Waterfall Prisoner

Waterfall Prisoner

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By Albertpa
Welcome to the official manual of Waterfall Prisoner!
Here you will find the basic manual and guide on how to overcome the puzzles you will encounter during the game.

You awaken in a damp cell, located in the deepest basement of the mysterious Waterfall Tower.

In making your way out, you discover you weren’t the first in this predicament, someone preceded you - and they left behind hints that might help you abscond before the night is over.


Move with WASD or ←↑↓→.
Hold down the Shift key or right-click to run.
Use the mouse to look around and left-click to interact with the environment.


When you are close to an item you can pick up, this arrow icon will appear above it to get your attention.
Next to the item’s name, a small hand icon will appear when you can pick it up.


When you see this icon, get close enough to see how it allows you to use the left-click and interact with a puzzle.

Puzzles can be solved by interacting with different objects in the world.
Search around the puzzles to find clues.


In puzzles, you can interact with the elements that have a white outline when you hover over them with the mouse. Feel free to click, drag them to a designated point, or perform other actions without hesitation.

Click on the upper right arrow or right-click to exit from a puzzle.


Wherever a wrench icon is displayed, you can use the items in your inventory by dragging and dropping them from the item wheel located in the bottom left corner of the screen.

You can also navigate through your items using the arrow buttons shown near the current object or open your inventory using the bag icon.

Using the eye icon allows you to quickly inspect the currently selected object.


Objects taken can be inspected accessing your inventory by pressing [i] , [ESC] or [delete].

You can exit from a menu or puzle using the right-click or the back icon.

You can rotate, zoom and recenter the objects you are inspecting.


You will find papers scattered throughout the stage explaining the life and customs of the tower’s inhabitants. You can read this diary in the ‘Diary’ section of the menu.

  • In puzzles, interactable objects have an outline around them.

  • The items in your inventory don’t necessarily have only one use, keep them in mind at all times.

  • The objects cannot be picked up unless they have the hand icon.

  • Some notes have drawings, look at them carefully!

  • Remember that you can use items from your inventory when you see the wrench icon.

  • If you get stuck, look for clues around the puzzles.

  • If you get stuck, look for notes around.

  • If you get stuck, look for other puzzles to solve.

  • If you get stuck, check the notes in the diary.

  • I'm TOTALLY STUCK, I don't know what to do!
    First of all, we recommend that you check if you have any puzzles to do. Don't focus too much on a puzzle, as you may not have all the clues and information yet. We also recommend that you review the journal carefully and see if you've left any notes around.

  • I've moved on to a new area, but I've left things unfinished!
    If you change levels, you can't go back because it will be flooded.
    If your concern is about the journal, I'm sorry, there's no way to go back for them.
    If your concern is about the items, there are no hardlocks (as far as we know) on that, so you can play calmly and live your own escape.

  • How do I get out of the cell?
    Look at the fingers of the skeletons, they tell you the order in which you have to press the bricks. Then, pick up the key and use it on the door.

  • How do I open the chained door?
    You need to use an object to jam the mechanism, like the bone you'll find on the nearby skeleton

  • I don't know what to do with the numbered cloth and the bricks.
    As you can see, the Roman numerals displayed are not real, so you'll need to find a viable solution. Use the cloth on the iron maiden to obtain the proper clue.

  • I don't know what to do with the boiler and the cranks.
    First of all, you need to find the missing crank and arrange the pipes. Look at the skull puzzle inside the room.

  • How do I arrange the teeth?
    You need to inspect an object to get the order, the skeleton key you have in your inventory.

  • What should I do with the 3 chains in front of the door?
    First of all, check the note with the drawing nearby, that will give you the order of the chains.

    Then, you need to count the candles at each depicted height to use the chains as many times as indicated, which are: right 1 time, center 4 times, left 3 times in that order.
Tower entrance

  • What can I do to open the door with padlocks and keys?
    Look through the side window, and you will see that the combination is written behind the door. The horizontal lines mean that the key is turned

    Don't forget to click on the padlock without a key!

