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Community Game Guide [Updated for Alpha 0.25]
By Tapatun and 3 collaborators
A comprehensive, community-maintained reference for the indie game Sub Rosa. Currently updated for Alpha 0.25. Some images may be slighly outdated but the essentials are covered. This is an on-going project since the game is an alpha so let us know if there are any mistakes in the comments.
This guide is meant as a comprehensive reference for how to conduct business in Sub Rosa. If used properly, you too can become an informed, street-wise businessman. If not, you'll at least be a well-informed civilian. Enjoy!

Getting started
Before starting to play a game, you might want to adjust and customize given options. Choice isn't wide:
  1. Changing nickname:
    When you launch Sub Rosa for the first time it will connect to Steam and create a file called client.csk. This will take your current Steam name and verify that you have bought the game. After the file is created it will not connect to Steam again and will only check for that file. If you wish to change your Sub Rosa name you must first change your Steam name then delete that file and restart the game.

  2. General options:
    In the game menu, click "Options". You can also find this in-game via the Esc key. For regular players, parameters worth paying attention are:
    • Resolution and Fullscreen mode (no explanation needed),
    • Sound volume (there's no ingame music yet),
    • CPU affinity - as game doesn't automatically take advantages on using multiple cores, enabling it might reduce lag,
    • Ambient occlusion - improves image quality using behavior of light and its effects on various textures. It was designed for 3D games and doesn't reduce FPS much;
    • Invert mouse - handy for players that are used to inverted controls while flying a helicopter. This option will come into effect even if changed in-game.

  3. Voice Options:
    In the game menu, click "Voice Options". You can also find this in-game via the Esc key. You can configure to broadcast voice when:
    • volume of your voice is over a minimum level - disable the "Use push to talk" parameter and modify the sensivity using a slider on the left,
    • a particular key is hold - enable the "Use push to talk" and set the broadcast activating key on the left (V by default);

Don't forget to click "Apply", close and launch the game's executable again after any changes!
Quick Start
This is a section in active development. It will cover the most basic information every players needs to know in order to experience the game's unique mechanics.
Movement and driving
On feet:
  • To move, use WASD keys,
  • To run, scroll mouse wheel down (notice: you will move with less maneuverability),
  • To jump, press Spacebar,
  • To do somersaults, start dragging your mouse down (or up) and then press Spacebar - notice that some time must pass between these actions. To roll, do the same while holding Ctrl. Diving through the window is quite easier, as game automatically assists in this case - you don't have to drag mouse so much or wait some time to jump. Some players find it easier if these tricks are performed while running.
  • To crouch or stand up after falling on your back, hold Ctrl,
    After 0.22 update, players have become much more vulnerable to falling from great heights, jumping out of a moving car and other extreme physical activities - they are punished by falling backwards and losing time to back up. 0.23 has changed this to make standing up easier and falling down less likely.
  • To look around without moving your body, hold RMB and drag your mouse,
  • Holding RMB can also be used for bending sideways - this can be used for peeking corners;
In a car:
  • To get in a car, press\hold E button. You will take a seat nearest to you,
  • To drive, you have to be in driver's seat (C.O.!), but you don't have the keys equipped in your hand to drive car - someone in the car just needs to have the keys in his inventory,
  • To move the gear stick in manual mode, hold RMB and drag your mouse,
  • To enable automatic gear switching, manually move gear to the top right cell,
  • To enable reverse driving, move gear to bottom right cell,
  • Hold Space while driving for E-brake;
In a helicopter:
  • Entering and activating a helicopter is very similiar to a car,
  • Hold W to incease propellar intensity and S to decrease it,
  • Press A to turn left and D to turn right,
  • Use the mouse to tilt the helicopter in any direction,
  • Hold RMB to look around as a pilot,
  • The pilot cannot drop items or dial a phone,
  • While the helicopter still takes damage from crashing and bullets like a car, if the propellars touch a building or the ground it will instantly break no matter what.
    You can buy cars and helicopters in the building on West of the spawn room (Abrash and 5th St); press Tab to bring up the buying menu. There's another "Cars Cars Cars" building at the north end of Main St.

