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Food Model A Set
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Food Model A Set

A cozy dinner, a restaurant in town, or a small party.
This is a 3D stamp set of dishes to decorate the table placed in such a scene.

Sushi, pasta, steaks and hamburgers. From a hearty whole-roasted chunk of meat to a dubious witch's soup, we offer a variety of dishes!
Chopsticks, fork and knife are also included!

Please use them to create scenes in your games!

- 3D Stamps: 26

Dishes: 20
Curry and rice, udon, sushi, steamed rice bowl
Grilled plate steak, steak on a plate, hamburg steak, grilled fish, BBQ
Pizza (whole, 3/4, 1/2, a piece), pasta
Meat on a bone (large, small, pile, bone)
Witch's soup (a pot and a bowl)

Small Goods: 4
Chopsticks, ladle, knife, and fork

Particles: 2
Steam and boiling bubbles of witch's soup

<How to Install>
After subscribing, go to Bakin Top Menu > Steam Workshop, select the target file, and save the file from "Rename and Save Project" (extension .lyrbr)
Open the project you want to import and import the saved file in one of the following ways:
- Go to Resources > 3D Stamps, press the Add button, and then go to Asset Picker > Local Files and select the file you saved.
- Drag and drop the saved file into the file tree under Resources > 3D Stamps.
- Drag and drop directly into the Map Editor. If you do this, all stamps in this package will be placed on top of each other in the same location on the map.

<License Agreement>
In accordance with RPG Developer Bakin's EULA.