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Skyrim Item Codes And Helpful Info
By AlexQuinn13 and 1 collaborators
This is some of the usefull codes for items used in the game for those who can't find them. Or if you need them in a hurry. As well as some useful information.
This guide will hopefully give you the ID codes for the items you are looking for. If you don't see one please ask and I will do my best to get it for you. Please be patient. I can't be on all hours, and will post asked for ID codes as soon as I can.

Console Commands are a debugging tool available to PC players, adding a wide range of functionality to the game. On American English keyboards, the tilde key ( ~ ) will toggle the console screen, but on British English keyboards, that key is the backtick key ( ` ). The key is located below Escape ( Esc ) and just left of the 1 ( one ) key

Entering codes
Codes are not case sensitive; "a" is same as "A".
Codes are shown as: Code <Variable> <#>
The < and > are not entered with the code, and # is replaced by the desired quantity.
The code to add an item is listed as: Player.AddItem <ItemID> <#>
If you wanted to add 500 gold, it would be entered as: player.additem 00000f 500.

DLC Codes The first two digits of the Form IDs for DLC's. I left them as xx that's because these numbers will change based on your DLC and mod load order. The numbers shown are the default numbers with no user mods and all official DLC installed. From 02 to 04. So if you have dawnguard in the second load order then the xx would 02.

Help "item name here"
Will give you the code for the item you are trying to find.

Bounty - paycrimegold

This command can be used to pay one's bounty when guard interactions will not allow for it. Simply select the guard of the faction with bounty and enter paycrimegold with no added ids or "player." in front. This will remove the bounty and make guards stop chasing you, but will also place you in front of the factions prison (as if you payed off a bounty regularly).
Note: If ones bounty is removed as illustrated by the crime tab (under General Stats in escape menu) and guards proceed to attack you, take out your weapon and sheathe it to force guards to stop attacking.
List of Commands
General List

Player.modav carryweight
5000 for an Example

F #

# = whatever number you like and will add Gold

A #

# = whatever number you like and will add Lockpicks

qqq : quits the game instantly

coc <location>: fast travel to location, e.g. coc Riverwood

coc qasmoke : fast travel to the testing hall. To leave it type coc riverwood.

movetoqt : teleport to the quest target

kill: open console, click on target, type kill to kill it

resurrect: open console, click on target, type resurrect to bring it back to life

unlock: in console, target a door/chest so you can see its ID and then type unlock

lock X - Lock targeted chests, doors or even people, where X is the difficulty level of the lock (0 - 100)

setownership: in console target an item, type "setownership" and you can safely take it without stealing

With the codes bellow to turn them off just type them again.

tgm: toggle godmode

tim: toggle immortal mode

tcl: toggle clipping

Player List

showracemenu: you can modify the characters race, gender and appearance
Caution this will reset your character stats to level 1. Such as lockpicking and all others.

player.modav carryweight 100: increase the maximum weight you can carry by 100

player.setav speedmult 120: increase the player's speed by 20%, 100 is default

player.setgs fJumpHeightMin 120: increase the player's jump heigth by 20%, 100 is default

player.setav WeaponSpeedMult 1.2: increases the player's swing speed by 20%, 1 is default

player.setav LeftWeaponSpeedMult 1.2: increases the player's swing speed by 20%, 1 is default

player.forceav shoutrecoverymult 0: Use Dragonshouts without cooldown, 1 is default

player.setscale #: changes the size of the player from small 0.1, normal 1 to huge 10

player.advlevel: increases current level by 1, caution you can't choose magicka, health or stamina

player.setlevel #: changes player level to #, caution you can't choose magicka, health or stamina

setscale <#> Scale size of target. Scales the size of a chosen target. Starting from small 0.1, normal 1, and 10 at max size. Acceptable targets can be any NPCs or objects in the world. You cannot change the size of items.
player.modav health #: Modify Health

player.modav stamina #: Modify Stamina

player.modav magicka #: Modify Magicka

player.forceav dragonsouls #: set amount of Dragonsouls

player.modav dragonsouls #: adds # Dragonsouls

psb: gives the player all shouts (souls still required), spells, animalistic abilities, caution some aren't intended for players

tmm 1 = Show all map markers on
tmm 0 = Turn off map markers

help "item name"
If looking for a certain item in the game and can't find it. It will give you info and hopefully a code for that item.

To place a new copy of an NPC at your current location, type the following in the console:
player.placeatme <BaseID> <#>

To move to an NPC, type the following in the console: player.moveto <RefID>

To move an NPC to you, type the following in the console: Prid <RefID>

Followed by: moveto player

"<BaseID>" is the NPCs Base ID, "<RefID>" is the NPCs Reference ID and "<#>" refers to how many you want.

Bandit 001068FE

Bandit Chief 000E1646

Bandit Highwayman (Male) (Archer) 00037C35

Bandit Marauder (Male) (Archer, Mage, Berserker) 00037C43

Bandit Outlaw (Male) (Archer) 00037C2D

Bandit Plunderer (Male) (Archer) 00037C3C

Bandit Thug (Male) (Archer) 00037C2E

Bandit Wizard (Male) 000860C3

How to find the xx for item ID's

The second picture is Nexus mod loader. Highlighting that to add any hearthfires item in the game the xx will be 03. If the mod is further down the list just look for the load order number NOT the index number. Those will be the first two numbers you will need.