    Vehicles can only be bought 3 times per hour!

    In a train
    You need nothing to use this public transport - just wait until the train fully stops and its door-sized glass dissapears. The train is fully indestructable which includes the glass. Train stops every few minutes in 2 particular places, only one of which is located in the city.
Understanding map
Press C and a schematic city map will come up, with your position, teams' basements and buildings structures marked. In game only a part of the map is shown - it will automatically "shift" in consistency with your position. If you hold H while looking at the map, it zooms in.
The different team bases are marked by colored circles (gold = Goldmen, blue = Monsota, black = OSX, red = Nexaco, white = Pentacom). A base will have two circles over it if its team has players; otherwise, it will show only one circle (indicating the base is "open").

In World mode, after connecting to the server or death, you'll become civilian - a player who's not a member of any team. In thise case, you will spawn outside of the city, at a train stop. The train station is simply a white platform far to the east of the city. Two trains constantly travel between the platform and the south CARS CARS CARS. To join a team, make your way to one of the team bases. If it is open, you can walk into a room to your left and you will become the manager of that team, Otherwise, you will have to wait for the manager to arrive so s/he can hire you by stepping into the aformentioned room with you. You are heavily discouraged to kill unarmed civilians and will lose $10,000 + 5% (of your total money) for doing so and will take the same amount of damage.

On the right of the map, teams' stocks values and a brief description of ongoing mission are given. Draw your attention to the game "clock" in the top right corner to estimate mission remaining time.

Talking at short to mid distances

To talk, press Enter - text input field should appear. While modifying its content, you are not able to move, though able to look around. After pressing LMB or Enter, text will appear in a "bubble" above your player's head.
To other players, this bubble's size (and text readibility) will decrease with distance. Note that everyone could read your cues, even through walls.

Pressing T, Y and U will change text mode to Normal, Yell and Whisper respectively. Modes' names speak for themselves - they will affect the range at which players can see your cues.
  • Yelling (red colour) will be shown at distances twice as far, in comparison with Normal text.
  • Wisper (blue colout) can be seen at a quarter of distance for Normal text. Note: In a car, Whisper's range is limited to a car size.
Please note: the fact that, for instance, Normal or Yell text can be seen at rather long distances, their legibility range is much smaller.

The only way to contact other teams at long distance (i.e. for offering a deal) is to use your team's phone. When speaking on the phone, your chat box is smaller on the other end. You can use the different modes to modify this just like a normal conversation. Use Yell if you want to talk to more than just the person holding the phone or whisper if you only want the person on the phone to hear.

Using phone:

Phone must be in your right hand. Press LMB to turn it on, then use the number pad or number keys to dial teams using corresponding numbers. Once the call is connected, your text will appear above the other player's phone, and vice versa.
Attention: everyone around you can hear (read) what your interlocutor speaks!
  • 1111 - Goldmen (Gold team)
  • 2222 - Monsota (Blue team)
  • 3333 - OSX (Grey team)
  • 4444 - Nexato (Red team)
  • 5555 - Pentacom (White team)
  • 6666 - Admin if one has spawned a phone.

Every number can be incremented by one to reach a team's secondary/black phone with the exception of the admin phone. There can only be at most one admin phone.
If you're new to this game, please, refer to Quick Start section of this guide first if you want to get the main aspects quickly

Game modes:
  • Building Acquisition:
    A disk will be located in a room on the 3rd floor of a specific building. The mission briefing will tell you the address of the building. Coming back to your team's basement with disk will automatically give every team member equal portion of split gained money. Different disks bring your team different rewards, so you might want to arrange a profitable deal with other teams (using the phone). You can also obtain your goal using not so peaceful ways.

    Please, do not continuously spam shoot-everything-you-see rounds in GTA-style. Instead, try wearing a mask of '80-ies business shark with cool sunglasses, who's treated with respect and trust - that's way more fun!

