanced. I did have a lot of fun making this, though.

Feedback is appreciated! Have fun playing it.

(Edit 1: Added vents passing th...
Lookout For Number One
Created by Luihutin
Lookout's Story, Part 1

I am starting my very own campaign, set after an imagined big heist gone wrong and separating all the characters. I want to create solo-experiences for each character (3-5 missions each?) and afterwards see where I would go from ...
Void Race (PVP)
Created by Madcat
I wasn't posting anything for a loooooooooooong time and I decided that I should try to create a race. I've never seen someone create a map in the void on purpose. So I decided "Why not?" and created this map. It's a time challenge. No coins, just you and ...
A Night at the Opera - TRIALS 2/7
Created by Rune
TRIALS - a mini-campaign in seven parts, by Rune

==Part 2/7: A Night at the Opera==

Finding a note mentioning a major financial transaction in the CEO's office in the bank is not, perhaps, a surprising incident. Though it becomes interesting, when ...
Created by KudosInc

Sunnyville is not your average town.

It contains murderers, crime bosses, villains and most importantly - thieves.

It's a fine day in Sunnyville. The sun shines bright, the men and women ...
Clean Slate
Created by eve rainbow_lizard
That Bloody cleaner. After the science-o-coptor crash, the cleaner was feeling a bit down, and wasn't really happy with just plotting and occasional torturing. He wanted something much more. So he decided to research the biggest imbecile in Monaco, and go ...
from Heaven to Hell
Created by junior_ttm
You got wind of a rumor about the great hotel is covering two immoral and dubious parties.
Two parties are each called that "Heaven party" and "Hell party".
These parties gather rich men and women, and it seems that they are bring many splendid money and...
Gagnon's Trials
Created by A shell of a man
This is a monstrous fun pack of interesting Monaco concepts. Experienced players recommended, but it's not too hard.

The team receives a message from a man in a suit: "Meet at 144 Perigoax Rd. for your interview. Bring whatever you need. I will have tri...
RN Highrise
Created by cola.burg
Created by Mr. U
Title: ---
Difficulty: 4/5
Type: Heist
Version: 1.1


Bibliotheque Verte
Created by tik★
Seeking to help his good friend Hacker, Locksmith takes the crew to the nearest library. Perhaps the texts there shall cure Hacker of his running mouth. There are no late fees for stolen books.

you can find previous stories here : {LINK REMOVED}....
Rain n' Keys
Created by Rosa
The government launched a campaign to have citizens implanted with thief detection device. The gang then sent Mole to destroy the prototype and acquire password for the database. He managed to do the deeds but was captured during his escape. Rescue him and...
Vogel Hotel
Created by cola.burg

Tower Heist
Created by Brother Glum
This is an eight floor monaco map I have been working on, I classify it as difficult...
Manoir Generique
Created by eve rainbow_lizard
The Gentleman and some others have a specific desire for lots of stuff in the mansion. They're rich people, so we have an excuse. The redhead is after a supremely fashionable hat, and the hacker wants to burn every copy of FATAL's rulebook in existance, st...
Apartment Acquisition
Created by Stevie
Make your way through 7 levels of theft and mayhem!
Each floor is more dangerous than the last!

Good luck!...
Bowling Club
Created by VoodooVince
This is my first workshop map, so please be indulgent :D
I am interested by any suggestion or comment, I want to progress!


Edit November 6, 2014.
To make the character selection screen in harmony with the original campaigns, I had to update t...
Mansion Survival
Created by Goobertron
Guards have attacked your mansion, brought the dogs and started burning it down. Collect your loot and try to defend your mansion for as long as possible.

Any issues or feedback please leave them in the comments. If the map is too hard/easy or If you wa...
Blood Diamond
Created by Valen

"A Family fude over diamonds, now the strongest Mafia has a hold of them. These diamonds are tainted with blood, but they're by far most valuable."