"XX" in regards to console commands denotes that the object is from an official plugin (also known as DLC). Usually found in the BaseID or RefID of items or characters, these first two numbers change depending on the order of installation or the order the of ESP files in the data files section of the game launcher.

For instance, installing The Elder Scrolls IV: Knights of the Nine onto a computer with Oblivion sets XX to 01. If The Vile Lair was installed second, XX becomes 02 and so on indefinitely. As another example, if one owns all of the add-ons (as part of the Legendary Edition) for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, items added by The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard will, by default, have 02 as their first two digits, while items added by The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn will normally have 04.

A way of checking for the XX number for a particular plugin in Skyrim while one is playing is to open the console and either type help along with the name of a item known to be added by the plugin (with the name in quotation marks) or, again with the console open, click on a item in view added by the plugin; the console will then display the full RefID the first two numbers of which will be the XX for that plugin. For example, opening the console and clicking on an Ash Yam or entering the command help "ash yam" will show the XX for the Dragonborn item.

As described on the Elderscrolls Wiki
Item Codes
Misc Items

0006BC04 Saber Cat Tooth

0003AD6D Sabre Cat Pelt

0003AD6E Snow Sabercat Pelt

0003AD52 Bear Pelt

0003AD53 Cave Bear Pelt

0003AD54 Snow Bear Pelt

0006BC02 Bear Claws

0003AD90 Deer Hide

000CF89E Deer Pelt

0003AD74 Wolf Pelt

000D4B35 Fox Pelt

0003AD75 Ice Wolf Pelt

000D4BE7 Snow Fox Pelt

000FE6A9 Werewolf Pelt

0003AD74 Wolf Pelt

0003AD8E Goat Hide

000DB5D2 Leather

000800E4 Leather Strips

0006BC0A Large Antlers

006BC0B Small Antlers

0003AD68 HorkerTusk

000E7ED0 Hawk Feathers

000E7EBC Hawk Beak

000889A2 Dragon's Tongue Flower

0006B689 Hag Raven Claw

0003AD66 Hag Raven Feathers

0003AD72 Troll Fat

0003AD5D Falmer Ear

00059B86 Nirnroot

000B701A Crimson Nirnroot

0006AC4A Jazbay Grapes

0003AD76 Vampire Dust

0003AD60 Void Salts

0003AD5E Fire Salts

00034CDF Salt Pile

0006F993 Firewood

00034CD6 Linen Wrap

00057A7A Skooma

00033760 Charcoal

000B18CD Human Heart

0003AD5B Daedra Heart

0009151b Spider Egg

00063B5F Spriggan Sap

0003AD71 Taproot

xx01AAD6 Soaked Taproot

00034CDD Bone Meal

0003AD6C Mammoth Tusk

0006BC00 Mudcrab Chitin

0004da73 Torchbug Thorax

000516C8 Deathbell Flower

0003AD70 Saughterfish Scales

0003AD6A Ice Wraith Teeth

000F11C0 Dwarven Oil

00033761 Roll of Paper

0004C3C6 Inkwell

0402B04E Chitin Plate

001016B3 Human Flesh

0006bc07 Eye of Sabre Cat

xx017749 Heart Stone

0001D4EC Torch

As with all the codes the xx is the number for your load order.