  • Limo Acquisition:
    Almost the same as Building Acquisition, but with a little difference: the driver of the black limousine with armed guards holds the disk. Limousine continually rides in the city until mission expires.

  • Transaction
    In this game mode, one randomly chosen team is given a disk. Other teams compete in obtaining this disk, using both clean (offering agreed amount of money, see Manager's duty) and dirty (no explanation needed, but try to stay creative!) ways. There can be more than one team holding the cash while the disc is unique for a particular mission.

  • Three-way Trade
    Despite the similarities with the simple Transaction, Three-way deal has its own specific features. Three of five teams possess disks, valuable to each other. A team usually needs only one disk. Example: given that team A has disk A, team B has disk B and team C has disk C, team C needs disk A, but team A needs disk B. In other words, direct exchange between two teams is impossible, and managers have to ride out this dilemma in any way they want. However, there are rare instances where one or more teams need two disks from the three-way and they must decide if the second disk is worth the risk.

In both Transactions and Three-ways, a team may not have anything to trade with but still need a disk. These teams are expected to take the disk by force.
Successfully finishing the mission is worth certain amount of money (for your company), which is shown in the right side if you press C. Failing the mission (like losing your money in a Transaction mission) will result in penalty charge half as much as the reward for this particular mission.

The game is split into days instead of rounds like its predecessor. Missions will spawn every real-time 6 minutes or game-time 15 minutes. The type of mission will depend on the number of teams. Missions expire after 85 or 115 minutes. A trade mission will only spawn on the hour, but is not guaranteed to spawn every hour.

No missions will spawn after 5:15 and the last mission will always expire at 5:55 unless the teams complete it before then. Beyond that, server "resets" at ~6:00, in this case you lose all of your items, but money from any cars that you own and are still active will be refunded.

Manager's duty:
Manager is the first member of a team, who's given special permissions, including:
  • Allowing players to join manager's team. To do this, players have to be inside the team's vault while that team's manager is also in the vault,
  • Setting up deals & trades with other teams. To do this, the manager generally should have the company phone. They should then immediately dial up other teams to make offers or to inquire into offers.
  • Firing unruly employees. In Round Mode, managers can kill or "fire" bad employees on their team during the countdown to the beginning of the match. The manager is determined by whoever on the team has the most cash.
To become a manager, you have to be the first player to come into the empty team's vault. On team's manager death, the first player from the team entering to enter the vault becomes the new manager.
Unofficially, as manager decides how much money he convert and whom to give it, he also usually becomes a "leader" of his team and holds negotiations with other teams by phone.

To be revised later
Items and combat
Items in Subrosa, excluding guns:
  • Disk — is used in different ways depending on the game mode but there is always a team that needs to bring it back to their base to gain money. Team members do not have to be in the base to recieve their share. You can fit a single disk in a briefcase,
  • Briefcase — can hold either a disk or five stacks of cash. See below,
  • Bandage — Holds 2 charges. if held in arm and used on other players (or yourself if none are present), heals and cures bleeding. Bandages may also be used to revive dead players if used fast enough. So long as the screen does not go black and say "You are dead." a player may be revived. Players have an invisible hit points that go past 0 and is estimated to go as far as -5. As long as they do not take damage that exceeds this they may be revived but once a player reaches 0 they will bleed out regardless if they were bleeding before hand. Bleeding will cause players to lose 2hp every "minute" until they reach 10hp at which they will lose 1hp per "minute".
  • Key — Allows you to drive a specific car. These are purchased at car shops or are dropped by limo drivers. If the car is still working you may sell the key at a car shop for 75% of the value, so don't lose it or break your car.
  • Phone — the only way of communicating between teams on long distance. See: Communication;
  • Burger — Around 12pm missions won't spawn and instead the factory lunch whistle will sound. That is your cue to head to one of the burger shops and pick one of these up. After some time your character will get hungry and if you do not eat a burger your maximum health will slowly deplete until it hits 50. You will not be able to heal back to full unless you eat. A burger consists of 8 bites that add to your invisible hunger bar.