  • What should I do with the banners?
    You need to complete the drawing, the left rope swaps the first two positions, and the right one moves all the banners to the right, leaving the last one in the first position.
    One combination to complete the drawing could be: left, right x2, left, right, left, right x5, left, right x4.

  • What do I do with the 3 stone columns?
    You need to complete the drawing of a lion's head.

  • What combination do I use on the dice?
    The combination is written above, on a shield. Since it has fallen, it's upside down and reads: 6 3 1

  • How do I arrange the books?
    In note 8, it's explained that you should first arrange them by the drawings on the spine, and then by the number written behind them. On the same bookshelf, you'll see that the order is: Skull, candle, shield. The order of the books is 31784256

  • What should I do with the chessboard?
    Use the box with the chess pieces that you will have found by solving the dice puzzle, and use the main door to view the chessboard . Place the pieces as shown in the image:

  • How do I open the small latch door?
    Click the latches in this order:IIMAAAAGEEE

  • How do I open the swords and shields door?
    You need to pay attention to the swords in the same hallway and the shields located just below the hallway. Images: IIMAAAAGEEE

  • What do I do with the observatory device, the pedestal with discs?
    First of all, you need to place the correct items on the lower pedestals: book, chalice, and sword on the outer ones, and candlestick on the inner one.
    You should read the poem from note 10, which indicates to arrange the pedestals in the following positions:

  • What do I do with the device that appears in the center of the entrance?
    Use the two keys you will find around in each slot. Notice that on one side of the device there are some drawings. Refer to the order of the books you had previously arranged. IIMMAAGGEEEN

  • How do I open the big latch door?
    Click the latches in this order:IIMAAAAGEEE
Hall and Kitchen

  • How do I open the door with the 4 torches?
    In note 13, the hours when that door opens are mentioned.
    Torches have a little arrow as decoration, keep that in mind.
    Consider that the torches on the top have 12 possible positions (hours), and the ones on the bottom only have 4 (00-15-30-45 minutes). .
    Put the left group at 2:15, and the right group in 8:45.

  • How do I arrange the utensils on the table?
    In note 19, it mentions who shares meals outside of hours.
    f you look at the symbols on the chairs, you'll discover that the Tinkerer also sits in the kitchen. Therefore, you should place the utensils the same way as indicated there.

  • How do I rearrange the kitchen utensils?
    You must look at the spines of the books you'll find on the shelf in the room next to the kitchen.

  • How do I prepare the soup?
    The clue can be found in note 15.
    First, you need to put in the dry bread that you'll find on the dining table.
    Use the brush at the sink to get the first step. The second step can be found on the plate where you picked up the bread. The third step involves arranging the utensils from the wall.
    All the steps are: A-P-A-C-S-O-P-A-S

  • What do I do with the bottles sealed with corks?
    Note 18 will give you the clue, but first, you need to open the bottles. Use the Spoon Key on them to be able to close them all again, except the two with an onion drawn on them.

  • How do I arrange the columns of animals in the dining room?
    According to note 20, there are two necessary elements: the fireplace painting and the poem from the note. You should use the lever on the fireplace and connect the gears you find there. This will help you discover where to place each animal. The poem indicates the direction each animal is facing.
    Left rear: wolf facing forward.
    Right rear: eagle toward the shield.
    Left front: snake looking to the right.
    Right front: mouse looking to the right

Lower bedrooms

  • What should I do in the bathroom?
    It's possible that someone has left messages on the mirrors, but to see them, you'll need to fill the room with steam.

  • How do I open the door with 4 digits?
    Look for a 4-digit combination in the surroundings that is related to the letters PbAu.

  • How do I organize the leaves and stones?
    You should think of the drawings like a sudoku, and match the images that fit. The central diagonal will give you more clues!