Floor 1: Basement
I hope its like every normal famalies basement.... this is the Mafia, s...
Created by Confetti
The Gentleman wants to upgrade his gun-smuggling ring, but most of his weapons are already top-notch. However, he received a tip that in a military base not far from here there are blueprints to a new weapon good enough to sell for millions. The issue bein...
2 July Update! Mini Heists
Created by Jenapeku2
I personally enjoy short and fun maps, so why not make lots of them in one map. This map consists of multiple short heists that will become more difficult the further you get. If you have any suggestions or errors please tell me. Suggestions are especially...
I Want His Stuff
Created by Motioncityrule
There's this man who lives near me, you know the type... rich. He got famous selling PPI or something. Look either way he's got stuff and i want it.



solo 100% without dying a...
Created by Vellaroque
Another day, another prison break. Previously, Gentleman arranged a fake accident by the casino hotel, only for the crew to be caught in a real one during the great escape. As Voltaire was long gone, so were everything related to him. Enter Fontaine the ov...
the Pacmanaco
Created by BJDware
Seven levels of waka waka fun.
A Test of evasion along with piles of gold to chomp on.. waka waka.

Please do not forget to rate if you enjoy this creation. Tyvm.

Feel free to comment and leave feedback.
Any suggestions for improvement will be t...
Home Security
Created by Howl
Information: Part 1 Of Gentleman's Story (A Map Collection im Making), Part 2 Coming Soon. Story: Gentleman Pulled off the perfect heist at the jewelry store, somehow someone managed to get evidence of Gentleman doing it. Now the Police have entered his ho...
Created by Howl
Allowed Classes: Lookout and Locksmith, Players: 1 or 2,Difficulty: 1/5: Really EAASY! I suggest that you try to clean it up :)...
Luxury Tower
Created by Kexikus
My first map.
It has quite a lot of different ways to get through and one objective.
I hope you like it and please tell me about any bugs or errors you encounter....
Secret Prison
Created by Kexikus
In this map you are trying to break into a prison hidden under an apparently normal street to free two of your companions.
Additionally you can rob two other houses and leave their poor owners completely blank ;)
Have fun and please tell me about any mis...
Record Delete
Created by Howl
Part 2 of Gentleman's Story...
Silent and Ruthless
Created by Madcat
#1 of The Chase series
It was a fierce fight between The Cleaner and the police force, but the law was superior. While unconcious, The Cleaner was transported to a prison on an island. When he finally woke up, he was taken to hi...
Escape For More
Created by Khubix
This level is kinda easy if you really know how to play.It has only two maps but the maps are not short.I tried to make the level look good.Have fun......
Created by Lapinothotep
Difficulty: 3.5/5
Type: Heist (Itemless)

Comfi Inc.
Created by Madcat
#3 of New Enemy campaign!
The Crew escaped from the burning ship. They suspect Mr. Montesque as the one who blew up the ship. They set off to "Comfi Inc." furniture factory which was owned by Mr.Montesque and hope to find somethin...
Treasures of Toirano
Created by Madcat
#3 of The Chase series
The Cleaner is free again and our crew somehow ended up in...Italy. Since the police wasn't on their tail they have decided to go to Grotte De Toirano and steal some valuable stuff!...
Purloin at the Prix
Created by Cedarbox
The Princess is in the neighborhood to watch the race. Help lighten the load on her pockets....
The Bays House
Created by xqzt
Underneath of this beautiful two story home lies a sadistic testing facility called The Hive where The Cleaner was held captive and experimented on for the first 15 years of his life. He was beaten, starved, and used for experimentation until one day a...
High Risk
Created by Madcat
#5 of the New Enemy campaign!
It appears that Mr. Montesque currently holds a party in his penthouse. Our crew decides to reach the top and strike the final blow...
This map took months[/u...
Contest 5 - Covert Opera-tions
Created by sp202
There are masked men around, and all is not what it seems. Join the Pickpocket, the Gentleman and the Cleaner in an attempt to infiltrate the Opera and save the day.

This is a map made for 3 players (sorry four-bro teams) which focuses on environmental ...
Dirty Diamonds
Created by Wil
After years of laying low, The Lookout, The Locksmith, and The Pickpocket discover that The Cleaner has become entangled in another of The Gentleman's plots overseas. Rescue The Cleaner and search for clues about a new rival in Montreal who's been interfe...
The Docks
Created by Cyber_Guy
After They aquired The Rings with the Passwords They sneak Into The Docks. Now after They Steal The Boat, They Will Go To Ankona And Life Happily Ever After. Or Would They?