  • Stack of Cash — its texture changes depending on amount of money in it (maximum $1000). You can fit up to 5 stacks in a briefcase. You can have up to 10 bills in a stack. Bills come in demominations of $5, $20, $50, $100 and $1000. Use (Shift +) scroll wheel to select bills in a stack. This can also be used to quickly check what's in the stack. Press (Shift +) R to move the selected bill into your other hand, making or adding to another stack.
You can buy items while standing inside your team's basement. Press Tab, and a menu at left will appear. There, you can navigate by clicking menu list elements. Money is automatically deducted from the account, you don't have to hold cash in your right hand, like when depositing. All buyable objects are sorted by sections, including:
Scroll to Weaponry insight
Scroll to Weaponry insight
Bandage — $100
Briefcase — $50
Withdraw $X
Buy X Shares
Sell X Shares

Beside that, you're able to buy decorative clothes and sunglasses in so-called fashion shops. Refer to Economy or Communication sections for their adresses.
Clothes have only cosmetic influence on the gameplay.

Important facts about inventory:
  • Briefcases can't be put into inventory slots, but putting it in your left hand will let it hang to the side,
  • Guns can only go in inventory slot #1,
  • Everything else goes in slots #2-5,
  • Inventory slots can hold two items simultaneously;

Hotkeys to use with items:
  • Holding Shift will apply actions on your left arm, while releasing (and not touching) it will make the right one accessible for interaction. In other words, by default you use your right hand, and with pressed "shift" you use your left hand.
  • Press F to swap items in your hands,
  • (Shift +) LMB will take an external object in your hand. You could only pick up items that obtain whitish border while being stared at:

  • (Shift +) Tilde will drop item held in arm,
  • (Shift +) # of inventory slot will place item held in arm in chosen inventory slot,
  • Shift + R will load/unload items from open briefcase and gun, or move money from left to right hand note-by-note

Weaponry insight:

Pay attention: scrolling mouse wheel up will enable useful "ironsight" gun mode.
Clip Size
Clip Cost
Body Dmg
Head Dmg
*9mm can only be acquired if you join a company, the gun store does not give them out.

Reloading algorithm:
  1. Shift + R to unload empty magazine from gun in your right arm,
  2. Shift + ~ to drop this empty magazine,
  3. Shift + # of inventory slot with non-empty magazine to take it in your left arm,
  4. Shift + R to load this magazine in the gun;
Get used to this!
Economy and finances
There are two things you shouldn't do if you care about your money: kill unarmed civilians or die.
When a player spawns, there will be 3-6 minutes where anyone who attacks or kills them will lose money. Killing them will cause the murderer to lose $10,000 in addition to 5% of their total cash. Any damage done to the civilian will cause the assailant to lose a fraction of that proportional to the amount of damage done.
Dying, unfortunately, cannot be helped. This is a dangerous job in a dangerous place. Sooner or later, you're going to die. But here's a reason to try to avoid it. You will lose 5% of your total cash over $10,000. So try not get into sticky situations, because if you think you can get out of them simply leaving the game, think again. When you quit your body will be left behind for a minute or two That should be more than enough time for your unhappy rivals to have their way. So either make use of quitting inside the hospital (that way your character will disappear immediately) or pray your opponents are merciful.

Stocks system:
With 0.23 update, the way teams ("companies") earn money and divide it between members has substantially changed. Many players find it complex, but actually it adds some very important aspects to the gameplay.

Every player has his own personal banking account. Its default value for new players is $1000. You can only spend it when buying cars, weapons, ammo, stocks, etc. Always shown in top left corner.

When you join a team, think of it like you're joining a public corporation, with its stakeholders, deals and crisises. You will gain a share of the bonus that is split amongst your teammates for competing missions but the real money comes from the increase of your stocks. Every "stock", as a negotiable paper, is worth certain amount of money. Press C, and stocks prices for every team will be listed.

