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Space Standoff
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Space Standoff

Your team has managed to acquire an encrypted data container that could hold the key to gaining an upper hand in this endless conflict. Unfortunately, your enemy is resourceful and has acquired the same encrypted data from an unscrupulous seller. Now, the race is on!

Join The Red team or Blue team, prepare your defenses, and make sure your data container is well defended during decryption. Launch your assault and destroy the enemies data container before they manage to decrypt its secrets!

Choose carefully between fortifying your compound, building up a jump-capable strike force, and infiltration of the enemy base. The enemy’s data container must be destroyed!


Our first iteration is to create a balanced PvP scenario where both teams have the option of either offense or defense. Objectives and tools, are identical, like a chess match.

Later iterations will enable players to spawn their blueprints. This empowers combatants to “pre-game” and offsets the cost of creation. Prior to playing in a scenario, customization and optimization of designs can be done, much like it is in survival. Players will then bring these optimized designs directly to the battlefield “on demand”.

We are currently reviewing these concepts and YOU are a critical part of that process. We see huge potential in the ability to refine this evolving PvP scenario.

While we will host our own servers, we would encourage everyone in the community to run their own modded versions of the new scenario, as well as provide feedback on how we can change this scenario and improve it![]

That's right, we want you to mod it and make it your own! We encourage you to download the workshop version of this scenario and create your own vision for a PVP battle.

This version of the scenario is identical to the one in the base game. No elements have been changed or added. Below is a list of elements that have been created in the scenario using the visual scripting tool. They allow for specific events to take place, managing a few aspects of the map.
  • All scripts can be found in: SpaceEngineers\Content\Scenarios\Warfare2\Scripts\Mission01
  • These files can be edited with a text editor, or with the visual scripting tool.

All of the elements here can be found in Mission01_PreMatch.vs
  • Once each team has 1 active player, Pre-match is over and scripts from Mission01_Match are able to run.

All of the elements here can be found in Mission01_Match.vs
  • The Win Condition occurs whenever a block is destroyed on the opposing team’s data container. The container is identified in the script using the Grid Name, in this case “Red Data Container” or “Blue Data Container”

All of the elements here can be found in Mission01_PostMatch.vs
  • Once the win/lose condition is met, the session ends and the world will reload.

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