Ingots and Ores



0005ad93 Corundum

0005ad99 Orichalcum

0005ace4 Iron

0005ace5 Steel

0005ad9d Ebony

000db8a2 Dwarven Metal

0005ad9e Gold

0005ADA0 Quicksilver

0005ADA1 Malachite

0005AD9F Moonstone

0005ACE3 Silver


00071CF3 Iron

0005ACDB Corundum

0005ACDC Ebony

0005ACDE Gold

0005ACE1 Malachite

0005ACE0 Moonstone

0005ACDD Orichalcum

0005ACE2 Quicksilver

0005ACDF Silver

Healing Potions


00039be5 Potion of Ultimate Healing

00039be4 Potion of Extreme Healing

0003eae3 Potion of Vigorous Healing

0003eadf Potion of Plentiful Healing

Misc Potions


000f84b3 Prime Elixir of Escape

000f84b2 Grand Elixir of Escape

000f84b1 Elixir of Escape

000e2d3d Ice Wraith Bane

Spell Tomes


Bane of the Undead - 000A26EE

Banish Daedra - 000A26EE

Blizzard - 000A270D

Bound Battleaxe - 000A26ED

Bound Bow - 000A26F1

Bound Sword - 0009E2A9

Call To Arms - 000A271B

Calm - 000A2711

Candlelight - 0009E2A7

Chain Lightning - 000A2708

Circle Of Protection - 000A2728

Clairvoyance - 000FF7D1

Close Wounds - 0010F64D

Command Daedra - 000A26F6

Conjure Dremora Lord - 0010FD60

Conjure Familiar - 0009E2AB

Conjure Flame Atronach - 000A26EC

Conjure Flaming Familiar - 000B45F7

Conjure Frost Atronach - 000A26EF

Conjure Storm Atronach - 000A26F0

Courage - 0009E2AD

Dead Thrall - 000A26F9

Detect Life - 000A26E7

Detect Dead - 000A26EA

Dragonhide - 000D2B4E

Dread Zombie - 000A26F7

Ebonyflesh - 000A26E9

Equilibrium - 000F4997

Expel Daedra - 000A26F8

Fast Healing - 000A271D

Fear - 000A2712

Fire Rune - 000A2700

Fire Storm - 000A270C

Fireball - 000A2706

Firebolt - 000A26FD

Flame Cloak - 000A2703

Flame Thrall - 000A26FA

Flames - 0009CD51

Frenzy - 000A2714

Frost Cloak - 000A2704

Frost Rune - 000A2701

Frost Thrall - 000A26FB

Frostbite - 0009CD52

Fury - 0009E2AC

Grand Healing - 000DD643

Greater Ward - 000A2722

Guardian Circle - 000FDE7B

Harmony - 000A271A

Heal Other - 000A2727

Healing - 0009E2AF

Healing Hands - 000A271E

Hysteria - 000A271C

Ice Spike - 000A26FE

Ice Storm - 000A2707

Icy Spear - 0010F7F3

Incinerate - 0010F7F4

Invisibility - 000A2715

Ironflesh - 000A26E4

Lesser Ward - 0009E2AE

Lightning Bolt - 000A26FF

Lightning Cloak - 000A2705

Lightning Rune - 000A2702

Lightning Storm - 000A270E

Magelight - 000A26E2

Mass Paralysis - 000DD646

Mayhem - 000A2719

Muffle - 000A270F

Oakflesh - 0009E2A8

Pacify - 000A2717

Paralyze - 000A26E8

Raise Zombie - 0009E2AA

Rally - 000A2713

Reanimate Corpse - 000A26EB

Repel Lesser Undead - 000A2725

Repel Undead - 000A2726

Revenant - 000A26F2

Rout - 000A2718

Soul Trap - 0009CD54

Sparks - 0009CD53

Spectral Arrow - 000B3165

Steadfast Ward - 000A2720

Stoneflesh - 000A26E3

Storm Thrall - 000A26FC

Telekinesis - 000A26E5

Thunderbolt - 0010F7F5

Transmute Mineral Ore - 00109112

Turn Greater Undead - 000A2729

Turn Lesser Undead - 000A271F

Turn Undead - 000A2721

Wall of Flames - 000A2709

Wall of Frost - 000A270A

Wall of Storms - 000A270B

Waterbreathing - 000A26E6



000C8911 Amulet of Akatosh

000CC848 Amulet of Arkay

000C8915 Amulet of Dibella

000C8917 Amulet of Julianos

000C8919 Amulet of Kynareth

000C891B Amulet of Mara

000CC844 Amulet of Stendarr

000CC846 Amulet of Talos

000878BB Amulet of Zenithar




00063B42 - Ruby

00063B43 - Emerald

00063B44 - Saphire

00063B45 - Garnet

00063B46 - Amethyst

00063B47 - Diamond

Flawless Gems

0006851E - Amethyst

0006851F - Diamond

00068520 - Emerald

00068521 - Garnet

00068522 - Ruby

00068523 - Saphire

Soul Gems


Filled Soul Gems

0002E4E3 Petty Soul Gem

0002E4E5 Lesser Soul Gem

0002E4F3 Common Soul Gem

0002E4Fb Greater Soul Gem

0002E4FF Grand Soul Gem

0002E504 Black Soul Gem

Empty Soul Gems

0002E4E2 Petty Soul Gem

0002E4E4 Lesser Soul Gem

0002E4E6 Common Soul Gem

0002E4F4 Greater Soul Gem

0002E4FC Grand Soul Gem

0002E500 Black Soul Gem




00013922 Leather Helmet

0003619E Leather Armor

00013921 Leather Bracers

00013920 Leather Boots

00013914 Hide Shield


000F6F24 Steel Horned Helmet

00013954 Steel Helmet

00013952 Steel Armor A

000F6F22 Steel Armor B

00013951 Steel Cuffed Boots

00013955 Steel Shield

0001395E Steel Plate Helmet

0001395C Steel Plate Armor

0001395D Steel Plate Gauntlets

0001395B Steel Plate Boots


0001391D Elven Helmet

000896A3 Elven Armor

0001392A Elven Gilded Armor

0001391C Elven Gauntlets

0001391A Elven Boots

0001391E Elven Shield


0001394F Dwarven Helmet

0001394D Dwarven Armor

0001394E Dwarven Gauntlets