Press Tab while standing in the base, and choose "Stocks". Obviously, you cannot spend more money buying stocks than you have in your personal account. Be careful and learn to count - when you sell stocks you will get 95% of their value so don't immediately sell after buying. Stocks will automatically be sold if you die, leave the server, or a new day starts. You can only own stocks in the company that you are a member of.

Every team starts with $10,000 in shares. 100 shares are already owned by the game (We can assume the CEO or maybe random stockholders). The remaining shares are available for the members of the team to buy. When you buy shares you are essentially giving money to the company for use in Transactions. If a Transaction mission comes up and you are the buyer the game will choose a set amount from all the money pooled into the company that is available for trade. You may only withdraw up to that amount when in your base. If you do not have a Transaction mission or the game did not give you any money then you may not withdraw any money from your base. Should money withdrawn from your base be lost after a mission, the company's stocks will go down. On the other hand, any money deposited into your base will increase the price of stocks. The total amount of shares available to players can be increased if another team has also bought stocks in their company. The total is determined by the second richest team's total stocks multiplied by 10. This means that as long as 2 teams are buying stocks there is theoretically no limit.

The money that you do not pour into stocks will remain in your own personal bank account. This is the money you use to purchase items. This can only be withdrawn at the bank. Money can be added directly into your account by depositing money in the bank, completing a mission and gaining the bonus, selling your shares, or keeping a working car key at the end of the day. You cannot use money in stocks to purchase items.

Stores & Other Buildings
  • Bank - It is located on 6th and Abrash and is where you manage your personal finances. It's big and silver, you can't miss it.

  • Car Dealership - Easily identified by the large "CARS CARS CARS" sign. Whether or not that's its name it is clear that they sell cars. There are 2 of these in the city. One is right across from a train stop on 5th and Abrash. Another is right next to Goldmen Inc. on 1st and Main.

  • Hospital - Formerly known as the spawn building, this building is located across the street from the south car dealership, just take a left when you get off the train. When entering this building, you will stop bleeding and start healing, albeit at a much slowe rate than if you were in your base. However, this building has taken the Hippocratic Oath and will do its best to heal anyone and everyone. Due to free healthcare, you do not have to worry about any expensive medical bills.
    This building also has the power to revive dead players if their health has not depleted past -5. Since the rate of healing stays the same, the time to revive might take longer depending on how damaged the dead is essentially leaving them in a coma. When revived, the player will be brought back with 1hp unlike the 10 a bandage provides.

  • Clothing Store - Affectionately named the Swag Shop by some players, this is where you can "customize" your character with either Sunglasses or a Fancy Suit. You can also buy bandages or put a custom message on the two billboards. These are small orange buildings that are on opposite ends of Main St. One is by 2nd St. and the other is by 8th.
Tips and tricks
  • Press F1 to toggle in-game help. Press F4 to hide\show HUD (includes the map, inventory, time, etc). In Practice mode, press F5 to reset the round.

  • There is a $10,000 + 5% (of your total money) penalty for killing a civilian within 3-6 minutes of their spawn, the amount is randomly chosen by the server. If they pick up a gun or enter a base the timer is set to zero. Entering a car sets the timer at 15 seconds maximum.
    It is possible to kill civilians at your team's base without penalty - use it to get clean of annoying players.
  • There's usually a minivan for sale at only $100; since you earn at least $1000 from jobs it's cheap to just buy another each time for driving back to base;
  • If you're driving a car and simultaneously need to type something, press Enter while holding W, then release W. This will make your car go forward while you're typing your message.

  • Hold Q to see players' nicknames above their head,
  • Hold Delete for 3 seconds to quit the team and join civilians (useful for betraying your team!) (useful for exchanging manager role with other players)
  • You can close the garage doors on your base, any team member can click with an open hand on the ceiling above the door to close it. Click on the door to open it.

  • For Limousine mission: you need to be able to predict where limo's going next - if you see it turning into a corner in the map and you know there's only one way they can come out - you should block their side of the road with your car, get out and hide behind your car, but not too close because if they ram it you could get hit and die.

