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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Sep 11, 2014 @ 2:36pm
Feb 24, 2015 @ 9:42pm
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The future of Feral
New Teaser!
Hello everyone!

Its been such a long time since we have updated, so we have decided to fill you in on what's been happening lately.

We have a new team member Mat on board as our Lead Programmer. He has helped us progress immensley in the past few weeks, creating a unique controller for the cat, unique AI and a load of other great stuff!

Feral has come a long way since we last updated. We have added cat customization, started working on CO-OP play (which will play a big part in the game), water effects and quite frankly too much to name right now! We are very excited to share this new teaser video with you showing off some Co-Op play, and the new Tutorial area.


Release date: TBA
* For more information and funding rewards please visit our Kickstarter Page.

Hunt, Stalk and Explore as a cat in a unique Open World Survival Game!

Immerse yourself in a living world through the eyes of a cat, survive against nature and foes. Leap into the face of danger riddled with excitement while fending off a vast range of other animals. Build a reputation for yourself, form alliances and mark your territory.

* Please note this game is in extremely early stages of development.
* Both First and Third person camera angles will be implemented during development.

In Feral you are a natural born stray cat who is found and adopted into a home, although the life of a family cat is no life for you, you're a viscous killer with wild instincts. Your initial goal upon starting the game is to escape the house and venture into freedom, upon leaving the house the world is your oyster. Experience everything through the eyes of a cat, think up unique strategies to help you in battle, capture the feeling and emotion of a stray cat out on the street.

We want to bring you a true and real experience without any boredom. The world will be jam packed with hundreds of non linear side missions and random events and also a main story line that you may choose to follow. Missions are completely optional and you are free to roam and explore the world to your desire.

We don't want to class this game as 'Horror', although there will definately be some scary and horrific moments during the game, especially at night. Each night can be unique, some nights nothing unordinary may happen, but others.. Well we will leave you guessing there.

We at Flare Point Interactive are a team of positive and well coordinated individuals who strive for excellence when it comes to the quality and content of our work. The fact that our team is stretched across different continents thousands of miles apart doesn't stop us from coming together and working to create something we all have a great passion for.

Below are some of the features that we have and are planning to add into the game
  • Open World
    Feral will feature a vast and intrucitly designed world with a fine attention to detail. This world isnt a dormant landscape, it will be alive with trees swaying in the wind, debris falling from cliffs in rough weather and plants which grow and die over time. This is just a taste of what we are going to bring into the world.

  • Combat and Skills
    As you become familiar with certain things such as climbing trees, jumping and fighting, your level of skill in the particular field will grow higher, making you stronger, be able to jump higher or climb faster. There wont be a skill point system or skill tree as these will be implemented automatically as you train. So you might notice after a while that you can jump on top of that object that you once just couldn't manage, or fend off foes alot faster.

  • Story and Communication
    Feral will feature an in depth storyline, which the player can follow, completing tasks for other animals and shaping the world around you. There will also be non-linear side missions and random events every so often for you to complete. Communication with animals will be as if they spoke English, and you will not be able to understand human speech. Dialogue between yourself and other animals will be branched, you can answer with multiple choices of text to unfold different scenarios.

    The storyline won't always be ultra-realistic, and will include some fiction in the way it is portrayed - more information on this on our Kickstarter and IndieDB.

  • Animals
    There will be a large range of different animals and insects in the game to bring it to life, including Rats, Birds, Flies, Bees, Rabbits, Dogs, and more, all of which will have different threats and challenges. Some animals including dogs can be extremely dangerous at times and can be unpredictable. A few hits from a dog and you could either be knocked out and picked up by Animal Control, or in some cases even killed.

  • Health, Hunger & Sickness
    As you venture through the world you may notice your hunger decreasing over time or after a few fights your health may be low. You can catch birds, rats, fish, rabbits and other animals or even rummage through a pile of garbage to satisfy your hunger levels. Once you are full, your health with slowly regenerate. Eating garbage may be a quick and easy meal, but it also comes with it's dangers. You can become sick from eating too much rubbish, and you may also find yourself craving it more and more. You can become addicted to eating certain foods and will slowly start to reject eating other types of food. This is why its a good idea to only eat rubbish when its absolutely necessary.

    Sicknesses include:
    Fatigue - Slows down movement and reaction times.
    Vomiting - You will vomit occasionally with a drastic reduction in hunger and small reduction in health.
    Both of these lasting a short-ish period of time.

  • Inventory
    We want to bring you a real experience so we have eliminated the use of a large backpack style inventory, instead you are only able to carry one item at any one time, and you will need to carry it in your mouth. The bigger the item is that you are carrying is the slower you will move, and wont be able to jump with some items. For example, you can still run and jump as normal if you are carrying a dead rat, but if you are trying to carry a beaver or groundhog, you will not be able to jump and you will travel very slowly or have to drag it backwards.

  • Alliances & Friendships
    As you progress through the game you will stumble upon many other friendly cats whom you may choose to become friends with, or even form an alliance with. Choosing to do so can benefit you greatly in the long run, for example: You could be fending off a rival cat and your health is running low, at this point an ally may appear to aid you in battle, thus saving you from death. This is only one example and many other situations can involve allies.

  • Animal Control
    Throughout the game you may come to a point where someone has called Animal Control on you, this may happen if you are acting erratically or fighting another animal in front of humans. Animal Control acts as the Police and there will be a time where you will need to hide to evade detection, otherwise you may end up in the Pound. While in the pound you will locked in a small cage for a certain amount of time, although you do have the option to try and escape. Along the way to escaping you also have the option to free other caged animals which can create friendships and allies.

  • Stealth
    In Feral stealth will play a big part of the gameplay. You will need to utilize shadows, solid objects and tall grass to keep cover while stalking prey or hiding from Animal Control.

  • Weather / Seasons
    Everything will be affected by the weather, thunderstorms will force most animals into hiding, which means very limited hunting so its always good to store food for times in need. During the winter season there is a chance of snow which will cause slower movement, and very cold nights that may cause hypothermia and sickness.

  • Death
    You may have heard the tale that cats have nine lives, well in Feral we chose to embrace this and have incorporated a unique system. You won't start the game with 9 lives, but you can rectify past lives and have a total of 9. Although once you lose a life, you won't be able to regain it and once you are completely out of lives the game will be over, forcing you to either load up a past save or start over.
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Hi guys, Please check our latest post in the announcement section for news regarding the development of Feral.
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Hello guys! Please tell me you're still working on it. No more news since Feb 2015 :(