0001394C Dwarven Boots

00013950 Dwarven Shield


0001393B Glass Helmet

00013939 Glass Armor

0001393A Glass Gauntlets

00013938 Glass Boots

0001393C Glass Shield


0001396b - Daedric Armour

0001396a - Daedric Boots

0001396c - Daedric Gauntlets

0001396d - Daedric Helmet

0001396e - Daedric Shield

Dragon Scale

0001393E Dragonscale Armor

0001393D Dragonscale Boots

0001393F Dragonscale Gauntlets

00013940 Dragonscale Helmet

00013941 Dragonscale Shield

Dragon Plate

00013966 Dragonplate Armor

00013965 Dragonplate Boots

00013967 Dragonplate Gauntlets

00013969 Dragonplate Helmet

00013968 Dragonplate Shield




0001397E Iron Dagger

00043E1E Alessandra's Dagger

000426C8 Shiv

00013986 Steel Dagger

000A4DCE Bloodthorn

000B994E Valdr's Lucky Dagger

0009F25D Skyforge Steel Dagger

0001398E Orcish Dagger

0001C1FE Dragon Priest Dagger

000D0758 Kahvozein's Fang

00013996 Dwarven Dagger

0001399E Elven Dagger

000ECD54 Borvir's Dagger

0006A13C Keening (Skyrim)

000139A6 Glass Dagger

000139AE Ebony Dagger

00079B1D Blade of Sacrifice

0001C492 Nettlebane


00012EB7 Iron Sword

0001359D Iron Greatsword

00013989 Steel Sword

00013987 Steel Greatsword

000139A1 Elven Sword

0001399F Elven Greatsword

000139A9 Glass Sword

000139A7 Glass Greatsword

00013999 Dwarven Sword

00013997 Dwarven Greatsword

00013991 Orcish Sword

0001398F Orcish Greatsword

000139B1 Ebony Sword

000139AF Ebony Greatsword

000139B9 Daedric Sword

000139B7 Daedric Greatsword

xx014FCE Dragonbone Sword

xx014C9F Dragonbone Greatsword

xx01CDB8 Stalhrim Sword

xx01CDB6 Stalhrim Greatsword

0002E6D1 Falmer Sword


000E738A Rusty Arrow

000139C0 Daedric Arrow

000139BF Ebony Arrow

000139BE Glass Arrow

000139BD Elven Arrow

000139BC Dwarven Arrow

000139BB Orcish Arrow

0001397F Steel Arrow

0001397D lron Arrow

00034182 Ancient Nord Arrow

00038341 Falmer Arrows

Dawnguard Arrows

xx0098A1 Sunhallowed Elven Arrow

xx0098A0 Bloodcursed Elven Arrow

xx00FF03 Dragonbone Arrow code #1

xx0176F4 Dragonbone Arrow code #2

Dragonborn Arrows

xx017720 Riekling Spear

xx026239 Stalhrim Arrow


000139B5 Daedric Bow

000139A5 Glass Bow

000139AD Ebony Bow

0001399D Elven Bow

00013995 Dwarven Bow

0001398D Orcish Bow

0003B562 Long Bow

0010E2DD Hunting Bow

00013841 Imperial Bow

00038340 Falmer Bow

000302CA Ancient Nord Bow


xx000BB3 Steel Bolt

xx00D099 Dwarven Bolt

xx = The first two numbers of the load order for the DLC or MOD for the item. If you don't know how to find it please look to the section of the guide for help.

Bow Speed
Those of you experiencing a really slow arrow drawing animation, there are a couple of fixes below.

There's a simple enough fix for this (you might have to do it every time you rank up the "Focus" perk in the Marksmanship section). For me this bug didn't occur until I hit 3/5 in the Focus part of the skill tree. If it's different for you, the same fix should apply anyway.

1. Open the console (button for this depends on your location/keyboard, for me it's just to the left of the number 1).

2. Type "player.getav WeaponSpeedMult" (without the quotation marks, and the capitals aren't necessary, they're just for clarity). This command will show you your attack speed multiplier. Without the slow draw bug it would probably display 0. With the rank of the Focus perk that caused this bug for me, it showed 0.05.

3. Type "player.forceav WeaponSpeedMult X.XX" (again, without quotation marks, and caps don't matter). Instead of typing X.XX, add a total of 1 to the number. So if your number is 0.05, make it 1.05. If your number is 0.25, make it 1.25, and so on.

This should fix the issue for now, though if it occurs again in the future you may have to repeat the steps above to learn what attack speed multiplier is being applied and change it accordingly.

If you're into playing around with attack speeds and whatnot (which is technically cheating but I won't go there...), you can theoretically set this number to whatever you want. However, having never done it for fear of breaking something, I can't tell you if it causes any stability issues.

Regarding the attack speed of other weapons, this does seem to affect the swing speed of swords. Because it's only a small increase, I don't see it as a problem personally, and it doesn't affect the immersion or the outcome of the game much, but if you don't want this to affect the speed of other weapons then I suggest you check the fix below.

