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Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Aug 30, 2014 @ 10:59am
Jan 26, 2016 @ 7:42pm

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Hardland Early Access Release 12 is available! Summer Sale -50%
  • Massive improvements in the generated worlds.

    - 4x larger random world
    - Generation speed improved

    - New road system which can create main road, side roads and small paths
    - Improved draw distance and new faraway mountains to give a better sense of scale

    - Infinite water plane which makes the sunsets that much nicer
    - Added new nature landmarks and improved old ones

    - Set of new trees and old trees improved
    - Set of larger houses
    - Additional version of blacksmith
    - Wind affects tree branches
  • Weather is completely dynamic everywhere
  • First version of random generated desert island

  • Witch sells transformation potions:

    - Butterfly potion
    - Chicken potion
    - Fox potion
    - Pig potion
    - Goblin Minion potion
    - Goblin Brute potion
    - Goblin King potion
    - Spider potion
    - Wood Elf potion
    (some are still unfinished)

  • Support for NPC signature animations:

    - Fisherman fishing animation
    - Blacksmith forging animation

  • Dungeon improvements:
    - Dungeons can have several floors
    - Boss floor at the bottom of the dungeon
    - Cave entrances in random world lead to dungeons
    - New rooms
    - More detail in old rooms
    - New roofs which can have holes

  • Building interiors, random generated and handmade
    - Random interiors can be found in the random world

  • Handmade interiors include:

    - Fisherman Dave's house
    - Larry's house

  • Combat improvements:
    - Player can dodge in any direction (consumes stamina)
    - Player can shoot vertically with ranged weapons
    - Enemies can track player during their strikes
    - Group battles are more dangerous

  • Goblin King is combat ready:

    - Butt-stomp attack
    - Can summon minions

  • New enemy: Goblin Brute - ranged and melee
  • New variant of Merchant
  • More legs for Spider
  • Lots of new items
  • Added shortcut portals to handcrafted levels
    - Way to Fortuna connects to Barry's Field and Old Path
    - Cobold Cave connects to random snow world
  • Level of detail system introduced
  • Carrying system improved
  • Camera tweaks
  • Map screen shows trees, buildings and some characters

  • Several quest glitches fixes

More good stuff to come in the next update!

- Timo

Hardland Early Access release #3 is available now!
  • We finally found the launch bug affecting some CPUs (thanks everyone who sent us their game logs!).
  • The first version of temporal anti-aliasing is in the game.
  • Guards and keys are randomized into the watchtowers, and the watchtowers can also be empty.
  • New weapon: Wizard's Hand (hint: kill the Fire Wizard)

    Some ideas for killing the red devil

  • New town objects and improved food eating effects.

    The pot and fish bones are physical objects so they move the player a bit when they intersect it. It's a small glitch and will likely be fixed later.

  • Added food items to Skeleton Arena.
  • Some small tweaks here and there.

Hires screenshot:
Hires screenshot:

Release date: Fourth Quarter 2014
Hardland is an open-world action adventure RPG. Explore procedurally generated fantasy world full of characters. Survive in the dangerous wilderness. Discover items and treasures. Complete quests and fight different creatures.

You wake up in a strange land ruled by the peculiar Elder King. Big changes are happening all over the world and it is rumoured the king who has ruled for 1000 years is dying. His minions have been dispatched to find a cure. You can try to help or you can do whatever you wish, this is your story!

  • Procedurally generated towns and wilderness.
  • All characters can be killed if you wish to play an evil character.
  • Faction based quest system, some quests can only be completed if you meet the faction requirements.
  • You can craft and wear masks which disguise your true identity.
  • Objects have physics and almost everything can be destroyed.
  • Beautiful stop motion film inspired visuals.
  • Deadly traveling merchants.
  • Destructible terrain.

It's possible to modify textures, models and shaders while the game is running. You can also change weather, character and object data.

In the past we've developed multi-million selling iOS hits such as the Minigore series, Bike Baron, Death Rally and Ice Rage.

The game is still very much a work-in-progress and new features and content is being added every day.
We're 100% focused on developing Hardland and it is THE project me and my brother Kimmo dreamed about as kids while playing Sierra's Quest for Glory. Fast forward to present day and we've got a small but ultra talented team working on the game:

Kimmo Vihola - programmer & game designer
Kalle Hämäläinen - graphics programmer
Sampo Rask - 3d artist & animator
Erik Hakala - world generation programmer
Raimo Gratseff - physics & gameplay programmer
Liisa Lähteenaho - chief people officer

The soundtrack will be composed by Ilmari Tiitinen, the music in the trailer is only a small taste of the thick atmospheric audio.

If the game sounds interesting to you please help spread the word so we can get this project Greenlit!

Best Regards,
Timo Vihola / Hardland lead designer & artist
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