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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Brelyna Makeover
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Sep 7, 2014 @ 8:15am
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Brelyna Makeover

Hello everyone

like many who love Skyrim I also find myself unhappy with how certain NPC's look
specially with the ones we are able to marry

I've tried many makeover mods myself but I was never completely happy with them so I learned how to make my own

this is my first mod so I hope someone out there likes it :)

for this mod I completely remade Brelyna's face and changed her hairstyle
no mods were used to do this just console commands and the creation kit
so all you need is the original Skyrim game :)

please note that this mod does not remove Brelyna's hood
im still new to modding so I have to apologize for my lack of know how

you can remove her hood yourself in game with console commands if you wish
simply open the command menu with the ` key (top left of keyboard under Esc) and then click on Brelyna
then simply type removeitem 0010dd3b

this removes her hood perminantly on that save file :)

I hope you all enjoy this new look :)

Ok I have no idea why but for some reason when you download both of my Makeover Mods for Brelyna and Ysolda
one of the NPC's (Brelyna for me) will reset to their default face..
since I am not informed with mods at all I have no idea how to fix this..
I can only assume that the two mods are not compatible with one another and that the one at the bottom of the load order cancels out the one before it.. but I don't know for sure

So I will make another Mod which has both.. and all future makeovers.. in the same download :)
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Ebinhardt 12 hours ago 
the mod doesnt work anymore, man