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Scenario Type: Infantry
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Sep 15, 2014 @ 3:00am
Feb 16, 2015 @ 2:54am
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2015, February 16th: bCombat UPDATED to v0.18 FINAL. See CHANGELOG.

bCombat is an all-in-one Single Player infantry AI mod.
It aims to achieve both a more aware and human-alike infantry AI. It features an unique ecosystem, including an event-driven AI morale / skill system as well as many optional AI enhancements.
Everything is pre-configured and ready to go, while it can be tweaked at will via configuration file (see "MORE INFO" below).

  • Morale system driving dynamically AI behavour and skills.
  • Reduced (excessive) AI firing accuracy.
  • AI behaviour is affected by many environmental events (spotted enemies, explosions, bullets whizzling by, ricochets, wounds, casualties, ...).
  • AI units proactively lay suppressive fire and suffer sensible morale / skill penalty when suppressed.
  • Increased AI survivability: better use of cover, movement and suppressive fire lead to longer firefights.
  • More Tactical options: firing from higher ground, flank or back causes bigger morale hit to enemy
  • AI units use smoke grenades
  • AI units use handgrenades more efficiently
  • AI units hear nearby gunfire / explosions
  • AI machinegunners lay suppressive fire in order to cover group movement
  • AI groups move more cautiously in urban environment (e.g. less individual engaging)
  • Player led AI units require far less micro-management on the battlefield.
  • A lot more ...

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Tockey Jul 22 @ 1:33pm 
unga nobody gives a shit warlord
The Specialist Jun 17 @ 8:28pm 
Can say that this certainly didn't age well. The Vanilla AI are actually better now in comparison to this.
pvttunt Jun 16 @ 10:20pm 
this is mod from 2015, but is better than a lot of AI mods, is very good
malonebugsy7 Jun 16 @ 2:30am 
It crash my Game
VastGameMaster Jun 3 @ 11:38pm 
Assholes are like opinions, everyone has one.
Warlord-616x May 22 @ 10:59am 
oh and did i mention the npcs just sit and do nothing whatsoever except look right at you the moment you come into potential range? trash.
Warlord-616x May 22 @ 10:57am 
this mod sucks. they just zap you in the face as soon as you pop out of cover from 400 yards from behind bushes and automatically know where you are. hate to say it, but this makes default look good, but then again its been abandoned for 5 years....
BLIM May 16 @ 2:30pm 
Still the best AI mod, I benchmark better with this mod than vanilla AI. Much more human
Greenzone Apr 21 @ 4:12am 
Vcom is full of crap if the ki vehicles use it they do not drive or just drive their vehicles around and I am very disappointed and AIS is boring
Jamaal Feb 17 @ 10:54pm 
@Fabrizio_T i dont know if u still in steam community or if youre still alive ( hope your doin ok ) but u gotta know one thing : you create a mod that apparently nobody can imitate there is all the ASR Ai and VCOM ai all bullshit mod where Ai cant even use cover correctly , with them bullshit flankin manuvers .all those stuff nerds love , not me . Please give an update to it if possible , if you can ( me and a looot of people hope )