  • How do I arrange the organs in the jars?
    Note 24 discusses the specific order, if you're not sure exactly how, knowing that the brain goes in the 4th position will help you.
    Don't forget to pull the lever when you believe they are arranged correctly!

  • How do I open the door with human organs combination?
    Note 24 discusses the specific order, the solution is the same as the one above the table

  • What should I do with the blood vials?
    You can pick them up and examine the jar that still has fresh blood, as it will be the only one where the blood moves. Use the Syringe key on it.

  • How do I open the door with the tool combination?
    You should look to the open side of the room and check the tools placed there.

  • I can't solve the steam machine with levers and switches.
    You should look towards the open side of the room, this time from the stairs to align the drawn circle; it will tell you the position of the levers.

    For the switches, look at the board in front of the machine; it's the startup combination. The erased steps indicate the ones you have to turn off in order to be able to turn them back on.

    Finally, press the big lever.

  • Where is the item to repair the vacuum tube?
    Note 23 explains who has it.
    You need to enter the door of the number tower, the Scribe's room, where you will find the Glass tube in his chest.

  • What should I do with the punch cards?
    You will find the symbols related to this puzzle in Note 23.
    Walk through the three floors to look at the colored paintings, pay attention at the little plates on the paintings, to their names and the symbol they conceal.
    The first one is the symbol in the painting "Firstborn" ,
    the second one is the symbol of the painting "Two hearts",
    the third one is the symbol of the painting "Hunting at noon",
    the fourth one is the painting "A heart split into four" (You have to rearrange the paintings next to the 'two hearts' to see it),
    and the last one is the painting "The last death".

    By the way, at this point, there's a missable achievement, so pay close attention to the machine to figure out what you should do.


  • How do I open the operating room grate?
    You need the Tool key for both screws.

  • I'm stuck on the operating room light panel.
    The key is to create groups of 2x2, 2x3, or 3x3 in order to press them all.
    Here's a possible order:


  • What should I do with the bottles and all the laboratory equipment?
    According to the chalkboard in the same room, you need two items first: the Syringe key filled with blood and the Lead bullet from the Hunter's room.
    Once everything is in place, add the ingredients as indicated on the chalkboard and align it with the 'leaves and stones Sudoku' you solved earlier near that puzzle.
    When you finish the mixture, press the lighter.


  • I'm stuck on the cube and lenses puzzle.
    First, you should use the Lens key and the Disk that you'll find in the Butler's room.
    If you look at the chalkboard, you'll see the connections between the lenses, but you should pay attention to the connections when the cube is unfolded (as it is on the table).
    Solid lines represent direct connection, while dashed lines represent connection when it's closed.

Middle bedrooms

  • How do I place the arrows?
    You should look at note 26. Yes, exactly, the note from the lower bedrooms. It's possible that the characters on this level interact with each other, so don't forget the notes that reference other characters.
    In the Doctor's room, you will see posters with marks of the human body; that's where the arrows go.

  • How do I open the door with the feather combination?
    Solve the arrow puzzle first and read note 26. Remember that it says it's from their point of view, and notice that the feathers are facing upwards, so the door combination should be reversed.

  • I have placed the fish figurine on the shelf where it belongs, but nothing is happening
    That's correct, but keep it in mind.
    Sooner or later, you'll have to focus on that shelf and those figurines. Doesn't it remind you of something?
    They are musical notes!

  • How do I open the door with the musical instrument combination?
    You should listen to the order in which the instruments sound, but if you have doubts, activate the Subtitle aids for audio cues option in general settings, and it will help you solve it.

  • Which song should I play on the piano?
    Good question, you can play any song you like, but the one that solves the puzzle can be found in the Hunter's room.
    If you place the fish on the floor where it belongs, you'll see that the fish represent musical notes.

    The solution is La-Fa-Do'-Do'-Re-Fa-La
    The solution is A-F-C'-C'-D-F-A.