  • For Limousine mission: Do not ram the limo! This causes unnecessary damage to your car and possibly breaking it and throws everyone's aim off which may cause them to shoot themselves, a teammate, or the car. It is better to just follow closely behind to allow for easy shots.

  • In case you're the manager and you lost your teammates during Acquisition missions, but got the disk: wait for them to gather in the vault, and then go inside there too. This will make them members of your team and give them parts of reward for the deposit.

  • If you don't want to wait for a friend to arrive by train, just pick them up at the station. Every car is faster than the train and there are no borders. Just drive down 5th Street.
  • Don't want to get off at the designated train stop? Let the train push you, that way you can get off whenever you want.
  • It is possible to lie on the tracks and not be killed by an oncoming train.

  • Collect car keys and sell them at the car shops. As long as the cars that belong to those keys are still in working order, you will get money equivalent to 75% of that car's price (limos are worth $100). This is especially profitable if someone who bought a beamer or turbo died and you happened to snatch the key.

  • It is possible to survive an M-16 headshot and even revive yourself from one.

  • Collisions will either do no damage or 120 damage.

  • There are three types of NPC characters that you'll encounter in this game:
    • 1. Traffic AI - NPCs that simply drive around the city in the various cars & vans. They occasionally wear sunglasses. If their vehicle is destroyed these NPCs will exit their vehicle and stand stationary.

    • 2. Limo AI - NPCs who recklessly drive throughout the city in a limo. They usually travel in groups of two or four (including the driver). The passengers possess either pistols or MP5s. They will fire without discretion so beware. If their vehicle is destroyed the passenger NPCs will exit their vehicle and stand stationary while firing. The driver will attempt to run away. When killed the driver will drop a briefcase containing a disk.

    • 3. Building AI - NPCs who reside inside acquisition mission buildings. These NPCs will remain stationary until they see you. They will then fire at you while running towards you.

  • Often experienced players mention a "base", a "garage" or a "vault". Look at the pictures above to understand what is implied.
  • If you're getting code glitch, restart your game.
  • When setting the game to fullscreen you must restart the game.
  • If you join a server and the sky is black and you have very low frames, something is wrong but a simple restart should fix it.
  • You may experience unusual lag or low frames when joining a server in the middle of the day. This is not uncommon, a fresh day should make things smoother.
  • If for some reason your character no longer holds his gun straight, empty your hands then enter and exit a car. This should reset the arm physics and fix your aim.
  • If game's FPS is very low (slideshow-style), try experimenting with deleting shader files located in "shader" folder. If lately introduced landscape around the city considerably decreases your FPS, try deleting according shader files: landscape.glvs and landscape.glfs. By many accounts, deleting atmosphere shaders, depth shaders, model shaders, and sector shaders give the best perfomance.
    Backup is highly recommended. Modifying game files is strongly discouraged by the developer as it might lead to unknown consequences and spoil your or others' gaming experience. You have been warned and you will take risks by doing so.
Alpha 25:
  • Added new account system based on Steam ID,
  • Admin ban system - admin can ban players for an amount of real-time minutes,
  • Added car selling - put the key in your right hand at a car shop to sell a corresponding car using the menu,
  • Added lunch functionality - max HP will drop if a burger isn't eaten,
  • Added billboards that players can put their message up on,
  • Added bank building, where players can withdraw/deposit cash,

  • Round mode manager is the player with the highest net worth;
  • Round mode manager can now fire players by shooting them before the round starts,

  • Improved persistence of the game world - server doesn't reset all players outside the city at the end of the game in World Mode,
  • Improved voice communication, distance now influenced by whisper/yell modes,

  • Client optimizations improving stablity and FPS,
  • Server optimizations: powerful servers should support 32 players matches now,

  • Fixed lagging and pausing during firefights,
  • Fixed microphone's icon displaying through walls;