I cannot confirm whether or not this clashes with items/spells that increase attack speed.
Dragonborn and Dawnguard

xx01cd7c Netch Leather

xx01cd72 Netch Jelly

xx017719 Albino Spider Pod

xx01771F Damaged Albino Spider Pod


xx014DC4 Soul Husk

xx015A1E Soul Husk Extract

xx011CF7 Bone Hawk Claw

xx002994 Bone Hawk Feathers

xx002993 Bone Hawk Skull

Dawnguard Heavy Armor

Brown: XX00F3F7

Gray: XX00F3FA

Dawnguard Heavy Boots XX014757

Dawnguard Heavy Gauntlets XX014758

Dawnguard Full Helmet XX0050D0

Dawnguard Shield XX0150B8

Falmer Hardened Armor XX00E8DE

Falmer Hardened Boots XX00E8DD

Falmer Hardened Gauntlets XX00E8DF

Falmer Hardened Helm XX00E8E0

Falmer Heavy Armor XX0023E9

Falmer Heavy Boots XX0023EF

Falmer Heavy Gauntlets XX0023ED

Falmer Heavy Helm XX0023EB

Dawnguard Light Armor

Red, sleeveless: XX00F3FB

Gray, one pauldron: XX00F402

Brown: XX00F404

Dawnguard Boots XX00F400

Dawnguard Gauntlets XX00F3FE

Dawnguard Helmet XX01989E

Vampire Armor

Gray: XX0142C7

Light Gray: XX0191F2

Red: XX0191F3

Vampire Boots XX00B5DE

Vampire Gauntlets XX01A51F

Unique Armor

Aetherial Crown XX00575A

Aetherial Shield XX005759

Ancient Falmer Boots XX00C815

Ancient Falmer Cuirass XX00C816

Ancient Falmer Gauntlets XX00C817

Auriel's Shield XX00284D

Dawnguard Rune Shield XX011BAF

Vampire Royal Armor XX011A85


Moth Priest Blindfold XX0047DA

Moth Priest Robes XX0047D7

Moth Priest Sandals XX0047D9

Taron Dreth's Robes XX014C03

Vampire Boots XX019AE1

Vampire Gloves XX019AE3

Vampire Hood XX019ADE

Vampire Robes XX019ADF

Dragon Scales, Bones and Souls
Dragon Scales

0003ADA3 Dragon Scales

Dragon Bones

0003ADA4 Dragon Bones

Dragon Souls

Player.modav dragonsouls #

# = whatever number you would like

Mod Dragon Scales
These are the scales needed for the Dragonscale Species mod. The XX depends on where in the loader the mod is listed. If you can't figure out what the XX is try typing in the concole help "blood dragon scales"
If typed correctly it will show you the info with the code that will work for you. *This is not my mod so please don't ask about it. I am putting the codes here to help and so I can use them as well. All credit goes to arthurtheking03 for making the mod.*

Blood Dragon - XX002FA0

Frost Dragon - XX002FA1

Elder Dragon - XX002FA2

Ancient Dragon - XX002FA3

Revered Dragon - XX002FA4

Legendary Dragon - XX002FA5

Here is the link to the mod.

Dragon Shouts
Console Commands (Skyrim)/Shouts

You can add shouts to your character using the Console command addshout or player.teachword. After learning a word you will need to unlock it in your skills menu using a dragon soul. Alternatively, you can use the player.unlockword command. This command is normally used in the case of a malfunctioning word wall, or if using setstage does not advance the appropriate quest to the requirement of learning the shout.

If you need Dragon Souls you can set the amount you have with the command player.forceav dragonsouls # with # being the amount you'll have afterwards.

For the above shouts xx represents the Load Order of your Dragonborn DLC. So you may for instance replace xx with 04 if you have Dawnguard, HearthFires, and Dragonborn DLC's with Dragonborn loading last. If you have a mod manager it will likely list the load order for you.

Skyrim Shouts

player.teachword 13E22 FUS = Force Unrelenting Force
player.teachword 13E23 RO = Balance Unrelenting Force
player.teachword 13E24 DAH (D4) = Push Unrelenting Force
player.teachword 60294 LAAS = Life Aura Whisper
player.teachword 60295 YAH = Seek Aura Whisper
player.teachword 60296 NIR = Hunt Aura Whisper
player.teachword 602A3 IIZ (3Z) = Ice Ice Form
player.teachword 602A4 SLEN = Flesh Ice Form
player.teachword 602A5 NUS = Statue Ice Form
player.teachword 6029A STRUN = Storm Storm Call
player.teachword 6029B BAH (B4) = Wrath Storm Call
player.teachword 6029C QO = Lightning Storm Call
player.teachword 20E17 YOL = Fire Fire Breath
player.teachword 20E18 TOOR (T8R) = Inferno Fire Breath
player.teachword 20E19 KREIN (SHUL) = Sun Fire Breath
player.teachword 48ACA TIID = Time Slow Time
player.teachword 48ACB KLO = Sand Slow Time
player.teachword 48ACC UL = Eternity Slow Time
player.teachword 2F7BB WULD = Whirlwind Whirlwind Sprint
player.teachword 2F7BC NAH = Fury Whirlwind Sprint
player.teachword 2F7BD KEST = Tempest Whirlwind Sprint
player.teachword 60291 RAAN = Animal Animal Allegiance
player.teachword 60292 MIR = Allegiance Animal Allegiance
player.teachword 60293 TAH = Pack Animal Allegiance
player.teachword 3291D SU = Air Elemental Fury
player.teachword 3291E GRAH = Battle Elemental Fury
player.teachword 3291F DUN = Fury Elemental Fury
player.teachword 32917 FEIM = Fade Become Ethereal
player.teachword 32918 ZI = Spirit Become Ethereal
player.teachword 32919 GRON = Bind Become Ethereal
player.teachword 5D16C FO = Frost Frost Breath
player.teachword 5D16D KRAH = Cold Frost Breath
player.teachword 5D16E DIIN = Freeze Frost Breath
player.teachword 602A0 ZUL = Voice Throw Voice
player.teachword 602A1 MEY = Fool Throw Voice
player.teachword 602A2 GUT = Far Throw Voice
player.teachword 5FB95 ZUN = Weapon Disarm
player.teachword 5FB96 HAAL = Hand Disarm
player.teachword 5FB97 VIIK = Defeat Disarm
player.teachword 3CD31 LOK = Sky Clear Skies
player.teachword 3CD32 VAH = Spring Clear Skies
player.teachword 3CD33 KOOR = Summer Clear Skies
player.teachword 51960 HUN = Hero Call of Valor
player.teachword 51961 KAAR = Champion Call of Valor
player.teachword 51962 ZOOL = Legend Call of Valor
player.teachword 44251 JOOR = Mortal Dragonrend
player.teachword 44252 ZAH = Finite Dragonrend
player.teachword 44253 FRUL = Temporary Dragonrend
player.teachword 60297 KRII = Kill Marked for Death
player.teachword 60298 LUN = Leech Marked for Death
player.teachword 60299 AUS = Suffer Marked for Death
player.teachword 46B89 OD = Snow Call Dragon
player.teachword 46B8A AH = Hunter Call Dragon
player.teachword 46B8B VIING = Wing Call Dragon
player.teachword 6029D KAAN = Kyne Kyne's Peace
player.teachword 6029E DREM = Peace Kyne's Peace
player.teachword 6029F OV = Trust Kyne's Peace
player.teachword 3291A FAAS = Fear Dismay
player.teachword 3291B RU = Run Dismay
player.teachword 3291C MAAR = Terror Dismay

