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TBARW EXTRA: Transparent political mapmode
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Sep 6, 2014 @ 7:41am
Nov 26, 2017 @ 5:54am
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TBARW EXTRA: Transparent political mapmode

Borders and water in screenshots are from "thick borders and recolored water"

We worked together with Negi to get our both mods working after 1.19 update. Shout-out to him!

You dont need main mod to use optional extras, it also works with most of other mods.

Works with EU4 patch 1.23

Makes mapmodes slightly transparent thus showing snow in political mapmode and more visible terrain (Can be seen in screenshots)

Manual download is in padaroxplaza forums!

Link to TBARW (main mod):
Thick borders and recolored water
Optional extra mods for "TBARW":
TBARW EXTRA: White font
TBARW EXTRA: Darker water
TBARW EXTRA: User interface
TBARW EXTRA: User interface (Lite)

"Borders only" version of TBARW

This mod is "Better Color Mapmodes Bright v1.1" tweak.

Thanks "Empathie" for creating this awesome mod.

Where to extract manually downloaded files?

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FinalFate Sep 21 @ 8:51pm 
Hope you update this soon!
Ozeyqar Sep 9 @ 4:49am 
Update pls
Can we get an update for 1.26 Dharma DLC! plz :)
Smartguy725 Aug 14 @ 4:49pm 
Say heaven, how hard would it be to get this and the Interface mods off the ground again?
|AUT-TA| LukDreas Jul 26 @ 5:47am 
How about adding a way to see where river crossings are in the political map mode? Maybe just like the Simple terrain map mode, which shows them with blue borders?
Morvys Jul 20 @ 4:41pm 
Great mod, thanks. BTW, blob much, Spain?
Fahlinoz Jun 30 @ 8:20am 
I dont understand the problem, it works just fine with the latest version of EUIV. Just ignore the exlamation mark since it means literally nothing.
Matihood1 May 24 @ 1:23am 
I understand that the mod is most likely working just fine with the newest version but come on. Editing 1 digit in a single file and reuploading the mod doesn't take a lot of time and would ensure everyone that this is mod is in fact up-to-date.
Hyuna May 9 @ 1:59pm 
Update Please :ElvenCourt:
Kreon91 [GER] Apr 1 @ 6:21am 
You can update manually.
1) go to: Documents\Paradox Interactive\Europa Universalis IV\mod
2) edit "tbarw_tpm.mod" with notepad
3) change "supported_version" to 1.25
4) enjoy your favourite mapmode again :steamhappy: