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TREPANG2 Subject 106 Playermodel
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Sep 12 @ 5:31pm
Sep 13 @ 5:07am
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TREPANG2 Subject 106 Playermodel

"Cut the chatter... be like 106." TF27 Phantom 1-3

And finally yet another playermodel that took way too long to make! I definitely spent way too much time on the screenshots, but I did have a fun time making them and I think I'm satisfied with the model overall. He's fully colorable, and while he doesn't have all the cosmetics that the in-game customization gives you access to, you can still make him any color you want and I might even add a camo pattern or two for him later. Anyway, as you know, subject 106 doesn't really have an in-game model aside from a pair of legs and arms which are just taken from the generic mercenary model used in-game, so I thought I would make him from scratch again. This model is pretty much an exact match to his in-game model except he's a little more beefy and I give him a cooler looking mask+goggles. I did my best to add a collar to the model as well, since he has one in-game and the collar for the original swat model I was using looked pretty lame, and the result is mixed. Depending on where you move his head you may be able to see through him a little bit, but it's nothing a little editing can't fix and it only ever really happens when you bend his neck really far. Okay, now, I can FINALLY work on my youtube playermodel guide, and I think once I finish that I'll do subject 105 since I got a couple requests for him and he looks really sick. Enjoy!

[The model is titled "S106" in the directory]


Adeptus Magnum for providing some assets (none for this addon, but he has been a big help so I wanna credit him, fair warning though when you click his profile furry stuff shows up O_O):

This addon for the body assets:

Conely's magnificent F.E.A.R character pack:
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majordickiejohnson  [author] Sep 20 @ 10:58am 
Uhhh I can try perhaps
GhostGamingTY Sep 20 @ 5:50am 
nice what about body armor vest and helmet in art please update in the game
majordickiejohnson  [author] Sep 19 @ 4:58pm 
Coming soon
BAD USERNAME Sep 19 @ 3:57pm 
would love to see the patriarch
GAT$BY Sep 19 @ 5:57am 
Mr. FMJ Sep 19 @ 1:16am 
This is a Certified Hood Classic.
majordickiejohnson  [author] Sep 18 @ 6:48pm 
Yep he'll be up soon
[NEZ]9inECapz Sep 18 @ 6:34pm 
what about 105 ?
majordickiejohnson  [author] Sep 18 @ 4:01pm 
:steamthumbsup: is gud stuff the models in trepang2 are dope
Reshirom200 Sep 18 @ 3:50pm 
I am loving all the trepang and fear stuff coming to the workshop