I Managed To Get This level out before the Holiday so any bad Designing And\Or B...
Created by Jay
Created by eve rainbow_lizard
A 6-floored escape mission of high difficulty. The Gentleman, the manipulative jerk he is, wants the !!SCIENCE-O-COPTOR!! from the generique research lab, as it contains parts for the submarine the team wants to build. They must crawl through the sewers an...
Birds of a Feather
Created by eve rainbow_lizard
The Pickpocket has been kidnapped by a criminal organization and brought to an old abandoned warehouse, used as a criminal headquaters. The gentleman tried to rescue him, but as he was sneaking in on his truck, some sirens and a massive crash was heard. Th...
The Break In
Created by Valen
Version: 1.5

"The gang gets together to pull off a bank hiest, rumors say that this banks vault has the best security around.

We'll just have to see about that..."

This campiagn consists of 5 Floors

Floor 1: Sewers
The musky dank place below t...
Created by Vulpes Inculta
Chemical Affairs
Created by Madcat
#4 of The Chase series
Our crew has managed to pass the border between Italy and Switzerland after bribing Italian border patrol with pizza. The Gentleman has already made some deals with people in Switzerland and the crew is ...
Inferiority Complex
Created by Anal Messiah
Two years after Operation: Superiority Complex, the team receives another contract to hit the GIGN. This time, they have the advantage using data from the previous facility. Time for Operation: Inferiority Complex.

If you haven't played Superiority Comp...
Bavarian Waltz
Created by F-2 Sigma
A short level for casual play, much less difficult than my other maps. Have fun :D...
Royal Film Club
Created by cola.burg
Created by RuruKawaii
Created by Vulpes Inculta
Created by ZomKing3410
Escape prison and collect evidences of GTLM and CLNR playing only as them....
Created by Lapinothotep
Difficulty: 2/5
Type: Heist


Dim Sum. Dim Sum. Water Dragon Bun. That sounds pretty bad....
Created by Shakeasaurus
Maison de Glace
Created by tik★
this is ice cream ver.2, with a new name...
Highrise DAY
Created by Doge
Why we rob this building ?
good point
we are finding some clue about The hacker that he lost after last mansion
no one know where he go
but Gentleman know where Hacker go
The Find and Rescue mission is start...
CUBE 2 (P-v-E)
Created by Lapinothotep
Title: CUBE 2
Description: Escape the mansion.
Type: Escape


What is this? :|
See the crying emoji with a bruised eye, (P-v-E)?
Its heart ache for those who were trapped in the cube....
Site 17
Created by Jay
A semi-government owned lab has just finished their latest in sensory testing, the lookout......
The Grand bank
Created by Sictan
Payday 2 Bank Heist
Created by ChevalierLeDwarf
Small map inspired by one of missions from Payday 2. It's not accurate copy of that mission, just look alike. Made this for fun. Enjoy.

Небольшая карта, под впечталением от одной из миссий в Payday 2. Карта не точно копирует мисиию, просто основана на н...
MLG Quest
Created by Madcat
"After 9 years of development, hopefully, it will be worth the wait!" @Madcat*
Welcome to MLG Quest![...
K market
Created by PT34
Simple K market level....
The Shadowrun
Created by Boart
You were hired to steal artifacts from a museum - but things are not always what they seem...

A variety of obstacles, target difficulty: moderate.

(The initial inspiration for this mission came from the opening scene of "Shadowrun: Dragonfall." It...
Risky Business
Created by Madkip
Created by [DotG]Argentum
Created by ch4ek
Payday 2 Murky station
Created by ChevalierLeDwarf
Inspired by hard stealth mission from Payday 2. Not a complite copy, just a tribute!
Вдохновился сложной стелс-миссией из Payday 2. Карта - не полная копия, но свои моменты имеются....
Final Chapter: Back to Prison
Created by Lowell
//This episode does not take place during the original timeline of the game,

After their escape from the prison, the Lookout and the Hacker got to work together...