  • Will I be able to continue playing the piano after solving the puzzle?
    Yes, look at the chair next to it. We even activated more keys than were necessary for the puzzle!
    If you have a QWERTY keyboard, you can even play with the keys from [Z] to [;], and the black keys are the top row [S] to [K].
    Go ahead and play a tune!

  • How do I open the door with paint stains/drawings?
    Look for another spot where the Artist paints. In the upper bedrooms, right after going up, you'll see a painting and a set of paints with the same figures. If you arrange them from most to least used, you can set the combination from left to right and open the door.

  • How do I open the door with paint stains/drawings?
    Look for another spot where the Artist paints. In the upper bedrooms, right after going up, you'll see a painting and a set of paints with the same figures. If you arrange them from most to least used, you can set the combination from left to right and open the door.

  • What should I do with the black and white paintings?
    Arrange them so that all the drawings fit together. Don't forget to rotate them!

  • What do I do with the broken painting?
    You should arrange it like a puzzle, but first, you need to find the missing piece, which is in the music box in the Bard's room. Inspect it thoroughly as it will be useful for another puzzle.

  • What is the order of the bells?
    If you read note 29, it explains a bit about the relationship between the Bard, the Artist, and their muses. You should look closely at the painting that the Artist broke but you rearranged.

    Pay close attention to the elements and their order (from left to right) as they represent the bells you should ring. Be careful, the 3 middle bells hold something in their hands!


  • What is the position for the animal heads?
    You must have seen the animal pawprints in the Artist's room.
    You should arrange them in that direction.
    If you're unsure, on the floor next to the heads, there's a shield with a horseshoe, which will help you align paw-head direction.
    The one that's empty is near the chair, so it would be the human head.


  • How do I open the door with the number tower?
    According to note 34, you should count from the keys:

    The black teeth on the Skeleton key,
    the sunbeams on the Eclipse key,
    the blood contents of the Syringe key,
    the lenses on the Lens key,
    the stains on the Palette key,
    the notes on the Music key,
    and the slots on the side of the Gun key.

    The background drawings indicate the order for these numbers: from bottom to top and from left to right: 1-7-5-4-5-9-6

  • What should I do with the screws and the bust head?
    First of all, you need the Screw that you'll find solving the bell puzzle.
    The position of the screws can be found in the operating room of the Lower bedrooms, solving the light panel puzzle to illuminate the images there.

    Don't forget to use the plaster to test if you've solved it correctly!


Upper bedrooms

  • What should I use on the bust?
    If you read note 32, you'll see the two individuals involved in this puzzle.
    If you look at the front painting, the bust has 2 golden eyes and one ear.
    You'll get the golden eye in the Alchemist's room by transforming the Lead bullet into a Gold bullet, solving the bottles and flasks puzzle.
    You'll complete the ear in the Artist's room by finishing the screw puzzle.
    Use the eye first, and then the ear.

  • How do I solve the puzzle with the bags and coins?
    Note 40 indicates the number of coins, and obviously, some coins are missing.
    But the middle pedestal is rising slowly if you empty the bag, so you must be quick and place the coins you've taken out into the other corresponding bags.

  • What do I do with the wardrobe?
    You need to find the combination in which you should use the knockers; notice that the ends each have a ring with a different shape. Knowing this, search the room for the order.
    Touch the knobs in order, completing the circuit, starting with the star, circle, square, and triangle the last. Take care, some circuits jumps knockers!

    All the sequences are in this room.
    The first combination is on top of the bed.
    The second one is in one of the drawers of the wardrobe itself.
    The third one is on the wall inside the secret part of the room.


  • How do I solve the bathtub puzzle?
    One possible order is:


  • How do I solve the balance puzzle?
    With all the Zodiac Gemstones on the table, you've probably read in notes 32 and 37 that there are rumors of fake gems, which are worth half of the stated value.
    To determine the original value of the gems, you need to refer to note 33, where each zodiac symbol and its corresponding value are listed in ascending order.
    With these values, place the gems you want on both sides of the balance but make sure their total values are equal on both sides.
    Don't forget to press the central button to check the result!

