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Apr 11, 2015 @ 10:04pm
Nov 20, 2017 @ 2:53pm
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You can swap between units systems with user actions.

- Enhace targeting systems, navigation, situational awareness and instrumented flight capabilities.
- Enhance Immersion.

- Helmet mounted displays for all Bluefor and Independent helicopters.
- Both metric and nautical units variants are included.
- Enhanced turrets for gunships and recon helicopters, which include: various levels of zoom, film grain effect in dayTV mode, ground stabilization and new UI.
- "Forward looking" total velocity vectors (flight path markers).
- Weapons aim where they should.
- Weapons enhancements include: 2000rpm and 4000 rpm setting for the m134 miniguns and ripple settings for DAR rockets (single, ripple 2, ripple 4).
- Removes certain GUI elements such as airframe damage, fuel status (included in the actual HMD), weapon crosshairs, and magic radar from non-radar capable helicopters.
- Fully working for RotorLib Helicopters (adds Torque Percentage counter)
- Multiple Countermeasure Release programs.
- IR Jammers (Comanche, Huron and Ghosthawk).
- New helo skins and crew helmets!
- Wipeout HUD/HMCS added!

Custom Action Keybindings:
- User Action 10: HMD ON
- User Action 11: HMD OFF
- User Action 12: IMPERIAL
- User Action 13: METRIC
- User Action 14: FULL HMD
- User Action 15: DECLUTTERED HMD
- User Action 16: GREEN
- User Action 17: YELLOW
- User Action 18: BRIGHTNESS HIGH
- User Action 19: BRIGHTNESS MED
- User Action 20: BRIGHTNESS LOW

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Apr 18 @ 4:40am
Apr 20 @ 7:11am
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♕RATKING Jul 6 @ 2:19pm 
Im not sure if its a bug but is it intended that when locking onto a vehicle you get your lock on crosshairs as well as the vanilla ones? Id very much like to see only your lock on crosshairs as they are much nicer than vanilla but have no idea how to do that
Ryuk Jun 21 @ 1:21am 
Hey there, this looks like a very nice mod! Question is though, how would I go on and apply your Mod to different Helos by hand?
Luca86iTA May 29 @ 2:42am 
ok... action menu is already present here in HMDS and in firewill mod too,ah 64project have some action menu but its cockpit is interactive so no problem there( and I read they will switch to cba hotkeys!!),ITC air mod use cba hotkeys too ...the problem comes for who want to configure a flight stick for all of this mod without have to switch profile!!
Machine Gun Kelly May 25 @ 12:37pm 
@Luca - This is not as a good option as you may think. ARMA already has a mess of keys that are used and with the mods I have and ARMA, I have just about run out of keys.

What SHOULD be done, is to have it as an OPTION. I have a mod that uses the Action Menu AND the CBA keys. The user has a CHOICE to use CBA keys. As I am lazy, the Action Menu keys are always present.

The user should be given the CHOICE, not having either FORCED on someone.

With my mod, it is just me and 2 others (friend) using it, so I could care less about the Action Menu.

Proper programming with 'User Friendly Interfaces' dictate to have both as options.

Not one or the other as you suggest.

Remember, not everyone has the mods YOU do nor their keys set the way YOU do...

Good suggestion for the needs to be combines along with the Action Menu too....

Luca86iTA May 24 @ 1:26pm 
I guess your answer is no ...but is it possible (maybe with an optional pbo)to have cba hotkeys instead of useractions...??
I m shure I m not the only to have this problem because are coming out a lot of mods about air and nobody is thinking about conflict (Kimi Hud,ITC air,Firewill, and ah64 project) with cba hotkeys we can choose what keys do what!
thank you Luca
Ateir Apr 29 @ 9:23am 
@HybridC0bra Yes it is
HybridC0bra Apr 19 @ 10:44pm 
is this mod client side?
[TW] ianbob Mar 16 @ 1:18am 
is there way to view the vanilla AC status while having the HMDS?
too many times i find it hard to see what throttle i am on or what part of plane is damaged
sccphantom Mar 7 @ 6:13pm 
I understand :)
Delta_5-1 Mar 7 @ 2:04pm 
@kimi, can we enlist your help on another helicopter project??
We need a little HUD work, and you might be just our guy... Hop on the discord if you're interested (I might even compensate you for a little work)