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[BNW] Inuit Civilization - Colonialist Legacies
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Aug 17, 2014 @ 7:30am
Sep 11, 2014 @ 4:14am
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[BNW] Inuit Civilization - Colonialist Legacies

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In this mod you'll play as Ekeuhnick of the Inuit - a legendary character whose story is shrouded in the ancient past. Under Ekeuhnick's guidance, his people not only survived the harsh, barren and frozen landscape, but also became the modern Inuit peoples, whose culture has lasted to this day.

This is the Ninth mod in the Colonialist Legacies: Histories of the New World modpack that focuses on adding high quality Colonial and Pre-Colonial civs!.

Coming soon: Anangu, Koori, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Cree, South Africa!

Features voice acting by Charlatan Alley and Custom Leader Music!

Leader: Ekeuhnick

Until the Ice Breaks: Gain Food from Snow, Tundra and Ice tiles outside workable city limits. Fish adjacent to Snow, Tundra and Ice tiles will turn into a Luxury Seals Resource and provides a Production boost when improved.

Unaaq: Unlike the Scout it replaces, the Unaaq is a slightly weaker one-hex ranged unit that weilds a harpoon. Additionally, Unaaq can move faster on snow and can embark before Optics. Once the Inuit have researched Sailing, the Unaaq can improve Sea Resources! The Unaaq are expended when used in this way.

Inuksuk: A Unique Improvement exculsive to the Inuit. The Inuksuk can only be built on Snow and Tundra and not next to each other. It Provides +1 Food and +1 Culture, with an Additional +1 Food coming after Banking. After building an Inuksuk, the surrounding Snow, Ice and Tundra without Forest tiles gain +1 Food and +1 Production. Additionally, the Inuksuk will randomly claim Snow Ice and Tundra tiles surrounding it, if not already claimed. Essentially, this allows you to build the Inuksuk far away from your cities and gain Food as specified in the UA without even having to work them!

Requires BNW

Instructions for Direct Installation if Steam isn't working because the Workshop is being a chocolate teapot:

1. Download 7zip (it's freeware, and takes next to no time to install)
2. Download the Civ5Mod file from here -> CivFanatics direct download[].
3. Place the Civ5Mod in MyDocuments> MyGames> Sid Meiers Civilization 5> MODS
4. Right click the Civ5Mod file and select 7zip -> Extract to "[BNW] Colonialist Legacies - (insert civilization here)
5. Start the game up and hit Mods
6. Enable the mod
7. Play the game

CivFanatics Download Page[]

Colonialist Legacies CivFanatics Thread[]

Inherently Compatible with Civ IV Leader Traits, Map Labels, Ynaemp Map Packs, Sukritact's Decisions, More Luxes and Historical Religions.

Concept by Neirai, Leugi and TPangolin
XML and Lua by Neirai, with help from JFD and LastSword
Leaderscreen by Leugi
Map by regalmanemperor
Icons by Leugi
Unaaq graphics by Civitar
Inuksuk Graphics and Icon by Leugi
Pedias by Viregel and adapted by Neirai
Seals Icon adapted from Pervandr's "On the Ice"
Special Thanks to Hiram and Tarcisio for helping out with converting a bunch of icons
Voice Acting by Charlatan Alley. Check him out on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Facebook, and Twitter!
Peace Music is "Voices of the Wind" by AH*NEE*MAH
War Music is "Force"by Tagaq
Special thanks to Reedstilt for his amazing historical consultancy
The Lua in this mod would not be possible without the help of the amazing community at
This mod is dedicated for all those who waited for this mod for so long.
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CoolestCorpseOnTheBlock May 21 @ 12:03am 
It let's me enable the mod but I can't pick the Inuit as a playable civ
Lenoen Apr 26 @ 12:08am 
Some mods do not unpack themselves. This one would not for me. Subscribing or downloading will get you a civ5mod file which still needs to be unpacked. You can do this manually and I'll provide instructions here:
1) Download 7zip which is free software
2) Find the civ5mod file which should be located in Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS
3) Right click on the civ5mod file and go to 7zip EXTRACT HERE
4) If a folder wasn't created for the extracted files you should create one and put them inside. Name the folder the same as the mod.
Don Depresor Apr 16 @ 2:59pm 
Does not work for me either ... and I have tried everything, from manually installing it to just resetting files and subscribing again.
KilRoy Apr 9 @ 5:55am 
For most of your mods, it comes in the form of a .civ5mod and it wont work. Can anyone help?
kivikala Apr 6 @ 2:00am 
The starting location picking needs to be better. I rerolled maps for about ten minutes (large map size) and every single one was unplayable due to there either being no luxuries nearby or only unworkable barren snow.
bchevy04 Feb 5 @ 2:27am 
Same here. Wonder why. Does anyone have an older, working version?
Kirb Jan 16 @ 7:59am 
I'm having this same issue too. Is the mod broken?
Drifterx Nov 1, 2017 @ 5:27pm 
I am having the same issue as iancw (below)--manually installed the game without issue, but neither the unaaq or inuksuk appear in the game
iancw Oct 31, 2017 @ 10:54pm 
Appears to be missing elements- had to manually install, followed instructions but the unaaq & Inuksuk don't appear in the game (there is also no scout). Civilpedia for Inuit exists but is empty so this may be part of the same prob.
Gunner7894 Oct 23, 2017 @ 3:42pm