Dawnguard Shouts

player.teachword xx007CB7 Rii = Essence Soul Tear
player.teachword xx007CB8 Vaaz = Tear Soul Tear
player.teachword xx007CB9 Zol = Zombie Soul Tear
player.teachword xx0030D4 Dur (D6) = Curse Summon Durnehviir
player.teachword xx0030D6 Neh = Never Summon Durnehviir
player.teachword xx0030D7 Viir (V3r) = Dying Summon Durnehviir
player.teachword xx008a65 Gaan (G1n) = Stamina Drain Vitality
player.teachword xx008a64 Lah (L4) = Magicka Drain Vitality
player.teachword xx008a63 Haas (H1s) = Health Drain Vitality
player.teachword xx01A162 Diil (D3l) = Undead Soul Cairn Summon
player.teachword xx01A163 Qoth = Tomb Soul Cairn Summon
player.teachword xx01A164 Zaam (Z1m) = Slave Soul Cairn Summon

Dragonborn Shouts

player.teachword xx0200e4 Mid = Loyal Battle Fury
player.teachword xx0200e5 Vur (V6) = Valor Battle Fury
player.teachword xx0200e6 Shaan (Sh1n) = Inspire Battle Fury
player.teachword xx0179d9 Gol = Earth Bend Will
player.teachword xx0179da Ha (H4) = Mind Bend Will
player.teachword xx0179db Dov = Dragon Bend Will
player.teachword xx0200c2 Ven = Wind Cyclone
player.teachword xx0200c3 Gar (G1r) = Unleash Cyclone
player.teachword xx0200c4 Nos = Strike Cyclone
player.teachword xx01df93 Mul = Strength Dragon Aspect
player.teachword xx01df94 Qah (Q4) = Armor Dragon Aspect
player.teachword xx01df95 Diiv (D3v) = Wyrm Dragon Aspect
Dragon Claws


000B634C Coral Dragon Claw

000AB375 Diamond Claw

0005AF48 Ebony Claw

000ED417 Emerald Dragon Claw

0007C260 Glass Claw

000999E7 Golden Claw code #1

00039647 Golden Claw code #2

0008CDFA Iron Claw

000AB7BB Ivory Dragon Claw

0004B56C Ruby Dragon Claw

000663D7 Sapphire Dragon Claw

Dragonborn Dragon Claws

0401CAC0 Amethyst Claw, Left Half

0401CAC1 Amethyst Claw, Right Half

(Tested and works with 04)
Hearthfire Codes


xx003043 Clay

xx005A69 Glass

xx00303F Goat Horns

xx003011 Hinge

xx003035 Iron Fittings

xx003012 Lock

xx00300F Nails

xx00306C Quarried Stone

xx00300E Sawn Log

xx005A68 Straw
Hearthfire Children's Clothes
As stated before the xx all depends on the load order of your Hearthfire DLC.

xx00C744 Boy's Blue Tunic

XX00C743 Boy's Green Tunic

XX00C745 Boy's Grey Tunic

XX00C742 Boy's Red Tunic

XX00C746 Boy's Yellow Tunic

XX00D81E Girl's Blue Dress

XX00D81F Girl's Green Dress

XX00D820 Girl's Grey Dress

XX00D821 Girl's Red Dress

XX00D822 Girl's Yellow Dress
Spider Scrolls

Imbuing Chamber is used to make these scrolls giving you an aray of spiders to use. The Imbuing chamber is only located in the depths of White Ridge Barrow as part if the Dragonborn DLC. To get to the chamber you need to kill the spider throwing Dark Elf, Merilar Rendas. She has a journal that will give you some info. Take the Cage Key and head to the cage through a passage on the left side of the cave. Watch out for red glowing spider pods.

