Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

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Bridge (Sniper Map)
Created by WoLvErInE
My 1st Sniper map for RO series. This is probably best for 16 to 32 players max.
Also, If you're "The Rambo" type, I don't think this map is for you! :-P Either way, Have Fun and Enjoy!

Please leave all feedback here or on TWI Forums.....Thanks!...
TE - Climb Up Beta 1.351
Created by |DD|Spaehling
Last Update: 04.1.2014

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Some Infos:
Mapname: TE - Climb Up
Version: 1.31 beta
Attackers: Allies
Defenders: Axis
Target: Allies needs to cap the Hill / All Artys...
Created by pilen
** Updated 12 of October 2015

Filip Pilebo (f.pilebo@gmail.com | http://www.filippilebo.com)

No new video for v2.0

Game Type:
Territory (2 capture points 1 fallbackspawn)

Infantry Only

Hangar ...
Updated Text
Created by RoastinGhost
This small mod changes many instances of the game's text to make messages, statistics, and weapon names more consistent. For instance, suffixes describing weapon types have been removed (MG 34 LMG now reads MG34, for instance). This has no adverse effect o...
Wake Island 1944 Beta v5
Created by John S͘teamOS™
Wake Island is dead. I might return later, who knows.
Also, fuck Tripwire.
Your community has shown their support for Wake, but you refuse to listen to them.

Special thanks to G_Sajer at the TW forums, and Mike over at RGN for server hosting and co...
Red Assault
Created by LATTEH

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Ive spent the...