    Real values:

  • What do I do with the stone pedestal and the dragon?
    You need to find the Carve Stone Sphere in the last room, the Count's Room.

  • How do I use the lantern?
    As mentioned in note 38, use the Lantern on all the hooks on each floor, as if you were the Count, starting with the lower bedrooms.
    In the Count's room, if you use it next to the clock, you will see a code made with the secret painting.

  • What do I do with the circular structure surrounded by stone heads?
    To solve this riddle, you need to know three things:
    1- Who each symbol corresponds to, and therefore, each key.
    2- Which key goes on each head.
    3- The order of the heads.

    You have point 2 in note 22, and point 3 if you solve the Lantern puzzle and the secret painting appears on the Count's clock.

    Therefore, the result is:

  • Can you return to the Tower once you've exited?
    If you're asking to collect all the journal pages, do it before leaving.
    But yes, one way or another, we all end up returning to the Tower.

  • Catacombs (6)
    3 in the 3 cells, near the chain that opens the door, tucked away in a corner in the room with the two skeletons.
    Point of no return: Collect them before finishing the boiler puzzle!
    1 inside a boiler's bucket.
    1 under the bed, in front of the tooth puzzle.
    1 going up the stairs, between the puzzle of the 3 chains and the barrel with candles.

    Point of no return: Collect them before finishing the 3 chains puzzle!

  • Tower entrance (6)
    1 near the side window of the guardhouse
    2 inside the guardhouse: behind a shield and behind the bed, on the floor.
    1 moving the head of the bronze lion
    1 inside a broken barrel, under the first stairs
    1 on the upper table, right under the 3 light bulbs

    Point of no return: Collect them before going upstairs and entering the dining room!

  • Hall and kitchen (8)
    2 in the hallway, on top of the boxes covered with blankets and beneath a shield.
    2 in the kitchen, inside a vessel and on the plate shelf.
    2 in the dining room, on top of a chair and in the barrels at the back.
    2 in the Cook's room, on the bookshelf and inside the chest.

    Point of no return: Collect them before opening the door after the columns puzzle!

  • Lower bedrooms (7)
    2 in the hallway, right at the beginning on the right and at the back under the stairs.
    1 in the bathroom.
    2 in the Doctor's room.
    1 in the operating room.
    1 in the Tinkerer's room.

  • Middle bedrooms (9)
    1 in the fruit bowl when you go up to this floor.
    2 in the hallway, before going up to the next floor and under those same stairs.
    2 in the Hunter's room, on top of the anvil and inside the chest.
    2 in the Artist's room, on the shelf and by solving the puzzle of the broken painting.
    2 in the Scribe's room, on top of the table and in the chest.

  • Upper bedrooms (5)
    3 in the hallway, under the paint tubes, in front of the 3 paintings and in the barrels.
    1 in the Butler's room.
    1 in the Count's room.

    Point of no return: Collect them before leaving the tower!

  • Epilogue (1)
    1 in the well.

Welcome to Waterfall Tower: A simple prison break.

Hydrophobia: Left the basement behind.

Light of the eclipse: Exited the entrance hall.

The Mousetrap:Be done with dinner.

The Key is mightier than the sword: Unlock the Scribe's spot.

No Longer Rained In: Escape from Waterfall.

Bring Me Something Nice: Kept an useless trinket.

The Scribe Successor: Gather all journal entries.
Missable: Check the Journal section for more details.

The 15th Guest: Visited the Developer's Room.

Missable: Do before finishing the computer and perforated cards puzzle.

Unforgettable Classics: Play an oddly familiar tune.

Complete the Circle: Despite everything, return again to Waterfall Tower.

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