The Imbuing Chamber itself is two parts - a chamber area and a switch. Albino Spider Pods, both damaged and undamaged, act as components, while certain gems and ingredients are modifiers. A single gem will create 3 spiders, and a flawless version will create double the amount. For some reason Garnet and Diamond will not work to create any spider.


Exploding Flame Spider Ruby + Damaged Albino Spider Pod

Exploding Frost Spider Sapphire + Damaged Albino Spider Pod

Exploding Shock Spider Amethyst + Damaged Albino Spider Pod

Exploding Poison Spider Emerald + Damaged Albino Spider Pod

Jumping Flame Spider Ruby + Albino Spider Pod

Jumping Frost Spider Sapphire + Albino Spider Pod

Jumping Shock Spider Amethyst + Albino Spider Pod

Jumping Poison Spider Emerald + Albino Spider Pod

Flame Cloaked Spider Ruby + Salt Pile + Albino Spider Pod

Frost Cloaked Spider Sapphire + Salt Pile + Albino Spider Pod

Shock Cloaked Spider Amethyst + Salt Pile + Albino Spider Pod

Poison Cloaked Spider Emerald + Salt Pile + Albino Spider Pod

Mind Control Spider Soul Gem(Any) + Albino Spider Pod

Oil Spider Dwarven Oil + Albino Spider Pod

Item Codes:

04017719 Albino Spider Pod

0401771F Damaged Albino Spider Pod

The other item codes can be found in the misc section of my guide.
The Midden Relic

Ok, so I followed Mesmaster's instructions and retrieved the four rings.

They are:

Treoy's Ring
Katarina's Ring
Pithiken's Ring
Balwen's Ring

You put each ring on the following fingers:

Index - Katarina
Middle - Treoy
Ring - Balwen
Little - Pithiken

It's not hard to figure out because you can't put the wrong ring on the wrong finger. The only ring each finger will accept is the above combination. The order that you put the rings on the fingers don't matter.

After doing that, the gauntlet hand will close and four floating skulls will appear that converge into a portal. A dremora named Velehk Sain will emerge and talk to you. You can choose to release him or kill him. If you release him, he'll give you a treasure map. If you kill him (he's pretty weak), you'll only find some useless equipment on him (although you CAN get a dremora heart pretty early on this way).

The Skyrim exit nearby puts you in a good position to walk/swim over to where the treasure is hidden.

Here is what I found in the stash (it may differ from player to player):
Gold (60)
Gold (59)
Potion of Healing
Iron Greatsword
Amulet of Talos
Flawless Garnet
Silver Garnet Ring
Dibella Statue
Goblet (2)
Coin Purse (33)
Coin Purse (34)
Coin Purse (16)
Imperial Sword of Scorching
Gold Ingot (6)

Not a bad haul, but nothing spectacular either, aside from maybe the enchanted sword depending on what kind of weapon you have at the time.
Standing Stones P1
The Warrior Stone

The stone improves combat-associated skills 20% faster. The Warrior skills are:
Heavy Armor

The Thief Stone

The stone improves stealth associated skills 20% faster. The Thief skills are:
Archery †
Light Armor
† Despite Archery falling under The Warrior skill set, it is counted as a stealth skill in this instance only. It is unknown if this is intentional or a bug.

The Mage Stone

The Mage Stone improves magic associated skills 20% faster. The Mage skills are:

The Lover Stone

The Dragonborn gains 15% more experience in all skills.

The Lover Stone is found east of Markarth, north of Kolskeggr Mine.

The Lover Stone may be useful for those attempting to level skills equally for a hybrid character playstyle; like a "Nightblade" (stealth/magic), a "Ranger" (stealth/warrior), or a "Spellsword" (magic/warrior).

Those with Lycanthropy may find this stone useful, as they cannot gain any resting bonuses from sleeping.

Using the Aetherial Crown, while having the Lover Stone's effect, unequip it before sleeping. Re-equip it after to obtain the Rested, Well Rested, and Lover's Comfort experience bonuses.

The Apprentice Stone

The Apprentice Stone regenerates magicka at a 100% increased rate, at the cost of taking twice as much magic damage.
Combined with the use of wards from the Restoration school of magic, this extra damage from magicka can be avoided, albeit temporarily.

The Stone is located northwest of Morthal, north of Fort Snowhawk, and south of Solitude, in the southwestern part of the marshland.

The Atronach Stone

The Atronach Stone fortifies magicka by 50 points and grants 50% spell absorption. However, it causes magicka regeneration to decrease by 50%.

The stone is located in the volcanic tundra between Windhelm and Riften, just outside the mountain range between the two locations. Near the Eldergleam Sanctuary and Darkwater Crossing, the stone is by the river to the South-East.