Final Chapter: Back to Prison

=> Story coming soon ......
$ Jewerly HEIST $
Created by SyneX
My first level. Did it just for fun. Rate fairly :) Thanks for playing....
Chateau De Sylvia
Created by Videogames
A crushing 3-floored objective map:

For once all the peices of the puzzle are in once place, this is far too good of an opportunity to pass up! Infiltrate the business meeting in progress at the chat...
Created by Jay
Hi, this is Rick from the real estate office. There's a showing for an apartment down town today. It's at SW 121st street, Apt 35. Open house. Just swing on by when you have the time...
Kawaii Lasers
Created by Sokol
You have escaped from the "Rainbow Lasers" crime scene.

The rest you shall reveal by playing the map... ;)

This is a sequel to the "Rainbow Lasers" map by Kawaii C4 and is obviously dedicated to her!
There may be a continuation of this.
House Arrest
Created by Sokol
Created by F-2 Sigma
Decided on a whim to modify the first map I've ever made to an extent where its actually a decent level. Don't expect a coherent story or layout, and have fun :D...
Call of the Crypt
Created by F-2 Sigma
A redux of my first map, with a few improvements; again vaguely based around the Overlord novel series. This map is meant to be much more difficult than the original, so proceed with caution. Leave any issues or tips in the comments below. Have fun :D...
Created by Jay
After finding a backdoor into Interpool the Hacker saw some juicy secrets, but to get them he needs to get inside...
Created by Madcat
#6 of The Chase series
After a successful escape from the police in Crestawald, our crew enters Vaduz, Lichtenstein. However, Lookout thinks that someone is following them. Nobody believes her, though. Assuming t...
Horde Mode
Created by WolfDoggg
Hold off against legions of enemies, play on Zonaco for full experience...
Created by ikethepike
Created by JeanneOskoure
Enter a manor and steal some research while everybody is distracted!...
Cleaning The Slate
Created by nabs
Montesque? That's a name I haven't heard for a very long time. Last I heard, he's on some faraway hospital getting surgery after surgery.

Well, now the guy's back; Montesque's using his connections left and right, and not in a good way. I personally
Unwanted Visitors
Created by nabs
A simple heist level where your crew has to take something they overlooked. Constructive criticism is welcome! Expect more levels in the future. ;)...
Dystopia Episode 3
Created by ChevalierLeDwarf
New part of Dystopia series.///Новая часть серии Антиутопия
Наша команда успешно сбежала из Республии. Но теперь ясно, что наемники, похитившие Обезьянщика, работают по на...
Nature Call MP
Created by Sokol
Multiplayer version of Nature Call which was made for Singleplayer.

Adds tools, more loot (still no random loot and there never will be any), 4 playable characters, twice the difficulty twice the fun....
The Monaco escape
Created by Stocky
mister police
Created by mates112150
SafeT Storage Vaults
Created by QuantumCanine
One super secure storage vault. One crew of thieves. One wish: LOTS AND LOTS OF MONEY. Who will win?...
Small prison
Created by Doge
I created this map for enjoy myself but if you want to try i wont stop you but if the map design are bad
you cant blame me because i already told you that i created to play and enjoy myself...
The Hacker's Den
Created by nabs
The Gentleman and his band of criminals have stopped in a seemingly ordinary market. This perplexes them, as there is not much to steal. However, the con-man and the hacker have something in mind.

Hope you guys enjoy this map! As usual, comments ...
The Jackpot
Created by Lowell
7 Floor Map. 12 Coins.

