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TREPANG2 Horizon Mercenaries Playermodel Pack
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Nov 16 @ 5:09pm
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TREPANG2 Horizon Mercenaries Playermodel Pack

"Ah f#ck... I'm not trained for this sh!t-" Horizon Merc shortly before getting epicly killt

And finally we now have the horizon mercenaries. F#cking love these dudes, hilarious/cool looking in-game and they add so much personality and fun to each fight. They're pretty clever at times too, again if you haven't played TREPANG2 already I highly encourage you get it, it's the best single-player experience money can buy right now. This addon took probably way longer than it should have because of the fact that none of these textures are actually stored anywhere in the game files, I had to make them myself using sh!tty low-resolution colormasks that my exporting software could not make properly for me. This pack includes models for all generic mercenary types we see in game, which are the mallcops, the basic mercs, the elites, the black-ops, the HECU, and the talon black-ops mercs (the ones we see in the crash site mission.) You'll notice in some of the screenshots there are some actual models from the game (the alien, the horizon logo, the plane fragments) that's because I have been making a TREPANG2 prop pack alongside this addon because I will definitely need it for my epic video. I'll be uploading that soon enough and it will receive constant updates as I put more models into it. If you have any concerns with this addon, please watch my playermodel guide on my boobtube channel and try to fix them yourself. I claim no ownership of any of these models and you have free reign to take any of my addons and reupload them. You can claim them as your own too if you want, lol idgaf I'm a badass renegade cool dude yknow? Hehehehe

{Up next are the horizon anomalous hazmat combat units}


TREPANG STUDIOS: For making the models and the best game of 2023:

Pixlr for being a stupid piece of sh!t 1$ online image editing software and wasting my damn time

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majordickiejohnson  [author] Dec 1 @ 8:50am 
Yeah no problem
btsoerheim Dec 1 @ 7:29am 
thank you for anwearing my question and i am exteiced for the lawyerthugs
majordickiejohnson  [author] Dec 1 @ 7:23am 
Actually the next pack will be just the lawyerthugs because of its size, and yes they are the toughest not necessarily because of all their equipment but because of the type of clothes they're wearing. They have vests and suits on, which are hard to weight paint because of their overlapping layers
btsoerheim Dec 1 @ 7:20am 
you have said that the bodyguards are the hardest so far right? and is that because of their differant multi color unifom and gear?
majordickiejohnson  [author] Dec 1 @ 6:34am 
btsoerheim Dec 1 @ 6:19am 
very exiteced for the next playermodel pack and remember to take your time with these
majordickiejohnson  [author] Nov 29 @ 2:24pm 
It will likely be continually updated as I work on my big youtube video though
majordickiejohnson  [author] Nov 29 @ 2:23pm 
How do you mean? Like more variants? Not at the moment I'm afraid right now I'm working on the lawyerthugs and bodyguards
Armored_Juggernaut21 Nov 29 @ 2:21pm 
Any update planned on this guys, boss?
majordickiejohnson  [author] Nov 26 @ 12:41pm 
:steamthumbsup: don't thank me thank Trepang Studios