Alpha 24:
  • Spawn killing penalty is much harsher now, 5% and you will take as much damage as you give out,
  • Hospital now is the only place to heal,
  • Teams now start with two phones, the first has the team number and the second has the team number plus 1 (Nexaco is 4444 and 4445),

  • Added round-based mode,
  • Added voice chat,
  • Added Magnum revolver and Uzi,
  • Added guns shop,
  • Added helicopter as a means of transportation,
  • Added fall damage,

  • Improved the engine, it can now support a lot more types of buildings,
  • Improved gun/item handling,

  • Fixed the landscape rendering which was extremely slowly on some video cards,
  • Smoothed out the netcode for cars and players,

Alpha 23:
  • Death tax is now 5% of your cash over $10,000,
  • Civ killing with 2-5 mins of spawn is now $10,000 plus 5%,
  • Penalty charge for failing a mission is half as much as reward for winning the mission;

  • Bandages can now be used twice!
  • Old spawn building is now a hospital!
  • Can exit immediately in hospital (player's character will disappear). Otherwise your character will remain where you left it for 1 minute
  • Trade missions can now have more than 1 team with cash.

  • Optimized rendering, FPS increased,
  • Improved AI-driven cars traffic,
  • Modified players' models,
  • Added $1000 bill,
  • Added desert landscape around the town (see Troubleshooting),
  • Added newspaper,
  • Added ambient occlusion option,

  • Limited car buying to 3 per hour,
  • Limited stock to 100,000 shares per team,

  • Fixed aim in guns - now really centered,
  • Fixed strange behaviour and slowdown of glass,
  • Fixed player's movement and improved standing up
  • Fixed player's view while rolling,
  • Fixed players warping through walls/floors (no more base busting) or getting stuck on stairs or windows,
  • Fixed car engine sound;
  • Fixed train window bug (late minor change),
  • Fixed stock display bug (late minor change),

Alpha 22:
  • Redesign of the city (and its map, obviously),
  • Improved perfomance: no longer 30 FPS limit,
  • Added native MacOS support,
  • Added new "white" team: Pentacom (see Gameplay section),
  • Added three-way deal mission (see Gameplay section),
  • Added punishment for killing civilian players (see Tips and Tricks),
  • Improved physics and added new player movements:
    • Diving and Rolling (see Movement section),
    • Falling on one's back after jumping from great heights, etc;
  • Managers' nicknames are now shown to everyone every 30 seconds.

Alpha 21:
  • Fixed bug with shiny cash texture (now as dead surface),
  • Fixed wall climb[] bug,
  • Fixed overplacing too much cash in a briefcase,
  • Fixed reflections on broken glass,

  • Improved reflections on distant windows,
  • Briefcase holds 5 cash stacks
  • On team's manager death, first player from the team in the safe becomes new manager,

  • Added new picking up item interface,
  • Added possibility of quitting team and joining civilians (hold delete for 3 seconds outside of base),
  • Added money interface,
  • Added withdrawl and deposit systems. Attention!
    • Items must be in the right hand to deposit,
    • Items and cash are no longer automatically deposited, now uses banking->deposit,
    • Cash is no more automatically created, must be withdrawn, manager will receive funds;
(did not include Alpha 20 changelog as it contains a too much important information. Instead, divided and categorized)
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Kalsb  [author] Aug 15, 2017 @ 2:30pm 
No, but maybe if you did ask questions you wouldn't be so confused.
TheDarkInferno Aug 15, 2017 @ 5:57am 
That wasnt really a question, was it?
Joe A.  [author] Aug 9, 2017 @ 8:08pm 
@TheDarkInferno: Try asking questions at the community Discord.
TheDarkInferno Aug 9, 2017 @ 2:56am 
I gave up on this game, sometimes cause i cant find a server, sometimes i just get confused.
Catnapper Aug 8, 2017 @ 11:13pm 
Free healthcare, company mercenaries getting getting into shootouts in the street, regular insider trading... where is this?
LobsterMan Jul 24, 2017 @ 7:15pm 
Where is said 'Shader folder' under "Troubleshooting?"