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Buy Autofiring weapons and maneuver your ships to kill enemies. Destroy their base to win the game. 24 unique heroes and loads of custom items and abilities. Now with Co-Op survival mode.

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Survival Co-Op Update!

When all players going the south alliance they will activate this survival mode and fight waves on increasingly difficulty AI controlled hero ships that will use abilities and eventually overrun the players. The victory condition remains the same (destroy the enemy harbors or castle before your own are destroyed.


Boats go "Pew pew" as they seek confrontation with their enemies, and manouver to avoid range of autofiring weapons. Players save for larger boats with more powerful abilities as they balance the tradeoffs of different weapons and utility items.


The game play is similar to dota with a few notable differences:

- Players all start with in the same boat and can spend the gold they collect to upgrade their ship from the list of available ships. (There are currently 20 boats available, each with a custom model and set of abilities)

- Boats do not have a targetable main attack, instead, players purchase weapons which automatically fire at random boats in sight and within the range listed in the weapon.

- Each weapon has 3 basic tiers, and each tier can be purchased twice to combine to a "doubled" weapon of that tier.

- When a player has all three tiers of a weapon doubled they can purchase an "ultimate" recipe for that weapon with a special effect.

- Killing towers permanently increases the constant gold income for the team that kills the tower.

- All players receive a bonus splash of gold from their empires every 4 minutes to keep game play interesting and even.

- There are 4 main utility items, each with 4 tiers of power


WeAreAllBritons, Frood, Multiplex, Borgel, Penrose and Zentrix.

Special Thanks:

The Dota 2 modding IRC channel, Valve, BMD, Myll, and EdgeCrusher who made a version of battleships for Warcraft 3 that inspired this creation

This map uses code written by BMD for for physics and timers.

Translation help:
Russian: React and Al1en (Complete!)

Questions, comments? Talk to us on our Subreddit or email us at

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Jun 21, 2015 @ 2:20pm
< >
VGD.Supr1k.SSC Jul 12 @ 4:35am 
Good custom game,but something few players playing
You should get around to updating stat-collection. Valve renamed the CreateHTTPRequest function to CreateHTTPRequestScriptVM, so that most mods that call it crash, and none of them will be recording stats. It's been almost 7days now. We sent an email to the devs that registered on the site.
radar  [author] Apr 2 @ 6:55pm 
@yikes! okay i'll fix that right away.
yoyo210 Apr 1 @ 10:03pm 
hi yes and more inportantly is the ghost ship trader gives 99999gold when purchased, really discouraged everyone to play x)
radar  [author] Mar 26 @ 9:54am 
@yoyo210 thanks for the reports im aware of the gold issue, its going to be a tricky fix but i'm working on it
yoyo210 Mar 25 @ 12:06pm 
oy vey theres a few bugs still like a couple games where i randomly loose most of my gold for no good reason, or the catamaran's jump speed bonus not working

seems like theres still ppl playing this
darklordabc Jan 31 @ 8:27pm 
Hi, I wanted to ask you about your mod and modding in general, I think I can help you.
Butters Jan 24 @ 1:03am 
No problem :)
radar  [author] Jan 22 @ 12:00am 
@Butters all fixed now. Thanks again!
radar  [author] Jan 21 @ 5:25pm 
@Butters Shoot! thanks for letting me know. looks like there was another UI update from valve and i have some fixing to do.