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Half Life 2 Animation Fix
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Half Life 2 Animation Fix

[08/27/2023] YOOO! Made it to the most popular addons page! Thanks everybody!

HEY! To ensure this addon is working properly, restart your game after downloading and installing it!

ALSO! If you experiencing any problems, you will have to disable/uninstall each addon you have until you find the culprit. This addon ONLY CONTAINS and REPLACES the default .mdl files (see FAQ below to check which models are affected), so UNLESS an addon you're using SOMEHOW TAMPERS with these files, there shouldn't be ANY conflicts.

Facepunch Studios has done a phenomenal job fixing the technical problems that has plagued the Half Life 2 campaign for years, from the level transitions to particle effects to even loading lua scripts between levels. However, animations have always remained broken, especially for the episodic levels. The problem is that models and animations are compiled altogether into a single set of .mdl files, meaning in order to play episode 2, you would have to overwrite the current game's .mdl files with those from episode 2.

That being said, this addon works to circumvent this problem. Using the Crowbar tool made by ZeqMacaw, I separated the animations from each game and recompiled the models to access all of them. The result is an experience similar to the Orange Box: you can freely swap between Half Life 2 and its Episodic campaigns WITHOUT having to restart your game! In my opinion, this provides the BEST way to experience Half Life 2 in its entirety, because using SWEPs and other addons completely amplifies the experience!

The additional animations have also presented some additional features, as highlighted below.

  • Half Life 2, as well as it's subsequent Episodes, are completely playable
  • Alyx can now convert rollermines to your side (even her injured Episode 2 counterpart)
  • Alyx can now enter and ride with the player in the Jalopy (if you want to do this outside of the Episode 2 campaigns, you will need an additional mod to do so, such as Enhanced Sandbox NPCs by Blixibon)
  • Dog can use his Episode 1 inspect/throw animation when he plays fetch with you (NOTE: this can make the box catching sequence in Black Mesa East a bit buggy, but it is a minor bug that will eventually fix itself)
  • Vortigaunt animations are set to their Episode 2 counterparts, so they move and attack faster
  • Vortigaunts can now utilize their aoe attacks
  • Combine Turrets now have access to their Episode 2 skins

  • No Alyx/Vortigaunt finishers; this is a technical issue, not an animation issue.
  • Half Life 2/Episode 1: The Advisor in the monitor is angled a bit off from the camera since it now uses the Episode 2 models.
  • Episode 1 Intro: Vortigaunts have no blue texture
  • Episode 1 Train Sequence: Alyx is a bit misaligned from the stalker she's pinned against (just a visual bug; you can play through the sequence without any problems).
  • Episode 2 Gman Sequence: The camera will initially zoom backwards and through the map, but will fix itself in subsequent cuts.
  • Episode 2 White Forest Strider Defense: Two Alyxes will spawn if you transition from the previous level (this is a problem specific to Gmod). To fix this, immediately delete the Alyx that spawns with you.

FAQ (I will update this as needed):
Q: Do I need Half Life 2/Episode 1/Episode 2?
A: This addon only contains .mdl files, so YES you DO NEED the respective games to be properly loaded onto Garry's Mod if you want to access the maps, prop models, etc.

Q: Can you fix the Episode 1 intro so that the vortigaunts are glowing blue?
A: Yes and no. I do actually have a fix for this problem (and it works!), but unfortunately it causes the vortigaunts that heal Alyx in Epsiode 2 to go invisible, since they use the same model. As far as I'm concerned, it looks like a material issue, which is something beyond my capabilities.

Q: Can we use custom models and still have animations work?
A: No. Since .mdl files contain both the 3D model itself as well as the animations associated with them, simply replacing the files is not possible. I do plan on making a guide on how modelers can compile their model replacements with these animations, but that will come out when I have the time to do so. That being said, the models that are affected by this addon are:
  • Advisor
  • Alyx
  • Antlion
  • Antlion Guard
  • Barney
  • Blackout
  • Combine Dropship
  • Combine Strider
  • Combine Turret
  • Dog
  • Eli
  • Gman
  • Kleiner
  • Lamarr
  • Mossman
  • Roller (the rollermines)
  • Vortigaunt
  • Vortigaunt Blue
  • Vortigaunt Doctor
  • Vortigaunt Slave

Models that are NOT on the list either work fine without any problems (e.g. rebels, combine soldiers, zombies), or are exclusive to one campaign and therefore do not need a fix (e.g. combine hunters). Therefore model replacements for these should not be a problem.

By the way, these are the mods I used in the pictures (go check them out!):
Life Mod by Valyrius
Antlion Guard Remastered by Digivee
HD 4K Vortigaunt Textures by Vuthakral
Half-Life 2: MMod - Weapon Replacements Redux by Қatka and c4sual
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dux Sep 23 @ 9:15pm 
iLikecats3 Sep 22 @ 8:43pm 
you cant use replacements of the characters affected by the addon or it will not work on them
Adam_Kogane Sep 22 @ 5:43pm 
Sorry I think I'm misunderstanding something, Can I use replacement characters? I have alot of HLA stylizing characters, like the rebels, would that break this addon? Or would it work fine?
▬▬MrKremik▬▬ Sep 21 @ 11:20am 
not bad
nicely done
Fearsome Sep 18 @ 9:40am 
Thanks for the fix dude! Appreciate the work.
The Rizzler Sep 17 @ 9:35am 
yall remember when this first came out, judith mossman was in the ep1/ep2 uniform in the hl2 before it was updated and fixed
Dlyluft Sep 16 @ 4:34pm 
Hello thx for making this addons but a have a problem Alyx in the first map HL2 EP2 don't open doors with gravity gun and standing in t-pose so impossible to make history and i have this addon so i want understand how i can fix it pls :(
Baby Wizard Sep 16 @ 2:22pm 
So this works with regular half life 2? or do i have to play HL2 on GMOD to make this work?
iLikecats3 Sep 16 @ 12:35pm 
hmm ill try reinstalling some stuff