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How to play Splitscreen with 2 xbox 360 controllers
By kesuga7
So i try to make guide to make it as easy as possible to get splitscreen working with 2 xbox 360 controllers because i was kind of confused how to even do it myself
  • #1 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=278735311&searchtext=split+screen This is a modifcation that makes playing splitscreen ingame easier - install this - or scroll down to the comments section to see my link

  • (2) Second step:
    Download notepad++ http://notepad-plus-plus.org/download/v6.6.9.html

  • (3) Third step : Create a new text file in desktop , dont name it yet - then rightclick and select "edit with notepad++"

  • (4) Fourth step: Copy and paste the command lines at bottom of guide into the "new text document.txt"

  • (5) Fifth step: Click file then "Save as" - then in the file name paste this name in , no need to change file type in the dropdown bar

  • (6) Sixth step: Cut or copy file and paste into this directory(the one with all the config files BUT DO NOT PASTE OVER ANOTHER CONFIG FILE) :
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Left 4 Dead 2\left4dead2\cfg

  • (7) FINAL STEP:
    Launch Left for dead 2 - enable command console from options menu - then press ` or tidle to open it
    Paste this command line into the empty command console bar: with the quotes included and if it doesnt work try without the quotes
    restart your game if it doesnt work

    exec "SPLITSCREEN_2_XBOX 360_CONFIG.cfg"

Select splitscreen from modded menu - and now you can play with 2 controllers splitscreen!

Copy and paste for fourth step
joystick 1
joy_advanced "1" // use advanced joystick options (allows for multiple axes)

joy_name "L4D Xbox360 Joystick Configuration"
joy_advaxisx 3 // x-axis controls GAME_AXIS_SIDE (strafing left and right)
joy_advaxisy 1 // y-axis controls GAME_AXIS_FORWARD (move forward and back)
joy_advaxisz 0 // z-axis is treated like a button
joy_advaxisr 2 // r-axis controls GAME_AXIS_PITCH (look up and down)
joy_advaxisu 4 // u-axis controls GAME_AXIS_YAW (look left and right)
joy_advaxisv 0 // v-axis is unused
joy_forwardsensitivity -1.0 // movement sensitivity
joy_sidesensitivity 1.0
joy_forwardthreshold 0.1 // movement dead zone settings
joy_sidethreshold 0.1
joy_pitchsensitivity 1.0 // look sensitivity
joy_yawsensitivity -1.5
joy_pitchthreshold 0.1 // look dead zone settings
joy_yawthreshold 0.0

//joy_variable_frametime 1
joy_autoaimdampenrange 0.85
joy_autoaimdampen 0.5
joy_lowend 0.65
joy_lowmap 0.15
joy_accelscale 3.0
joy_accelmax 4.0
joy_response_move 5
joy_response_look 1
joy_autoaimdampen 0.3
joy_autoaimdampenrange 0.85
joyadvancedupdate // advanced joystick update allows for analog control of move and look

// Alternate control 1
+jlook // enable joystick look
bind "A_BUTTON" "+jump;+menuAccept" // (A) button - Jump -menuAccpt allows us to make selections on hud menus
bind "X_BUTTON" "+reload" // (X) button - Reload
bind "B_BUTTON" "toggle_duck" // (B) Use
bind "Y_BUTTON" "lastinv" // (Y) button - swap pistol/rifle or z_abort -used to respawn as a ghost.
bind "R_TRIGGER" "+attack" // RT - Main weapon - Primary trigger
bind "L_TRIGGER" "+attack2" // LT - Melee
bind "R_SHOULDER" "vocalize smartlook" // RB - LS vocalize
bind "L_SHOULDER" "+use" // LB - Duck
bind "STICK1" "vocalize smartlook" // LS - vocalize
bind "STICK2" "+zoom" // RS click - Rifle Zoom

// Fixed bindings, do not change these across joystick presets
bind "BACK" "togglescores" // (back) button - scores
bind "START" "gameui_activate" // (start) button - pause
bind "S1_UP" "+menuUp" // Hud menu Up
bind "S1_DOWN" "+menuDown" // Hud menu Down
bind "UP" "impulse 100" // DPad Up - Toggle flashlight
bind "LEFT" "slot3" // DPad Left - grenade
bind "RIGHT" "slot4" // DPad Right - health
bind "DOWN" "slot5" // DPad Down - Pills

// Alternate control 2
cmd2 +jlook // enable joystick look
cmd2 bind "A_BUTTON" "+jump;+menuAccept" // (A) button - Jump -menuAccpt allows us to make selections on hud menus
cmd2 bind "X_BUTTON" "+reload" // (X) button - Reload
cmd2 bind "B_BUTTON" "toggle_duck" // (B) Duck
cmd2 bind "Y_BUTTON" "lastinv" // (Y) button - swap pistol/rifle or z_abort -used to respawn as a ghost.
cmd2 bind "R_TRIGGER" "+attack" // RT - Main weapon - Primary trigger
cmd2 bind "L_TRIGGER" "+attack2" // LT - Melee
cmd2 bind "R_SHOULDER" "vocalize smartlook" // RB - LS vocalize
cmd2 bind "L_SHOULDER" "+use" // LB - Use
cmd2 bind "STICK1" "vocalize smartlook" // LS - vocalize
cmd2 bind "STICK2" "+zoom" // RS click - Rifle Zoom

// Fixed cmd2 bindings, do not change these across joystick presets
cmd2 bind "BACK" "togglescores" // (back) button - scores
cmd2 bind "START" "gameui_activate" // (start) button - pause
cmd2 bind "S1_UP" "+menuUp" // Hud menu Up
cmd2 bind "S1_DOWN" "+menuDown" // Hud menu Down
cmd2 bind "UP" "impulse 100" // DPad Up - Toggle flashlight
cmd2 bind "LEFT" "slot3" // DPad Left - grenade
cmd2 bind "RIGHT" "slot4" // DPad Right - health
cmd2 bind "DOWN" "slot5" // DPad Down - Pills
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Mano Cobs Jun 28, 2020 @ 6:50pm 
hey guy, the notepad ++ link is off, {LINK REMOVED} use that one
kesuga7  [author] Jan 10, 2020 @ 2:11pm 
i have no idea honestly , anything thats not in this post i probably wont have a answer to sorry
Vehat Jan 9, 2020 @ 4:54pm 
I did this to use remote play with a friend who lives in another country, but since they're using mouse/keyboard, it keeps switching between both players randomly. (It randomly switches between controlling the left character and the right character.) Is there a way to solve this besides him getting a controller?
nonatoj12 Apr 20, 2019 @ 5:41pm 
I just used this and the camera control for the second screen controls the camera control for both? Fix?
KillableHours Oct 25, 2016 @ 8:42pm 
Is there a way to disable/re-enable this easily?
HyperWolf Aug 23, 2016 @ 9:05am 
If you follow the instructions to the last detail it works flawlessly. Remember to take the .txt file away from the cfg file. It won't work otherwise.
SaintsTufan Jul 10, 2016 @ 1:02pm 
ffs what should i put now in the cfg data? i just want the standard controller settings
MochaGreen911 Jul 8, 2016 @ 9:49pm 
This work for me :D
.:{Emerald}:. May 31, 2016 @ 4:44pm 
Does anyone know the code for splitscreen but for PS4 controller? :T
jimmyjames May 10, 2016 @ 12:21am 
Thank you! I actually tried left 4 dead 2 beta and the split screen trick worked fine for that. So now I know it's still possible to some extent, but I don't know why it won't work on the original.