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Indie Van Game Jam
Created by Binary Solo
What the heck is an Indie Van game Jam?!

"It's BangBus for nerds." - Kotaku Comments

Picture Man vs. Food meets Indie Game: The Movie. Indie Van Game Jam is a documentary series about the studios, games and personalities...
Battle Brothers
Created by Overhype Studios
Battle Brothers is a turn based strategy RPG mix wherein you lead a band of mercenaries in a medieval fantasy world on the hunt for coin, fame and legendary artifacts. The gameplay is inspired by such classics as X-Com: UFO Defense and Jagged Alliance.

I Can't Escape: Darkness
Created by Fancy Fish Games
I Can't Escape: Darkness is a quicksand trap for the senses - the more you listen and look for clues, the deeper you fall into a damp, living dungeon. Your odds of escape are slim, and when you fail, the dungeon will change befo...
Created by Neon Serpent LLC
Congratulations, you have been invited to ULTRAWORLD

Drop by and take in the sights and sounds of this lush First-Person Explorer. It’s not all rest and relaxation, though, as you’ll need to help a lonely video game character face it’s problems....
Words for Evil
Created by Steaky
Words for Evil is a fast paced word game combined with a fantasy RPG.

It is available on both PC and Mac.

24 Killers
Created by todd
24 Killers casts you as the newly minted groundskeeper of an island town with an unfortunate past and promising future.

Your duties include being a chauffeur, keeping the denizens in shape, gardening, collecting gabbage, and whatever else the town's di...
A Rite from the Stars
Created by Risin' Goat
A Rite from the Stars is a 3D point & click graphic adventure set in a paradisiacal yet dangerous environment... The Mystical Island of Kaikala.

Kirm, a mute kid from the Makoa Tribe, must overcome a rite of passage to leave his childhood behind. Howeve...
The Phantom PI Mission Apparition
Created by Rocket 5
The Phantom PI Mission Apparition is a puzzle-adventure game staring a paranormal investigator who specializes in helping ghosts who are being bullied in the afterlife.

Help Cecil Sparks throughout his adventures in Ravensmaw Manor, a huge haunted house...
Relic Hunters Zero
Created by Mark Venturelli
A 100% FREE indie shooter by the creators of Chroma Squad and Dungeonland.

Created by StarBlade Games
Kickstarter link

Nefarious is about being the bad guy! Your goal in each stage is to kidnap a princess, and then thwart a hero. Your ultimate goal is to conquer the world! Mwahaha! Face...
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brunomtc Oct 7, 2015 @ 5:22pm 
Have a look at Syndrome, a survival horror game where the player wakes up in a ship with his memory blurred from cryosleep. There are weapons but ammo is limited, which means the player must carefully plan his moves - when to hide, when to run and when to fight.
Naloki Aug 30, 2015 @ 10:09am 

Please check our game - Epic Showdown:

Mysterious Alien obsessed with TV Reality shows decide to organize his own reality show - Epic Showdown. He gather the best fighters from all dimensions, universes, and realities to survive in a battle to the death!

Please consider to add it to your list! Thank you!
Kalandras 75 Mar 26, 2015 @ 8:32am 
I want to introduce you our project "AWE".
It's a god game, in which you have solve a puzzle of colors and musical notes to create your own planet and system:

Currently we are in greenlight and we need a little help from your side.
If you like it, please, add to your collection.

We really appreciate your help and support.
nodbrim Oct 9, 2014 @ 1:34pm 
please check out Acaratus if you havent =)
Binary Solo  [author] Sep 29, 2014 @ 3:23pm 
No problem! It looks great!
Impmja Sep 27, 2014 @ 6:21pm 
Thanks guys for adding "Battle Brothers" to your collection!