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Kairi Blodeuyn's Music Mod!
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Sep 10, 2014 @ 10:16pm
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Kairi Blodeuyn's Music Mod!

Hello everyone! My name is Kairi Blodeuyn Sawler, I'm a Composer, and recently I've fallen in love with EU4! I decided to start writing some music to go along side the already amazing OST. Currently there aren't many songs, however I will update and add more as I write them! Enjoy!

I also now have an official DLC added into EU4! Woohoo! You can preview it here, and if you're interested, follow the buy link to get it through Steam! The DLC is completely original, and features 5 brand new songs, focused on Eastern Asia, China and Japan. None of the music in the mod was used for it, it's all brand new!

This mod does NOT change the Checksum of EU4, therefore you can play Ironman mode (or continue an Ironman mode and add this to it) without issue. It is compatible with all other mods, as long as they don't change the music's schematic. (If they simply add music to the master list, as my mod does, it shouldn't be any issue). If you're having a problem with my mod, please add me, or make a new discussion! I'll get it sorted ASAP!

Current Song List, and Preview Links:

Crossing the Seas[]
Crossing the Seas is a "Travel" Theme, which blends well with Naval Voyages.

Prelude's March[]
Prelude's March is a "Beginning War" Theme, which blends well with the beginning, or prelude of a war or battle.

Eastern Mists[]
Eastern Mists is a "Traditional" Theme, mainly focusing on Chinese culture and music.

Gaelic Summers[]
Gaelic Summers is a "Peaceful" theme, based around Ireland, and other Gaelic countries and provinces in Europe.

March for the Empire[]
March for the Empire is a "Precursor" Theme which is based mainly for the Holy Roman Empire. It serves as a Peace-Time theme for the entire HRE; as a reminder that within the Empire, peace is only a temporary thought.

City of the World's Desire[]
City of the World's Desire is a "Traditional" theme based around Constantinople. It serves as a Peace-theme and trade theme with the city.

The Shogunate will Fall![]
The Shogunate will Fall! is a "Break-away" Theme for the Daimyo of Japan.

Fine Day for Sacrifice[]
Fine Day for Sacrifice is a "Traditional" Theme for the Aztec Nation in Mesoamerica.

Blood of the Old Gods[]
Blood of the Old Gods is a "Warring" Theme for the Aztec Nation in Mesoamerica.

Old Families[]
Old Families is a "Traditional" theme for China and Ming.

Hundred Years War[]
"Hundred Years War" is a Rivalry Theme for France and England.

La Bataille de Iberia[]
"La Bataille de Iberia" is a Rivalry Theme between Castile/Spain, and France.

The Siege of Vienna[]
"The Siege of Vienna" is a Rivalry Theme, for Austria/HRE, and the Ottoman Empire.


More information, as well as an alternate download link can be found here, on the paradox forums.[]

It'll be in your C:\Users\**USERNAME**\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Europa Universalis IV\mod folder if you installed it manually. Otherwise, it'll be in:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Europa Universalis IV\mod

If you can't find a Program Files (x86), it'll be in Program Files, in the same directory. If you installed it on a seperate harddrive, it might not be on 'C:\' but possibly another.

Once you find it, open the 'KBMM.mod' file with any Text Editor (Notepad++ is my prefered one), and edit the supported_version = "" to the most current version. You can also remove the last few numbers, ie: "1.11.2" with an asterisk, like so: "1.11.*" and it will work until a new full version of the game is released (Ie, new Expansion).

Hope this helps!
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UGottaBKidding Jul 14 @ 8:11am 
@poki#3 i tried to manually tick the songs in the music player, but it didn't let me
UGottaBKidding Jul 14 @ 8:09am 
thanks for the answer :)
Kai~  [author] Jul 13 @ 6:23am 
Thanks Poki! Since the updating of it is just version changing, I'll leave that up to the users themselves to do, as it's well documented throughout the community, as well as through google.

I use FL Studio 12 and Audacity to create and compose my music.
Poki#3 Jul 12 @ 2:53pm 
Guys, again, the mod works:

You need to remember that most of the songs in this mod are very heavily weighted to only play in certain culture groups, so they might rarely play if you have Context Sensitive Shuffle on. Also, over time you might have gotten so many other music DLCs that the songs play less often because of that.

If you don't want a warning in the launcher about an "outdated mod", you can go to your EU4 mod folder in my documents and change the version number yourself. Unfortunately, if the version number maintenance were to be delegated to someone else it would create a separate Workshop page.
UGottaBKidding Jul 12 @ 2:16pm 
by the way -if i may ask- what tools/apps do you use to produce your songs?
UGottaBKidding Jul 12 @ 2:12pm 
what a shame! This was one of my favourite mods. Since you won't be able to update it (and i understand!) would it be possible to delegate the updating to someone within the fan community?
Kai~  [author] Jun 29 @ 4:41am 
It may also be that the mod hasn't been updated, and since I no longer play EU4, I have no idea how to update it anymore. :P
Devestatio Jun 29 @ 4:14am 
I meant that since there is a music mod from you avail for purchase as a DLC, I believe that is why this isn't working. Yours isn't the only one that's been affected by that. Other modders that have "DLC" now, have updated their mods, but even those don't work.

That leads me to believe that due to the fact that there is similar purchasable content, these free mods won't work. They are conveniently broken and unable to be used in games.

I might just be a little paranoid, but it's a pretty big coincidence that it's happening that way. :steamsad:
Kai~  [author] Jun 28 @ 7:12pm 
What do you mean, Devestatio? The music on this mod is completely original, and isn't the same music as the DLC.
Devestatio Jun 28 @ 4:29pm 
Sad to see that this isn't available anymore just because it's now a DLC :(