Pretty hard to beat. It is possible, believe me......
Created by Kirukato
pac man 2
Created by OwOen
My Stage
Created by DatKrayon
Above a bank
Created by Jake110910
A heist that envolves entering a bank and getting revenge! Jim budlerberry has ratted you out two years ago and for revenge you will steal his precious money from his bank! Enter the bank and Jim's living quarters to get the money, but don't forget about t...
Villa Break
Created by Orbi
The Bank Robbery
Created by porfzingy
Rob a bank with your friends will you go in stealthy or loud? I added a fun gameplay mechanic to ther map, if you set off any alarms you will alert the police and a police assault will come to make it harder to beat the level. This will make you play more ...
Mansion Rescue
Created by
Rescue The gentleman! btw this is my first map so it might suck a little....
Code Orange
Created by Jay
Pac-Man got nothing on this prison escape!...
Diamonds are Forever
Created by osko
The Gentleman's inside man at Interpol is gone: it seems a security company has gotten hold of the crooks' identities. However, the company's security installations connect with their identity registry. Steal the most expensive diamonds in a framed iconic ...
Firey Escape
Created by Jay
The police are closing in! Time to burn the evidence and run!...
Channel in Utrecht
Created by QwetX
Our friend are having a nice time "off" in another pace, but what is a break without robbing?...
National Park
Created by Soggy Zoggy
Underneath the vacationing area lies a hidden vault. Steal what they are guarding and hack the security to make it look like nothing has been stolen!...
Created by YELDAH
The Ancient Mask [V1.4!]
Created by Shion
Hello, and welcome to my first Monaco custom map!
Sorry if it's messy or generally bad, but this IS my first, and I'm well used to "The Escapists" map editor layout, not this one. This was created in 3 days at first, fixing it every day after release thu...
Hotline2 ver 3
Created by Jason
Hi everyone. This is the second version of the first map I made. It's completely revamped. (Don't play the old version)
This map is designed to be run with doubled extended classes. (Yes you get to have double powers in this map)

I designed it to be ru...
Annies home
Created by One Squirrel
Spookenberg Mansion
Created by Madcat
This map is made for Halloween 2017! :D
Halloween has come and everyone's celebrating it. So do our thieves, but in a slightly different way. The Gentleman has heard of a massive VIP party in Germany. Spookenberg Man...
Created by Lapinothotep
Difficulty: 5/5?
Type: Heist


- Fixed wiring and some difficulty tweaks.
- Difficuly tweaks again.

-Remade the third floor.
-Extra speed-routes/hidden passages added for the lower three f...
adventure Cave
Created by ikethepike
the stores
Created by Neuroaktivo
rocket to the MOON
Created by kramff
the hardcore
Created by Sayori
Super Heist
Created by Lockman
Super Heist
Created by Lockman
Weroz Estate
Created by Videogames
A challenging, 3 floor heist map:
A spiritual successor to the Chateau De Sylvia.

Protection of the Weroz estate has been handed to a private security company. Our sources indicate there are relativey few guards on the premesis, ...
Created by SlayerHG
Created by Lord Drakkino
Mr. Body has been killed, by you! Looks like he won't be needing his riches anymore, but careful, the cops are on to you? Sneak into the crime scene, take the evidence and get out, but don't forget to get a hold of as much of Body's gold as you can. This m...
the Chocolate 2
Created by Youthful Idealism
Don't let the side view fool you. The interior is much better.

I'm open to constructive criticism. Let me know what I can improve!...
Emergency 9 V2
Created by FilipFX CZ
Any glitches please report !
More maps comming

Jakékoliv závady prosím nahlaste !...
Rainbow Six: Siege - Chalet
Created by ·Saccharine·
The Monaco team, turned legal as Security Testers for High Value Targets, are called in by Rainbow Six's Team to gauge their Security Ops of an unnamed VIP vacation home only known as "Chalet".

Ready? Waiting on you chief.....
The ancient Ziggurat
Created by Lexon

Difficulty: 3.5/5
Gamemode: Heist
Escape routes: 3


This map is about an ancient ziggurat/pyramid that was discovered by in the desert.
When the archeologist discovered it they started to collect artefacts and study the zigg...
TOwer of Power
Created by Unknown117
Washington Tower
Created by F-2 Sigma
Another renovated map, although I cannot say that the layout of floors makes any sense in a practical sense. Have fun :D...
Tower of death Trainin
Created by
Created by Mibombo
Hey. This level is pretty much just the last few floors of my other level, LASER GAUNTLET. I didn't want people to have to keep restarting completely just to practice this stupidly hard ending, so I decided to just make this as some sort of practice map....
Created by Mibombo
This level was reuploaded after being retested. Shoutout to pocico for helping me solve these issues.

The premise of this level is that it is basically guardless, but the traps sprawled throughout the level are quite difficult in their own right. Do y...
Created by Snakehelios
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WetGoop Sep 21, 2016 @ 11:54pm 
pocico  [author] Sep 19, 2016 @ 12:46am 
Vatican City is impossible because you can't leave the map, but it's fun to play so I'm including it.
SoRk Jan 27, 2016 @ 6:47pm 
awesome maps! c;