The magicka regeneration decrease may appear to be a disadvantage at first, but when combined with the Recovery perks, the drawbacks can be negated, with the added benefit of an extra 50 magicka points and 50% spell absorption.

When combined with the Magic Resistance and the Atronach perks from Alteration and the Elemental Protection perk from Block, it is possible to build a character that is highly resilient to magic. As a Breton, the Dragonskin power will stack with the Atronach Stone, making the player immune to magic for the duration of Dragonskin.

See the Spell Absorption page for more information on obtaining 100% spell absorption.

Also given the way the magic regeneration system works, with the more magicka a character has, the more they gain per second. So with a 50% reduction to magic regeneration, the two ways to counteract this effect is to either get another 50% regeneration effect OR double the magicka capacity.

For another, slightly unorthodox, strategy, this stone can be used by a pure combat character who does not use spells. The slight stunt in magicka is rendered irrelevant, while gaining powerful Spell Absorption. The magicka boost, however, is wasted in this situation.

The Lady Stone

The Lady Stone causes health and stamina regeneration rates to increase by 25%.

It is located on a small island in Lake Ilinalta, to the west of Riverwood. The stone is usually surrounded by a group of Slaughterfish.

The island consists of two large rocks at either side of the island. It has two trees and some small shrubbery. There are seven patches of Mountain Flower and one iron ore vein. Also, it is dotted with miniature rocks. The standing stone located on this particular island is rather unique as it has a different architecture than the other Stones, having curved supports on its sides. The only stone that has a similar look to its curves is The Lover Stone.
Standing Stones P2

The Lord Stone

The Lord Stone provides 50 additional points of armor rating and 25% magic resistances. These bonuses do not work past the associated resistance caps.

The Lord Stone is located just north of the center of Skyrim, in grid G-3 of the online map. It resides in a mountainous area, which is a short distance northeast of the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon, and is east of the city of Morthal, southwest of the city of Dawnstar, and northwest of the city of Whiterun.

When stacked with other abilities and modifiers, this stone can potentially help towards building an 95% resistance to magic (the maximum allowable without console commands or exploits). This stone is very useful for people who want to tank or have maximum amount of Armor and Magic resistance.
A Breton racial bonus (25%)
Agent of Mara ability (15%)
Three points in the Magic Resistance perk in the Alteration tree (30%)
The Lord Stone (25%)

The Ritual Stone

This stone grants a power to the Dragonborn to reanimate corpses to fight for them once a day. The ability granted by the stone is not a simple resurrection spell that reanimates a single dead body, but rather a large resurrection field that expands out from the Dragonborn, resurrecting all corpses within a fairly large radius for 60 seconds.
Only corpses level 75 and under can be reanimated, however this limit can be increased with the Necromage perk. Once the time has elapsed, the reanimated will fall to the ground but not disintegrate.

There is no apparent limit to the number of corpses that can be reanimated by this power, however reanimating a high concentration of corpses causes some to be unresponsive.

For those with Lycanthropy, the dead raised with this power remain active even after changing to Werewolf form.

This power can be an effective trump card to play against a boss-level opponent since a typical dungeon-diving scenario has the Dragonborn cutting through a large number of lesser foes before confronting the boss character.

The Serpent Stone

The Serpent Stone grants the Dragonborn the ability to use a ranged Paralysis poison on opponents once every in-game day. The poison paralyzes the target for 5 seconds and does 25 points of damage. As with many paralysis enchantments and spells, this ability is especially useful when NPCs become hostile towards the Dragonborn after dialogue.

The stone can be found on Serpentstone Isle, north of Windhelm and east of Winterhold. Galmar Stone-Fist sends the Dragonborn here to initiate them into the Stormcloaks. Upon arriving, the Dragonborn must slay an ice wraith.

Galmar Stone-Fist will tell the Dragonborn that men have been sent to this location for generations to test their strength. He also says that ice wraiths are oddly attracted to this location.

The Shadow Stone

The Shadow Stone enables the Dragonborn to become invisible once a day for a period of 60 seconds.

The stone is found in a small mountain range south of Riften, before reaching the large mountain range to the south. A hostile, respawning conjurer or Necromancer may also be lurking about the stone.

The Steed Stone

The Steed Stone gives a bonus of one-hundred extra carrying capacity and no movement penalty is received by armor. Armor also has zero weight when equipped.

The Steed Stone is located northwest of Solitude, and directly north of the Statue to Meridia.

The Tower Stone

The Tower Stone enables the Dragonborn the ability to automatically open expert or lower level locks once a day.

The Stone can be found between Winterhold and Dawnstar, on a mountain, directly west of the College of Winterhold. If the Dragonborn has already been to Hob's Fall Cave, the stone can be seen from the entrance -- it lies North by North-West of the cave's entrance on top of a cliff.

Immediately surrounding the Tower stone are several birds nests on small stunted trees, which may each contain a random bird egg. There are two quicksilver ore veins upon approaching the Stone..

Mod Ingredients
This will have various ingredients needed for mods. These are for mods that I use.

02DA0BF1 - Fur Plate

7E0011AB - Dreugh Wax

02DA0B11 - Boiled Chitin Plate

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